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22. Every time I hear what huge Obama supporters people are
Mon Apr 27, 2015, 05:49 PM
Apr 2015

All I can think of is how I had to drag my black friends to vote for him in the primaries. I realize that this was before he was the nominee but it has always struck me as odd that I had to beg them to support Obama over Clinton.

This of course is coming from a white liberal so feel free to discard my efforts.

Only one comment - Eric Dyson is not attacking from the right OKNancy Apr 2015 #1
He's attacking from Dr. West's right, seems to me. Ken Burch Apr 2015 #2
didn't seem that way to me... I mean West called Obama the "global George Zimmerman" OKNancy Apr 2015 #4
It would have been better if he'd published his piece in The Progressive, or The Nation Ken Burch Apr 2015 #6
I read an interview. He explained that OKNancy Apr 2015 #7
He cites the former editor's slams on Race Matters twice JonLP24 Apr 2015 #16
Thank you. That inaccurate portrayal in the OP just renders the rest of it kinda moot imo. Number23 Apr 2015 #10
Yeah - because Dyson is on the right *smdh* JustAnotherGen Apr 2015 #13
"Do these people ever get out of the white liberal bubble and get out in the world?" Number23 Apr 2015 #21
Every time I hear what huge Obama supporters people are Egnever Apr 2015 #22
Many black folks I know felt the same. That white people are still so inherently racist they would Number23 Apr 2015 #23
Nope they weren't wrong about that Egnever Apr 2015 #24
I know.. I'm not engaging anyone who accuses Michael Eric Dyson for calling out the disingenous, Cha Apr 2015 #33
My main issue with him is that he uses long words when short words will do. Cheese Sandwich Apr 2015 #3
West isn't making intellectual arguments, he made onecaliberal Apr 2015 #5
What is that based on JonLP24 Apr 2015 #17
I stand by my statement. When you attack onecaliberal Apr 2015 #20
I dislike his jacket. Katashi_itto Apr 2015 #8
Inaguration Tickets.nt bravenak Apr 2015 #9
I know, huh? Key Cha Apr 2015 #34
I knew somebody would feel me. bravenak Apr 2015 #35
Psychic, you! Cha Apr 2015 #37
His habit of using name calling in an attempt to shame others for one mythology Apr 2015 #11
Damn. There's the answer. randome Apr 2015 #19
Damn well said Egnever Apr 2015 #25
Wow.. I join the other posters in saying.. Well Done, mythology! Cha Apr 2015 #38
Some reasons here JustAnotherGen Apr 2015 #12
"Something irrational is going on, Dyson said.." Precisely, Gen! Cha Apr 2015 #36
His very nasty treatment of President Obama, among others. pnwmom Apr 2015 #14
The best thing to do, honestly JonLP24 Apr 2015 #18
His willingness to associates with anti-Semites like Kevin Barrett and Medea Benjamin...nt SidDithers Apr 2015 #15
Medea Benjamin is not an antisemite. Ken Burch Apr 2015 #28
She attended a conference full of anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers. tammywammy Apr 2015 #30
Did you actually read what she said about attending that conference? Ken Burch Apr 2015 #31
"Attacked from the right"??? ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2015 #26
Needs a spin off n/t JustAnotherGen Apr 2015 #27
What I said.. Cha Apr 2015 #39
I respect Dr. West and his right to speak his mind, 6000eliot Apr 2015 #29
Dyson is a self important, establishment taintlicking hack trying to get good inside track TheKentuckian Apr 2015 #32
He's a narcissistic blowhard ,regardless of his politics. sufrommich Apr 2015 #40
My primary issue with Dr. West (that I am willing to discuss in this forum) ... 1StrongBlackMan Apr 2015 #41
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