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35. What you see before your eyes is the problem with all privilege
Sat Dec 27, 2014, 10:54 PM
Dec 2014

These people have police privileges. They can do with impunity acts that would put any citizen in prison. And Yet, in spite of having this privilege they also demand their equal civil rights, and this means we are unequal to these police, or to any such privileged people. They have our rights. We only have our rights. They have in addition to our rights, special privileges. How are we supposed to have the equality upon which democracy depends while suffering these privileged people among us?

I really want people to remember that Bill de Blasio was blamed for police deaths by virtue of Cha Dec 2014 #1
The black cops aren't that surprising madville Dec 2014 #4
I guess a well paid black cop would claim a poor black person is making him look bad. Spitfire of ATJ Dec 2014 #38
Message auto-removed Name removed Dec 2014 #43
Thank you for that tweet, he was protecting his son. sheshe2 Dec 2014 #5
So white cops who might be afraid to speak up cwydro Dec 2014 #17
Thanks for making the point I was attacked for making earlier about why cops don't violate the Dustlawyer Dec 2014 #22
Only if good cops are rare. jeff47 Dec 2014 #29
yes. ncjustice80 Dec 2014 #32
No. I'd argue that they're "Good Germans," Jackpine Radical Dec 2014 #45
That's a perfect description and explanation. "Good Germans" Enthusiast Dec 2014 #57
I am saying that this blue line business is wrong, but it's not an easy thing to go against it. Dustlawyer Dec 2014 #53
Again, that argument only makes sense if the majority of the cops would support the "bad" cops. jeff47 Dec 2014 #54
If they actually would speak up jeff47 Dec 2014 #27
This post by WillyT should point to some of the reasons for it. Jeff Murdoch Dec 2014 #40
racist white people don't like to see a black person with a white person madokie Dec 2014 #18
Oh yeah, that's a big ol taboo. :( Cha Dec 2014 #21
This has caused the racists among them, to have head explosions BumRushDaShow Dec 2014 #24
Poor them that fcan not appreciate the beauty. sheshe2 Dec 2014 #25
Yup I like that picture too madokie Dec 2014 #31
this is a loving man ... and they hate him and are exploiting a tragedy to try to bring him down napkinz Dec 2014 #69
What a great picture. blackspade Dec 2014 #56
that picture should inspire ... napkinz Dec 2014 #68
What you see before your eyes is the problem with all privilege Sweeney Dec 2014 #35
An excellent point. Jackpine Radical Dec 2014 #46
Thank you Sweeney Dec 2014 #50
Milgram experiment 2naSalit Dec 2014 #61
I do not doubt that the us against them mentality exists; Sweeney Dec 2014 #64
And they demonstrate WTF is wrong with some cops, and they think they should RKP5637 Dec 2014 #2
NYPD demanded #BlackLivesMatter protesters suspend their protests; yet they politicize a funeral. Cha Dec 2014 #3
Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding! sheshe2 Dec 2014 #26
"NYPD demanded #BlackLivesMatter protesters suspend their protests; yet they politicize a funeral." workinclasszero Dec 2014 #48
Respect can not be extorted or exacted by threats either. nt 99th_Monkey Dec 2014 #7
they disrespected Officer Ramos, and they FURTHER disrespected themselves napkinz Dec 2014 #6
Yes. 99th_Monkey Dec 2014 #8
"They won't cross the Blue Line" napkinz Dec 2014 #12
Ramos wasn't white or Irish hence no respect intended. LiberalArkie Dec 2014 #28
NYPD Yellow.......... Stainless Dec 2014 #9
Upstaged the grief of the families for their own grandstanding. nt DRoseDARs Dec 2014 #10
Yes. Cha Dec 2014 #13
they politicize a funeral and disrespect Officer Ramos and themselves napkinz Dec 2014 #14
They're acting like prepubescent playground bullies.. Cha Dec 2014 #16
What they did is pure ugliness in their tarnished souls. sheshe2 Dec 2014 #20
and I'm sure once again, tomorrow on the morning shows napkinz Dec 2014 #23
recommended Ramses Dec 2014 #11
They have been doing this for a long time BumRushDaShow Dec 2014 #15
K & R Liberal_Dog Dec 2014 #19
Well you know... Sweeney Dec 2014 #39
What are you talking about? Indydem Dec 2014 #51
A normal society would look at the health of the economy by the health of the people. Sweeney Dec 2014 #52
It also shows something else about the NYPD, that they are dangerously arrogant and stupid to boot. Rex Dec 2014 #30
the NYPD are a criminal organization. blackspade Dec 2014 #33
One of our demands should be this: senz Dec 2014 #34
I like that idea, thank you senz. sheshe2 Dec 2014 #36
Thanks, sheshe2! Let's keep that idea alive. senz Dec 2014 #42
I am game. sheshe2 Dec 2014 #44
WHAT test for racism? Jackpine Radical Dec 2014 #49
For the sake of argument, if there was a test, would we reject the minority that "tests jtuck004 Dec 2014 #63
Shame on those cops. Shame, shame, shame. blkmusclmachine Dec 2014 #37
The fact that they go out there and inflame the situation disproves their "war zone" crap. Spitfire of ATJ Dec 2014 #41
NYC PD = gangbanger thugs workinclasszero Dec 2014 #47
When the voters decide in the next election, let's see how they treat the NYPD. freshwest Dec 2014 #55
unfortunately, from what I've been reading the past few days napkinz Dec 2014 #58
That's disappointing. I thought the people who elected de Blasio might think differently. freshwest Dec 2014 #59
White cops are racist and rightwing as hell, even in NYC, so par for the course with these geek tragedy Dec 2014 #60
Farewell NYPD. Hello Ku Klux Klan - NYC Chapter! amb123 Dec 2014 #62
There's an awful lot of white civilians speaking on behalf of... MadDAsHell Dec 2014 #65
I couldn't agree more. indivisibleman Dec 2014 #66
Ku Klux Kops tblue Dec 2014 #67
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