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Behind the Aegis

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Sun Apr 5, 2015, 02:32 AM Apr 2015

I did it! I am $2,860 richer because one year ago I quit smoking! (ETA: Thanks!) [View all]

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I can't believe I actually did it. This last year was a real mixed bag. There were some high points, including my finally being allowed to get married, but there were some real downers, including health issues all year and the death of my beloved cat, but I never smoked. Lord knows I was tempted; still am sometimes. The first month was HELL! I kept the last pack of cigarettes I bought, still unopened, on the table next to the door as a reminder.

I smoked since I was 16, though not heavily. By college, I was a heavy smoker, at least a pack a day and when I left college, I was up to 2 packs a day. There were times I smoked as much as 3 packs a day. For the majority of the time, I smoked 2.5 packs a day, until last year when I dropped to 1.5 packs. The price of cigarettes was about $5 a pack, $55 for a carton, which I bought weekly. I decided to quit when I got a chest X-ray and the doctor said my lungs were clear and it looked as if I had only been smoking for a few years. That was it! Talk about a "gift horse" and I had no intentions of looking it in the mouth. It took two weeks to wean myself off them, but I did it.

If you are thinking of quitting, make your plan and only share it with people who will be supportive and I don't mean they are just supportive of your quitting, but supportive of the process. If you slip, it is OK! Examine why you slipped and how you can conquer that challenge in the future. It takes strength and believe in yourself. Don't do it for anyone else, do it for YOU! You are worth it!

So, there it is...ONE YEAR...hopefully, I will have many more years more!

ETA: I wanted to say "thanks!" for all the comments, well wishes, and additional stories. I had no idea I would get this type of response, and because it was a weekend, I spent it with my husband with occasional computer breaks, but I was busy making dinner and watching documentaries. But, I wanted to express my thanks!

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Congratulations! Warpy Apr 2015 #1
Damn!! Clearer lungs and more dough in your pocket?? Number23 Apr 2015 #2
whenever the urge hits you think NOPE (NOT ONE PUFF EVER) Skittles Apr 2015 #3
I kicked its ass and took no names! Behind the Aegis Apr 2015 #91
I finally quit using e-cigs angstlessk Apr 2015 #4
Me too ... and 4 others at my office have done the same ... brett_jv Apr 2015 #17
Just dropped to 6mg (from 12mg) and I don't notice a difference. tridim Apr 2015 #77
I use a vapor cig and have been cutting back on the content. Behind the Aegis Apr 2015 #90
Many happy returns of this day! Demeter Apr 2015 #5
CONGRATULATIONS ! You are going to be so happy you accomplished this. YOHABLO Apr 2015 #6
Wow, that''s awesome mate ... brett_jv Apr 2015 #18
Never forget that the mind is a powerful gift. YOHABLO Apr 2015 #75
Congrats! Lunabell Apr 2015 #7
Congratulations BtA! bluesbassman Apr 2015 #8
Thanks! Behind the Aegis Apr 2015 #92
Dang, that is a heck of an accomplishment. F4lconF16 Apr 2015 #9
After three a smoke filled room will smell gross. Spitfire of ATJ Apr 2015 #10
i agree. the smell of cigaratte smoke DesertFlower Apr 2015 #13
congratulations. on 8/9 i will celebrate 32 DesertFlower Apr 2015 #11
Gimmee five NJCher Apr 2015 #84
That is awesome. I hope I can say that one day too! Behind the Aegis Apr 2015 #93
I well know how difficult it is, and how empowering that feeling is. byronius Apr 2015 #12
Congrats! (nt) LostOne4Ever Apr 2015 #14
Yeah, it adds up, don't it! Warren DeMontague Apr 2015 #15
Thank you. Behind the Aegis Apr 2015 #103
Every once in a while I try to guesstimate how much I've saved on booze in the past 15 years Warren DeMontague Apr 2015 #105
Congratulations! LeftishBrit Apr 2015 #16
Congrats! Canoe52 Apr 2015 #19
Way to go, you will never regret it. nt bemildred Apr 2015 #20
Mucho congrats to you! I hope many others are encouraged by your example. nt raccoon Apr 2015 #21
Congratulations, If I was able to do it 10 years ago m-lekktor Apr 2015 #22
Congratulations! Sherman A1 Apr 2015 #23
Congratulations! Crabby Appleton Apr 2015 #24
Congrats! George Beerlover Apr 2015 #25
This is huge! Phentex Apr 2015 #26
Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n/t RKP5637 Apr 2015 #27
Congrats! That's awesome! bigwillq Apr 2015 #28
Congrats underpants Apr 2015 #29
August 14, 1977 madokie Apr 2015 #30
It's like you are rising from the dead on easter rurallib Apr 2015 #31
Niiiice! And just think, as added incentive, you're not enriching those effed up tobacco companies & the Rethugs they support. InAbLuEsTaTe Apr 2015 #32
Congrats Behind the Aegis! 99Forever Apr 2015 #33
Coming on 11 yrs for me... Historic NY Apr 2015 #34
So proud of you. Come here so I can give you a hug and a kiss KittyWampus Apr 2015 #35
LOL! Thanks! Behind the Aegis Apr 2015 #94
Soon I will mark two years smoke free..... Bluenorthwest Apr 2015 #36
Congrats! Behind the Aegis Apr 2015 #96
CONGRATULATIONS! !! marym625 Apr 2015 #37
Check out Alan Carr's "The Easy Way". It's what finally worked for me. cbayer Apr 2015 #54
Thank you. I will. eom marym625 Apr 2015 #107
I didn't go cold turkey (I love that too!) Behind the Aegis Apr 2015 #100
Thank you marym625 Apr 2015 #108
Try to see if e-cigs will help you quit angstlessk Apr 2015 #106
I will do that marym625 Apr 2015 #109
Congratulations!!!!!!! etherealtruth Apr 2015 #38
for me melm00se Apr 2015 #39
Fantastic!!! nt roody Apr 2015 #40
Congratulations forthemiddle Apr 2015 #41
Congratulations, BtA !! Tuesday Afternoon Apr 2015 #42
bravo! now you can taste and smell again. :D roguevalley Apr 2015 #43
What feels better? Nuclear Unicorn Apr 2015 #44
Honestly, the money is just jarring. Behind the Aegis Apr 2015 #97
Congratulations! Zorra Apr 2015 #45
I've been cigarette free since Dec :) Marrah_G Apr 2015 #46
Good job!...nt Jesus Malverde Apr 2015 #47
30 years smoke free for me. There's no going back. randome Apr 2015 #48
congrats. yes, only tell supportive people if you plan a positive change in ur life. others Liberal_in_LA Apr 2015 #49
Congrats man! SusanCalvin Apr 2015 #50
Doesn't it feel great? NEVER go back. Once you learn to HATE cigarettes, valerief Apr 2015 #51
Congratulation! n/t JimDandy Apr 2015 #52
Huge congrats! My one year quit date is coming up in June. cbayer Apr 2015 #53
Congrats Behind the Aegis! Faux pas Apr 2015 #55
Congratulations! Be very proud of yourself for this accomplishment. tartan2 Apr 2015 #56
Congratulations! glinda Apr 2015 #57
Well buy a good cigar and celebrate. ;} whistler162 Apr 2015 #58
K&Rů I regularly assist people who are ready for smoking cessation... MrMickeysMom Apr 2015 #59
You may have saved more than you think. Curmudgeoness Apr 2015 #60
Keep on with the quitting. stage left Apr 2015 #69
I have always been pretty healthy. Behind the Aegis Apr 2015 #98
Thanks for the advice. Curmudgeoness Apr 2015 #110
I made myself go outside to smoke. beam me up scottie Apr 2015 #114
Good job! Jack Rabbit Apr 2015 #61
Congratulations on a job well done! DawgHouse Apr 2015 #62
awesome... hopemountain Apr 2015 #63
Congratulations! noella17 Apr 2015 #64
Yippee! beam me up scottie Apr 2015 #65
Thanks (I am so glad your back!) Behind the Aegis Apr 2015 #99
I didn't tell anyone I was quitting. beam me up scottie Apr 2015 #112
Wish you all the best. joanbarnes Apr 2015 #66
I'm so Happy for you, BtA.. I know how hard it is! Cha Apr 2015 #67
congratulations! stage left Apr 2015 #68
Strong person The Jungle 1 Apr 2015 #70
I quit at age 39, more than 30 years ago. Tips from my experience: Jackpine Radical Apr 2015 #71
Big, Big Congrats to you BtA!! Sissyk Apr 2015 #72
Excellent! n/t eridani Apr 2015 #73
Congrats! BumRushDaShow Apr 2015 #74
May 28th will be one year smoke free NYFlip Apr 2015 #76
Congratulations! That is wonderful. mountain grammy Apr 2015 #78
Congrats! You did it! NYC_SKP Apr 2015 #79
I bought a car with my savings. Paid it off lat January. n/t Gore1FL Apr 2015 #80
I put mine in an account and spent it for the holidays. That was fun! Behind the Aegis Apr 2015 #102
That's wonderful! pacalo Apr 2015 #81
Thank you and keep up the good work! Behind the Aegis Apr 2015 #104
Good to hear! I quit in 2008 myself bhikkhu Apr 2015 #82
Congratulations! IrishEyes Apr 2015 #83
Go spend that money... 3catwoman3 Apr 2015 #85
Thanks for this thread...and thanks for all the other posts in it, too. DebJ Apr 2015 #86
Congratulations! ismnotwasm Apr 2015 #87
Thank you! Behind the Aegis Apr 2015 #101
Win The Day ! WheelWalker Apr 2015 #88
You've got something more valuable than $2,860 JayhawkSD Apr 2015 #89
Pat yourself on the back everyday because you deserve it! lexington filly Apr 2015 #95
Congrats! You might have saved yourself a bundle in medical bills, as well! Arugula Latte Apr 2015 #111
Wonderful! Congratulations! joeybee12 Apr 2015 #113
In April 2011, I quit smoking for a whole month, Stellar Apr 2015 #115
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