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187. Don't get why BLM is angry? So now we are all the enemy? I have no problem understanding
Sun Jul 19, 2015, 11:35 AM
Jul 2015

why they are angry. Many of us here on DU both black and white were here watching and commenting on the protests in Ferguson MO and on every incident of police brutality and murder since then. And we are angry.

Yet suddenly last night we are told that our support and anger does not count.
That is not a good strategy. If you have a war it is not a good idea to alienate your supporters. To tell your friends that it does not matter what they think - they are white and cannot possibly care about others. That is no more true than all the garbage that is thrown at POC.

For God's sake we are on your side and so are many white politicians. There is not a single Democratic candidate this year that is not on your side. But they are candidates - they are not in a position to make the changes that are needed. And neither are we here on DU.

All the talk in the world is not going to change the racism that allows black lives to be lost in such a horrible way with no real cause whatsoever. We often see the phrase "follow the money" here but I think there is a new phrase we need for this situation "follow the power". The current president may have some kind of power that can be used to do something about this. It is that power all of us need to address about this situation. When either Hillary or Bernie become president then they will have the power.

The only protest that will change anything is one addressed to power. In Ferguson MO that is what was happening - unarmed people standing up to corrupt police with tanks and other weapons of war. Standing up to power. The world - people of all colors - supported the protestors. It was like that picture of the single youth that stood in front of the tank. It was a powerful message. As the protests continued more people joined in including white youth.

That is what I remember happening in the Civil Rights movement in the 60s - after the world started to see what was happening others joined in. There are still many others who will join in. But not if they are not wanted.

To assume that Bernie Sanders would not care and is not interested because he does not talk about it all the time is really a stretch. The man is Jewish and his grandparents were killed in the holocaust. Do any of you really think he would not see the similarities? What do you think he was doing in the Civil Rights movement all those years ago?

Yes, I read this OP. Everything in it is true. It is not right and it needs to be changed. But it will not change any of it if the supporters are turned into the enemies by the very people they are trying to help. Show us the way you want to go but do not treat us as if we are the enemy. We are not.

Good post! bravenak Jul 2015 #1
I'm sorry, when Sanders gets attacked over his racial politics, that's gonna come up. Comrade Grumpy Jul 2015 #7
We do not need lecture from white people on civil right protesting. bravenak Jul 2015 #20
I will not say I completely understand, SusanCalvin Jul 2015 #55
+1 Agschmid Jul 2015 #56
Thanks! bravenak Jul 2015 #59
Thank you. SusanCalvin Jul 2015 #61
This is why I love you, bravenak! n/t freshwest Jul 2015 #112
Love you too!nt bravenak Jul 2015 #113
Then maybe this man will help. mmonk Jul 2015 #148
Do you not know you are patronizing me? An intelligent black woman? bravenak Jul 2015 #151
Then make your case, do not accuse. mmonk Jul 2015 #174
He cancelled his meeting with black lives matter. I cannot support that. bravenak Jul 2015 #176
I'm a supporter and also a member of the NC NAACP. mmonk Jul 2015 #182
He turned his back and walked away. That's bridge burning. bravenak Jul 2015 #183
I understand. mmonk Jul 2015 #191
Bernie cancelled after his the #BLM "disruption" of his talk? daredtowork Jul 2015 #208
I hope he changed his mind. I'd love to support him but cannot until he does better with BLM. bravenak Jul 2015 #213
OMG that's bad daredtowork Jul 2015 #216
It's still going on somewhat. bravenak Jul 2015 #217
lol, I might have to check that out. daredtowork Jul 2015 #220
I think we should give him a day or two. bravenak Jul 2015 #221
Just a clarification marym625 Jul 2015 #303
He needs to go now. It's necessary. bravenak Jul 2015 #310
The poster is just voicing and opinion not lecturing. The person has based his opinion on his still_one Jul 2015 #230
I wasn't saying they were. bravenak Jul 2015 #231
got it. Thanks still_one Jul 2015 #232
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2015 #250
For you, bravenak. sheshe2 Jul 2015 #302
Thank you. They made me HOT!!!! bravenak Jul 2015 #311
Exactly. I have every right to talk about my candidate's track record. cui bono Jul 2015 #115
+1 orpupilofnature57 Jul 2015 #128
bravenak has brought up Hillary's 2007-2008 race baiting a number of times in comments I've seen. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2015 #172
"crybabies who whine that their guy/gal marched with Dr. king or marched in a protest or blah blah" cui bono Jul 2015 #116
I'll tell you why. bravenak Jul 2015 #117
Why do you dismiss Sander's stance as only what he did 50 years ago? cui bono Jul 2015 #121
I also did not like how he handled himself today. bravenak Jul 2015 #123
The thing is he is fighting for social justice all the time and he has been speaking about it cui bono Jul 2015 #126
Good night! bravenak Jul 2015 #142
Any politician would have cancelled a meeting jfern Jul 2015 #129
No, "any politician" would not have cancelled the meeting afterward. Martin O'Malley didn't. Cha Jul 2015 #138
No. Martin did not cancel. bravenak Jul 2015 #141
Bravnak, Your condolences when I was kicked out of AA meant the world to me, but your anger for orpupilofnature57 Jul 2015 #136
That was not a CONDOLENCE!! I don't need this. bravenak Jul 2015 #139
This message was self-deleted by its author orpupilofnature57 Jul 2015 #153
Yes, you are hurt. What do you think we feel like when we are treated like the enemy? My family jwirr Jul 2015 #193
I don't think you have it as hard as the average black woman. bravenak Jul 2015 #195
Yes, I read those posts also. I really do not have a choice about who I care for - the people in jwirr Jul 2015 #197
Feeling a bit like a political football right now, bravenak? LiberalAndProud Jul 2015 #255
Yes. I feel like a pawn. bravenak Jul 2015 #259
Embrace the power. LiberalAndProud Jul 2015 #260
I need to side jump a Queen. :) bravenak Jul 2015 #261
Berrie's candidacy is a tiny seedling challenging Goliath, easy to destroy it when it's young lostnfound Jul 2015 #283
I am now joining you in having no candidate. MohRokTah Jul 2015 #144
I will join you in waiting for the person who addresses this issue. I'm still pissed. bravenak Jul 2015 #145
LOL. nt Romulox Jul 2015 #146
You, as an African American, don't own the civil rights movement. nt Romulox Jul 2015 #147
I own it more than you. bravenak Jul 2015 #149
No, you don't. Nor do you get to rewrite history. Bernie was there. Hillary wasn't! nt Romulox Jul 2015 #150
Obviously I do. It's apparent. Do you own the black civil rights movement more than I? bravenak Jul 2015 #152
No, it's not obvious, even a little bit. The history stands. nt Romulox Jul 2015 #154
Obtuse. bravenak Jul 2015 #156
No, I just disagree with you. nt Romulox Jul 2015 #157
Yes. Because you're wrong. You can stop posting to me now. bravenak Jul 2015 #158
You also don't control who posts. Becoming silly. nt Romulox Jul 2015 #159
Still at it, eh? I'm feeling abused. bravenak Jul 2015 #160
You're abused because I'm posting a disagreement? That's odd. nt Romulox Jul 2015 #161
Stop heckling me!!! Waaaah!!! I was trying to give a speech!!!nt bravenak Jul 2015 #162
The analogy falls apart because DU is a *conversation*, not a *speech*. nt Romulox Jul 2015 #164
So rude and disruptive the way you keep heckling me. bravenak Jul 2015 #165
This was a bizarre exchange, to say the least! nt Romulox Jul 2015 #265
That poster was rude, bombastic, insulting... You handled it with class. boston bean Jul 2015 #163
I'm feeling a bit heckled here. bravenak Jul 2015 #167
If I ran the place, the banhammer would have fallen in an instant. boston bean Jul 2015 #168
Seriously. bravenak Jul 2015 #170
a-yup! that is the mindset that is being dealt with. boston bean Jul 2015 #171
You want to ban me because of what I've posted to *you* though. nt Romulox Jul 2015 #270
What are you talking about? boston bean Jul 2015 #271
Your memory *sure* is short, eh? Romulox Jul 2015 #273
no, your posts to me were so insignificant that I never gave it a second thought. boston bean Jul 2015 #274
Nobody (not even you) believes that. This was a tacky display on your part, Romulox Jul 2015 #276
Happens a lot that posts that discuss misogyny and sexism on DU are locked. boston bean Jul 2015 #277
I guess you remember, now? nt Romulox Jul 2015 #280
You seem to be weirdly pre-occupied with me. boston bean Jul 2015 #279
I was responding to your call for my banning. Talk about pot meeting kettle! nt Romulox Jul 2015 #281
Well, if I did run the place, I would have. boston bean Jul 2015 #286
Nobody would frequent a forum where you ran the place, though. Romulox Jul 2015 #288
umm, you're in a bunch of threads responding to me. So, I've taken the liberty boston bean Jul 2015 #289
This is the second one. nt Romulox Jul 2015 #290
good for you for keeping track... see what I mean about a weird pre-occupation?? boston bean Jul 2015 #292
Is it possible for an anonymous internet poster to be "heckled"? brentspeak Jul 2015 #301
You forgot racist. KitSileya Jul 2015 #233
Good thing you didn't! nt Romulox Jul 2015 #269
Feelings still hurt, huh? nt Romulox Jul 2015 #266
Awesome. zappaman Jul 2015 #207
Oh boy - this was what you were talking about JustAnotherGen Jul 2015 #278
Yes!! Can you believe this? bravenak Jul 2015 #284
I believe it because I did a little searching this morning JustAnotherGen Jul 2015 #293
Seriously? Lilith Rising Jul 2015 #186
Yes, seriously. Bernie's history is what it is. As is Hillary's. Nobody can change that. nt Romulox Jul 2015 #267
Out of line. Agschmid Jul 2015 #251
She gave better than she got. I think she's ok. nt Romulox Jul 2015 #268
Where precisely, was possession directly implied? LanternWaste Jul 2015 #300
So when you are out there marching you do not want our support. Because Dr. King did. And many jwirr Jul 2015 #189
See where you went? Damn. I did not expect this from you. I'm hurt. bravenak Jul 2015 #192
I am sorry that I made you feel that way. I can understand why you feel that way about the past. jwirr Jul 2015 #196
I understand how you feel about Hillary, since I pretty much feel the same. bravenak Jul 2015 #198
I agree. And the employment argument is to the point. Hiring a staffer is different than just a jwirr Jul 2015 #200
I'm a Bernista, and I get it 99th_Monkey Jul 2015 #2
They all need to "bone up" I've been unimpressed by all 3 up to this point. Agschmid Jul 2015 #3
^^THIS^^ SusanCalvin Jul 2015 #75
I just watched live stream of Bernie in Pheonix. He totally listened, and 'got it" 99th_Monkey Jul 2015 #82
If he listens, SusanCalvin Jul 2015 #83
What's the rumor about him cancelling a meeting with the #BlackLivesMovement group? daredtowork Jul 2015 #218
As much as I look for it nadinbrzezinski Jul 2015 #224
+1,000 malaise Jul 2015 #124
+ 1000 Well Put !!!!!! orpupilofnature57 Jul 2015 #132
What's Hillarys plan? HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #4
This... Agschmid Jul 2015 #6
BLM had a meeting scheduled with Sanders. HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #10
Again patronizing... Agschmid Jul 2015 #12
Alert if you like. HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #17
Not going to alert, I'm just frustrated by your response. Agschmid Jul 2015 #19
You don't think its low class for a NRN employee to set up an ambush? HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #24
Send me the link for this I haven't seen it posted anywhere, once I read it I'll get back to you... Agschmid Jul 2015 #26
Elon James White, Media Director for NRN HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #46
This is frustrating to see. Agschmid Jul 2015 #85
I went to the link and have all the tweets. Nothing abour bragging or a set up: freshwest Jul 2015 #109
Those tweets were after the fact, and it was well known that this was a plan. boston bean Jul 2015 #166
Where does that say that he knew ahead of time and bragged about it in advance? George II Jul 2015 #239
. HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #240
THAT? How do you know he wasn't referring to people in the audience who were there... George II Jul 2015 #241
Yea, right <rolleyes> HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #245
And how do you know all of this? It's pure conjecture steeped in "conspiracy theory" and.... George II Jul 2015 #247
He made the tweets. They're time-stamped in advance. HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #248
And NOWHERE did he say there was a hijack coming. It's a faux conspiracy. George II Jul 2015 #249
This right here is why black folks on this board are leery of Sanders and his supporters. bravenak Jul 2015 #23
What is productive about disrupting allies? HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #28
Indeed what is productive about disrupting allies, it's a great damn question Agschmid Jul 2015 #29
It gets the message out. Makes people say Black lives matter. bravenak Jul 2015 #31
Attacking your would-be allies is no way to get the message out. HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #60
Why would I bother with Republicans? You want black folks to try their luck with Republicans? bravenak Jul 2015 #68
Well, if they are pissed at Democrats... HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #79
Look up the word empathy okay? Really though. bravenak Jul 2015 #84
I totally empathize with BLMs cause, 1000%. HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #88
Oh I get it. Was is disgusting and self defeating when Code Pink did it to Condi? bravenak Jul 2015 #91
Was Condi an ally of Code Pink? HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #94
They were the most productive thing at Netroots. bravenak Jul 2015 #95
I am sure there wasn't a single person there unaware of the issue beforehand. HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #97
Does your Facebook feed have lots of black people in it? bravenak Jul 2015 #98
About 10%. And about 90% liberal. HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #99
Ten percent? Very small amount. bravenak Jul 2015 #100
It's about the demographics of my area. HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #101
Yeah, it's facebook. Not all of my facebook friends live here in Anchorage. bravenak Jul 2015 #102
BLM had an opportunity to talk face to face. HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #105
Really? That sounds stupid. bravenak Jul 2015 #108
Talking to others, what I mean. HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #110
He'd better get his talk on quick. bravenak Jul 2015 #111
Yes and my feed is all about the crazy weather we had yesterday nadinbrzezinski Jul 2015 #210
What did Code Pink accomplish? HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #103
Made people pay attention. bravenak Jul 2015 #104
Who wasn't paying attention? HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #106
Most of America. bravenak Jul 2015 #107
Sanders had a meeting scheduled with BLM jfern Jul 2015 #133
He CANCELLED! Now that can really really say he doesn't give a shit. bravenak Jul 2015 #140
This message was self-deleted by its author nadinbrzezinski Jul 2015 #35
Just wondering why some think the 2007 candidate of "hardworking people, white people" eridani Jul 2015 #41
I have no idea. Seriously. I cannot like her. bravenak Jul 2015 #54
Demographics 1939 Jul 2015 #175
So demographics is now more relvant than dog whistle politics? eridani Jul 2015 #203
What are you talking about? 1939 Jul 2015 #223
You are sayng that the dog whistler would be better for people of color eridani Jul 2015 #234
There was no debate at the NRN. Just a planned ambush and disruption. PatrickforO Jul 2015 #69
You need an empathy infusion. bravenak Jul 2015 #71
"Maybe Sanders needs to hire some black people to explain it to him." SusanCalvin Jul 2015 #77
I really think it's a good idea. I keep repeating it just in case somebody decides to tell him 4 me. bravenak Jul 2015 #78
Well, the Houston event is looking really diverse, SusanCalvin Jul 2015 #81
How can that post make you leary of Sanders? What did he have to do with it? cui bono Jul 2015 #119
Rude and patronizing, that's why. bravenak Jul 2015 #120
But that has nothing to do with Bernie. cui bono Jul 2015 #122
I did not like Hillary supporters last time and I truely think it has had a long term effect on my bravenak Jul 2015 #125
I am a Sanders supporter. I like you. I think that Sander's version of economic justice Ed Suspicious Jul 2015 #188
I think the best thing for him right now would be to spend alot of time with those protestors. bravenak Jul 2015 #194
Post removed Post removed Jul 2015 #131
I think her plan jfern Jul 2015 #130
Oh, it's absolutely gotten Scootaloo Jul 2015 #5
First, this belongs in Primaries nadinbrzezinski Jul 2015 #8
This isn't about any candidate... Agschmid Jul 2015 #11
Who said they should? Though many of my local leaders nadinbrzezinski Jul 2015 #13
No, it belongs right here. zappaman Jul 2015 #62
Waiting for Nadin to now say "Hey 2 people think it should be in GD"... Agschmid Jul 2015 #76
Black lives matter discussion belongs in GD. boston bean Jul 2015 #169
No one has sent a SOP alert... Agschmid Jul 2015 #178
well, you never know. she may have been trying to plant the seed boston bean Jul 2015 #179
Yup. Agschmid Jul 2015 #181
Wrong. I don't play those shitty games nadinbrzezinski Jul 2015 #199
Still not one single SOP alert. Agschmid Jul 2015 #226
I do not alert nadinbrzezinski Jul 2015 #235
You absolutelty have a right to your opinion, as do I. Agschmid Jul 2015 #236
I will not participate in a broken system nadinbrzezinski Jul 2015 #237
Yup I get it. Agschmid Jul 2015 #238
Of course they are angry. But that anger needs to be channeled to BillZBubb Jul 2015 #9
Agreed. You don't play your allies like adversaries. DinahMoeHum Jul 2015 #47
If this is related to the distrupting of the O'Malley/Sanders rally romanic Jul 2015 #14
There's no agenda here except that the #BLM should be heard, and if this is what takes... Agschmid Jul 2015 #16
Well then BLM needs to go to a GOP rally romanic Jul 2015 #22
Here is the deal we've had a Democratic President for well on 6+ years now... Agschmid Jul 2015 #25
Fair enough. romanic Jul 2015 #27
Then they should take up the problem with Obama... HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #33
If they're even brave enough to deal with the Republicans romanic Jul 2015 #34
Obama should have demanded Holder's resignation TexasBushwhacker Jul 2015 #209
I agree 100% HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #214
You must be reading Reporting San Diego nadinbrzezinski Jul 2015 #215
Absolutely TexasBushwhacker Jul 2015 #219
The problem is that most press is not covering this aspect nadinbrzezinski Jul 2015 #222
I would dearly love to see that. SusanCalvin Jul 2015 #87
That is pure BS. They are being heard all right, who didn't hear them snagglepuss Jul 2015 #262
Sure that might work... Agschmid Jul 2015 #263
It's more than being angry, no one is owed a vote gwheezie Jul 2015 #15
This... Agschmid Jul 2015 #18
The disorder that occurred during the '68 Convention resulted in Nixon oasis Jul 2015 #63
You can understand somesones anger... Lancero Jul 2015 #21
That's spin and totally untrue..we know why they're angry, he'll we're angry too! haikugal Jul 2015 #30
My post is spin? Agschmid Jul 2015 #32
Is Sanders responsible? HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #36
I don't see it as rude, sorry. Agschmid Jul 2015 #39
Disrupting and tweeting only works to a point. romanic Jul 2015 #43
If it quacks like a duck... romanic Jul 2015 #37
Unwarranted police violence against African Americans is "spin"... Agschmid Jul 2015 #40
Now you're putting words in my mouth. romanic Jul 2015 #44
Nice edit... Agschmid Jul 2015 #49
I just get angry when some use deaths in the black community by police romanic Jul 2015 #52
Ammo for what? Agschmid Jul 2015 #53
I'm not entertaining you anymore. romanic Jul 2015 #57
Seriously... Agschmid Jul 2015 #58
Good to know that now two people said this belongs in GD-P nadinbrzezinski Jul 2015 #64
This isn't about a candidate, the fact that some people can't have a discussion without that... Agschmid Jul 2015 #65
And it was aimed nadinbrzezinski Jul 2015 #72
Okay. Agschmid Jul 2015 #74
Project much? haikugal Jul 2015 #48
You said people here don't know why BLM is angry... haikugal Jul 2015 #42
No I don't "get it" and it wasn't spin. Agschmid Jul 2015 #45
You're saying we don't get it when we do. You're spinning like a top. haikugal Jul 2015 #50
Goodbye. Agschmid Jul 2015 #51
Police Violence Is Real kcjohn1 Jul 2015 #38
This message was self-deleted by its author Peregrine Took Jul 2015 #66
You know, I've been doing my best to process what went down at the Netroots forum ever since it scarletwoman Jul 2015 #67
This ^^^^^^^^^^^ bravenak Jul 2015 #70
YES. Agschmid Jul 2015 #73
It's a very brave act. Starry Messenger Jul 2015 #80
Yes! Agschmid Jul 2015 #86
+1000. jen63 Jul 2015 #92
Well said ibegurpard Jul 2015 #96
+a million. And when 'progressive' Dems stop listening to their most loyal base, they lose. freshwest Jul 2015 #114
Awesome post! gollygee Jul 2015 #143
Yup. Agschmid Jul 2015 #180
+1000 boston bean Jul 2015 #173
Yes! It needs to be done more, not less!! MerryBlooms Jul 2015 #177
Yes! Exactly and thank you. Lilith Rising Jul 2015 #184
this is real talk. Quayblue Jul 2015 #190
Transgression against the powerful is powerful. Let's see this and more to the establishment TheKentuckian Jul 2015 #225
K&R for being absolutely right... giftedgirl77 Jul 2015 #227
Life in America is unpleasant Prism Jul 2015 #243
Marvelous. Well said. Number23 Jul 2015 #264
I don't understand why white people aren't angry. intheflow Jul 2015 #89
Can't speak for the rest of us, but SusanCalvin Jul 2015 #90
All right, then! intheflow Jul 2015 #93
I'm pissed off, too, Blue_In_AK Jul 2015 #314
No reminder is needed for me. TM99 Jul 2015 #118
Thanks for this post JustAnotherGen Jul 2015 #134
Interrupting this thread to report on Clinton JustAnotherGen Jul 2015 #127
Clinton doesn't give a shit about progressives or BLM jfern Jul 2015 #135
I wouldn't call it a firing squad JustAnotherGen Jul 2015 #137
Nobody should ever even try MuseRider Jul 2015 #155
^^^THIS^^^ SusanCalvin Jul 2015 #185
Don't get why BLM is angry? So now we are all the enemy? I have no problem understanding jwirr Jul 2015 #187
. haikugal Jul 2015 #202
I pointed to Bravenak in particular what is happening here in San Diego. nadinbrzezinski Jul 2015 #204
Your last sentence is one of the reasons I like Bernie. If there is anything he would know because jwirr Jul 2015 #211
Yup, he went to college at a time when quotas were quite overt nadinbrzezinski Jul 2015 #212
+1000 HooptieWagon Jul 2015 #246
THANK YOU Skittles Jul 2015 #252
The protestors were not turning us into "enemies". They were challenging us to prove scarletwoman Jul 2015 #253
I know that but IMO it backfired. He was answering their questions and they just yelled louder. If jwirr Jul 2015 #254
Honestly, the only people I'm feeling alienated from are the ones criticising BLM for what they did scarletwoman Jul 2015 #257
Listen to what romanic Jul 2015 #256
Really? stranger81 Jul 2015 #305
I'm sorry, I simply can't think of anything to say in the face of such massive cluelessness. scarletwoman Jul 2015 #306
I'm sorry, but those statements make it very clear who perceives whom as their enemy. stranger81 Jul 2015 #307
My apologies. I will endeavor to come more to the point: scarletwoman Jul 2015 #308
And you prove my point in under three posts. stranger81 Jul 2015 #309
worthy of its own thread Skittles Jul 2015 #313
Thank you for expressing that so well. Blue_In_AK Jul 2015 #315
And to think... people on here don't get why #BLM is angry? Stellar Jul 2015 #201
"...just 'talking' won't do it"? JustABozoOnThisBus Jul 2015 #205
Discussion will eventually solve this issue... Agschmid Jul 2015 #228
None of the Democratic candidates measure up for the hyper-radicals. What a shocker. Comrade Grumpy Jul 2015 #206
People here know why BLM is angry. What the problem is, you don't invite people to a town hall and still_one Jul 2015 #229
I don't think anyone here doesn't understand why #BLM is angry, but hughee99 Jul 2015 #242
Yes, that is the question. Wish we could get an answer other than we do not understand. mmonk Jul 2015 #244
Bingo. nt Romulox Jul 2015 #272
I don't see any evidence BLM is mad at Bernie. Only Hillary supporters insinuate he is a racist. nt Romulox Jul 2015 #282
Then you haven't been seeing what the leaders of the moment said mmonk Jul 2015 #285
link? nt Romulox Jul 2015 #287
It's all over the internet. Would take quite awhile to gather it mmonk Jul 2015 #294
I don't doubt you, but it's hard to quantify that. nt Romulox Jul 2015 #295
I understand but I'm bowing out of the whole thing. It was a statement protest mmonk Jul 2015 #298
And they did not say he was racist. They said he doesn't care about the issue. mmonk Jul 2015 #297
and THAT just seems to fly right over soooooo many heads Skittles Jul 2015 #312
Let's hope that NY's Governor Cuomo will start a trend fadedrose Jul 2015 #258
I keep asking ... ananda Jul 2015 #275
It's time for massive protests. Force the leaders in office Autumn Jul 2015 #291
Well said JustAnotherGen Jul 2015 #296
Yes. mmonk Jul 2015 #299
Yes! Agschmid Jul 2015 #304
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