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5. They wouldn't treat a white POTUS that way.
Thu Nov 27, 2014, 02:37 PM
Nov 2014

The GOP is full of sick people that enjoy being cruel.

Yes shenmue Nov 2014 #1
k&R.. spanone Nov 2014 #2
Eh, it would only result in the Republicans looking petty . . . Journeyman Nov 2014 #3
Just post it online. former9thward Nov 2014 #13
No more so than towards Bush, and not much more than towards Clinton. You just notice it more. Donald Ian Rankin Nov 2014 #4
They're threatening to ban a sitting President from giving the SOTU... BklnDem75 Nov 2014 #7
DUers want Bush impeached for war crimes, if it comes to that. Donald Ian Rankin Nov 2014 #11
The "justifications" is the issue. To ban Obama from a STOTU address for Presidenting while black? Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #14
I think it's "while liberal" - that's the issue - remember the impeachment of Clinton. N.T. Donald Ian Rankin Nov 2014 #21
The fuck it is, it is racial prejudice mixed in with the liberal, did you just wake up? Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #24
From Jefferson to Wilson, the annual address was presented in written form. . . Journeyman Nov 2014 #27
Again, this is Congress we are talking about quit distracting with the DU narrative. Rex Nov 2014 #17
Posters on an Internet forum vs elected officials. NYC Liberal Nov 2014 #29
You're wrong. The manifestations ARE materially different. Martin Eden Nov 2014 #34
No one is threatening to ban him from the SOTU. former9thward Nov 2014 #16
The National Review is not DU, it actually has some influence over the GOP. Rex Nov 2014 #20
Who in Congress is saying this? former9thward Nov 2014 #23
Here you go: Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #26
The link did not name one person. former9thward Nov 2014 #28
way more than clinton...and bush noiretextatique Nov 2014 #35
They wouldn't treat a white POTUS that way. Rex Nov 2014 #5
right here on DU GW Bush was routinely reviled as being a chimpanzee, chimperor etc along with msongs Nov 2014 #6
I'm talking about Congress. Rex Nov 2014 #8
Congress is now depicting Obama that way, see the difference? Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #15
Congress is? former9thward Nov 2014 #19
For fucks sake, it was rhetorical, regarding why they many not allow his SOTU...clear now? Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #22
Yes, the thread is rhetorical. former9thward Nov 2014 #25
thats because is his a chimp olddots Nov 2014 #30
Obama didn't start two wars for the purpose of obscene profits. Initech Nov 2014 #31
Except Bill Clinton AgingAmerican Nov 2014 #10
He was stabbed in the back by his own party. Rex Nov 2014 #12
Had they thought of it, they would have done it AgingAmerican Nov 2014 #36
there is no surprise there samsingh Nov 2014 #9
Controlled for about 3 weeks...that control? And remember Liebermann? I remember. Fred Sanders Nov 2014 #18
good point. But Obama had a mandate for change samsingh Nov 2014 #32
I think there hasn't been this much hatred for a president since Lincoln. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #33
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