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13. Did I say anything different from that?
Tue Mar 24, 2015, 11:42 AM
Mar 2015

Yes, certain crops have been modified to allow glyphosate to be used as a weed control product. If we changed weed control strategies so that glyphosate wasn't the method, there would be no need for modification for that purpose. It is the glyphosate that is the problem.

Other genetic modifications have other reasons, for example to make produce larger, more resistant to rotting, to increase yield, to increase protein or other nutrient levels, to better resist drought or insect pests. As you say, each needs to be tested for safety.

In this case, however, it is the glyphosate that is the health risk, not the modified agricultural product. Stop using glyphosate and there's no reason for that modification in the first place. Return to other cultivation methods for weed control.

It is not genetic modification that is the problem. It's the reason for the modification that is the problem. Simply being opposed to genetic modification is not the answer. Many genetic modifications have produced outstanding results with zero risks to consumers. But, if you planted this glyphosate ready GMO corn, but never used any glyphosate, the corn itself would be just fine. It's corn. It is the glyphosate that is the problem and is the source of the risk.

If glyphosate is the problem, then ban glyphosate. Don't ban an entire scientific process.

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GMO is not the problem. Herbicides are the problem. MineralMan Mar 2015 #11
There is no point to GMO's designed to be resistant to glyphosphate without glyphosphate. pnwmom Mar 2015 #12
Did I say anything different from that? MineralMan Mar 2015 #13
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Labeling is just fine with me. MineralMan Mar 2015 #17
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