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Wed Jan 14, 2015, 10:12 PM Jan 2015

Can YOU Stand Another 4 To 8 Years Of A Progressive Sounding Democrat... Governing... [View all]

Like a Center-Right Pragmatist ?

I cannot.
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30 (86%)
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What I could not stand is a Conservative Sounding republian governing like a Far-Right Radical. Agnosticsherbet Jan 2015 #1
And As Your Base Turns Its Back, Little By Little Over Time, How Do You See A Winning Future ??? WillyT Jan 2015 #2
My base? I am not a politician. I do not have a base. I am a liberal. Agnosticsherbet Jan 2015 #8
Lliberals did vote for 'any Democrat' over the past several decades. We still got War and Torture sabrina 1 Jan 2015 #11
Had people voted and kept the Senate in Democratic hands, those 13 Agnosticsherbet Jan 2015 #19
No they wouldn't have. We watched Dems in the majority do exactly the same thing. Then they sabrina 1 Jan 2015 #22
There are none so blind as those who will not see. Scuba Jan 2015 #35
Anyway, don't forget to vote D in 2016! Desert805 Jan 2015 #128
There is a big difference in having the Senate "in Democratic hands" and rhett o rick Jan 2015 #142
No liberal would vote for H. Clinton for any reason. Liberals don't play that game. rhett o rick Jan 2015 #12
That is a mighty broad brush you use to paint all liberals. Agnosticsherbet Jan 2015 #18
Wow! NanceGreggs Jan 2015 #20
Electing DINOs will NEVER get "greater financial equality" Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #37
Exactly. ladyVet Jan 2015 #41
Agreed, free fall or slow motion fall Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #45
Wow! benz380 Jan 2015 #53
You are wrong because a majority in the House and Senate is required to pass a bill. Agnosticsherbet Jan 2015 #59
Ok, we're pointed in the same direction Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #64
This tabbycat31 Jan 2015 #102
People are upset that change doesn't happen fast enough. Agnosticsherbet Jan 2015 #104
The problem is that things are changing in the wrong direction. rhett o rick Jan 2015 #143
After selling out Democrats in 2002, how can you even think she has integrity? rhett o rick Jan 2015 #91
Clearly, Warren doesn't agree with you since in April of 2014 she said "Hillary is terrific." Agnosticsherbet Jan 2015 #114
Of course Sen Warren would treat H. Clinton with respect. I wouldn't have it any rhett o rick Jan 2015 #119
I don't need to since I think your point is completely wrong. Agnosticsherbet Jan 2015 #126
I get the approach. You want to reduce Clinton's betrayal to a "difference of opinion". rhett o rick Jan 2015 #133
I never felt that the act of disagreeing with me was betraying me. Agnosticsherbet Jan 2015 #134
We counted on elected Democrats to moderate the crazy Bush/Cheney, etc. rhett o rick Jan 2015 #141
Applause tabbycat31 Jan 2015 #98
Elizabeth Warren litreally 'went with the Republicans' for most of her life, from Nixon through Bush Bluenorthwest Jan 2015 #54
Warren has changed. Her economic message is spot on, and she is an effective liberal in the Senate Agnosticsherbet Jan 2015 #68
Indeed, a point too often overlooked. 2naSalit Jan 2015 #83
We also need to udnerstand that until mid 90's, things were different in the parties. Agnosticsherbet Jan 2015 #85
Agreed. 2naSalit Jan 2015 #87
People can and do change...cough.. Hillary says she has changed, OLDMADAM Jan 2015 #127
We should examine her policy statement and compare them to other candidates Agnosticsherbet Jan 2015 #129
I have my problems with Hillary, but if she wins the primary.. OLDMADAM Jan 2015 #136
I have problems with Hillary. Agnosticsherbet Jan 2015 #137
I hope you are not implying I am slinging outrageous incrimination's at anyone.. OLDMADAM Jan 2015 #138
No, you have made no such incrminiations. Agnosticsherbet Jan 2015 #139
Don't you ever get tired of lying about Elizabeth Warren? Jim Lane Jan 2015 #86
H. Clinton betrayed the DEmocratic Party in 2002. She made speeches promoting the rhett o rick Jan 2015 #93
82 of 208 Democratic congressmen voted for the Iraq War Resolution and 29 of 50 Senators. Agnosticsherbet Jan 2015 #96
Every Democrat that bowed before Bush betrayed the Democratic Party, the American people and rhett o rick Jan 2015 #121
Democrats never, never, never kept us out of war. Agnosticsherbet Jan 2015 #122
So what's your point? We don't try to elect Democrats that will oppose Republicans? rhett o rick Jan 2015 #123
My point is that we elect Democrats because only they will pass bills Agnosticsherbet Jan 2015 #125
We don't know that she voted for Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Reagan, Bush Sr. and Bush Sr. StevieM Jan 2015 #146
I just dont want a Woman dying from a botched abortion in 2017 randys1 Jan 2015 #101
Then we must, must, must elect Democrats. Agnosticsherbet Jan 2015 #131
exactly La Lioness Priyanka Jan 2015 #72
"It matters which party is in power." FiveGoodMen Jan 2015 #111
+ 1,000,000,000... What You Said !!! WillyT Jan 2015 #112
Are you shitting me? Old and In the Way Jan 2015 #130
In the Universe I live in there is no Republican who I can vote for. Agnosticsherbet Jan 2015 #132
It's true that the GOP has ousted anyone remotely human FiveGoodMen Jan 2015 #147
Our system of government requires compromise to work. Agnosticsherbet Jan 2015 #150
Nope (nt) bigwillq Jan 2015 #3
I don't want another Republican President ever in my life time.. yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #4
I agree the post was terse. I get frustrated with those that seem happy with the status quo. rhett o rick Jan 2015 #13
For someone who considers himself Jeff Rosenzweig Jan 2015 #14
It is just a big game of "I'm more liberal than you" for some folks. n/t FSogol Jan 2015 #65
+1 zappaman Jan 2015 #76
Yes, it's all that really matters. NanceGreggs Jan 2015 #17
Obama was not great on the rights of gays/lesbians. F4lconF16 Jan 2015 #92
The POTUS cannot "legalize" gay marriage. NanceGreggs Jan 2015 #95
Oh, please. F4lconF16 Jan 2015 #106
Believe what you want to believe. NanceGreggs Jan 2015 #116
Whatever position he had in 2008 Proud Liberal Dem Jan 2015 #118
So um, you would have chosen yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #23
Of course not, and I apologize for being rude. Over half the school children in this country rhett o rick Jan 2015 #148
I totally agree with you.. yuiyoshida Jan 2015 #151
I totally know what you meant. I over reacted with my first post because I have a huge chip rhett o rick Jan 2015 #154
"He has such a nice smile and that's all that really matters." joshcryer Jan 2015 #27
Meow Bobbie Jo Jan 2015 #38
This post should be beneath you mythology Jan 2015 #48
Condescending bullshit HERVEPA Jan 2015 #55
Did that poster say anything about Obama's smile? MineralMan Jan 2015 #73
I'd like to say this reply is beneath you zappaman Jan 2015 #77
Well said. emulatorloo Jan 2015 #109
"Terse"? Jeff Rosenzweig Jan 2015 #135
If you have something to say, why don't you come right out and say it, instead of rhett o rick Jan 2015 #144
It's not surprising Jeff Rosenzweig Jan 2015 #145
Absolutely not. CaliforniaPeggy Jan 2015 #5
Loud And Proud, Peg... Loud And Proud... Make Noise... Withhold Funding... Tell Everybody You Know WillyT Jan 2015 #6
Probably the Best We Can Hope For AndyTiedye Jan 2015 #7
Yes, because I know what the likely alternative is. Warren DeMontague Jan 2015 #9
Bingo, baby! Behind the Aegis Jan 2015 #26
I don't know what we cannot have our own party. Jamastiene Jan 2015 #10
political parties are not religions or some private club , the party is whoever is in it JI7 Jan 2015 #15
and where's the republican equivalent? how come there are no left wing moles in the pubbie ND-Dem Jan 2015 #24
There is overlap. joshcryer Jan 2015 #30
The Democratic Party is really three parties. joshcryer Jan 2015 #29
Third way wasinvented to push right wing republite policies inside the "democratic" party peacebird Jan 2015 #31
Third Way "glosses" over economics. joshcryer Jan 2015 #32
It used to make sense. It doesn't anymore. jeff47 Jan 2015 #58
The Democratic map is unchanged. joshcryer Jan 2015 #60
Which map? jeff47 Jan 2015 #62
Third-way Democrats are not Keynesian, they're Reaganites. immoderate Jan 2015 #113
All you have to do is persuade fellow Democrats to ignore the people you don't like, in primaries muriel_volestrangler Jan 2015 #36
If there are no consequences for "betraying" the base... Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #39
facts please whatthehey Jan 2015 #42
The answer is no elected Democrats voted with the Republicans more than with the Democrats mythology Jan 2015 #49
The overall picture needs to examine the money trail Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #66
The choice we all have to make is whether to belong to a small party in which all members agree with pampango Jan 2015 #70
May I ask about your involvement on the local level? tabbycat31 Jan 2015 #105
Sounds good to me but marions ghost Jan 2015 #140
The 4 to 8 years after Obama leaves office, I predict, will be very boring. Ykcutnek Jan 2015 #16
Sorry, I can't answer the question you asked without asking MiniMe Jan 2015 #21
Damn it Jim I'm a liberal olddots Jan 2015 #25
You can't make progress without Congress. joshcryer Jan 2015 #28
he literally had a majority for 49 fucking days Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #44
You do realize that the party raised more money than before right? mythology Jan 2015 #50
Does it shoots holes through my theory? Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #52
The constant doom and gloom emails HappyMe Jan 2015 #80
Ridiculous. joshcryer Jan 2015 #51
Where was the emphatic push by the Democratic Party to VOTE? Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #56
"liberals" shit on candidates. joshcryer Jan 2015 #61
What? Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #63
Psst... It's ALL The Liberal's Fault... WillyT Jan 2015 #74
Thanks for the translation ;~) Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #75
Not even knowing that Court appointments woud be in the hands of... JHB Jan 2015 #33
Better than a Republican! aikoaiko Jan 2015 #34
bullshit push-poll false assumption fail. derp. whatthehey Jan 2015 #40
I wouldn't know...I haven't experienced one yet. brooklynite Jan 2015 #43
I don't think the talk about chained CPI sounded progressive. NCTraveler Jan 2015 #46
I'm expecting 4 to 8 more years of whining. JoePhilly Jan 2015 #47
I think it's already begun. n/t Denzil_DC Jan 2015 #115
I'm Happy That ALL Is Well In Your World... WillyT Jan 2015 #124
another? give me two examples. unblock Jan 2015 #57
Obama did not campaign as a center-right pragmatist Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #79
the 2008 campaign had a disproportionate emphasis on the primary season unblock Jan 2015 #81
He was my first choice as soon as he announced Cosmic Kitten Jan 2015 #82
The only alternative is a Teapublican Administration. riqster Jan 2015 #67
A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right. Paine Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2015 #69
Yes rock Jan 2015 #71
until progressives manage to get a majority of Dem primary voters agreeing with you bigtree Jan 2015 #78
the TEEVE GNEWZ still is in LOVE w/ ronny ray gun + tinkledown + will not ALLOW amerika to change. pansypoo53219 Jan 2015 #84
More than I could stand a far right Republican governing a far right Congress, pnwmom Jan 2015 #88
"The only unbearable thing is that nothing is unbearable." Tuesday Afternoon Jan 2015 #89
The solution is not to vote for center-right conservatives, Maedhros Jan 2015 #90
I'm not answering your poll, because what I can stand or not LiberalAndProud Jan 2015 #94
I shall remember to fart in the wind before I vote. Agnosticsherbet Jan 2015 #97
Think of me in my desolate polling place as you let 'er rip. LiberalAndProud Jan 2015 #99
Oh I will, I will. Agnosticsherbet Jan 2015 #103
Stop voting and supporting them just becasue they have a D after their name ChosenUnWisely Jan 2015 #100
If you're referring to Hillary, KamaAina Jan 2015 #107
It beats the alternative of a right wing Republican Warpy Jan 2015 #108
It's going to be an ugly 20 months. MineralMan Jan 2015 #110
That's the only option. That's it. Same reason conservatives complain their Presidents are RINO Recursion Jan 2015 #117
No, I prefer a Tea Party president BainsBane Jan 2015 #120
The nation cannot afford it. woo me with science Jan 2015 #149
That's What I'm Thinking... Now, Or Never... WillyT Jan 2015 #152
better than repub governing Liberal_in_LA Jan 2015 #153
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