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Fri Apr 27, 2012, 12:11 AM Apr 2012

Nutella to Pay $3 Million - Deceptive Ad [View all]

I sent an e-mail to the SEC over a year ago to investigate this ad too.

It's a candy bar in a jar...delicious, but not healthy - Justin's is a healthier choice.

Remember that California mom who sued Nutella maker Ferrero over misleading advertising that made the addictive and gooey chocolate-hazelnut spread seem healthy?

Well, her lawsuit was awarded class action status, and the New York Daily News reports that Ferrero has agreed to settle for $3 million. That works out to be about $4 a jar or less, if you're thinking of making a claim.

Quick recap: as we reported on the Shots blog last year, the trouble began when Athena Hohenberg realized that the Nutella she'd been feeding her 4-year-old daughter was "the next best thing to a candy bar," according to court documents. Hohenberg says she was taken in by ads and product labels that claimed Nutella was "healthy" and "part of a balanced meal." When friends eventually pointed out Nutella's high sugar and fat content, she sued Ferrero for deceptive advertising.http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2012/04/26/151454929/nutella-maker-may-settle-deceptive-ad-lawsuit-for-3-million

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DARN! elleng Apr 2012 #1
No, elleng, and Wonder Bread doesn't build strong bodies 12 ways, either. :-) nt gateley Apr 2012 #4
Oh gate, I knew THAT! elleng Apr 2012 #6
if you take a slice SwampG8r Apr 2012 #28
Wonder Bread - used by plumbers as a plug on small water pipes when doing repairs. mikeytherat Apr 2012 #31
omg i went to plumbing school SwampG8r Apr 2012 #34
My mom fell for it hook, line and sinker. Or more probably, succumbed gateley Apr 2012 #51
I often wonder if it's bread n/t hootinholler Apr 2012 #37
??? Blue_Tires Apr 2012 #27
!!! elleng Apr 2012 #39
No more Nutella and bacon sandwiches for me. soleft Apr 2012 #47
I have seen that commercial lunasun Apr 2012 #2
Candy bar in a jar is a great description. nt gateley Apr 2012 #5
One of the favorite memories elleng Apr 2012 #8
Oh god yes. progressoid Apr 2012 #12
Heaven leftynyc Apr 2012 #21
i would buy that SwampG8r Apr 2012 #29
True. I use it over ice cream. RebelOne Apr 2012 #62
After I read the ingredients, roody Apr 2012 #3
It is a lot of fat and sugar but only some nut butter in it lunasun Apr 2012 #7
You can make your own without palm oil. GoCubsGo Apr 2012 #15
It's ridiculous? The ad says one thing, the label says another, but the lawsuit is ridiculous? truebrit71 Apr 2012 #20
Yes. It IS ridiculous. GoCubsGo Apr 2012 #24
Have YOu Seen The Ad? otohara Apr 2012 #30
The most recent ad has the kids bouncing off the walls, tearing the place apart, running in circles mikeytherat Apr 2012 #33
It's not up to the kids to read the labels. GoCubsGo Apr 2012 #46
Define "healthy" and "choice" joeglow3 Apr 2012 #49
Okay, I had to look laundry_queen Apr 2012 #52
My guess... GoCubsGo Apr 2012 #56
Ask Nutella, Their Claim, Not Mine otohara Apr 2012 #58
So if a car company advertises that it gets 100 mpg... truebrit71 Apr 2012 #40
What if the car company says it is better for the environment? joeglow3 Apr 2012 #50
So, people are supposed to make their purchasing decisions based solely on advertising? GoCubsGo Apr 2012 #55
"It shocks me that people automatically believe everything they hear or read.." truebrit71 Apr 2012 #59
Sad, ain't it? GoCubsGo Apr 2012 #60
I mentored A young girl otohara Apr 2012 #61
Oh good grief! Meiko Apr 2012 #19
there's a label, for heaven's sake renate Apr 2012 #9
That was my thought too LadyHawkAZ Apr 2012 #11
Exactly CBGLuthier Apr 2012 #16
I agree. HappyMe Apr 2012 #23
But the ad didn't specifically advise people to avoid this protect 4th law of robotics Apr 2012 #57
McDonalds Doesn't Claim to Be Healthy otohara Apr 2012 #64
YES! grasswire Apr 2012 #10
That Meiko Apr 2012 #13
I'd never tasted Nutella until a couple of months ago when there were samples at the grocery store. Vinca Apr 2012 #14
Next you'll be telling me that cocoa puffs aren't good for me. Snake Alchemist Apr 2012 #17
Froot Loops are better because they have fruit in them. lapislzi Apr 2012 #32
That makes perfect sense. nt Snake Alchemist Apr 2012 #36
Actually filled with froot(TM) Spike89 Apr 2012 #54
. chrisa Apr 2012 #45
I would be interested in the details. How much of the settlement do lawyers get? rhett o rick Apr 2012 #18
Local News Said otohara Apr 2012 #22
I'll take my portion of the lawsuit Horse with no Name Apr 2012 #25
As much as I am for responsible advertising. sendero Apr 2012 #26
If the idiot mom was too stupid to read the label of what she's Codeine Apr 2012 #35
I know many people are enjoying the opportunity to mock and scorn, but its not a stupid lawsuit. redqueen Apr 2012 #38
+1 ctaylors6 Apr 2012 #41
I agree with you. trotsky Apr 2012 #42
I agree 100% truebrit71 Apr 2012 #43
+1 n/t Spazito Apr 2012 #53
This Is A Huge Win IMO otohara Apr 2012 #63
In America, "Cinnamon Toast Crunch" is part of a healthy breakfast too. chrisa Apr 2012 #44
Not as tasty as Nuttela though. Mr.Turnip Apr 2012 #48
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