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Don't believe I've ever seen a group of people that can't get it through their heads... BlueJazz Nov 2014 #1
The worst part is that other people keep paying him for some "hot tips" world wide wally Nov 2014 #10
Little story. I knew a horse owner once. I'd go to the track once in a while with him. BlueJazz Nov 2014 #36
They understand things perfectly. RufusTFirefly Nov 2014 #18
thanks for that reddread Nov 2014 #20
Absolutely, Rufus. Once again, someone has saved me Jackpine Radical Nov 2014 #21
You're welcome. Don't get me started on Feinstein. RufusTFirefly Nov 2014 #29
What you say is true but as one other poster pointed out, if things get TOO worse, the rich will ... BlueJazz Nov 2014 #35
Pretty much the plan I'd say madokie Nov 2014 #2
GOP will also dissolve USPS, Social Security and Medicare - privatize it all. Triana Nov 2014 #3
Discussed politics over holiday with family and friends abelenkpe Nov 2014 #4
If the Democratic Party and their leaders, and Dems in office remain as clueless ... Triana Nov 2014 #5
Complicit, not clueless. woo me with science Nov 2014 #7
I think you nailed it. jalan48 Nov 2014 #17
Nailed it. djean111 Nov 2014 #19
Agreed..... paleotn Nov 2014 #23
Yep, you nailed it woo. Thanks. Scuba Nov 2014 #37
That was exactly what they were talking about abelenkpe Nov 2014 #27
as Grover Norquist said, elleng Nov 2014 #6
Ayn Rand is winning vlyons Nov 2014 #8
I'm afraid of Americans Mika Nov 2014 #9
Yes, and what they do in the USA will be done to the world. jwirr Nov 2014 #11
The GOP want's to do to America what Mitt Romney does to corporations. Put them in debt rhett o rick Nov 2014 #12
He likes firing people that work for him you know. lonestarnot Nov 2014 #13
"Put is in debt and steal our resources." (12) That really really nails it !!!!!!!!! Maineman Nov 2014 #24
We've seen this tactic before- Snarkoleptic Nov 2014 #31
They want Private Corporate Rule libodem Nov 2014 #14
Government of, by and for the 1% Snarkoleptic Nov 2014 #32
It's all part of the GOP Shock Doctrine playbook. nt SunSeeker Nov 2014 #15
It is the Shock Doctrine brought to the US. greatlaurel Nov 2014 #16
Meanwhile, the banks have virtually cornered the market in physical commodities hedda_foil Nov 2014 #38
Huge budget deficits ARE ESSENTIAL to their agenda Martin Eden Nov 2014 #22
With a purpose tooeyeten Nov 2014 #25
Of course. They claim the country is broke so the 1% will put their money in the stock market.... Spitfire of ATJ Nov 2014 #26
It's all broken already... sendero Nov 2014 #28
Wish I could rip your OP apart, but its main assertions are as accurate and true as the gospels indepat Nov 2014 #30
Is the tea party dead or in hybernation til the next Dem POTUS? SleeplessinSoCal Nov 2014 #33
Ayn Rand is winning vlyons Nov 2014 #34
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