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Sat Jul 4, 2015, 02:29 PM Jul 2015

Should the homeless be allowed to sleep in their cars? [View all]

Should the homeless be allowed to sleep in their cars?

A bill making its way through the state legislature would legalize something that, on its face, seems uncontroversial: sleeping in your car.

But for homeless advocates and leaders of some beach communities in Orange County, the bill, AB718, is a point of contention that reflects starkly different worldviews.

People who work with the homeless say the bill would provide a small measure of dignity for people struggling to survive on the streets. They view the practice of issuing fines, or rousting people from their cars, as many local agencies now do routinely, as a form of harassment.

But leaders in Laguna Beach and Dana Point, and several other California cities, say a state law would limit local control and jeopardize residents’ safety.

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I'd prefer better accommodations. But, I don't think anyone should be arrested, moved along, etc., Hoyt Jul 2015 #1
I know we hate Walmart but one thing they do is allow anyone to yeoman6987 Jul 2015 #6
Did not know that, but glad to hear it. Hoyt Jul 2015 #8
They allow those huge RVs... RichGirl Jul 2015 #16
Yes they do. It's a good thing. 840high Jul 2015 #33
Not all Wal-marts allow overnight parking. Grammy23 Jul 2015 #36
Are the Home-enabled allowed to sleep in their cars? rock Jul 2015 #2
"we should probably let the rich sleep under bridges as well (although it will stink up the place)" restorefreedom Jul 2015 #7
Very often, no. True story, as a senior in H.s., I got a job afternoons/evenings working the stevenleser Jul 2015 #28
I can imagine this scenario if you'd been arrested and sent to the can rock Jul 2015 #34
If I had said what was on my mind when I was getting back in the car I probably would have been. stevenleser Jul 2015 #35
Yep, utterly stupid rock Jul 2015 #38
If some of these fine upstanding citizens don't want people sleeping cars olddots Jul 2015 #3
I'd prefer we build housing for all - TBF Jul 2015 #4
I have personal stories, and it upsets me that nothing has changed in 30 years... hunter Jul 2015 #5
I would say the white dreadlocked panhandlers every five feet are killing beach cities Sen. Walter Sobchak Jul 2015 #11
I lived for some time in my broken car in a church parking lot. I pushed it there, with help. hunter Jul 2015 #12
I used to feed the homeless in Santa Monica with a church group. kwassa Jul 2015 #25
Those homeless who have cars quickly lose them. hunter Jul 2015 #43
Yes it's amazing how much stronger animal shelter support has daredtowork Jul 2015 #13
How can the most powerful nation in history allow homelessness? Octafish Jul 2015 #9
It's called the puritan work ethic and Calvinism AZ Progressive Jul 2015 #21
Thank you, AZ Progressive! Octafish Jul 2015 #53
Of course they should, they own the damn car. Quackers Jul 2015 #10
Back in 1970 when I entered the University of California, Irvine aint_no_life_nowhere Jul 2015 #14
I can't even imagine that scenario - students vehicle living near school Liberal_in_LA Jul 2015 #23
Yes, I also think we ought to make designated campgrounds for them betterdemsonly Jul 2015 #15
people try..the nearby residents complain. even Wal-Mart gets pushback Liberal_in_LA Jul 2015 #24
Some people still have a problem with minimum wage, public schools and child betterdemsonly Jul 2015 #40
Homeless people.... RichGirl Jul 2015 #17
Ah yes, those scary homeless people TexasBushwhacker Jul 2015 #18
The real question is why California doesn't do shit about affordable housing? AZ Progressive Jul 2015 #19
BTW, if cities are really intent on being assholes, they don't have to do an outright sleeping ban AZ Progressive Jul 2015 #20
Neighborhood decal system, too.... nt MADem Jul 2015 #27
This should be a property rights issue above all else, which should aleo be the strongest case AZ Progressive Jul 2015 #22
In a safe place, like a WALMART parking lot--not in front of some old lady's house, where MADem Jul 2015 #26
Gladys Kravitz can mind her own damned business. X_Digger Jul 2015 #32
Gladys might not be nosy--she might be alone and afraid. MADem Jul 2015 #39
Poor Gladys. She can have a great big cup of 'mind your own business'. X_Digger Jul 2015 #42
Sleeping in cars parked in neighborhoods is a good idea to you? MADem Jul 2015 #44
Laws don't revolve around what's a good idea. (Thank goodness.) X_Digger Jul 2015 #45
OK, we'll send people to your house and let them park in front of it. MADem Jul 2015 #46
I'll happily have them. I've taken in Katrina refugees. X_Digger Jul 2015 #48
I'll bet you let them use the bathroom, too. MADem Jul 2015 #49
Actually, I have let homeless folks sleep on my couch. So yeah, you get on with your bad self. X_Digger Jul 2015 #50
You plainly know nothing about this issue. You think because you have hosted a few people, MADem Jul 2015 #52
Oh my, you can google! Brava/Bravo! X_Digger Jul 2015 #55
Yes, goddammit! Aristus Jul 2015 #29
I'm surprised they're not allowed to do so Warpy Jul 2015 #30
It's their car, so fuck yes. X_Digger Jul 2015 #31
I had to do it for two weeks waiting for my rental to be ready. It's safer than being outside. freshwest Jul 2015 #37
Yes (nt) bigwillq Jul 2015 #41
In cars, on park benches BainsBane Jul 2015 #47
How do they prevent it? HassleCat Jul 2015 #51
Through ordinances--parking limitations, cop roustings when neighbors complain, MADem Jul 2015 #54
I hope this video convinces everyone daredtowork Jul 2015 #56
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