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25. My take:
Wed Dec 10, 2014, 11:48 PM
Dec 2014

Republican Lincoln helped make Democrats of a lot of proponents of slavery and a lot of conservatives in other respects. (And also helped make African Americans Lincoln Republicans, like MLK, Sr and Senator Brooke of Massachusetts).

Ergo, the Democratic Party had a strong conservative streak from at least Lincoln forward, if not earlier. (Recall, Jefferson, a slave owner, is considered the father of the Party.)

Wallace and Thurmond are 20th Century examples of "Lincoln Democrats." (My little twist on Reagan Democrats.) And a lot of them began turning Republican after integration measures by FDR and Truman. The Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act, of course, began a more massive exodus.

Meanwhile, the strong conservative streak of the Democratic Party had always been struggling for more control of the Party. Wallace and Thurmond are examples of some old timers who were "Lincoln Democrats." (My little twist on Reagan Democrats.) And a lot of them began turning on the Democratic Party after integration measures by FDR and Truman. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 began a more massive exodus. It tried to move after McGovern lost, to institute super delegates and, in general, make the party less democratic. However, all it succeed in doing then officially was undoing the Democratic Party reforms that McGovern instituted. Still, it kept trying.

With Lee Atwater's help, Reagan used a lot of dog whistles as his Southern strategy. After "Reagan Democrats" and Mondale's loss, they did succeed in instituting Super Delegates, thereby making the Party less democratic. (A fair number of years later, the Republicans followed suit, but Democrats were by far the first to try to put mechanisms in place to overrule the outcomes of their own primaries, as I said, all the way back to McGovern.) (I think Lee Atwater's South

And that is about the time the DLC officially formed. If you look at the wiki of the DLC, you see the founding members were mostly white Southern males with Presidential aspirations, like Bubba, Gore and Warner, the most notable exceptions being Lieberman and Hillary.

The founding members didn't all end up running for President, but, at that time, all were considered to have that potential. And they wanted the Southern vote when they ran, especially their own states (which Gore could not carry, even with the New Democrat business). Or, maybe being raised in the South among conservatives, some of them did have a genuine fiscally conservative streak, too, quite apart from their personal ambitions. Either way, as I see it, that is how we got to the DLC and "pragmatic" Democrats, aka New Democrats.

I strongly agree with you about the yuppies. That crowd and their followers are the ones trying to tell us it's all about winning elections and only about winning elections. But I don't believe them. I think they share a lot of fiscal goals with the Republicans, but not the social goals. That simple.

Geez, maybe I should make this an OP somewhere

I fell for your thread a couple of weeks ago. Fool me once, shame on you. merrily Dec 2014 #1
HUH? diabeticman Dec 2014 #2
Ignore the trolls newfie11 Dec 2014 #9
I'm on board with your wife. Grey Dec 2014 #3
Oh, did your wife have an epiphany? vlyons Dec 2014 #4
She figured it was worse than what we had known. but all this info developed into this rant from diabeticman Dec 2014 #10
A population who believes in nothing is suseptible to someone who will tell you anything.... Spitfire of ATJ Dec 2014 #5
According to Mayer of the New Yorker, the Koch's planned the Tea Party in the 1980s. merrily Dec 2014 #7
A lot of these people will give a pittance to claim neutrality.... Spitfire of ATJ Dec 2014 #18
I am not sure. They gave as the DLC was getting started. What need did they merrily Dec 2014 #23
After the loss of Dukakis the Beltway began the "This is a Center/Right Country" myth.... Spitfire of ATJ Dec 2014 #24
My take: merrily Dec 2014 #25
"Geez, maybe I should make this an OP somewhere " Spitfire of ATJ Dec 2014 #26
No promises, either as to posting an OP or as to the video if I do, except: merrily Dec 2014 #27
Trust me, that video is classic DLC. Spitfire of ATJ Dec 2014 #29
It looked like animal cruelty and I don't have a strong stomach. But I do trust you. merrily Dec 2014 #30
If you are the same person who had been on the Mike Malloy board then UNN I diabeticman Dec 2014 #11
Hell, that's the kind of thing Mike would say,....in jest. Spitfire of ATJ Dec 2014 #16
sorry wasn't fully awake when I read it diabeticman Dec 2014 #17
I'm on my first cup of coffee too.... Spitfire of ATJ Dec 2014 #19
It's all in the plan Curtis Dec 2014 #6
They plan well, don't they? merrily Dec 2014 #8
Yes they do Curtis Dec 2014 #20
And, he probably knew only a fraction. merrily Dec 2014 #28
Your wife is correct. 99Forever Dec 2014 #12
Theres not going to be a 'shitstorm'. The USA is a segregated, divided country. Sunlei Dec 2014 #14
You keep right on telling yourself that. 99Forever Dec 2014 #21
must have been much worse then even what was 'officially reported'. Sunlei Dec 2014 #13
Good for her, she is right to connect the out of control police with the permissions they have been Bluenorthwest Dec 2014 #15
we are living in the era of corporate colonization. Javaman Dec 2014 #22
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