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Pooka Fey

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16. One more thing, Ida
Thu Aug 6, 2015, 01:12 PM
Aug 2015

I'm not at all surprised to hear about your family member being released almost immediately. It is very difficult to get someone into treatment against their will.

I forgot to mention that it's normal to go through a grieving or a formal mourning period, just as if this family member had died. Except, in one sense, this situation is worse. With death, you get closure - you know the outcome. In contrast, you can't know today whether or not this young woman will get on board with a treatment plan and learn how to manage her condition.

The family member you've known and loved up to this point has departed, and she may or may not ever come back - it's completely out of your control. As another poster wrote above, it is normal for there to be progress and regression - on her meds / off her meds. When that happens, it's like somebody pulling off the scab and opening up the wound again.

So it's right and normal for you to grieve, for your body to just shut down for several months or seasons, as a result of this terrible situation.

You're one of the good long-standing community members of DU, Ida. It actually helps me today to be able to pass along a bit of what I learned when my family had to deal with a similar situation. If what I learned back then can help you and your family today, well it's a bit like having a chance to transform some lemons into lemonade...

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