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136. Hell; I don't treat black people fairly.
Tue Dec 30, 2014, 12:42 AM
Dec 2014

If I am not prejudiced, I am cautious. I am careful to not give offense, and since I offend a lot of people and take for granted that I offend people, I avoid black people so I do not have to worry about offending them. But we are culturally different and it is hard to avoid giving that difference your attention.

I had a black girl friend once, and she was a pretty good fit, and she wanted to go white and I was like super man back then. But I let it out to an aunt that I was thinking about it and that news bounced around my family like a grenade. They are not very racist, but culturally it put them over an edge, and without any support for the idea, I could not go with it.

You really need a lot of family support to do kids, and all of that. They really did support my half Jewish child, and did so better than myself. I was never much of a father in spite of wanting children out of my own vanity. But they never made known that side of themselves, and I had taken for granted that they would not mind.

I saw the same reaction when my cousin's child came out as Lesbian. I don't care; because the kid was sharp; real intelligent, highly educated. And the family took it badly, and sort of rejected her. My Aunt phrased it thusly: She is not one of our denomination. I asked: What the heck does that mean? Did she join the Presbyterians? I would own her in a heart beat. She is one of us; she is super intelligent, and between her and her girl friend they have a child who needs family, and you will let some silly shit stand in the way of a relationship with this kid? There are none of us that are dumbbells, but I would point to such a one with pride.

The useful discussion is the sentence that follows the correct answer "no". lumberjack_jeff Dec 2014 #1
It depends on how it is done. bravenak Dec 2014 #2
"...don't make it a minstrel show." Nuclear Unicorn Dec 2014 #7
I can get with that. bravenak Dec 2014 #8
"I can usually tell flattery and sincerity from greedy opportunism." Nuclear Unicorn Dec 2014 #12
Thank you. bravenak Dec 2014 #14
That's in my top ten list JustAnotherGen Dec 2014 #70
I have to say that when I moved out to NM Warpy Dec 2014 #15
Competently is a better word for what I was trying to say . bravenak Dec 2014 #17
Speaking of New Mexico lumberjack_jeff Dec 2014 #85
You've never seen what they're selling under the portal of the old Governor's Mansion Warpy Dec 2014 #100
Indeed not. A hint? n/t lumberjack_jeff Dec 2014 #132
White men who lie America into war walk free. Octafish Dec 2014 #3
Somewhere... bravenak Dec 2014 #4
Colin Powell AgingAmerican Dec 2014 #94
Maybe, but wasn't he lied to by Tenet and given false info to present? nt brush Dec 2014 #134
Oddly enough, I just responded to a new poster Erich Bloodaxe BSN Dec 2014 #5
This seems to be a very difficult subject for us as a nation. bravenak Dec 2014 #6
Oh we are so far from exceptional... sheshe2 Dec 2014 #9
Thank you She. bravenak Dec 2014 #11
Well I put both your links in my favorites file. sheshe2 Dec 2014 #16
Oooh, the favorite file.... bravenak Dec 2014 #18
I love your post. Thank you for this Number23 Dec 2014 #44
I would say for the most part yes they are treated fairly helpmetohelpyou Dec 2014 #10
It goes for everybody. bravenak Dec 2014 #13
I think in many work places there is a lot of hidden discrimination that can never be proven. helpmetohelpyou Dec 2014 #19
I wish they would go back natural. bravenak Dec 2014 #21
I don't blame you helpmetohelpyou Dec 2014 #27
Belong on the blog roll at DU! Outstanding! freshwest Dec 2014 #154
..... bravenak Dec 2014 #155
Posting privledges... sheshe2 Dec 2014 #20
I'm glad. bravenak Dec 2014 #22
Not sure what that comment to BainsBane meant, but I have an idea. sheshe2 Dec 2014 #23
The same thing they always use to beat up white women. bravenak Dec 2014 #33
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2014 #24
Tick tock. nt cyberswede Dec 2014 #25
library's open. eom uppityperson Dec 2014 #26
Damn it-I was on the jury and didn't even have time to register my "hide" vote before MIRT Rowdyboy Dec 2014 #28
2-0 hide and yay for mirt. she's nasty today, still needs a new hobby, or a job. uppityperson Dec 2014 #29
Maybe she should just create her own job! greatauntoftriplets Dec 2014 #31
she could start collecting toenail clippings? uppityperson Dec 2014 #32
Or shill for big pharma! greatauntoftriplets Dec 2014 #35
Hi, bravenak! Feral Child Dec 2014 #30
Was that not the worst op ever? bravenak Dec 2014 #36
*Rambling Crazy* as well as incredibly racist Feral Child Dec 2014 #38
Crazy is right!! bravenak Dec 2014 #39
If you are talking about that post that is hidden that I read from the racist asshole randys1 Dec 2014 #55
Things shouldn't be like this. bravenak Dec 2014 #57
By then they will have climate change to deal with... randys1 Dec 2014 #60
I guess we'll go back. bravenak Dec 2014 #64
there is a lot of denial here JI7 Dec 2014 #34
Yep. bravenak Dec 2014 #40
When people are robbed of their very lives through slavery and or land theft, there exists Jefferson23 Dec 2014 #37
Thank you for the thoughtful response Jefferson. bravenak Dec 2014 #41
You're most welcome, bravenak. n/t Jefferson23 Dec 2014 #45
The U.S. Congress managed to pass a token reparations bill for the victims (and KingCharlemagne Dec 2014 #147
I agree and it's disturbing as hell. The human mind can rationalize away, just about anything. n/t Jefferson23 Dec 2014 #153
Question "offended when members of the majority adopt cultural mannerisms of our culture. "??? 4139 Dec 2014 #42
I'm sure you'll figure it out. bravenak Dec 2014 #43
? I turn 60 in a few weeks, it may be an age thing... 4139 Dec 2014 #46
I think we'd have to plan an op for that in a group. bravenak Dec 2014 #49
Send him a copy JustAnotherGen Dec 2014 #72
Okay. bravenak Dec 2014 #75
He will get it JustAnotherGen Dec 2014 #82
I just got a new reply... bravenak Dec 2014 #83
I just asked the same thing in another thread. SMC22307 Dec 2014 #86
Not a blog on the internet!!!!11!! bravenak Dec 2014 #87
No kidding? SMC22307 Dec 2014 #90
LOL!!! bravenak Dec 2014 #97
...... sabrina 1 Dec 2014 #47
I can't tell which is better - your poll question of your Ask Bravenak blog Number23 Dec 2014 #48
Thank you, it means a lot coming from you. bravenak Dec 2014 #51
This shit is just getting out of control.... giftedgirl77 Dec 2014 #91
That one drives me crazy with her bullshit. bravenak Dec 2014 #93
That was one of the ugliest threads I've ever been involved in... giftedgirl77 Dec 2014 #101
I posted the one from earlier on Tobin's thread in AA. bravenak Dec 2014 #105
Define "America." LWolf Dec 2014 #50
I cannot define America for you. bravenak Dec 2014 #54
What about black on black crime? JustAnotherGen Dec 2014 #52
I'm ready!! bravenak Dec 2014 #53
can I play too? rbrnmw Dec 2014 #92
Yep!!! bravenak Dec 2014 #95
I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro... randys1 Dec 2014 #58
Driiiiinnnnkkkkkk! JustAnotherGen Dec 2014 #67
you wont believe this randys1 Dec 2014 #73
That's shameful JustAnotherGen Dec 2014 #76
No, America does not and never had treated black people fairly. abelenkpe Dec 2014 #56
We'll get there. bravenak Dec 2014 #59
No fucking way! Enthusiast Dec 2014 #61
Very Special brand of justice. bravenak Dec 2014 #65
My answer would be "Sometimes" BlueJazz Dec 2014 #62
Of course not... randys1 Dec 2014 #63
Nothing like a poll with a topic such as this to reveal who's who on DU; nc4bo Dec 2014 #66
True. bravenak Dec 2014 #69
I thought the list Caretha Dec 2014 #96
Obviously not. Jackpine Radical Dec 2014 #68
Thank you, I try to give the benefit of doubt. bravenak Dec 2014 #71
Option 1, but I don't think America treats most people fairly. aikoaiko Dec 2014 #74
They have been most consistent with us. bravenak Dec 2014 #77
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2014 #80
I would agree that the AA community has been treated most unfair aikoaiko Dec 2014 #115
The one person who voted yes JustAnotherGen Dec 2014 #78
Always. bravenak Dec 2014 #79
Yes, they do - Spirochete Dec 2014 #81
You funny.nt bravenak Dec 2014 #84
There is much to be said for the old saying, "Walk a mile in my shoes!" Dustlawyer Dec 2014 #88
I agree. bravenak Dec 2014 #112
"No" to long, straight hair. "Yes" to dressing professionally. SMC22307 Dec 2014 #89
Too bad Caretha Dec 2014 #98
I acknowledge educated, hard-working, successful... SMC22307 Dec 2014 #107
I am doing just fine, ma. bravenak Dec 2014 #99
Those women have excelled in a world... SMC22307 Dec 2014 #103
They are twice my age. bravenak Dec 2014 #106
What triggered the change? SMC22307 Dec 2014 #108
Style. bravenak Dec 2014 #111
And that's the problem... SMC22307 Dec 2014 #116
Are u judging? bravenak Dec 2014 #117
How did you arrive at "judging" from what I posted? SMC22307 Dec 2014 #121
It's different for black women. bravenak Dec 2014 #122
I have a pretty good idea. SMC22307 Dec 2014 #123
It's really good. bravenak Dec 2014 #124
While styling your hair? SMC22307 Dec 2014 #125
LOL! bravenak Dec 2014 #126
who are you to school bravenak? rbrnmw Dec 2014 #113
And how should I speak? bravenak Dec 2014 #114
Huh. SMC22307 Dec 2014 #119
You'd have to have been there for that. bravenak Dec 2014 #120
Trust me, rbrnmw, I couldn't care less... SMC22307 Dec 2014 #118
No doubt your anecdotal (and alleged) observations are colored through a fine lens of personal bias LanternWaste Dec 2014 #156
K&R! marym625 Dec 2014 #102
+1 bravenak Dec 2014 #110
America has never treated its black inhabitants even remotely fairly. jdenver_2624 Dec 2014 #104
Hello bigwillq Dec 2014 #109
OT, but I ROFLed Jamaal510 Dec 2014 #127
I loved that one too. bravenak Dec 2014 #128
Wow... Jamaal510 Dec 2014 #151
Stupid. bravenak Dec 2014 #152
Should've told that person to sit down, he's rockin' the boat. WinkyDink Dec 2014 #148
Hell no. lovemydog Dec 2014 #129
When I finally start writing nonfiction. bravenak Dec 2014 #130
You already do - right here you're writing non-fiction. lovemydog Dec 2014 #131
Oohhhh!! That's good! bravenak Dec 2014 #133
LOL, thanks. lovemydog Dec 2014 #135
Thank you. bravenak Dec 2014 #138
No problemo. lovemydog Dec 2014 #140
I have 3 different versions. bravenak Dec 2014 #142
Thanks a million. lovemydog Dec 2014 #143
I think you can buy refurbished too. bravenak Dec 2014 #144
I can't live without my radio. lovemydog Dec 2014 #145
Hahaha!nt bravenak Dec 2014 #146
Hell; I don't treat black people fairly. Sweeney Dec 2014 #136
I like you Sweeney. bravenak Dec 2014 #137
Everybody likes me Sweeney Dec 2014 #141
White European Americans have never treated Native Americans, nor Black Americans fairly. roamer65 Dec 2014 #139
This is a trick question, am I right? To separate the sentient beings from the Pod People? WinkyDink Dec 2014 #149
All questions are trick questions. bravenak Dec 2014 #150
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