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. Agschmid May 2015 #1
Thank you for being you .... etherealtruth May 2015 #2
+ Eighty Gazillion Scuba May 2015 #177
Please stay as long as you want to be here. ret5hd May 2015 #3
Agreed Demeter May 2015 #39
Absolutely agree. LoisB May 2015 #42
Totally and unabashedly agree. calimary May 2015 #59
My only caveat, calimary: stay in a Group and avoid GD like the plague it is after this post. Hekate May 2015 #81
{=( calimary May 2015 #113
I'll agree with that 1000%. bullwinkle428 May 2015 #51
+1 merrily May 2015 #108
Steve catnhatnh May 2015 #4
My thoughts exactly SnowCritter May 2015 #23
if I were eloquent in this way, I'd say what you said. BlancheSplanchnik May 2015 #142
good luck to you, OS.... mike_c May 2015 #5
I hope things get better for you Steve still_one May 2015 #6
I have enjoyed your posts, OS - kiva May 2015 #7
You are beloved here. We hope you stay as long as you feel comfortable here. hrmjustin May 2015 #8
This yes. So much. DeadLetterOffice May 2015 #65
Exactly. You are beloved. I always read your posts and treasure them. Stay as long Nay May 2015 #220
My thoughts are with you. Mz Pip May 2015 #9
We haven't always agreed, but I have enjoyed reading your posts. Please stay as long as you can corkhead May 2015 #10
Please, please, please stay... SoapBox May 2015 #11
Just know one thing, OS. longship May 2015 #12
This /\ I have loved your history posts, the animal rescue stories that make me cry and laught, jwirr May 2015 #26
exactly mercuryblues May 2015 #112
And friend stay out of the political fights over who is going to win the primary. That part here on jwirr May 2015 #114
My thoughts exactly. beveeheart May 2015 #203
Stay with us as long as you can Steve. I remember when you were Algernon. In_The_Wind May 2015 #13
I'm a big Omaha Steve fan. panader0 May 2015 #14
+1000 narnian60 May 2015 #163
K&R! stonecutter357 May 2015 #15
my dear steve mopinko May 2015 #16
I was just about to post the same thing. Fuck'em. Stay as long as you want Steve. Lochloosa May 2015 #24
+100000000000000000000000000000 nt steve2470 May 2015 #125
I wish you would stay, but you gotta do what's right for you. lumberjack_jeff May 2015 #17
We love you and wish you all the best. LeftishBrit May 2015 #18
Best wishes to you Steve, be healthy and stay with us as long as you can. uppityperson May 2015 #19
Please don't leave! TorchTheWitch May 2015 #20
:( Go Vols May 2015 #21
I think you have many more admirers here than you know. WillowTree May 2015 #22
Stay as long as you care to, OS, elleng May 2015 #25
Steve...... TinkerTot55 May 2015 #27
Very sorry. cyberswede May 2015 #28
I loved your posts gwheezie May 2015 #29
Please stay here as long as you can. onecaliberal May 2015 #30
For you and Marta Fla Dem May 2015 #31
Do what is best for you KT2000 May 2015 #32
My spouse had a similar problem. Each person is different, with No Vested Interest May 2015 #33
Same here, please know you can always do your postings. We love & support you. appalachiablue May 2015 #134
. Omaha Steve May 2015 #232
You are loved my many of us here madokie May 2015 #34
OS, forget those other people. You are loved and valued here. please stay as long as you can, niyad May 2015 #35
do what you need to do..but remember you will always have friends here dembotoz May 2015 #36
Yes Steve I am an ass and no good person. boston bean May 2015 #37
Remember... yallerdawg May 2015 #76
I don't know you and I already love you.. You are so fearless and accepting... I am not sure secondwind May 2015 #38
I'm a big fan of your posts OS, please stay as long as you can. madamvlb May 2015 #40
Please stay here for as long as you can. sabrina 1 May 2015 #41
I've enjoyed your posts & would prefer you to stay. If you go, I'll miss you but want you to know Bossy Monkey May 2015 #43
Steve, you are being so corageously open Tom Rinaldo May 2015 #44
Dammit, Steve. femmocrat May 2015 #45
I know you mostly through your animal love... magical thyme May 2015 #46
Dear OS BrotherIvan May 2015 #47
I don't know you but it is obvious You are loved here, and that love is unconditional J_J_ May 2015 #48
well said rurallib May 2015 #218
Please reconsider. missingthebigdog May 2015 #49
Your contributions are valuable and appreciated. malthaussen May 2015 #50
^^^ You are loved by so many... OneGrassRoot May 2015 #52
I wish you and Marta the best Steve. GentryDixon May 2015 #53
My thoughts and good wishes, Paka May 2015 #54
Oh no! You don't get to leave. There are things to do here! leftofcool May 2015 #55
Hardly. KamaAina May 2015 #56
You are needed here! yallerdawg May 2015 #57
This shouldn't be locked. It should be pinned so your friends can visit. Hekate May 2015 #58
That sounds like a good idea! calimary May 2015 #60
Great idea! Love and thanks to you, Omaha Steve! ancianita May 2015 #116
I agree LeftInTX May 2015 #120
you are important to this place. I am sorry for the dead headed behavior of others but please stay roguevalley May 2015 #61
You are among people here who love, respect, and value you, OS. brer cat May 2015 #62
Man. I've read and enjoyed your posts. Please post when/if you can. Hoyt May 2015 #63
You are among the finest people here, OS Starry Messenger May 2015 #64
I'm so sorry libodem May 2015 #66
Oh Steve ismnotwasm May 2015 #67
You're still with us, Steve. rug May 2015 #68
. Omaha Steve May 2015 #237
I'm extremely touched by this OP, dear Steve. Surya Gayatri May 2015 #69
I have been visiting DU for years and... Freethinker65 May 2015 #70
Steve, stay as long as you are physically able. When you give up something you love 1monster May 2015 #71
I was a "Mrs. French." Best wishes to you from my heart, {{{Omaha Steve}}}. WinkyDink May 2015 #72
Your animal posts have brightened my day many times. Thank-you. Tierra_y_Libertad May 2015 #73
here's to you heaven05 May 2015 #74
I hope you will post more photos of the birds in your feeder eating your grape jelly next to Faryn Balyncd May 2015 #75
I'm so sorry, OS LiberalLoner May 2015 #77
Been on here since relatively recently F4lconF16 May 2015 #78
I'm very sad to read your post. I had no idea. Vinca May 2015 #79
As we all know the internet is a way for some to be mean to others with no consequence. It can liberal_at_heart May 2015 #80
Brother Steve, you do H2O Man May 2015 #82
I still read and enjoy your posts, I hope this doesn't mean you're leaving us. haikugal May 2015 #83
Please stay and please continue posting even if it's only cat and dog stories csziggy May 2015 #84
Dude, I'm a fan, sorry to hear all this. I love your posts. byronius May 2015 #85
A glass to the good old days, Steve. You will be remembered with love and respect. Hekate May 2015 #86
(((Omaha Steve))) Arugula Latte May 2015 #87
I hope you stay for those of us who appreciate you CreekDog May 2015 #88
i second what the earlier posters say, please stay. allan01 May 2015 #89
There will be many friends watching out for you if you revisit this place. hunter May 2015 #90
I'll miss you. s-cubed May 2015 #91
Do what you think you must awoke_in_2003 May 2015 #92
You will always be loved here, Steve, Blue_In_AK May 2015 #93
We love you, Steve. The Velveteen Ocelot May 2015 #94
Well, damn. Gormy Cuss May 2015 #95
If you go, DU will be diminished B2G May 2015 #96
I hope you stay with us. blogslut May 2015 #97
You're a wonderful human being enigmatic May 2015 #98
I will miss your posts, roody May 2015 #99
I have truly enjoyed your posts and hope that you will come back from time to time Gothmog May 2015 #100
... handmade34 May 2015 #101
Oh Steve...the cruelty meted out by those who have no clue about you. Sheepshank May 2015 #102
OS, I've delayed replying, because....well, I think you know. Coventina May 2015 #103
No words, just tears. ebbie15644 May 2015 #104
Please keep posting as you are moved to do so, Omaha Steve. Habibi May 2015 #105
Oh, I wish you wouldn't go...not yet, at least. Duppers May 2015 #106
Thank you for all you've contributed to and for us. L0oniX May 2015 #107
. libodem May 2015 #109
You have always been one of the people I have looked up to on DU. Liberalynn May 2015 #110
You might not remember us Steve, but we will remember you d_legendary1 May 2015 #111
Omaha Steve Diclotican May 2015 #115
If this post is an example of some level of incoherence, let me say you're doing just fine riderinthestorm May 2015 #117
For you Solly Mack May 2015 #118
Thank you for sharing this song. mia Aug 2017 #246
OS, NOTHING you or anyone could do could EVER ruin what OS has been on DU. merrily May 2015 #119
The only demented thing in your post is... abakan May 2015 #121
You're valued here and I've never seen you act snarky or anything like that LeftInTX May 2015 #122
I have not been here as long as many old timers but justhanginon May 2015 #123
You have my support and affection. Thanks for the posts. KittyWampus May 2015 #124
you teach understanding reddread May 2015 #126
Steve, don't let ANYONE drive you from DU until YOU are ready to leave.... steve2470 May 2015 #127
It is a honor to read your posts olddots May 2015 #128
I've always enjoyed your posts, OmahaSteve and think octoberlib May 2015 #129
...... madfloridian May 2015 #130
Much love and hugs to you, OS MissDeeds May 2015 #131
What a brave post TuxedoKat May 2015 #132
Look here Steve. This is a democracy and we will vote to decide if you leave or not and I'm rhett o rick May 2015 #133
I first noticed you because of your animal posts years ago. bearssoapbox May 2015 #135
I want to thank YOU for being one of DU's greatest Labor advocates! countryjake May 2015 #136
I also salute you for your union activism Generic Other May 2015 #236
Cannabis Takes on Alzheimer’s and Dementia Successfully: Story and Studies Voice for Peace May 2015 #137
Yes! Yes! Give cannabis a try! Consider moving to Colorado - CBD is proven an effective treatment eloydude May 2015 #171
I am so, so sorry AwakeAtLast May 2015 #138
I wish you all the best, Steve. I still think you're MVP. Enthusiast May 2015 #139
Your post was ohheckyeah May 2015 #140
Steve! Don't let the clowns bring you down, bro navarth May 2015 #141
oh, please don't leave! renate May 2015 #143
High respect for Omaha Steve posts, never noticed any decline ... philly_bob May 2015 #144
OS, your writing voice is the same as it's always been. MannyGoldstein May 2015 #145
Hey Manny... sheshe2 May 2015 #187
This^^^^^ Jesus Malverde May 2015 #229
Don't stop posting.... Punkingal May 2015 #146
You are a kind gentle man, Steve. sheshe2 May 2015 #147
Of course, doing as you feel is best is up to you, but if it is because of some other people Jefferson23 May 2015 #148
If you want to stay, here are some suggestions. Ms. Toad May 2015 #149
. Omaha Steve May 2015 #157
. Ms. Toad May 2015 #160
Oh, Ms. Toad... Hekate May 2015 #188
wisdom and kindness yadig May 2015 #198
Do what is best for you dreamnightwind May 2015 #150
I put off reading this because I could kind of guess the topic..... daleanime May 2015 #151
"Always be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." The Velveteen Ocelot May 2015 #152
I'm so sad to see you go, even though I understand why kcr May 2015 #153
you have touched so many lives here carolinayellowdog May 2015 #154
Please don't go my friend..... annabanana May 2015 #155
I admire you. AngryAmish May 2015 #156
Hi Steve, vive la commune May 2015 #158
What horrible news! blackspade May 2015 #159
I hope the unkind people take note... luvspeas May 2015 #161
coot factor off the scale yadig May 2015 #196
mark to come back to rurallib May 2015 #162
You make a difference in my life marym625 May 2015 #164
I hate to see you leave. You will be missed OS. sinkingfeeling May 2015 #165
Please stay. nt LiberalElite May 2015 #166
Even if you choose not to post, you will still be with us. Buns_of_Fire May 2015 #167
I will always think of you and Marta fondly, Omaha Steve Oilwellian May 2015 #168
I don't post all that often, but always read you... likesmountains 52 May 2015 #169
Just post when you can and we can deal. KoKo May 2015 #170
I've enjoyed every post of yours that I've read LiberalEsto May 2015 #172
on my way to work right now bigtree May 2015 #173
what I wanted to say, Steve bigtree May 2015 #212
stay.please Liberal_in_LA May 2015 #174
Thank you for everything, Omaha Steve DisgustipatedinCA May 2015 #175
OS, I usually don't say much here, bbgrunt May 2015 #176
Dear Omaha Steve - 3catwoman3 May 2015 #178
You're a terrific DUer. undeterred May 2015 #179
Please stay as long as you can. Terra Alta May 2015 #180
I'm so sorry Ohama Steve for what you're going through. polly7 May 2015 #181
I hope you will stay with us a little longer. hay rick May 2015 #182
. NRaleighLiberal May 2015 #183
... BeanMusical May 2015 #184
Steve I hope you don't go and I hope you don't listen to bratty people. Maraya1969 May 2015 #185
I just started posting myself but have long lurked and enjoyed your postings and wondered Person 2713 May 2015 #186
kick... I have always enjoyed your posts. midnight May 2015 #189
Very sorry to read this heartbreaking news. I'll miss your posts, but you'll continue to inspire. whereisjustice May 2015 #190
Bless you and I'm glad you've stayed on this long lostnfound May 2015 #191
Brought me into the light yadig May 2015 #192
Wishing the best for you, Steve. mountain grammy May 2015 #193
Oh my dear Omaha Steve... CaliforniaPeggy May 2015 #194
I can't stand the thought of your leaving. NCarolinawoman May 2015 #195
I like yr posts and hope that you do visit and post when yr up to it... Violet_Crumble May 2015 #197
Hey Omaha Steve... WillyT May 2015 #199
I know you already carry DU in your heart, so how can you leave us? Samantha May 2015 #200
Of all of the great DUers, there have been a handful or so who honor us by their presence. hedda_foil May 2015 #201
OS...stay as long as you can. As for changes in spouses? Yes! Frustratedlady May 2015 #202
Sorry to hear you are unwell Steve. Boudica the Lyoness May 2015 #204
I've read every reply Omaha Steve May 2015 #227
Bless your heart. Boudica the Lyoness May 2015 #228
Steve, the jury is in Iwillnevergiveup May 2015 #205
My mother always, always told me to ignore people Quayblue May 2015 #206
Steve, don't let assholes chase you away lbrtbell May 2015 #207
Dear Mr Omaha azurnoir May 2015 #208
Dear Omaha Steve Pooka Fey May 2015 #209
OS, you are an amazing man. gademocrat7 May 2015 #210
By sharing so much with us, Steve, you've inspired us all. randome May 2015 #211
I don't make demands but... mmonk May 2015 #213
As someone you trusted enough to tell, I beg you-- please stay. ColesCountyDem May 2015 #214
Steve, your posts have meant so much to me. intheflow May 2015 #215
You introduced me to the Animal Rescue site. stage left May 2015 #216
Pro Union and... SHRED May 2015 #217
Post removed Post removed May 2015 #219
I am so thankful that I crossed paths with you rurallib May 2015 #221
Stay. Autumn May 2015 #222
Please stay. PADemD May 2015 #223
We will miss you susanr516 May 2015 #224
Thank you for all the great posts Dems to Win May 2015 #225
Whenever I thought of the best DU has to offer. . . Stargleamer May 2015 #226
Please stay, Steve. highplainsdem May 2015 #230
. NYC_SKP May 2015 #231
I am selfish. I cannot imagine DU without you question everything May 2015 #233
I've always enjoyed/learned something from your posts historylovr May 2015 #234
I've only been in DU locks May 2015 #235
I don't know what to say... JCMach1 May 2015 #238
Awwww. Just know that babylonsister May 2015 #239
You make DU NOT suck, Steve catrose May 2015 #240
Dear Omaha Steve laundry_queen May 2015 #241
. Omaha Steve May 2015 #242
Please stay as long as you wish. Ilsa May 2015 #243
You are in my meditations of Healing, Caring and Love. Know that you matter to myself and to Dont call me Shirley May 2015 #244
K&R TheBlackAdder Dec 2015 #245
Thank you for sharing your story with us. mia Aug 2017 #247
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