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17. It is no longer possible to distinguish Onion satire pieces from real Rethug stories.
Tue Aug 4, 2015, 11:11 AM
Aug 2015

The absurdity of the video is beyond description. However, here are a few points which come to mind.

As Rachel stated in her debunking segment last evening, the weapon was not, as Cruz suggested, a "machine gun" which, of course, is an automatic weapon. In warfare, barrels of ground-mounted machine guns have become so hot due to repeated firing that they caused the weapon to fail because the steel of which they were made began to melt.

The hand-held automatic weapon shown in the archive video which Rachel presented displayed a flame plume from the top of its barrel. It is not known if that flame was from burning weapon oil, gases, or some other source. I am thinking that, after the weapon had been fired for about fifteen seconds, the barrel of that hand-held automatic weapon would be hot enough to sizzle a piece of pre-warmed bacon, but repeated firing would be necessary to thoroughly cook it.

The weapon which Cruz used in his video was, according to Rachel, an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. I think that it would have required many consecutive firings to cook the pieces of bacon which Cruz wrapped around the rifle's barrel and caused to be held in place with the over-wrapped aluminum foil. At the end of the video, Cruz is shown unwrapping the foil and using a fork to pull a morsel from the end of the wrap and eat it. I think that the morsel which Cruz ingested was cooked more than by just the barrel heat generated by Cruz's firing. I think that the bacon which Cruz nibbled from was pre-microwaved, wrapped on the barrel, and maybe even subjected to an outside heat source.

In any case, I think that the humor which Cruz aimed for by using the weapon in that stunt was sophomoric at best.

I saw it also. GAWD!! AWFUL. riversedge Aug 2015 #1
k and r. nt Stuart G Aug 2015 #2
Message auto-removed Name removed Aug 2015 #3
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Message auto-removed Name removed Aug 2015 #14
Yes I certainly wish we had that wand. Agschmid Aug 2015 #15
The sad thing is that it might actually win him some votes. - n/t Jim__ Aug 2015 #4
I would have expected that video with Sarah Palin cooking the bacon. no_hypocrisy Aug 2015 #5
To his credit ... JustABozoOnThisBus Aug 2015 #6
This message was self-deleted by its author Atman Aug 2015 #7
This message was self-deleted by its author Atman Aug 2015 #10
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I am now waiting for the candidate for the Darwin award malaise Aug 2015 #9
It's like that funny video "I just fucking shot myself." CTyankee Aug 2015 #16
In Texas they're so stupid they'll waste $20 worth of ammunition to cook 3 slices of bacon tularetom Aug 2015 #11
Oh boy... wow. Agschmid Aug 2015 #13
It is no longer possible to distinguish Onion satire pieces from real Rethug stories. John1956PA Aug 2015 #17
No, I keep saying to myself, "we NEED a president who knows how to cook bacon with a gun!" lostnfound Aug 2015 #22
Even gun nuts should have second thoughts about that. Cleita Aug 2015 #18
And no machine gun. Adrahil Aug 2015 #19
The GOP candidates are pandering to the idiots who make up the gop base Gothmog Aug 2015 #20
they played it on Morning Joe today...so at least that audience knows about it... CTyankee Aug 2015 #21
Fodder for fools ... GeorgeGist Aug 2015 #23
That's the problem with guys like Cruz, they think they are in the majority. Darb Aug 2015 #24
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