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30. Distinct cultures with distinct histories, interpretations of the constitution...
Tue Feb 3, 2015, 10:13 AM
Feb 2015

sets of scientists and facts, educational systems...

Indeed, at least 2 countries.

One America, Or Two? [View all] MrScorpio Feb 2015 OP
kick! RiverLover Feb 2015 #1
Yes, there are 2. HappyMe Feb 2015 #2
is this on TV? It should be? yurbud Feb 2015 #3
Kick and rec.. this should be a public service announcement.. mountain grammy Feb 2015 #4
The original video is here: SpankMe Feb 2015 #5
To begin with they need to ditch the bias which favors lower IQ police recruits. GoneFishin Feb 2015 #6
The awful reality. Thought we were becoming better than this. Ultraconservative regression. appalachiablue Feb 2015 #7
Ultraconservatives want to use the way back machine. Enthusiast Feb 2015 #29
I fully agree with the sentiment... malthaussen Feb 2015 #8
Yes. 1StrongBlackMan Feb 2015 #12
K&R for reality. 2naSalit Feb 2015 #9
Is it only 2? tclambert Feb 2015 #10
Not true ... 1StrongBlackMan Feb 2015 #15
I'm saying at least 2, and maybe 5 or more. tclambert Feb 2015 #17
Distinct cultures with distinct histories, interpretations of the constitution... WhaTHellsgoingonhere Feb 2015 #30
theres the right to obey WDIM Feb 2015 #11
What??? Raster Feb 2015 #22
I think the poster simply meant F4lconF16 Feb 2015 #24
there are two kinds of Americans WDIM Feb 2015 #31
Gotcha! Thank you for taking the time to 'splain. I concur. Raster Feb 2015 #32
here's the actual video ... napkinz Feb 2015 #13
... napkinz Feb 2015 #14
Still lots of hate out there. WHEN CRABS ROAR Feb 2015 #20
My BIL got pulled over for DUI. tblue Feb 2015 #16
"your job is to get home safe...." irisblue Feb 2015 #18
I know... F4lconF16 Feb 2015 #23
Nice post, John Edwards! KamaAina Feb 2015 #19
It will be One America, or none. n/t jtuck004 Feb 2015 #21
From your post to my Facebook - hedgehog Feb 2015 #25
The last vid doesn't look realistic, to me... Mike Nelson Feb 2015 #26
Several Americas merrily Feb 2015 #27
Kicked and recommended a whole bunch! Enthusiast Feb 2015 #28
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