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18. I appreciate your reply and willingness to articulate your position so well.
Wed May 13, 2015, 07:59 PM
May 2015

And for the leave vote.

It's true that we can be better than we are being on this board and in the open public.

Political discourse does not seem to be maturing over the decades and centuries that we've been engaged in it.

It's an interesting thing to watch, the ways in which changing technologies impact messaging strategies, and the way that Madison Avenue marketing techniques become more sophisticated and are employed equally well by campaigns.

I saw a truck on the highway yesterday with this slogan: "Jafra, freedom to be you"

Well this, I thought, is just typical ad crap, they increasingly lie. Not only do they lie, they now call black white, soft is hard, peace is war.

Jafra, like most cosmetic supplies, offer neither freedom nor "you"ness. The industry preys on customer fears that they can't be natural, it's not really ok to be "you" without their product. You can't be "free" until you're a consumer slave to them.

Like the peacekeeper missile, I guess.

I saw a lot of this in Bill Clinton's campaigns (he executed a lobotomy patient to win an election) and in Hillary's campaigns. Free to be you.

Thanks for the friendly exchange.

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