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Sun Jan 18, 2015, 02:54 PM Jan 2015

Should Chinatowns in America be torn down? [View all]

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There is a debate going on youtube. Seems like many Right wingers think that America having Chinatowns are bad. They say they allow people to speak Chinese among themselves when they should be speaking English. All signs should be in English they say. No one should come to America and set up their own nitch where they all live together. Many Rightwingers are saying that Chinatowns should be torn down and people should be forced to live among the regular communities. That having a cultural center in Chinatown is unfair, because other communities can't have their culture on display. Rightwingers are saying that Chinatowns can harbor "illegal aliens" who can come to America and hide out there for many years. They are also saying that the food there is tainted, and many have lived there for years without having to speak English. That they are really a slum, where there is back room crimes, like opium dens, drugs, and gambling. They say the Chinatowns allow the Tongs to set up and operate there.

Many of these arguments are stupid to me. I love shopping in Chinatown, and really, the Chinese had no recourse, but to have their own communities, because Historically, after building the Railroads they were thrown out of many towns. The one in Santa Barbara, had been burned down by people who wanted them to get out, and go elsewhere. So many Chinese set up their own area. The Chinese in San Francisco have contributed much to the tapestry of culture in the City, the festivals and parades are rich in traditions that make many proud to be apart of that community.
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NO! Absolutely not, they are cultural heritage areas, with great shopping.
28 (78%)
YES! Chinatowns should be torn down, and the people should be made to assimilate
0 (0%)
Rightwingers are stupid and Racist, they have no clue what they are talking about!
8 (22%)
0 (0%)
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No bigwillq Jan 2015 #1
I totally agree.. yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #3
Japantown and China town are two different world's glasshouses Jan 2015 #25
Its true the prices in Chinatown are much better yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #28
I like the smaller Chinatowns better because they're less crowded with tourists. Gormy Cuss Jan 2015 #51
Ya know, Chinese New Year is coming up... yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #102
Lovely pictures of past Chinese New Year's, yuiyoshida.. Mahalo! Cha Jan 2015 #122
totally agree my friend. yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #124
Not where I live.. we kind of all blend together.. I like that about us. But, I have no Cha Jan 2015 #130
My parents are from Hawaii yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #131
Yeah, you should see the Islands of your parents one day.. you'll love them! Cha Jan 2015 #132
I love the parade. Gormy Cuss Jan 2015 #127
I try to go every year.,. yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #129
This! hifiguy Jan 2015 #52
Hell no. tblue Jan 2015 #2
Agree... yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #4
I see what you did there. AngryAmish Jan 2015 #5
Zhonggou Cheng ai ni!! yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #8
Aaaaaaaaack shenmue Jan 2015 #6
I know right? yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #11
Lets see them go after Little Havana... brooklynite Jan 2015 #7
All of these communities yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #18
Right-wingers hate freedom n/t arcane1 Jan 2015 #9
Yes but,.. yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #10
Well, there is surely something race-based in their opposition too. arcane1 Jan 2015 #12
of course... yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #14
Where the fuck am I going to buy my illegal fireworks? VScott Jan 2015 #13
Absolutely Right... yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #16
So, you're saying "Big trouble In Little China" is all lies? VScott Jan 2015 #21
Loved that movie... yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #35
David LoPan style!!! VScott Jan 2015 #39
rOflmao! yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #43
"You ready, Jack?" "I was born ready!" kentauros Jan 2015 #57
Well now RandySF Jan 2015 #26
True and I hope a Rightwinger never yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #30
"opium dens, drugs, and gambling" jberryhill Jan 2015 #15
Opium Dens yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #110
Chinatowns have a long standing tradition in America. It would be un-American to tear them down. eom MohRokTah Jan 2015 #17
damn straight! yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #63
"Chinatowns" are GROWING, not going away alcibiades_mystery Jan 2015 #19
Proud to say yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #23
Just as an addendum dhol82 Jan 2015 #117
Hell no. RandySF Jan 2015 #20
Ya know... yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #27
I'd be lost without my woks. MohRokTah Jan 2015 #54
I love BokChoy! yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #55
Yum! I love bok choy! smirkymonkey Jan 2015 #135
I have some in a chinese soup yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #136
A home cooked Chinese meal? Brigid Jan 2015 #89
I had a friend who was getting married. yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #112
Remember going to a place in New York Chinatown dhol82 Jan 2015 #118
I have had some dishes fried yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #119
It's like stepping into another country when I go there glasshouses Jan 2015 #22
Ask Jake... KansDem Jan 2015 #24
One thing you need to remember about YT and similar Open Forums kentauros Jan 2015 #29
I tend to agree about what you said regarding YT and other yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #34
While such a scenario 'could' happen, kentauros Jan 2015 #42
Of course! yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #46
Thank you, too, for the thread and conversation :) kentauros Jan 2015 #50
As Cha says... yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #58
Then here's a site for you to use: kentauros Jan 2015 #62
xie xie ni! yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #64
I recognize konichiwa :) kentauros Jan 2015 #66
dou itashimashite .. yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #69
Just be glad you're not here to hear me attempting to get the pronunciations right! kentauros Jan 2015 #70
If you look in the Asian group... yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #72
Thanks for the reminder of their existence! kentauros Jan 2015 #94
Here ya go! yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #96
danke schön! kentauros Jan 2015 #98
You are welcome! yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #100
Please correct me if I am wrong but.. pangaia Jan 2015 #82
Not long ago AsahinaKimi Jan 2015 #85
Interesting, you certainly are right. pangaia Jan 2015 #92
Bu ke qi -You're welcome AsahinaKimi Jan 2015 #128
They are haters, they just have to have something to hate, Chinatowns are just one more arena to RKP5637 Jan 2015 #79
You're likely correct. kentauros Jan 2015 #97
Certainly much of it is conditioned behavior, but really, I am beginning to think there is a RKP5637 Jan 2015 #111
I seriously think yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #114
Yes, I quite agree with you. If anyone has that interest, Fox certainly reinforces it and truly RKP5637 Jan 2015 #120
Why? Brigid Jan 2015 #31
+1 treestar Jan 2015 #37
Boy, Howdy! yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #40
Thats exactly what most of them were saying.. yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #65
That's been done in many cities. It was called "urban renewal" but what it Luminous Animal Jan 2015 #75
If you want to see a "real" Chinatown. RandySF Jan 2015 #32
I do love the Sunset as well.. yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #38
Good food and the best massage parlors... two good reasons to let them be (nt) GummyBearz Jan 2015 #33
No way treestar Jan 2015 #36
L.A.s China Town is long gone olddots Jan 2015 #41
I am sorry to hear that... yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #60
L.A.'s Chinatown is not "long gone", just all of the expansion has been in the San Gabriel Valley AZ Progressive Jan 2015 #73
LA's Chinatown has become mostly Vietnamese, but ... kwassa Jan 2015 #116
No,no,no! Chinatown is my favorite area in any city that has them. octoberlib Jan 2015 #44
I am sure a lot of this fear yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #138
I live in a 'progressive community' in the Sacramento Valley, we razed our Chinatown a century ago.. Brother Buzz Jan 2015 #45
I lived in Santa Barbara for a while yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #68
1906. And help was not forthcoming for a good reason Brother Buzz Jan 2015 #87
omg.. yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #91
How many? Silly beyond belief. cherokeeprogressive Jan 2015 #47
I lived in San Fran for 8 years. You having to start this thread speaks volumes. BlueJazz Jan 2015 #48
As I said above,.. yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #53
Hmmm...that is not fair Rex Jan 2015 #49
Heh.. this is what coins were made for... yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #61
And the only Chinese Restaurant should be Panda Express... lame54 Jan 2015 #56
You know I actually like eating there yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #71
I've eaten in SF Chinatown and Manhattan Chinatown... lame54 Jan 2015 #74
In SF the best ones are either yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #76
what's your favorite dish? lame54 Jan 2015 #81
well for Chinese its always yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #86
I prefer the chinese restaurants in the Richmond. Especially if I am eating dim sum. Luminous Animal Jan 2015 #107
I have seen Dim Sum all over the city yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #108
I refuse to support General Tso's campaign of wanton yumminess jberryhill Jan 2015 #84
You know its true... yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #106
The same right wing clowns would take what's left of American Indian lands too... hunter Jan 2015 #59
This... yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #78
When have RWingnuts ever been right about anything? lpbk2713 Jan 2015 #67
Actually, we would be much better in the US if the right wingers were confined IMO to their own RKP5637 Jan 2015 #77
I am sure they would enjoy it... yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #80
I worked internationally with all types of people, I loved it! K&R for California!!! n/t RKP5637 Jan 2015 #88
Where I live, (near Japantown) yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #93
Chinatown in Boston was mostly for first generation Chinese Warpy Jan 2015 #83
Very Cool Warpy! yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #95
Well, blink twice and you'll miss much of it Warpy Jan 2015 #101
There are a very large number of Chinatowns around the world. Ace Rothstein Jan 2015 #113
Yes! yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #115
I have not heard of anyone having a problem with Chinatowns. dilby Jan 2015 #90
The discussion in Youtube yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #99
I can't decide between option 1&3! (Nt) LostOne4Ever Jan 2015 #103
You may engage in the ancient yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #104
Could this be a parody? surrealAmerican Jan 2015 #105
The discussion was quite serious yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #109
Keep in mind that youtube comments section are a wasteland of idiocy. cemaphonic Jan 2015 #121
while this is true about Youtube yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #123
Of course not! Major Hogwash Jan 2015 #125
Thats amazing yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #126
I recommend the movie HeiressofBickworth Jan 2015 #133
heh.. yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #134
I view "Chinatowns" the same way I view any ethnic/racially divided area Taitertots Jan 2015 #137
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