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Being or not being gay means nothing to me madokie Jun 2015 #1
Same here shenmue Jun 2015 #15
Coudnt agree more. Lindsey Graham deserves condemnation for bein a warmonger, just as we condemn Hillary for the same thing. No difference. InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 2015 #17
This message was self-deleted by its author InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 2015 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author InAbLuEsTaTe Jun 2015 #19
Count me in on that. n/t cherokeeprogressive Jun 2015 #31
It is relevant when he votes against the gays. shraby Jun 2015 #2
True. Mock him for his votes, but not his sexual identity Yavin4 Jun 2015 #8
This ProudToBeBlueInRhody Jun 2015 #68
Where does he stand on gay rights? Jackpine Radical Jun 2015 #3
Correct BeyondGeography Jun 2015 #4
Ding.. ding...ding.. ding.. ding... This! 2banon Jun 2015 #62
I tend to mock him because he is creepy and irrational it seems to be a global problem for him. gordianot Jun 2015 #5
Why the double standard though? closeupready Jun 2015 #6
There is no double standard. Do you KNOW what is sexual orientation is? Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #36
I'm 99% sure he's gay - no offense, but I don't need proof to have an opinion. closeupready Jun 2015 #40
So no proof? Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #42
Speculation is 9/10's of what we all do here. closeupready Jun 2015 #46
To some of us in the Carolinas it is a KNOWN. blm Jun 2015 #47
It is not a general KNOWN, and I have no problem attacking his hypocrisy on a KNOWN. Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #51
Down here it is the gay activist crowd that labeled him Mizz Lindsey. blm Jun 2015 #53
That is the GAY community. Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #54
There are some longtime members here from SC who are privy to the facts blm Jun 2015 #58
AGAIN, I have NO PROBLEM with discussing his being a hypocrite! Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #59
Well, you have to admit Graham deserves the shots about the 'vapors' blm Jun 2015 #61
The "vapors" I see as a "Southern" thing, though some are taking advantage of it. Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #63
Ok. Linda Ketner is an out lesbian who ran in 2008 for a house seat. Are_grits_groceries Jun 2015 #97
Supposing he is gay, does his voting record support TexasProgresive Jun 2015 #7
If he is gay, then he helped make life harder for openly gay people closeupready Jun 2015 #11
It's more even than harming gay people. Orsino Jun 2015 #16
Who is mocking him for being gay? He's mocked for his hypocrisy. Arugula Latte Jun 2015 #9
Just tune into Stephanie Miller Puglover Jun 2015 #12
What hypocrisy, exactly? Orrex Jun 2015 #14
THANK YOU! Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #33
Sorry, but we call out warmongers who are actually chicken hawks as hypocrites. blm Jun 2015 #64
How, exactly, do you know he's gay? Orrex Jun 2015 #67
I do and have known since 2001. blm Jun 2015 #70
Then you base your attacks on hearsay. Orrex Jun 2015 #77
I don't make gay jokes - I call him out for hypocrisy, and, yes I do KNOW he's gay. blm Jun 2015 #82
+Infinity ismnotwasm Jun 2015 #65
Because, apparently, those who understand it are the ones with the problem. Orrex Jun 2015 #69
EXACTLY! Amazing post! (nt) LostOne4Ever Jun 2015 #139
If he is gay, truebluegreen Jun 2015 #10
If he is NOT gay, JustABozoOnThisBus Jun 2015 #32
Yes. Doesn't matter whether he treestar Jun 2015 #38
Have people been mocking that hypocritical demagogue because they think he's gay? If so, I KingCharlemagne Jun 2015 #13
I agree JonLP24 Jun 2015 #20
We don't have to do anything Politicalboi Jun 2015 #21
You mean he's not right? fadedrose Jun 2015 #22
i could not care less what his preferences are Takket Jun 2015 #23
I think the assumption that effeminate men are all gay is just as stupid as the assumption that all CBGLuthier Jun 2015 #24
Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner. TexasMommaWithAHat Jun 2015 #85
Thank you for being the voice of wisdom and reason, CBGLuthier. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #131
It's already in full effect. Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #25
I've not seen that on DU still_one Jun 2015 #26
Are you serious? Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #28
i haven't seen many posts on Lindsey graham for that matter, however, I would still_one Jun 2015 #99
I mock the turtle for his votes and policies, the thought of anyone having sex with him ... peacebird Jun 2015 #27
It seems to have crossed the minds of several others though, which is why the OP was made. Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #29
The Daily Show kenfrequed Jun 2015 #30
"because he may be Gay" NCTraveler Jun 2015 #34
"Why do people think he might be gay? " Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #35
So far. NCTraveler Jun 2015 #37
Oh did you miss... Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #39
This message was self-deleted by its author closeupready Jun 2015 #44
Drag shows are meant to poke fun at OUR community by us. Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #48
This message was self-deleted by its author closeupready Jun 2015 #50
I know you are gay. Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #52
Okay. Again, I apologize. closeupready Jun 2015 #56
No need to apologize. Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #57
I proudly claim three of those (and none of them say anything about Graham having sex w/men) Tom Ripley Jun 2015 #45
No, it is your problem, not mine. Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #49
Cruz does have a high mincing factor. The other three clowns have other characteristics and... Tom Ripley Jun 2015 #74
How many homophobic dog whistles are you going to use under this OP? stevenleser Jun 2015 #100
This is truly a disgusting post. nt. NCTraveler Jun 2015 #142
In case you were wondering, your post is disgusting and vile. Orrex Jun 2015 #60
In case you were wondering, I could not care less what you think or feel Tom Ripley Jun 2015 #71
Post removed Post removed Jun 2015 #72
Post removed Post removed Jun 2015 #76
The fact that you 'proudly' claim 3 of those comments... one_voice Jun 2015 #91
THANK YOU EARL G: beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #118
Awesome! WTG Earl G! (nt) LostOne4Ever Jun 2015 #140
And downthread "Sissy" another homophobic dog-whistle. I really can't believe I am seeing this. stevenleser Jun 2015 #87
& it was voted to leave 1-6... giftedgirl77 Jun 2015 #93
Which one? There are a couple of posters using the word. One in several posts. stevenleser Jun 2015 #94
Here's the link... giftedgirl77 Jun 2015 #96
That was about Orrex' post, not any of the posts using the word. stevenleser Jun 2015 #98
Geez, no wonder it didn't make any sense... giftedgirl77 Jun 2015 #102
I agree 100% that the hide Orrex got was total B.S. He was dealing with someone hurling slurs stevenleser Jun 2015 #103
This is why I ALWAYS ALWAYS, read the entire comment tree of a post I am on the jury for. Kurska Jun 2015 #115
That's what brought me to this thread as well. cui bono Jun 2015 #107
Mods stepped in and awarded him his justly deserved free pizza Kurska Jun 2015 #117
Not mods. Sissyk Jun 2015 #119
Oh for sure, nothing wrong with it. I know guys who wear it as a badge of pride. Kurska Jun 2015 #120
I'm glad he did to. Sissyk Jun 2015 #123
A member of a minority community on DU is politely explaining to you why its offensive. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #132
Post removed Post removed Jun 2015 #41
Terrific. A straight bigot telling people how they should feel about his bigotry. Orrex Jun 2015 #73
Post removed Post removed Jun 2015 #75
Terrific. A bigot is scolding me for calling him a bigot. Orrex Jun 2015 #78
Post removed Post removed Jun 2015 #80
Alert wars a brewin Kurska Jun 2015 #92
Apparently multiple juries evaluating your posts under this OP disagree. nt stevenleser Jun 2015 #101
Don't expect a response he got put in timeout Kurska Jun 2015 #105
First off, he IS gay. It is not stereotyping his mannerisms. He's targeted because he IS blm Jun 2015 #43
I'm in NC, and I have been told the same... ms liberty Jun 2015 #144
Thank you - Most people don't understand how DEEP and LOCKED southern closets blm Jun 2015 #145
I hear you ... but he inserts himself into the personal lives of others. JoePhilly Jun 2015 #55
If he's gay, it's not his "preference." It's his orientation. nt peecoolyour Jun 2015 #66
Post removed Post removed Jun 2015 #79
^^^THIS^^^ Tom Ripley Jun 2015 #81
I can't believe the pejorative "sissy" is acceptable here. TexasMommaWithAHat Jun 2015 #88
Its like a bad dream. stevenleser Jun 2015 #95
It isn't 3 posts hidden so far. Kurska Jun 2015 #112
Good! TexasMommaWithAHat Jun 2015 #113
Better news, the poster is now the proud owner of a brand new pizza Kurska Jun 2015 #116
Would you consider editing that? The only one who has said they think "sissy" is ok has uppityperson Jun 2015 #111
Unless it's me! Sissyk Jun 2015 #121
Well, you are right about that. uppityperson Jun 2015 #122
No. The Republicans will mock him for being gay. w8liftinglady Jun 2015 #83
^^^And THIS^^^ Tom Ripley Jun 2015 #84
Definitely. H2O Man Jun 2015 #86
It isn't "mocking", it's calling out the hypocrisy. If Barney Frank LeftinOH Jun 2015 #89
I'm surprised, and saddened, that this should even have to be said ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2015 #90
It's difficult to draw a line between mocking him jeff47 Jun 2015 #104
Sexual ORIENTATION, not preference. Please. Read and learn. uppityperson Jun 2015 #106
Good on you to clarify that. cui bono Jun 2015 #108
I learned this on DU a while back, am always happy to pass it on uppityperson Jun 2015 #109
Totally agree. cui bono Jun 2015 #110
+100 (nt) LostOne4Ever Jun 2015 #141
I am sorry lgbt members had to be subjected to the homophobic posts in this thread. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #114
I'm not sorry to be honest Fearless Jun 2015 #124
Still, it's your house too. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #125
I agree, it shouldn't have a place here. Fearless Jun 2015 #126
As a gay man, I see no problem with it. TeacherB87 Jun 2015 #127
My Dem activist group in SC and NC has been saying the same since 2001. blm Jun 2015 #147
The hypocrisy is the issue bluestateguy Jun 2015 #128
It's not about "defending" Graham, it's taking a stance against homophobia. Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #133
If Graham is in fact in the closet, it's very relevant Spider Jerusalem Jun 2015 #129
People say they don't care. And they in fact believe that. Smarmie Doofus Jun 2015 #130
The homophobia directed toward Graham ( a heterosexual, as far as anyone knows) is exhibit A. Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #134
He is the classic effeminate heterosexual that SNL used to do skits about. McCamy Taylor Jun 2015 #135
For a few, it certainly is. Behind the Aegis Jun 2015 #136
Some of the posts in that thread are disgusting. beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #137
K&R LostOne4Ever Jun 2015 #138
I can't help mocking Lindsay. Vinca Jun 2015 #143
There's time for both... lame54 Jun 2015 #146
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