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Nye Bevan

(25,406 posts)
Thu Jun 18, 2015, 12:40 PM Jun 2015

Would you hope that a presidential candidate would advocate for stronger gun control [View all]

when making a statement in response to a shooting rampage?

20 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
12 (60%)
8 (40%)
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Oh look. It's Nye. Denigrating the candidate who called it racism morningfog Jun 2015 #1
Not "denigrating" any particular candidate. Nye Bevan Jun 2015 #3
Of course it is. Of course. morningfog Jun 2015 #6
Nice to see DU's Team Clinton exploiting this tragedy for their candidate. frylock Jun 2015 #2
On the bodies of nine dead black worshippers. morningfog Jun 2015 #4
Yep, so very classy. 99Forever Jun 2015 #29
I will be the first to criticize Hillary Nye Bevan Jun 2015 #5
Her first response did not include such a statement. morningfog Jun 2015 #7
I find that to be disappointing (nt) Nye Bevan Jun 2015 #9
Not to mention team Bernie, posting his statement like that. The nerve. DanTex Jun 2015 #8
Has Hillary talked about race and guns in the aftermath of a racist gun shooting yet? Autumn Jun 2015 #17
hunh frylock Jun 2015 #23
I'm surprised it took this long whatchamacallit Jun 2015 #14
Not surprising Team Sanders would minimize an issue to POC to politics NOT... NOT because uponit7771 Jun 2015 #43
I do not understand why talking about Gun control Evergreen Emerald Jun 2015 #52
This is just a transparent attempt to further the argument that Bernie Sanders is a gun nut.. frylock Jun 2015 #58
I did not think of that. Evergreen Emerald Jun 2015 #61
I apologize if that was not your intent.. frylock Jun 2015 #75
Just weak on guns for political expediency/votes. Hoyt Jun 2015 #71
Representing your constituency is political expediency? frylock Jun 2015 #74
Yes, guns are a pox on society, not unlike racism. Just because your constituents are into something Hoyt Jun 2015 #76
It isn't. Bobbie Jo Jun 2015 #60
Sorry, I do not see phony righteous indignation. Evergreen Emerald Jun 2015 #66
Look upthread Bobbie Jo Jun 2015 #69
Hope? Clearly. Expect? No. But... onehandle Jun 2015 #10
From your Link. Hillary's Statement on gun control. misterhighwasted Jun 2015 #20
I'm a strong advocate for gun control whatchamacallit Jun 2015 #11
We will never improve the gun violence upaloopa Jun 2015 #12
Gross. Blatant exploitation of a tragedy LittleBlue Jun 2015 #13
The OP would much prefer to discuss guns than racism. morningfog Jun 2015 #18
The OP would rather bash Sanders than mourn murder victims. arcane1 Jun 2015 #35
What do expect from people whose main reason for supporting a candidate is winnability whatchamacallit Jun 2015 #19
Every Dem presidential candidate will avoid gun control hack89 Jun 2015 #15
Probably true, but very depressing. Nye Bevan Jun 2015 #21
Gun control is not a high priority for potential voters hack89 Jun 2015 #24
Agreed. Lizzie Poppet Jun 2015 #44
Yes. Even if unsuccessful. NCTraveler Jun 2015 #16
I can't address that just as trade bills aren't about trade HereSince1628 Jun 2015 #22
It would depend on what gun controls - my family hunt to suppliment food. jwirr Jun 2015 #25
There are hunters in the UK. Nye Bevan Jun 2015 #27
"Heartbreaking news from Charleston - my thoughts and prayers are with you all. -H" frylock Jun 2015 #26
Yes. I strongly favor gun control. hrmjustin Jun 2015 #28
Before the bodies are even buried. You should be ashamed. arcane1 Jun 2015 #30
President Obama argued for gun control in his response to the massacre. Nye Bevan Jun 2015 #32
Lame. Obama didn't criticize presidential candidates, did he? arcane1 Jun 2015 #33
So it's OK for him to argue for gun control, Nye Bevan Jun 2015 #34
Being deliberately obtuse is getting boring. arcane1 Jun 2015 #38
yes jamzrockz Jun 2015 #31
No, we lose support over it and nothing would get better anyway! nt Logical Jun 2015 #36
When making the intial statements, politics shouldn't come into play. Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #37
So when President Obama brought up gun control in his initial response he was being "tacky"? Nye Bevan Jun 2015 #39
That is not an intital statement. That is our president speaking to the nation. Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #41
You don't play dumb as well as you think. nt Guy Whitey Corngood Jun 2015 #46
No, I'd prefer the liberal candidate actually WIN next November. Lizzie Poppet Jun 2015 #40
A candidate's position on gun control is not a deal breaker for me tularetom Jun 2015 #42
If the candidate advocates for less of it it's a deal breaker for me uponit7771 Jun 2015 #45
I'd prefer smarter gun laws. aikoaiko Jun 2015 #47
I just want to say how gross it is to see someone using a tragedy like this to score cheap Marr Jun 2015 #48
Plenty of DUers criticized Hillary's tweet, Nye Bevan Jun 2015 #49
You keep saying that. Marr Jun 2015 #50
. Nye Bevan Jun 2015 #73
Bernie 'supporters' try to score 'cheap points' daily wyldwolf Jun 2015 #51
Well, at least you're admitting the OP is exploiting this tragedy to score cheap political points. Marr Jun 2015 #53
Care to quote me anywhere? No, of course not. You're just lashing out. wyldwolf Jun 2015 #54
I'm not interested in playing some stupid word parsing game with you. Marr Jun 2015 #57
feel the bern. wyldwolf Jun 2015 #59
Again, gross. /nt Marr Jun 2015 #63
you can dish it out but you can't take it. wyldwolf Jun 2015 #64
Jesus Christ, are you in third grade? Marr Jun 2015 #67
"I'm not interested in playing some stupid word parsing game with you." LOL wyldwolf Jun 2015 #68
... Marr Jun 2015 #70
...... wyldwolf Jun 2015 #72
No, it's a dead issue. A lost cause. PeteSelman Jun 2015 #55
Since when is it a sin on the Democratic Underground to advocate for gun control or ask a question hrmjustin Jun 2015 #56
oh, you know! wyldwolf Jun 2015 #62
This pisses me off royally. The hypocrisy of certain posters today really is pissing me off. hrmjustin Jun 2015 #65
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