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red dog 1

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Sat Feb 7, 2015, 06:18 PM Feb 2015

Why did Obama's Justice Department recently argue AGAINST Don Siegelman's release from prison? [View all]

Valentine's Day is less than a week away.
Why not send a Valentine's Day card to former-Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, showing your support for him?
(Because it looks like he won't be released anytime soon, thanks to Obama's Justice Department)
Send cards & letters of support to:
Don E. Siegelman
Prisoner # 24775-001
FPC PO Box 5010
Oakdale, LA. 71463

New York Times
January 13, 2015

"Lawyers for Don Siegelman, Ex-Governor of Alabama, Again Seek His Release from Prison"

ATLANTA -- For the second time in less than a month, lawyers for former Gov. Don Siegelman of Alabama on Tuesday took his corruption case into a federal courtroom in an attempt to speed his eventual release from prison.

During arguments before the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit, a lawyer for Mr. Siegelman, Clifford M. Sloan, said allegations of misconduct by a prosecutor merited further exploration.
He also said the judge who presided over the former governor's 2006 trial had erred in applying federal sentencing guidelines.



Dear President Obama, Please Pardon Don Siegelman NOW


List of people Obama has pardoned:

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I think President Obama should pardon Don Siegelman
59 (95%)
I do not think President Obama should pardon Don Siegelman
2 (3%)
I don't care one way or the other
1 (2%)
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I cant say what I think about Karl Rove who orchestrated this...my blood pressure will kill me NoJusticeNoPeace Feb 2015 #1
another blow for me against obama for allowing this. the buck stops at the top roguevalley Feb 2015 #7
It is extremely aggravating, especially knowing they are doing it for political reasons NoJusticeNoPeace Feb 2015 #8
Siegelman's on my short list 99th_Monkey Feb 2015 #2
+1 Enthusiast Feb 2015 #48
Other: Obama is not going to pardon this guy. The optics are bad. MADem Feb 2015 #3
Really? Justice, not optics, matters to a strong leader. He did not do anything wrong, even sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #5
+100000000 woo me with science Feb 2015 #17
Yes, really--and optics do matter, even to strong leaders. MADem Feb 2015 #37
First, Ted Stevens was a Republican. THAT is the difference. As for believing you, I don't doubt a sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #41
Ted Stevens had a good legal team that found "the loophole." MADem Feb 2015 #42
Don Siegelman not only had a great legal team, he had support from all over the country sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #43
I don't agree. MADem Feb 2015 #44
Facts are facts whether you agree with them or not. There wasn't a loophole, there was MASSIVE sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #45
Yes--facts ARE facts. MADem Feb 2015 #47
You mean Siegelman is actually not innocent? Don't bring facts into this! He was definitely msanthrope Feb 2015 #6
Yep, that's all I'm saying. MADem Feb 2015 #38
Certainly, the President needs to consider his future MannyGoldstein Feb 2015 #9
Behold, Proles, and despair BrotherIvan Feb 2015 #12
Patriots who love their country MannyGoldstein Feb 2015 #13
To Serve America. woo me with science Feb 2015 #21
The bipartisan platform! nt MannyGoldstein Feb 2015 #33
+1 an entire shit load. Enthusiast Feb 2015 #49
I know the joke they're laughing at. red dog 1 Feb 2015 #59
Clarification no_hypocrisy Feb 2015 #35
It doesn't matter what the facts/nuances are. Go reread that paragraph I pulled from NYT. MADem Feb 2015 #39
It is SHAMEFUL, that Karl Rove's criminal enterprise to take down a good Democratic Gov. sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #4
What about the convicted aspirant Feb 2015 #10
+100000000 Too revolted to create sentences. woo me with science Feb 2015 #19
I understand the revulsion. It is becoming a way of life, sadly. sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #36
PLUS ONE, a huge bunch! Enthusiast Feb 2015 #50
Karl Rove couldnt beat him in an election so he orchestrated this INSANITY NoJusticeNoPeace Feb 2015 #11
I know Don,,,,, and he is quilty as charged. Cryptoad Feb 2015 #14
Really, what is he guilty of?? I know this case, so please enlighten me regarding what I may have sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #16
,, of being a crooked politican Cryptoad Feb 2015 #18
You'll have to do better than that. This is a Democratic forum where smears from anonymous sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #24
just the voice of experience Cryptoad Feb 2015 #29
Well, facts trump opinions based only one's personal experiences, and Siegelman is so far sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #34
Thank you. Enthusiast Feb 2015 #51
Lol, so you have nothing i get it! nt Logical Feb 2015 #53
yep,, very obvious "you get it" nt Cryptoad Feb 2015 #54
Wow. You side with Karl Rove on this. What specifically is he guilty of? rhett o rick Feb 2015 #25
I reread my post Cryptoad Feb 2015 #28
I didn't say you did either. You don't get specific as to what you and Karl think rhett o rick Feb 2015 #32
eh ok.. but... V0ltairesGh0st Feb 2015 #15
Yes, he is also a political prisoner. n/t sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #23
Absolutely yes catchnrelease Feb 2015 #26
Sadly, he will likely die in prison. progressoid Feb 2015 #60
Hell, half the politicians in Alabam sulphurdunn Feb 2015 #20
since and before....... Cryptoad Feb 2015 #30
The "Justice Department" woo me with science Feb 2015 #22
This is a list of Defense contracts and political donations. wolfie001 Feb 2015 #27
That they are worse is necessary for the scam. woo me with science Feb 2015 #31
That's it exactly, isn't it? The Repubs play their role, the moral compass moves in that direction sabrina 1 Feb 2015 #40
The scam is becoming more obvious by the day.........nt Enthusiast Feb 2015 #52
Thanks for posting this, woo me with science. red dog 1 Feb 2015 #56
kick - corrupt government woo me with science Feb 2015 #46
for the millionth time on DU treestar Feb 2015 #55
Facts, facts! Who needs those pesky facts? MADem Feb 2015 #57
Very good question Ramses Feb 2015 #58
kick woo me with science Feb 2015 #61
kick woo me with science Feb 2015 #62
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