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103. As I typed that last post
Mon Mar 9, 2015, 12:49 PM
Mar 2015

Wolf Blitzer was yelling about HC's not getting an interview arranged was on TV. That makes it current news. If you see HC's name in the OP title, just skip it.

The OP isn't discussing the emails, it's asking about the aftermath.

I don't know who I want. And we need to do something about it.

I DO want more DU polls, for instance: (none with HC's name, these polls are needed only if the worst happens and she drops out)

A poll for Dem. Governors or past Governors
2. Poll all Democratic Senators or past Senators
3. Poll all House Democrats or past House members
4. Poll all Dems - who are or were in the movie business (Remember Reagan)
5. Poll all other notable celebrities - authors, singers, etc., Dems. of coure
6. Poll all Dems in the TV - hosts, frequent guests, shows, etc.

And allow 3 names for each group, till it gets narrowed down. Glad I'm not arguing with an HC supporter. Some are nice, and it makes me nervous when they are.


Not *IF... Agschmid Mar 2015 #1
nah, she could easily survive this. Warren Stupidity Mar 2015 #2
Warren's another woman BeyondGeography Mar 2015 #8
Yup. Agschmid Mar 2015 #12
I'm starting to believe in the "by 1000 cuts" theory. Agschmid Mar 2015 #11
The Clintons are still here...Their enemies are all gone or defeated... DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2015 #32
Ah, actually their enemies now control both houses of Congress. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Mar 2015 #61
A fly couldn't fit into the space between reality and me. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2015 #69
Maybe you haven't noticed Andy823 Mar 2015 #36
Please list the DUers who will NOT support Clinton. Thanks. nt ChisolmTrailDem Mar 2015 #49
See this link. I stopped counting at 20 DUers who said they will not vote for Hillary in the general stevenleser Mar 2015 #54
Me. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Mar 2015 #63
Check out stevenleser's link. nt Andy823 Mar 2015 #132
LOL people say the same crap every primary season Egnever Mar 2015 #101
Speaking for myself only, I've always said that I love Warren and Sanders. stevenleser Mar 2015 #50
The only way we win is to reassemble the Obama coalition or come as close as reasonably possible. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2015 #59
Any Democrat put forward will beat any Republican out there. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Mar 2015 #66
There is no way Sanders or Warren get to 270 electoral votes. In fact, I would be surprised if they stevenleser Mar 2015 #72
Anyone. Anyone who runs as a Dem. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Mar 2015 #82
No, and I will tell you what states Obama won that most Democrats will have trouble with stevenleser Mar 2015 #89
A Populist candidate can win in those states. Cosmic Kitten Mar 2015 #92
No, they can't. nt stevenleser Mar 2015 #95
Why? Do you think those voters will vote against the economic self-interest? Cosmic Kitten Mar 2015 #98
See my #104 below. Sanders himself doesn't sound particularly confident. I have no idea why you are stevenleser Mar 2015 #105
So your opinion is based on your interpretation of what someone else said? Cosmic Kitten Mar 2015 #113
Nope, see my #112. I always have evidence. nt stevenleser Mar 2015 #114
The last post isn't evidence of anything. Cosmic Kitten Mar 2015 #121
Keep telling yourself that. nt stevenleser Mar 2015 #122
LOL, is this what you consider intelligent debate? Cosmic Kitten Mar 2015 #126
Well then. 99Forever Mar 2015 #149
Following last year's Vermont governor's race... OilemFirchen Mar 2015 #97
The startling thing is that Bernie as much as has indicated his own lack of confidence as far as stevenleser Mar 2015 #104
Bernie is not saying a Populist can't win Cosmic Kitten Mar 2015 #115
That is exactly what he is wondering. Whether he or any populist can win. stevenleser Mar 2015 #116
Waitasec. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Mar 2015 #107
Hillary did well in her senate races in counties typically difficult for Democrats to win in NY stevenleser Mar 2015 #112
I have been one of the the biggest proponents of the "Blue Wall" theory on this board. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2015 #102
Isn't obvious? daleanime Mar 2015 #3
We will hear more about Andrew Cuomo banning fracking? TheKentuckian Mar 2015 #4
I would hope that would depend on how and why it implodes. Orsino Mar 2015 #5
You have to ask? "All DU Lefties fault, didn't support the candidate enough." Rex Mar 2015 #6
What, exactly, is "hippie punching"? nt ChisolmTrailDem Mar 2015 #51
Were you here right after the Nov 4th elections? nt Rex Mar 2015 #53
No such thing as "usual suspects" when you are talking about some long time Democratic activists Tom Rinaldo Mar 2015 #7
+1 cyberswede Mar 2015 #9
yeah you are probably right, I'm overreacting to being called freeper for objecting to Warren Stupidity Mar 2015 #13
To be honest, there probably are legitimate "suspects" on all political discussion boards Tom Rinaldo Mar 2015 #20
I just hate to see DU become cannibalistic before primary season even starts. Warren Stupidity Mar 2015 #21
"I just hate to see DU become cannibalistic before primary season even starts." DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2015 #28
1. I'm curious as to what the official splain will be. Warren Stupidity Mar 2015 #34
It's impossible to do an autopsy on a live body and that's why they are never done. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2015 #65
Great analogy! nt Erich Bloodaxe BSN Mar 2015 #67
Thank you.../NT DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2015 #71
LOL...there are some pretty scandalous reasons why Oilwellian Mar 2015 #131
LOL...if Barack Obama was allowed to run in the 016 primary I wouldn't bet against him. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2015 #134
There is a 40% chance that we can wake up on 11/9/16... DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2015 #10
I fail to see how that addresses the OP. Warren Stupidity Mar 2015 #15
My concern DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2015 #22
Post removed Post removed Mar 2015 #24
Wow. Agschmid Mar 2015 #25
I don't know because as I said I'm not obsessed with the measuring. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2015 #26
"I'm not obsessed with the measuring" is not what you said upthread. Warren Stupidity Mar 2015 #37
It was a rhetorical device... DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2015 #42
it was a rhetorical device Warren Stupidity Mar 2015 #70
I apologize if my pointing out your paraphilia has you shook. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2015 #77
It was your obsession pal. Warren Stupidity Mar 2015 #80
Use of the quote box indicates your shookness Capt. Obvious Mar 2015 #87
Thank you for agreeing with me, I think. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2015 #106
Then why are you speaking for "him"? Capt. Obvious Mar 2015 #108
Wut/NT DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2015 #109
"Pal". There is no "need to get snippy with me", Warren. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2015 #91
really? you have described me as having a dick obsession/pathology Warren Stupidity Mar 2015 #123
Hmmm DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2015 #128
That hidden post BainsBane Mar 2015 #137
This place is getting nasty DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2015 #138
I wish they'd at least wait until we have actual candidates BainsBane Mar 2015 #141
That was disgusting and you are correct. ismnotwasm Mar 2015 #140
I feel a little responsible for this... DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2015 #143
You're not at all responsible for that person taking your metaphor where they did. stevenleser Mar 2015 #154
Ah, to dream... Buzz Clik Mar 2015 #14
Convinced who!? Are you kidding me? Rex Mar 2015 #29
Then I would suppose we would have to be disappointed a stronger candidate didn't run Egnever Mar 2015 #16
What we'll get is President Scott Walker ProudToBeBlueInRhody Mar 2015 #17
Now you're talking. That is an excellent splain! Warren Stupidity Mar 2015 #19
I imagine they'd most likely be focused on beating the Republican nominee nt geek tragedy Mar 2015 #18
Will you please stop making sense?! This OP is for manufacturing outrage. No reason desired! stevenleser Mar 2015 #48
Usual suspects? If she loses it means she did not run a good campaign and someone else did. hrmjustin Mar 2015 #23
Pay attention Justin. "Implodes" - that doesn't even require running. Warren Stupidity Mar 2015 #30
Forgive me Warren! The better question is will Puma rear its ugly head if Hillary wins. hrmjustin Mar 2015 #31
Wait what? Dead end Clinton supporters will rise up if Hillary wins? Warren Stupidity Mar 2015 #39
No my dear Warren, Puma or Party Unity My Ass is making a comeback. hrmjustin Mar 2015 #43
No, PUMA are unbending Hillary supporters. tridim Mar 2015 #119
Imho it is the same thing. hrmjustin Mar 2015 #120
Well then you are living in your own private puma. Warren Stupidity Mar 2015 #125
No Warren! I fully pledge to support our nominee. hrmjustin Mar 2015 #129
4/10/NT DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2015 #35
I suppose objective reasoning would be out, then? randome Mar 2015 #27
OP has no interest in that. nt stevenleser Mar 2015 #47
What was the "splain" when John Edwards' campaign imploded? OilemFirchen Mar 2015 #33
My splain was "fuck that idiot". Warren Stupidity Mar 2015 #40
That's not a splain. nt stevenleser Mar 2015 #45
'xactly. Warren Stupidity Mar 2015 #68
There you go. OilemFirchen Mar 2015 #60
I honestly don't know why Hillary wants to put herself through this shit again. Vinca Mar 2015 #38
Her persistence is what attracts me to her. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2015 #52
Because she knows she can win? Rex Mar 2015 #56
Actually, if I believed that, I'd be far more likely to vote for her. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Mar 2015 #74
No I was just explaining the mindset of the GOP, their fear is based on their emotional response Rex Mar 2015 #79
Oh, c'mon Rex Oilwellian Mar 2015 #136
I have no doubt, saw the pics of her hugging up on Old War Crime himself. Rex Mar 2015 #139
She does scare them and bipartisanship is a myth if it was ever true in the first place. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2015 #155
Depends on when it implodes Proud Public Servant Mar 2015 #41
OMG, how silly. You realize that is a possibility with any candidate for any office, right? stevenleser Mar 2015 #44
yes I do. Warren Stupidity Mar 2015 #75
Gowdy and his right wing ilk are the ones imploding. NCTraveler Mar 2015 #46
Damn, don't you ever get tired of this crap. HERVEPA Mar 2015 #55
It's current news and should be in DU's GD... fadedrose Mar 2015 #62
Two things. I'm not a Hillary supporter. I'd prefer Warren or Sanders or possibly O'Malley HERVEPA Mar 2015 #64
As I typed that last post fadedrose Mar 2015 #103
My take is that she caused the implosion herself.... fadedrose Mar 2015 #57
It'll be blamed on the lefties and Repubicans working in some sort of teamwork. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Mar 2015 #58
Hmmmm. This didn't go very well. NCTraveler Mar 2015 #73
oh its going fine. Warren Stupidity Mar 2015 #78
That we can agree on. NCTraveler Mar 2015 #96
Primarily some Democratic Party elected officials (pimarily in the Senate) mmonk Mar 2015 #76
'Spain' what you are talking about ismnotwasm Mar 2015 #81
The same sort DonCoquixote Mar 2015 #83
I never understood why Grimes did that. i know Obama is not popular in KY but that was a huge hrmjustin Mar 2015 #84
The only thing one should say in the event of a candidate pulling out is: "NEXT!" randome Mar 2015 #85
The irrelevant yet stupendously powerful fringe left QC Mar 2015 #86
It will, of course, be everyone else's fault but Hillary's dissentient Mar 2015 #88
What a stupid negative premise. What if the campaign does not implode still_one Mar 2015 #90
No need to worry Capt. Obvious Mar 2015 #93
Probably, but it looks like the ex governor of Maryland may throw his hat in the ring still_one Mar 2015 #99
"You never loved her." Iggo Mar 2015 #94
Probably you will get another round of threads that bash certain DUers. Rex Mar 2015 #100
'Splaining ... ieoeja Mar 2015 #110
"Ratfucking." DirkGently Mar 2015 #111
Technically thinking about Nixon Capt. Obvious Mar 2015 #118
It is amusing to watch people use that term and assume they have no idea the origin. nt Rex Mar 2015 #142
How ironic. OilemFirchen Mar 2015 #146
See post #111 for understanding. Rex Mar 2015 #147
Understanding what? OilemFirchen Mar 2015 #148
Oh I thought you might want to know what my reply was to, first. Rex Mar 2015 #150
My mistake. OilemFirchen Mar 2015 #152
Apology excepted! Rex Mar 2015 #153
How on earth is this a constructive thread. Adrahil Mar 2015 #117
Shouldn't we be prepared with the correct talking points? Warren Stupidity Mar 2015 #124
Yup, a continuing pattern HERVEPA Mar 2015 #151
So now Clinton is imploding LOL dear god help us NoJusticeNoPeace Mar 2015 #127
uh no, the op asks what would happen if her campaign implodes. Warren Stupidity Mar 2015 #135
What would happen if Scott Walker was elected Prez and we had a repub house and senate? NoJusticeNoPeace Mar 2015 #144
WHAT IF means WILL...did you not get the new DU translator for newspeak? Rex Mar 2015 #156
It is everybody's fault under the sun Aerows Mar 2015 #130
I love this thread for the simple fact that it is an eye opener Hutzpa Mar 2015 #133
I hope it happens sooner rather than later alarimer Mar 2015 #145
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