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mother earth

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Sun May 31, 2015, 10:46 AM May 2015

Democrats should be wooing progressives, not scolding them. [View all]

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In Search of the Democratic Soul
Democrats should be wooing progressives, not scolding them (by Richard Eskow)

A Google search for the phrase "soul of the Democratic Party" yields thousands of hits, because the struggle for that soul has been a perennial subject of debate. I've probably used the phrase myself.

But after a week spent tracking the independent left's political progress, I've become even more convinced that politicians should seek the soul of the country instead. Tap into that, and the rest will follow.

Still, the debate over the Democratic soul continues. Political strategist Robert Creamer said this week that progressives have already won it. He dismisses the notion of a split between the party's "Hillary Clinton" and "Elizabeth Warren" wings, and says Democrats now largely agree on economic problems and their solutions.

"There are still pro-Wall Street, corporatist -- and even socially conservative -- elements in the Democratic coalition," Creamer acknowledges. But, he says, "it's hard to tell the difference between a Clinton speech and a Warren speech when it comes to most economic questions -- and particularly ... the overarching narrative."

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"Large majorities", yeah, that's right. We are THE large majority. It is not up to MSM to frame a horse race, WE are the framers. We need to shout it from the rooftops and spread the word far and wide, amongst our independent and, yes, gop'er friends and family and everyone we know. We are the MAJORITY. We are fed up, we have a disappearing middle class & only the wealthy have done well during these economic times.

Where is our recovery? More importantly, where is our voice in gov't? Where are the laws to tear down what's been strangling families and driving social and economic inequality?

I know where I see our voice, it is fast becoming crystal clear, if you don't get, you soon will. Give 'em hell, Bernie!

Yeah, this video is from 2012, and what has changed? The Anger has grown, WE ARE THE MAJORITY. Deal with it. We aren't going quietly, it ends with us. WE are the framers, let them look back on this time & understand one thing. We are done with the corporate coup. We do not support the oligarchy.

It is time to ask one question, do you support the people? Do you enable the people? Or do you support and enable the oligarchy?
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This LIBERAL would like to be represented some day! ananda May 2015 #1
+100000 CharlotteVale May 2015 #68
never stopped calling myself a liberal rurallib Jun 2015 #128
Wooing them to be Democrats? VanillaRhapsody May 2015 #2
Well then, I'll be expecting her to come out strong against TPP, & jail sentences for banksters mother earth May 2015 #6
See, here goes the scolding. Thinkingabout May 2015 #12
Why not help push it in the direction she wants it to go? cui bono May 2015 #63
BS, Warren & Sanders have come out strong against it. Scolding? Questioning is not scolding, not mother earth May 2015 #82
Don't know how the state department works, eh? Thinkingabout May 2015 #85
Has she said she'd give an opinion after the agreement? Funny, those who are mother earth May 2015 #90
Yeah. If that graph was accurate I would be supporting Hillary. Enthusiast May 2015 #26
That graph is a libertarian recruiting tool Recursion May 2015 #41
^^^This^^^ +1 n/t FSogol May 2015 #48
That graph is trotted out in nearly every thread MissDeeds May 2015 #47
It is meaningless, there is nothing to back it up, a nonsensical tool... mother earth May 2015 #84
Keep posting these charts Robbins May 2015 #10
Ditto! SoapBox May 2015 #32
I completely agree. Exilednight May 2015 #72
That graphic is inaccurate. It was no liberal that helped George Bush lie rhett o rick May 2015 #14
i mentioned that yesterday ablamj May 2015 #16
What doesn't make sense is that some denigrate liberals but then turn rhett o rick May 2015 #40
agreed ablamj May 2015 #42
And call themselves liberal with a capital L, when they clearly are not. cui bono May 2015 #64
Not according to this... Carewfan May 2015 #37
oh but ablamj May 2015 #44
She is populist too, doncha know. mother earth May 2015 #93
Looks closer to reality. However, I think candidate Obama should have been lower and to the left rhett o rick May 2015 #45
+1 L0oniX May 2015 #60
Is this the one put out by the UK source? Thinkingabout May 2015 #106
Is that graphic from that site that doesn't take everyting into account? cui bono May 2015 #62
I guess this is the answer of the day nadinbrzezinski May 2015 #83
Not any more. cui bono May 2015 #104
They have no problem blaming the Left when their candidates lose. Tierra_y_Libertad May 2015 #3
+1 daleanime May 2015 #25
Indeed. Yet, they claim (and act accordingly) the left is so fringe as to not matter. 2banon May 2015 #27
The democratic leadership knows that we Democrats will vote for any democrat. Autumn May 2015 #4
I don't know about that any more. I get the feeling some are questioning voting at all if all if it mother earth May 2015 #8
Like I said there are those of us who have always done that Autumn May 2015 #11
Amen to that. We do not support the oligarchy. mother earth May 2015 #76
It doesn't work with me anymore Robbins May 2015 #13
She was not silent about TPP as S of S. She helped negotiate it and supported it. merrily May 2015 #35
Truly. It tells us all we need to know. TPP is THE litmus test. nt mother earth May 2015 #77
I agree. Silence=Consent Bohunk68 Jun 2015 #126
That was their theory in 2010 and 2014. Didn't work so well. (nt) jeff47 May 2015 #20
+1 Understatement of the century. Well, 1928 was almost a century ago. merrily May 2015 #36
Yep, especially when we can see that tactic has taken the Dem Party further right, cui bono May 2015 #65
Many Democrats are voting out of undeserved "Brand Loyalty". bvar22 May 2015 #66
K&R abelenkpe May 2015 #5
Scolding's fine by me. Orsino May 2015 #7
I read this post and the first thing which comes to mind is the "scolding" of progressives. Thinkingabout May 2015 #9
+1 treestar May 2015 #18
Yes, the poor, oppressed centrists that are in complete control of the party leadership jeff47 May 2015 #22
I would hope... kentuck May 2015 #29
If Bernie does not win, maybe O'Malley will be the much stronger merrily May 2015 #38
I think she will ignore the 99% and favor the 1% Carewfan May 2015 #49
+1 daleanime May 2015 #31
The title of this thread is "Democrats should be wooing progressives, not scolding them" Thinkingabout May 2015 #34
Looking at those losses Carewfan May 2015 #50
Well, step 1 is to stop throwing us out of the party. jeff47 May 2015 #67
+1 Preach! (It is Sunday, after all.) merrily May 2015 #43
Boo hoo. DU's right has been making the most horrible accusations about the left for years. merrily May 2015 #39
Amen!!! smokey nj May 2015 #56
+1 a whole bunch! Enthusiast May 2015 #58
That's my feeling, as well. nt MannyGoldstein May 2015 #70
+ another Scuba Jun 2015 #123
+1000 marym625 Jun 2015 #127
+1 The DU right is so blatantly dishonest they are an embarrassment Zorra Jun 2015 #130
That's one big pile of shit. Scuba Jun 2015 #122
There is the Democratic Leadership and the grassroots Democrats. Two very different beasts. rhett o rick May 2015 #15
Yes. It doesn't take much imagination to realize that they are used to having their way all GoneFishin May 2015 #19
Why bother? treestar May 2015 #17
Because it works. jeff47 May 2015 #21
Anyone who wants to be POTUS will of necessity compromise treestar May 2015 #87
And, unsurprisingly, we're back to all those people failing your ideology. jeff47 May 2015 #96
The voters are where they are treestar May 2015 #108
they're NOT center Skittles Jun 2015 #120
Then explain the centrist candidate losses accompanied by progressive referendum wins in 2014. Scuba Jun 2015 #124
It's a myth that Obama ran as a non-centrist progressive candidate YoungDemCA May 2015 #114
They refuse to compromise? ForgoTheConsequence May 2015 #51
What? The ones in Congress you mean? treestar May 2015 #88
Yes. Those damn progressives demanding equal rights, civil rights, privacy, social security. cui bono May 2015 #74
"Things would go so much more smoothly if these progressives just went along with conservatives." arcane1 May 2015 #79
You mean Republicans? treestar May 2015 #92
They're not willing to meet anyone else halfway - or even a quarter of the way YoungDemCA May 2015 #115
You've changed to the goal from the means treestar May 2015 #91
I responded directly to your post. cui bono May 2015 #98
We do not demand to be "wooed." treestar May 2015 #107
Great post! Art_from_Ark Jun 2015 #132
Bravo!! BrotherIvan Jun 2015 #133
Progressives. Schmogressives. They are a minority in the Democratic Party anymore... kentuck May 2015 #23
Maybe at a visceral level, people are feeling that our current neoliberal capitalist model is PatrickforO May 2015 #24
Or the alternative? kentuck May 2015 #28
The problem with that is that we may not have time to uphold the status quo because of PatrickforO May 2015 #57
The "urgency of now".. kentuck May 2015 #71
+1 Enthusiast May 2015 #30
FDR's 40 years of coattails were no coincidence. merrily May 2015 #33
The Left CONSTANTLY excoriated FDR. MohRokTah May 2015 #52
Irrelevant to my post and totally beside the point. merrily May 2015 #54
I disagree completely with that. MohRokTah May 2015 #55
I agree but look at it from fredamae May 2015 #46
Democrats should BE Progressives. [n/t] Maedhros May 2015 #53
Most rank and file Democrats are. Some rank and file Republicans, too. Please see sources linked in merrily May 2015 #59
Sigh Susan.Garvin May 2015 #61
We will, and they will be. Despite doing their best to marginalize & persuade us otherwise, the mother earth May 2015 #69
The "tipping point"? kentuck May 2015 #73
Well, if it hasn't pushed us there yet, than I don't know what will. mother earth May 2015 #75
Look at how electible Third Way Democrats were in 2014. merrily May 2015 #78
If more people voted for progressives, they would win more often YoungDemCA May 2015 #118
Just doesn't happen. We're the Cassandras. Erich Bloodaxe BSN May 2015 #80
I think things have gone too far, TPTB have taken us to the edge & all is NOT well, too many are mother earth May 2015 #81
Such horseshit Egnever May 2015 #86
Well, the oligarchy is buying something. mother earth May 2015 #94
The oligarchy... Egnever May 2015 #95
+1 DCBob May 2015 #105
The "Process" has been hijacked, my friend. That is the problem. nt mother earth May 2015 #110
There are issues with the "Process" but you wont solve them by bashing Democrats. DCBob May 2015 #111
I'm not bashing Democrats, my support is with Bernie Sanders at this time. That's support, not mother earth Jun 2015 #129
First of all, I am not the author of the article in the OP, mother earth May 2015 #109
+1000. Threads like this are pretty sad, actually YoungDemCA May 2015 #117
They'd just throw us under the bus again. L0oniX May 2015 #89
Progressives should be wooing our likely nominee... DCBob May 2015 #97
Oh really? So democracy isn't about voting for who you think will be the best person cui bono May 2015 #99
Sure you can vote for whomever you want.. DCBob May 2015 #100
So you think the party leadership should only listen to its members who agree with them? cui bono May 2015 #101
Not at all.. I think she will try to surround herself with people of all political persuasions. DCBob May 2015 #103
Who am I bashing and where am I bashing them? cui bono Jun 2015 #119
My comments were not meant to refer to you specifically. DCBob Jun 2015 #121
They think we will cave & vote for the annointed one because we have "no other choice." U4ikLefty May 2015 #102
The real Democrat is wooing me... 99Forever May 2015 #112
I'm smitten too Pastiche423 May 2015 #113
.... YoungDemCA May 2015 #116
K&R Scuba Jun 2015 #125
kick beam me up scottie Jun 2015 #131
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