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35. I agree with this OP. This is unfortunately not a new problem. If you are Jewish in this day and age
Wed Aug 12, 2015, 12:51 PM
Aug 2015

as I am, Farrakhan is hardly the only issue you have to deal with. For instance, I am in favor of the Iran deal. But it is also hard to escape the fact that key members of the Iranian leadership have uttered some harshly anti-Semitic stuff. Not just anti-Israeli stuff, anti-Semitic. So do we Jews say, don't deal with those antisemitic assholes and watch the situation devolve into yet another war? Or a situation in which Iran goes nuclear?

As far as Farrakhan is concerned, being a mixed race person in addition to being Jewish makes Farrakhan's status as a leader in the AA community particularly painful for me. The only solace I take is that outside of these occasional spates of activism, he doesn't seem to have much effect on the country.

But there are many other examples of situations like this that we Jews simply seem to have to deal with. We deal with a torrent of antisemitism all the time all over the place.

Yes. It means when someone says justice, it is important to know what that means mmonk Aug 2015 #1
IMO Mr Dixon Aug 2015 #2
Men of hate will always dilute goodwill. mmonk Aug 2015 #3
+1 Aerows Aug 2015 #99
I don't think money is the major problem in this cali Aug 2015 #11
Agreed. Kelvin Mace Aug 2015 #4
This message was self-deleted by its author mmonk Aug 2015 #5
At first I thought you were being sarcastic because I read it wrong. mmonk Aug 2015 #6
No, I really see that as the GOP strategy Kelvin Mace Aug 2015 #8
You misunderstand. I agree with that assessment. mmonk Aug 2015 #16
Farrakhan is a hateful bigot. he is virulently antisemitic cali Aug 2015 #12
Certainly true, Kelvin Mace Aug 2015 #15
yep. And as you point out, the potential for violence cali Aug 2015 #18
Respectfully disagree. H2O Man Aug 2015 #23
I didn't know that. thanks cali Aug 2015 #30
In Chocolate City? MADem Aug 2015 #78
Funk blast from the past! Person 2713 Aug 2015 #83
Ain't it just!!! nt MADem Aug 2015 #84
Agreed Mr Dixon Aug 2015 #39
I am not sure he is scary just to the rw and their base. He recently called for stalking and killing jwirr Aug 2015 #64
I will never excuse his bigotry just because people fear criticizing AA's. m-lekktor Aug 2015 #7
Many on this board are willing to overlook Kelvin Mace Aug 2015 #9
There was no "fawning praise". There were polite phrases. And criticism. KittyWampus Aug 2015 #45
In what universe does Henry Kissinger deserve even "polite phrases" Kelvin Mace Aug 2015 #77
^^^This^^^ beam me up scottie Aug 2015 #19
Just a quick perusal of some Farrakhan quotes turned up these gems: panader0 Aug 2015 #10
And there are lots more, equally ugly. cali Aug 2015 #13
Endless venom Bluenorthwest Aug 2015 #20
yes. he's also virulently homophobic. thanks for the reminder cali Aug 2015 #33
One thing I've noticed about religious wackjobs ~ they universally hate LGBT. nt Zorra Aug 2015 #34
That comment is a very rare trifecta of hate, Christians, Jews and gay people in one hit Bluenorthwest Aug 2015 #75
If screwy louie becomes the face of BLM leftynyc Aug 2015 #14
I don't know that it's finished, but it will be harmed. cali Aug 2015 #42
I disagree strongly leftynyc Aug 2015 #60
Taking part in Farrakhan's event endorses Farrakhan melman Aug 2015 #88
So you don't like Farrakhan leading black people, you don't like decentralized movements like BLM KittyWampus Aug 2015 #17
We don't like bigots. mmonk Aug 2015 #21
Neither do I. And some people on DU really need to self-reflect- KittyWampus Aug 2015 #22
Would you like some vinaigrette and crackers with that? n/t ronnie624 Aug 2015 #28
yes, kitty you surely do need a strong dose of self-reflection cali Aug 2015 #65
Our candidate is doing just fine. What we are worried about is that Farrakhan is going to destroy jwirr Aug 2015 #67
bullshit. And your distortion of what I wrote is despicable cali Aug 2015 #26
Maybe BLM and other activists will use his event to raise awareness. Like Netroots. KittyWampus Aug 2015 #41
has it occurred to you, kitty, that this cali Aug 2015 #50
Once more only more slowly. They.Can.Hijack.Or.Use.ANY.Event.To.Raise.Awareness KittyWampus Aug 2015 #54
what bullshit, kitty. they almost certainly cannot hijack his event cali Aug 2015 #68
If, as you say, "BLM is PRIMARILY ABOUT ENDING RACIST VIOLENCE" panader0 Aug 2015 #71
buzzt, kitty. I have not said I don't like BLM or decentralized cali Aug 2015 #29
Still hoping you get out that missive to black people telling them how to do it, Cali! KittyWampus Aug 2015 #48
as I've repeatedly written here, I would not presume to cali Aug 2015 #69
The Southern Poverty Law Center writeup on Nation of Islam is interesting! m-lekktor Aug 2015 #24
So? Black activists can use this event to raise awareness just as they can use Netroots. KittyWampus Aug 2015 #43
Thanks for posting that info, m-lekktor. beam me up scottie Aug 2015 #57
That link is extremely interesting. Thank you. jwirr Aug 2015 #74
that is fascinating and completely horrifying. cali Aug 2015 #85
This is his march. aspirant Aug 2015 #25
Public marches on Washington is the only way we can make some changes happen. Sunlei Aug 2015 #27
There is a march on Washington that is going to occur. mmonk Aug 2015 #32
who are you refering to as a bigot? Sunlei Aug 2015 #37
I think its obvious that the poster is referring to Farrakhan cali Aug 2015 #44
Are you serious? mmonk Aug 2015 #46
yes. I think you should always have a name with that word. Sunlei Aug 2015 #61
I remember the first one and multi generations of family marching together .wow I can't believe how Person 2713 Aug 2015 #80
I agree with some of Farrakhan's points on issues, but he does have some incendiary rhetoric. NYCButterfinger Aug 2015 #31
he is a hate filled bigot. not just antisemitic but horribly homophobic cali Aug 2015 #36
I don't often agree with you. cwydro Aug 2015 #40
Yes, but his event is a prime opportunity for Black Activists to network. KittyWampus Aug 2015 #58
if he becomes prominent or the face of this movement cali Aug 2015 #66
Having Farrakhan be the public face of this issue geek tragedy Aug 2015 #98
And transphobic too 951-Riverside Aug 2015 #63
He also doesn't have a whole lot of use for women. cwydro Aug 2015 #79
I agree with this OP. This is unfortunately not a new problem. If you are Jewish in this day and age stevenleser Aug 2015 #35
True that. mmonk Aug 2015 #38
beyond his anti-semitism virtualobserver Aug 2015 #47
Mixed feelings. HooptieWagon Aug 2015 #49
I largely agree with your analysis cali Aug 2015 #52
His voice is heard...do not forget that dembotoz Aug 2015 #51
I do not accept bigots who spew hate. I do not accept Cruz cali Aug 2015 #56
Does not matter what you or I think dembotoz Aug 2015 #86
it matters what people in power think cali Aug 2015 #87
yes. duh. that was not my point. cali Aug 2015 #94
this is proving to be a watershed year in relations between factions on the left HFRN Aug 2015 #53
It's 3 days before the first democratic debate.... 4139 Aug 2015 #55
simply his leading it, will.be controversial cali Aug 2015 #59
Farrakhan is a disgusting anti-semite ismnotwasm Aug 2015 #62
With TH Louis Farrakhan, I take what I can use and leave the rest. nc4bo Aug 2015 #70
so it's ok for someone to express that about David Duke, for example? cali Aug 2015 #81
Ummm no. The Million Man March. nc4bo Aug 2015 #96
This biracial gay man romanic Aug 2015 #72
if anyone here defended or endorsed David Duke the cali Aug 2015 #82
Watch as L. Farrakhan admits being part of Malcom X's assassination. "complicit" panader0 Aug 2015 #73
"Or else???" This is how Nixon got elected. I can see the rethug commercials already. n/t Peregrine Took Aug 2015 #76
hysteria anyone Truprogressive85 Aug 2015 #89
I didn't say anything of the sort. cali Aug 2015 #90
Reality Truprogressive85 Aug 2015 #91
you are totally wrong. try reality. cali Aug 2015 #93
I do live in reality Truprogressive85 Aug 2015 #95
Cop unions must love this development geek tragedy Aug 2015 #97
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