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It always has been, since the beginning Spider Jerusalem Dec 2014 #1
I call that tangible justification. If there is a better name for it please let me know. Sweeney Dec 2014 #18
"Predestination of the elect" (those not among the elect were "reprobates"). Spider Jerusalem Dec 2014 #21
agreed. he as born, lived in, helped, died for the poor. roguevalley Dec 2014 #41
Puritan work ethic Jesus Malverde Dec 2014 #2
Nail meets hammer swilton Dec 2014 #10
Good book, read it. Got it. Sweeney Dec 2014 #19
In modern times: Jimmy Bakker, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and their idol Ronald Reagan. jwirr Dec 2014 #3
Reagan(in a speech in liberal Olympia, Washington, of all places) Ken Burch Dec 2014 #4
Thank you. His speech on the value of greed and hate. Imagine what we would be if that man had jwirr Dec 2014 #6
"I am not my brother's keeper" was first said by history's first murderer, Cain, to cover up the world wide wally Dec 2014 #9
Of course but that did not make it wrong. His murdering ways did. What he said was fact - he did jwirr Dec 2014 #38
I've always considered Mormonism another step down that same road: truebluegreen Dec 2014 #11
I would guess that somewhere in the Morman roots there was a deep connection to Calvinism. I jwirr Dec 2014 #39
Even regular people who are alright financially show indifference or outright contempt appalachiablue Dec 2014 #16
it's almost as if to say sweetapogee Dec 2014 #24
What they believe, Jesus never said. Sweeney Dec 2014 #22
One quibble, I don't think the wealthy do that so much as the treestar Dec 2014 #5
Public Charity is a reflection of private caring. Sweeney Dec 2014 #23
Great wealth is a direct result of immense immorality. Dont call me Shirley Dec 2014 #30
No doubt Sweeney Dec 2014 #35
Christ was not raised in poverty. former9thward Dec 2014 #7
He did, however, have something to say about the poor and marginalized. delrem Dec 2014 #12
By the time of John's Gospel Sweeney Dec 2014 #15
Well, y'know, I don't really give a shit. delrem Dec 2014 #20
Bible history is more fascinating than the Bible itself. Sweeney Dec 2014 #26
i just googled that book, which I'd never heard of, and am now planning or reading it. yodermon Dec 2014 #37
One of the few books I ever made time to read twice. Sweeney Dec 2014 #47
This song seems fitting Ken Burch Dec 2014 #27
There was a class of people descended from Phineas Sweeney Dec 2014 #25
They stayed in a stable because they couldn't afford an inn. and jews were under the NewDeal_Dem Dec 2014 #33
The inns were full, no place left but the stables, iirc. Lars39 Dec 2014 #36
There was a census going on which was why Joseph was in Bethlehem. former9thward Dec 2014 #40
There were also all those expensive gifts from the wise men. nt. Mariana Dec 2014 #43
Which really kinda says something about how we treat a lot of tradesmen these days Posteritatis Dec 2014 #44
In those days skilled manual labor was something people aspired to. former9thward Dec 2014 #45
'wealth is acquired in direct proportion to virtue and rectitude' elleng Dec 2014 #8
Actually, tangible justification, Sweeney Dec 2014 #17
Wealthy people focus on the "king of kings" crap.... Spitfire of ATJ Dec 2014 #13
+1 Dont call me Shirley Dec 2014 #31
Honestum is moral good Sweeney Dec 2014 #14
In other words you can't make many Americans reason, because it's their religious or cultural belief AZ Progressive Dec 2014 #28
Like Erasmus told Luther: Sweeney Dec 2014 #49
The biggest "secret" about Christmas is that we are all miracles. Life is miraculous. Dont call me Shirley Dec 2014 #29
Shirley you want to be my friend. Sweeney Dec 2014 #50
Surely. :-) Dont call me Shirley Dec 2014 #51
Like I told my grandaughter Sweeney Dec 2014 #53
Since about 1517. WinkyDink Dec 2014 #32
Pete Townshend said it this way: Manifestor_of_Light Dec 2014 #34
How did it become acceptable? JEB Dec 2014 #42
Swift's "A Modest Proposal" did not invent the meme. Orsino Dec 2014 #46
The funny thing about Swift's satire is that so many educated people took it seriously. Sweeney Dec 2014 #48
Aren't you sort of surrendering to the very viewpoint you would fight? True Blue Door Dec 2014 #52
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