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Luminous Animal

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91. Ack! For some reason, the entire body of my post disappeared!
Thu May 17, 2012, 07:58 PM
May 2012

So you can get off the floor and stop laughing now.

It started out with something like this...

"But even if I were to feed subpar food to my family, I couldn't do it for $1.50 per meal per person."

Then I presented a comparison of Safeway prices in the city to Safeway prices in the suburbs. It took me about 2 hours to research and write my post and I will have to stay an hour later at work to make up for it. (One of the hours was during my lunchtime.)

I am actually so frustrated right now I could cry that all of that is lost.

I chose Safeway because I don't have a car and there is one two blocks from my house so, if I were to shop at a commercial grocer, Safeway would be have to be the one. Grocery store prices in the city are 10% - 25% higher than in the suburbs.

There is the civic center farmers market (often cheaper than Safeway) that sells commercially produced food and is on the subway line but it is only open on Wednesday afternoons during my work hours. The only other farmers market on the subway line that is open on the weekend is sooooo expensive that I will only shop there if I am looking for a specific specialty item.

I also talked about things that I would have to give up in order to eat as healthful a diet as possible while still sticking to the cheapest items. I'd have to give up things like bread, corn, tofu, soy milk, soy beans, etc.

I also talked about my daughter's gargantuan appetite.

Oh well, I can't get it back and at least you got a good laugh and an opportunity to mock someone.

Here's Lawrence O'Donnell discussing Fox & Friends attacks on Batali FSogol May 2012 #1
the loaves and the fishes -- indeed. xchrom May 2012 #2
For a split second I thought you were saying LO'D went on Fox and Friends and attacked Batali Bake May 2012 #54
That happens at a certain age ashling May 2012 #96
Hey now! You talking about me??? Bake May 2012 #116
Actually, I'm talking about me (LOL) ashling May 2012 #117
Your headline is (unintentionally, I am *certain*) misleading. Stinky The Clown May 2012 #60
Yeah, my bad. I'll edit it. n/t FSogol May 2012 #62
Now it reads like you are asking why his photo is on a food stamp... AtheistCrusader May 2012 #82
It does. UnrepentantLiberal May 2012 #136
Ok, that was GREAT! JNelson6563 May 2012 #74
I caught part of the F & F attack... GoCubsGo May 2012 #94
Someone needs to pay for the two wars the Republicans started. Life Long Dem May 2012 #3
I'd go totally vegan on that budget NJCher May 2012 #4
Batali's tweets are good, tho. It's even getting to HIM catbyte May 2012 #6
I wouldn't go totally vegan, but reduce meat considerably. JDPriestly May 2012 #14
He's tweeted that fresh fruit and vegetables are more expensive Lex May 2012 #19
Say what?? I just read on DU that healthy foods are not expensive riderinthestorm May 2012 #44
Your comments re. transportation are right on. Most poor people dont have decent stores rhett o rick May 2012 #99
He made it look too easy. dkf May 2012 #109
BS pinboy3niner May 2012 #110
Chicken, pork, etc. = protein, something all of us in America need AnotherMcIntosh May 2012 #23
Wow, I don't get any of my protein from meat-based sources justiceischeap May 2012 #48
Same here. RebelOne May 2012 #55
I have a theory that people who lack of protein say "Wow" a lot. n/t AnotherMcIntosh May 2012 #58
I have a theory about people who make bold statements justiceischeap May 2012 #76
Most gorillas eat nothing but fruit, leaves, stems, seeds and the occasional termite Reptilublican May 2012 #93
Too bad for them. AnotherMcIntosh May 2012 #95
When you find a gorilla Confusious May 2012 #107
Actually... Chan790 May 2012 #134
Plants have protein. Doremus May 2012 #50
And water is wet. n/t AnotherMcIntosh May 2012 #57
To avoid taxing your repertoire of witty retorts further,I will consider myself duly chastized, lol. Doremus May 2012 #77
What about cost? Confusious May 2012 #108
He has a natural advantage most poor people don't Alcibiades May 2012 #5
Looks like I misposted Alcibiades May 2012 #7
Bingo! Myrina May 2012 #8
Anyone can learn how to cook if they take the time. hifiguy May 2012 #9
That's absolutely true Alcibiades May 2012 #12
"The reason I know how to cook is because I like to eat" hifiguy May 2012 #17
McDonald's liberated men NJCher May 2012 #114
"Anyone can learn how to cook if they take the time." Who Has The Time? Yavin4 May 2012 #27
I agree, except some work so much they don't 'have' the time. Little Star May 2012 #41
I am teaching my son (13) to cook. We started with simple pastas ScreamingMeemie May 2012 #70
Good for you! hifiguy May 2012 #73
It is just the two of us as well. My son is very good at vacuuming, mowing the lawn etc. ScreamingMeemie May 2012 #85
according to both my grandmothers... keroro gunsou May 2012 #97
+1 ...Tell it... 99 Percent Sure May 2012 #90
If you aren't exhausted by working four jobs. Zoeisright May 2012 #112
ALL kids should take home economics. Boys and girls. mainer May 2012 #118
You made my point better than I did. hifiguy May 2012 #119
Even with that advantage, he says he's starving on the food stamp diet pinboy3niner May 2012 #10
Good point Alcibiades May 2012 #16
it's hyperbole- in the aid of a good cause- cali May 2012 #28
I couldn't do it. Luminous Animal May 2012 #61
yes you could. cali May 2012 #64
No, I couldn't. Not if I wanted to continue eating organic and sustainable food. Luminous Animal May 2012 #87
lol. move the goal posts the entire field. Let me quote you: cali May 2012 #89
Ack! For some reason, the entire body of my post disappeared! Luminous Animal May 2012 #91
I could do it Alcibiades May 2012 #102
Time is the problem for the people I see in the grocery store. JDPriestly May 2012 #15
Answer: not many, not much lapislzi May 2012 #31
+1. SammyWinstonJack May 2012 #65
Thank you for saying this. nt canoeist52 May 2012 #71
Thank you for saying this. CottonBear May 2012 #113
time tru May 2012 #63
Cooking every meal from scratch is a full time job. Dont call me Shirley May 2012 #69
I cook a lot by scratch, but bread and rolls are things I won't... cynatnite May 2012 #83
I used to bake my own bread but I determined the day-old bakery rack was actually cheaper. Chan790 May 2012 #135
Even with two teenage sons, it just isn't that hard to function well, and cali May 2012 #11
Back when George McGovern was a senator he challenged other congress persons to do this. It was jwirr May 2012 #13
Bob Dole came out against food stamps, but overnight he changed his mind. kemah May 2012 #18
Of course and so what? jwirr May 2012 #20
All hail King Corn lapislzi May 2012 #33
'King Corn' - scary film. I have 'the Future of Food' and am almost afraid to watch it. nt Mnemosyne May 2012 #56
corn on the vob.. popcorn... yum. HFCS, not so much... dionysus May 2012 #78
Mr. Batali has many advantages lapislzi May 2012 #21
The very definition of a left handed compliment. xchrom May 2012 #24
I said I commend him, and I do. lapislzi May 2012 #26
Follow his tweets -- he doesn't make it sound fun obamanut2012 May 2012 #75
I know that. lapislzi May 2012 #92
I take it this guy is some TV chef I sorta wonder what lunasun May 2012 #103
We can afford endless wars and bailouts, but we can't afford to feed our own people? AnotherMcIntosh May 2012 #22
What a blowhard. Dreamer Tatum May 2012 #25
oh bullshit. cali May 2012 #29
You must be looking in a mirror... pinboy3niner May 2012 #32
Go look at the prices on a Batali menu and get back to me. Dreamer Tatum May 2012 #34
Do the 1% staff his 11 restaurants? FSogol May 2012 #37
Can that staff afford to eat in his restaurants? Dreamer Tatum May 2012 #39
I can't afford the software service that my employer sells slackmaster May 2012 #45
Most upscale restaurants give the employees food. I'm guessing they eat there every day. n/t FSogol May 2012 #46
I've eaten in a Batali restaurant in the last six months hifiguy May 2012 #43
I have eaten in his restaurant. I am the 99%, not the 1%. SalviaBlue May 2012 #47
His prices? WTF? He could be a Mercedes dealer or in any high-end business. pinboy3niner May 2012 #106
Complete and utter bullshit and fabrication OriginalGeek May 2012 #35
Meal for four at Babbo, including wine: $500. Dreamer Tatum May 2012 #36
So what? Seriously, so what? cali May 2012 #38
Must cost a lot to keep the earwigs out of the kitchen, I guess. nt Dreamer Tatum May 2012 #42
I like how you throw the wine in, for what conceivable reason other than drama I have no idea Doremus May 2012 #53
he gets not everyone can afford that , even those who go to his restaurant JI7 May 2012 #68
so the fuck what? poor people exist, therefore no one can have expensive cuisine? dionysus May 2012 #80
lol at your case OriginalGeek May 2012 #104
He's just an angry little attack muffin. nt Guy Whitey Corngood May 2012 #59
Talk about missing the point. Whoa. nt Lex May 2012 #52
what has one got to do with the other ? it's good he understands not everyone can afford his JI7 May 2012 #66
someone's bitter... dionysus May 2012 #79
WHOOSH! LadyHawkAZ May 2012 #81
Somehow I doubt you are genuinely concerned over the existence of fancy restaurants. Quantess May 2012 #101
You really don't get chefs at all. GoneOffShore May 2012 #115
A few years ago, then Oregon Governor Ted Kulungowski and his wife did exactly what he's doing. Bluenorthwest May 2012 #30
What a guy !!! zzaapp May 2012 #40
I don't know if I'd like to work for the guy Warpy May 2012 #49
Ive been to Del Posto Dorian Gray May 2012 #111
Ok, when I first read that I thought you meant his picture is on food stamps. :) /nt MatthewStLouis May 2012 #51
Kudos to Mario. He's fun to watch. Dont call me Shirley May 2012 #67
I was just having a conversation about that. xchrom May 2012 #84
Spices at grocery stores are a rip-off. LeftyMom May 2012 #121
Try Asian markets guardian May 2012 #131
Yup... Chan790 May 2012 #137
k&r HappyMe May 2012 #72
Good for him. surrealAmerican May 2012 #86
fox is a shitstain on the world spanone May 2012 #88
Big fan, and he lives in my favorite place anywhere in the summer. Faygo Kid May 2012 #98
DU Rec !!! WillyT May 2012 #100
K & R ellisonz May 2012 #105
My food budget is $25 a person and we do just fine Prism May 2012 #120
You said it yourself, because you live near a grocery store and a Trader Joe's. You also have time riderinthestorm May 2012 #122
I work full time and go to school full time. Prism May 2012 #123
apples and oranges guardian May 2012 #124
$31 per week for one person is fairly easily done. Quantess May 2012 #125
All are good points guardian May 2012 #127
So why have people like George McGovern and xchrom May 2012 #126
Non Sequitur guardian May 2012 #128
that batali is not the only one to do this. xchrom May 2012 #129
huh?????? guardian May 2012 #130
from your post xchrom May 2012 #132
It is still not clear what you are trying to say. guardian May 2012 #133
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