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23. But Manny, she's the "Tea Left" with ideas that will set us back decades, just like the "Tea Right"
Sun Dec 14, 2014, 09:25 PM
Dec 2014

You know, she thinks decades old New Deal ideas are good! She's just as dangerous as the pro-New Jim Crow law "Tea Right."

I know this because the media is telling me this everywhere I turn.

Her ideas are dangerous, Manny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. bigwillq Dec 2014 #1
Same here nt newfie11 Dec 2014 #10
Yes. 840high Dec 2014 #19
Yes. I would like to see a woman President before I die, Bernie is also my first choice. Autumn Dec 2014 #2
Too soon to say. silverweb Dec 2014 #3
I agree Andy823 Dec 2014 #18
Agree completely. silverweb Dec 2014 #26
She kicked so much Senate ass this week, I'm starting to want to keep her there to kick more! arcane1 Dec 2014 #4
second after Bernie nt G_j Dec 2014 #5
Sanders Or Warren... fredamae Dec 2014 #6
I'm in a caucus state Nevernose Dec 2014 #7
I'm a Hillary supporter but would welcome Warren into the race, Nye Bevan Dec 2014 #8
I'd like to see the full menu and ask a few questions about ingredients and preparation prior to Bluenorthwest Dec 2014 #9
+1 silverweb Dec 2014 #27
I really like Warren, but she'll need to get up to speed on areas outside her expertise. amandabeech Dec 2014 #11
I'd vote for Warren or Sanders, but to be honest, I can hardly bear to see someone I admire Stardust Dec 2014 #12
Yes PAProgressive28 Dec 2014 #13
I voted "Other"; because ... 1StrongBlackMan Dec 2014 #14
I have major issues with her openly declaring giftedgirl77 Dec 2014 #44
There's a good probability, LWolf Dec 2014 #15
Yes, and I would work hard for her campaign deutsey Dec 2014 #16
+1 RiverLover Dec 2014 #36
Bernie said he may run. Elizabeth said she isn't running. So Zorra Dec 2014 #17
She's said, "I'm not running", and this is true. She isn't. No one is. Yet. RiverLover Dec 2014 #24
I support Bernie at this point, because woo me with science Dec 2014 #20
Yes, she is at the top of my list. Brigid Dec 2014 #21
Probably, barring anyone else that has similar appeal. I certainly am not voting for HRC. 2banon Dec 2014 #22
But Manny, she's the "Tea Left" with ideas that will set us back decades, just like the "Tea Right" WhaTHellsgoingonhere Dec 2014 #23
Yep, apparently "tea left" TDale313 Dec 2014 #33
tea left, turd right The t's have it aspirant Dec 2014 #34
See, Manny, Chuck Todd says she's batshit crazy like Ted Cruz! WhaTHellsgoingonhere Dec 2014 #25
Even Fox News is reporting she's going to shutdown the government! WhaTHellsgoingonhere Dec 2014 #30
Not just the media Rosa Luxemburg Dec 2014 #37
I'd back either Warren or Sanders. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Dec 2014 #28
Senator Bernie Sanders would be my first choice. nt Ilsa Dec 2014 #29
Absolutely. Iggo Dec 2014 #31
Elizabeth or Bernie donco Dec 2014 #32
Yes. Warren DeMontague Dec 2014 #35
I'm provisionally holding out for Sanders (provided he, of course, changes his KingCharlemagne Dec 2014 #38
No. i am backing Hillary. hrmjustin Dec 2014 #39
I would vote for her in a heartbeat. Terra Alta Dec 2014 #40
I'm not jumping on any bandwagons yet dflprincess Dec 2014 #41
She'd be near the top of my list, but I still have some questions. BillZBubb Dec 2014 #42
yes helpmetohelpyou Dec 2014 #43
No, because I don't know enough about her positions Prophet 451 Dec 2014 #45
IIRC... MannyGoldstein Dec 2014 #46
That all sounds good Prophet 451 Dec 2014 #47
I like Bernie more, but Elizabeth can win... DemocraticWing Dec 2014 #48
No. joshcryer Dec 2014 #49
+1. That's been my strong impression too. Thanks for doing the homework! ucrdem Dec 2014 #51
You're right, that was being too harsh on PBO. joshcryer Dec 2014 #52
Pretty sure that her name, "Warren", only has 2 "r's" in it. Major Hogwash Dec 2014 #50
It is close but she may be a better senator than president. She has incredible knowledge and pampango Dec 2014 #53
I'll happily support her if she is nominated, but I'm leaning towards Schweitzer as of now (nt) Recursion Dec 2014 #54
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