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16. This whole thing makes me laugh
Wed Dec 17, 2014, 09:33 PM
Dec 2014

A little country portrayed as backwards and technologically illiterate takes down a mega-multinational corporation. If "too big too fail" means "too big to jail" this could be better than Dodd-Frank, which as Warren noted, was flawed because it didn't break the banks up into tiny pieces.

Nope, I don't feel sorry for poor Sony.

Um, NK doesn't believe in free speech. randome Dec 2014 #1
Apparently it was NK that hacked Sony's emails MrScorpio Dec 2014 #2
I read a story that it was a disgruntled employee. It is all odd, wondering if it is a thing to uppityperson Dec 2014 #7
Free Speech is still fine. I applaud Sony for having the good sense not to release an offensive CBGLuthier Dec 2014 #3
So the feelings of one lunatic are more important than the feelings of millions of people True Earthling Dec 2014 #6
Millions wanted to see a Seth Rogen movie? FSogol Dec 2014 #12
I don't see this as a free speech issue... Cooley Hurd Dec 2014 #8
Just because it isn't the US government doesn't mean shit. True Earthling Dec 2014 #10
Oh for crying out loud. NuclearDem Dec 2014 #9
Thank you! Being "afraid" of the little tyrant plays right into his megalomania. n/t nomorenomore08 Dec 2014 #11
LOL, another scared American steps up!!!!! Red alert!!!!!! nt Logical Dec 2014 #17
Free speach died long ago Kelvin Mace Dec 2014 #4
Is the whole thing a set up? CJCRANE Dec 2014 #5
Could also be they realized it's going to be a bad movie that would damage their reputation. Angleae Dec 2014 #19
Sony and North Korea are little more than names in my personal universe. hunter Dec 2014 #13
Unreal. Release the move in the USA. bigwillq Dec 2014 #14
Umm no. It would be a free speech issue if the US government stopped Sony from distributing it... 951-Riverside Dec 2014 #15
This whole thing makes me laugh WhaTHellsgoingonhere Dec 2014 #16
Perhaps, Corporate Personhood is in decline. Downwinder Dec 2014 #18
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