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Which white people are 'preparing for war'? nt B2G Nov 2014 #1
Missourii, endless examples of this closing and that closing and the KKK saying they randys1 Nov 2014 #2
KKK = all whites? Nuclear Unicorn Nov 2014 #4
I fixed, so many white people randys1 Nov 2014 #6
#NotAllWhitePeople ... 1StrongBlackMan Nov 2014 #151
LOL mwrguy Nov 2014 #357
Just a few bad apples CreekDog Nov 2014 #360
Yes. n/t ieoeja Nov 2014 #39
Yes, the KKK is all white CreekDog Nov 2014 #358
Why wouldn't they close? B2G Nov 2014 #15
Why would you have Bounce House at a birthday party if you didn't expect kids to play in it? Atman Nov 2014 #201
Brilliant malaise Nov 2014 #220
+2 nomorenomore08 Nov 2014 #234
Or maybe they just don't want to be victims if things do get out of hand. rudolph the red Nov 2014 #255
Boom! Brilliant. eom. Raine1967 Nov 2014 #256
Yep. Like survivalists who get a woody thinking about the day when they can GoneFishin Nov 2014 #304
+1 840high Nov 2014 #277
The Hype DustyJoe Nov 2014 #98
Pls do some research on the original Black Panther Party brush Nov 2014 #164
What you say is true. Boudica the Lyoness Nov 2014 #284
Hmmm Sneak the freak Nov 2014 #305
Meaning what? brush Nov 2014 #308
FYI, the so-called New Black Panthers have been denounced as frauds by real former Panthers. nomorenomore08 Nov 2014 #235
KKK: a few dozen? Raine1967 Nov 2014 #258
more than a few racists heaven05 Nov 2014 #388
Defense is proof of guilt? Nuclear Unicorn Nov 2014 #3
Definitely! The police turned this into a nightmare by how they handled the protests. The police RKP5637 Nov 2014 #25
What happened first? B2G Nov 2014 #27
Its fun how above you say not all white people, then... JaneyVee Nov 2014 #38
Where did I say *all* protesters were responsible? nt B2G Nov 2014 #44
Antagonism came first IMO. n/t RKP5637 Nov 2014 #46
What happened first was an 18 yr old kid on his way college was executed for jaywalking randys1 Nov 2014 #55
I guess this whole Grand Jury thing B2G Nov 2014 #57
The way DA McCulloch has conducted the Grand Jury has turned the KingCharlemagne Nov 2014 #116
IMO? Most definitely. But it was nice Kabuki theater for the militarized police force BlueCaliDem Nov 2014 #124
They haven't even released a verdict yet B2G Nov 2014 #130
No, I don't think 'they' do. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Nov 2014 #218
Bullshit Boudica the Lyoness Nov 2014 #264
You share the same facts as another guy. bravenak Nov 2014 #265
I don't care who shares the same facts as I do. Boudica the Lyoness Nov 2014 #269
It's not Fox. bravenak Nov 2014 #270
I haven't watch The Young Turks for ages. Boudica the Lyoness Nov 2014 #271
The were dissecting a clip. bravenak Nov 2014 #272
Okay I understand. Boudica the Lyoness Nov 2014 #278
Facts always get in the way H. Cromwell Nov 2014 #266
nice namesake heaven05 Nov 2014 #390
Now it's your turn to do some research brush Nov 2014 #290
I was gonna reply to this crap... BklnDem75 Nov 2014 #297
good catch! kwassa Nov 2014 #336
great catch!! heaven05 Nov 2014 #391
the lyoness has no teeth heaven05 Nov 2014 #389
This message was self-deleted by its author Drayden Nov 2014 #397
Arresting reporters? CreekDog Nov 2014 #375
they didn't answer that one heaven05 Nov 2014 #387
With some of those white people... atreides1 Nov 2014 #5
This message was self-deleted by its author NCTraveler Nov 2014 #7
Not guilty is all you ever get from the legal system, not sure what that has to do with randys1 Nov 2014 #9
This message was self-deleted by its author NCTraveler Nov 2014 #13
There are more than newblewtoo Nov 2014 #8
They are DYING to go to war, especially now of the immigration deal as well randys1 Nov 2014 #12
A lot of White people here seem alarmed by the accusation... tenderfoot Nov 2014 #10
Yep, and to be honest that is not the reason I said it, i did forget that there are TONS randys1 Nov 2014 #18
Not to be confused with those who apparently assume people of color will be Nuclear Unicorn Nov 2014 #32
"TENS OF MILLIONS OF VICIOUS RACIST WHITE PEOPLE IN AMERICA" are "not to be confused with those..." ieoeja Nov 2014 #41
And there are white people who know there are tens of millions of vicious white racist and are freshwest Nov 2014 #291
I dunno about *tens of millions* of VICIOUS racists.....(note the caps, please) AverageJoe90 Nov 2014 #342
Anyone that supports what the GOP/Libertarian/Teas want by voting for them, is VICIOUS. freshwest Nov 2014 #351
excellent response! heaven05 Nov 2014 #393
There was no denial in what I wrote. nt AverageJoe90 Nov 2014 #404
WTF is a casual racist???? heaven05 Nov 2014 #392
Isn't that a complete non-sequitur? Donald Ian Rankin Nov 2014 #11
jesus christ randys1 Nov 2014 #14
Actually it is much more likely that people who think he was guilty will peacefully protest Cal Carpenter Nov 2014 #204
Violent response from the police, national guard gollygee Nov 2014 #294
I am now in a position to say "I told you so". Donald Ian Rankin Nov 2014 #425
Fear fueled by the media and the state helpmetohelpyou Nov 2014 #16
I changed it from all to many randys1 Nov 2014 #19
black people cannot be racists heaven05 Nov 2014 #394
So people preparing for the POSSIBILITY of civil unrest Lurks Often Nov 2014 #17
And we wonder why we have a race problem in America randys1 Nov 2014 #20
Probably because of thinking like that of your original OP. nt B2G Nov 2014 #23
OMG and you are a Democrat REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????? randys1 Nov 2014 #58
Are Democrats against the rule of law? B2G Nov 2014 #59
You are the one who accused ME of racism...you are in the wrong place, seriously randys1 Nov 2014 #61
You are the one who keeps bringing up race. NaturalHigh Nov 2014 #64
That seems to be so. AverageJoe90 Nov 2014 #420
Then why are *you* having to defend yourself B2G Nov 2014 #65
Just the same couple who the rest of us understand...we know who you are...we get it randys1 Nov 2014 #66
now look who's flinging shit... ProdigalJunkMail Nov 2014 #91
You don't understand doo-doo. 840high Nov 2014 #279
still trying to blame the victim(s) heaven05 Nov 2014 #396
Can't decide if you are shockingly naive or just ignorant of past history Lurks Often Nov 2014 #24
This, exactly. B2G Nov 2014 #26
Amen DustyJoe Nov 2014 #109
there you go again heaven05 Nov 2014 #398
And we wonder why we have a race problem in America , uh huh randys1 Nov 2014 #52
What "truth" are you telling here? NaturalHigh Nov 2014 #62
Oops, sorry, I thought there was still massive and violent racism in America randys1 Nov 2014 #68
Oh boy. NaturalHigh Nov 2014 #74
Flamebait my ASS I didnt even think a board of ALLEGED liberals would do anything randys1 Nov 2014 #77
I have no intention of reporting you or trying to get you banned? NaturalHigh Nov 2014 #82
How can you be a democrat and not like most of what I post, I honest to god am randys1 Nov 2014 #85
So to be a good democrat, in your eyes, we have to agree with you? GGJohn Nov 2014 #88
No, since my positions are identical to liberal positioins, you have to agree with liberal positions randys1 Nov 2014 #92
IOW, if one doesn't agree with your version of what a liberal is, all others are something else? GGJohn Nov 2014 #97
How can you claim to hold a liberal position if you're OP implies whites are arming themselves Nuclear Unicorn Nov 2014 #115
THEY are the ones ASSUMING Black people are going to be violent NOT ME, that is the whole point randys1 Nov 2014 #117
But you claimed it is evidence of guilt (not explained: how civilians are culpable for police acts). Nuclear Unicorn Nov 2014 #163
Ah, call me a racist again, I feel like I am on a rightwing site again....weird randys1 Nov 2014 #166
Fair is fair, GGJohn Nov 2014 #170
The entire first wave of your thread was you peddling the assertion that whites are buying guns. Nuclear Unicorn Nov 2014 #171
Show me one place where i mentioned guns, let alone what you allege here... randys1 Nov 2014 #174
Then what is this "preparing for war" nonsense you keep peddling? Nuclear Unicorn Nov 2014 #184
yikes heaven05 Nov 2014 #418
How many millions does heaven05 Nov 2014 #403
"How many millions does it take to vote racist..." Nuclear Unicorn Nov 2014 #407
that's rich heaven05 Nov 2014 #409
It's really not hard. NaturalHigh Nov 2014 #89
"How can you be a democrat and not like most of what I post, I honest to god am simply and totally rudolph the red Nov 2014 #263
I agree Munificence Nov 2014 #306
What racist remarks, other than his, were made here? GGJohn Nov 2014 #313
I get plenty of racist remarks on here. bravenak Nov 2014 #314
I'm not trying to bait anyone, GGJohn Nov 2014 #315
That is baiting. bravenak Nov 2014 #317
No, it's not, and I certainly don't need an education on racism. GGJohn Nov 2014 #318
I do not wear blinders. bravenak Nov 2014 #319
How do you know he's white? GGJohn Nov 2014 #320
We are Facebook friends. bravenak Nov 2014 #321
That doesn't change the fact that his posts have been racist. GGJohn Nov 2014 #322
That's fine. bravenak Nov 2014 #323
Here JonLP24 Nov 2014 #350
Wow. n/t gollygee Nov 2014 #356
it would seem that YOU have the race problem here ProdigalJunkMail Nov 2014 #99
Are you starting to see why so many black and brown posters have left this web site? Number23 Nov 2014 #191
PREACH IT!!!!!!! bravenak Nov 2014 #194
Yes, there is an endless line of alleged liberals here calling me the racist...I know why you randys1 Nov 2014 #196
Alleged liberals? GGJohn Nov 2014 #200
So if I am so terribly wrong, why not ask ANY African American on this board or ANYWHERE on the randys1 Nov 2014 #205
So only AA's can define what a true liberal is? GGJohn Nov 2014 #208
No no no no no you dont, about my OP and the reason why so many of you are SO ENRAGED randys1 Nov 2014 #209
Who's enraged? GGJohn Nov 2014 #211
LOL oh god, you have to see this shit to believe it... randys1 Nov 2014 #212
Yeah, right, GGJohn Nov 2014 #217
Amazing how people just assume you are talking about them by bringing up something totally Rex Nov 2014 #233
Enraged? LOL... NaturalHigh Nov 2014 #311
You're not wrong heaven05 Nov 2014 #410
Well, alot of the black posters here deduced LOOOOONG ago that when it comes to race issues Number23 Nov 2014 #210
I am the one getting an education, I am sincerely surprised by how many react this way. randys1 Nov 2014 #214
I have not ever heaven05 Nov 2014 #411
I'm sure you won't 840high Nov 2014 #281
? Bobbie Jo Nov 2014 #316
Your concern is noted. arcane1 Nov 2014 #326
Look at all the attention. Who would expect you to stop? WCLinolVir Nov 2014 #361
The OP doesn't actually say white people are preparing for war. ZombieHorde Nov 2014 #373
Yes, after he edited it. NaturalHigh Nov 2014 #376
Post edits don't seem to show up for me anymore. ZombieHorde Nov 2014 #377
Good question. I'm not sure. NaturalHigh Nov 2014 #378
If a post is edited within a certain amount of time AgingAmerican Nov 2014 #379
Cool. Thanks. nt ZombieHorde Nov 2014 #384
Some white people around ferguson heaven05 Nov 2014 #416
how can you miss the heaven05 Nov 2014 #399
What the hell are you talking about? GGJohn Nov 2014 #72
sigh randys1 Nov 2014 #73
Yeah, sigh exactly. GGJohn Nov 2014 #75
Of course, i have had posts hidden anytime I point out the racism of white people in an randys1 Nov 2014 #76
Yeah, I can understand why you get posts hidden. GGJohn Nov 2014 #79
No shit, a white guy talking about the tens of millions of white racists in America randys1 Nov 2014 #81
WOW!!!! GGJohn Nov 2014 #90
"(O)nly a white person can be racist in USA"... NaturalHigh Nov 2014 #96
And we have concluded the lesson for today folks...I swear to god this is the EXACT response I randys1 Nov 2014 #101
No your posts won't change my mind. NaturalHigh Nov 2014 #120
Wish I could say the same, my hope was at least half of this country could stop with this shit randys1 Nov 2014 #125
"I swear to god this is the EXACT response I get on rightwing boards." Number23 Nov 2014 #197
Do you believe in the myth of reverse racism? LeftOfWest Nov 2014 #104
You've confused them for people who can read... Oktober Nov 2014 #110
if you believe racism to be purely institutional, then no ProdigalJunkMail Nov 2014 #113
That cuts against what the 21st century social scientists have settled on ... 1StrongBlackMan Nov 2014 #177
then the definition needs to be changed ProdigalJunkMail Nov 2014 #185
The definitions HAVE been changed in academia ... 1StrongBlackMan Nov 2014 #189
well, Clark didn't change the definition... ProdigalJunkMail Nov 2014 #203
Well ... 1StrongBlackMan Nov 2014 #213
racism is not only institutional... ProdigalJunkMail Nov 2014 #216
Yeah, ok. ... 1StrongBlackMan Nov 2014 #230
no... not even close ProdigalJunkMail Nov 2014 #236
Institutionally and culturally empowered bigotry is a very real thing. Bluenorthwest Nov 2014 #219
I agree .. 1StrongBlackMan Nov 2014 #231
Definition of racism from the ADL: NaturalHigh Nov 2014 #353
The ADL ... 1StrongBlackMan Nov 2014 #355
Not all social scientists follow your definition AgingAmerican Nov 2014 #381
Perhaps you noticed ... 1StrongBlackMan Nov 2014 #382
Racism is racism... NaturalHigh Nov 2014 #127
And that's how you arrive at the twisted logic whereby protesting racism becomes "racist" in itself. nomorenomore08 Nov 2014 #237
I'm sorry, but no. AverageJoe90 Nov 2014 #339
Acknowledging (and calling out) injustice is *not* self-loathing. I won't stand for that. nomorenomore08 Nov 2014 #343
I'm afraid you misunderstood what I was getting at. AverageJoe90 Nov 2014 #345
And I think you may have misunderstood Randy's comments. See my post #261. nomorenomore08 Nov 2014 #347
I'm afraid there was no misunderstanding on my part: Randy seems to have meant what he said. AverageJoe90 Nov 2014 #348
WRONG!!!!!!! heaven05 Nov 2014 #402
Art imitates life and life, art sometimes. Anansi1171 Nov 2014 #229
Not only is it all right for some apparently, they are using the handful of whites who have been Number23 Nov 2014 #280
You are right. I was in LA in the aftermath and... Anansi1171 Nov 2014 #287
"Reverse racism" is indeed nonexistent..... AverageJoe90 Nov 2014 #349
That's right ... 1StrongBlackMan Nov 2014 #169
And that post was apparently allowed to stand. AverageJoe90 Nov 2014 #334
, only a white person can be racist in 840high Nov 2014 #282
Yes, actually. kwassa Nov 2014 #288
I don't know how many times I have stated ... 1StrongBlackMan Nov 2014 #298
This is actually a typical DU cycle. kwassa Nov 2014 #324
Sad to say, but I've run into a few nasty black racists in particular, myself. AverageJoe90 Nov 2014 #337
I bet you have XemaSab Nov 2014 #352
Oh gee, I'm afraid black people cannot be racist heaven05 Nov 2014 #401
You are entitled to your own opinion.....but not your own facts, amigo. AverageJoe90 Nov 2014 #406
I know your position heaven05 Nov 2014 #408
Sure, right.....and I'm Richard Nixon's long-lost grandson. AverageJoe90 Nov 2014 #419
right heaven05 Nov 2014 #421
I was being sarcastic, dude. AverageJoe90 Nov 2014 #422
I can understand heaven05 Nov 2014 #412
oh please heaven05 Nov 2014 #400
You do know cwydro Nov 2014 #103
What I know is all segments of white America in MO are promoting violence by saying there will randys1 Nov 2014 #106
ALL segments ? cwydro Nov 2014 #160
I have not heard heaven05 Nov 2014 #423
So is " And we wonder why we have a race problem in America" your canned Lurks Often Nov 2014 #149
Oh it's clear WHY heaven05 Nov 2014 #424
Yes... beevul Nov 2014 #383
Sad, but damn true. AverageJoe90 Nov 2014 #330
A huge contributor to race problems in the US... Oktober Nov 2014 #100
Exactly what I hear from rightwingers on rightwing message boards EXACTLY the same randys1 Nov 2014 #102
No, that's what you hear when people say something that doesn't make sense... Oktober Nov 2014 #108
What I see are tons of white people RUNNING to attack me because I told the truth about other white randys1 Nov 2014 #114
It's no fun to play... Oktober Nov 2014 #122
Some people are preparing to commit violence, others to defend themselves from violence. Captain Stern Nov 2014 #296
I don't understand your logic here at all, rudolph the red Nov 2014 #354
Yup. nt cwydro Nov 2014 #267
nope, fact no hyperbole heaven05 Nov 2014 #395
For the same reason they DON'T prepare for war when a championship game is being played in town. nt Ykcutnek Nov 2014 #21
uh huh randys1 Nov 2014 #22
You have drawn out the Gungeoneers and Preppers from the depths , have you got the secret pkdu Nov 2014 #28
If you owned a business in Furgeson B2G Nov 2014 #30
Closing to join the people in the streets. Ykcutnek Nov 2014 #31
Hope you have good insurance. nt B2G Nov 2014 #33
You have to have decent insurance to run a business. Fires happen even without riots. bravenak Nov 2014 #67
Why are you assuming this is 'white property' we're talking about? B2G Nov 2014 #71
Most of the business are not owned by the people living in the neighborhood. bravenak Nov 2014 #78
The residents disagree. B2G Nov 2014 #84
Disagree with what? bravenak Nov 2014 #107
He's not a resident of Ferguson B2G Nov 2014 #111
And there are too many shootings of young black men by cops to gloss over. bravenak Nov 2014 #126
So you support violence? cwydro Nov 2014 #133
Where did I say that? bravenak Nov 2014 #138
Do *you* support violence (so long as the victims are black males)? nomorenomore08 Nov 2014 #240
Who wrote that poem? nt awoke_in_2003 Nov 2014 #172
Me. bravenak Nov 2014 #176
Wow- are you published? awoke_in_2003 Nov 2014 #186
I sent it in to a publisher but I don't like the company and may not publish it with them. bravenak Nov 2014 #192
SheShe was right... awoke_in_2003 Nov 2014 #195
She usually is... bravenak Nov 2014 #198
That is very well written Dragonfli Nov 2014 #206
Thank you very much. bravenak Nov 2014 #207
Lamenting the fact that I couldn't even spell my own towns name? pkdu Nov 2014 #36
Put a table out front and hand out hot coffee. n/t ieoeja Nov 2014 #42
I would be preparing for the worse! n/t RKP5637 Nov 2014 #48
Inviting protesters into my business\home for hot drinks and warm-up space and to KingCharlemagne Nov 2014 #129
Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice savalez Nov 2014 #49
. hrmjustin Nov 2014 #137
Ferguson seems to have become the epicenter of so much that has gone so incredibly wrong Rhiannon12866 Nov 2014 #29
+1 nt Live and Learn Nov 2014 #34
Thanks! Rhiannon12866 Nov 2014 #35
Yup. savalez Nov 2014 #50
What ever happened to the guy who stole the two drinks Rhiannon12866 Nov 2014 #63
never heard of it TorchTheWitch Nov 2014 #243
You may have missed this one, it was in August. bravenak Nov 2014 #252
Thank you! That was it! Rhiannon12866 Nov 2014 #260
It was so hard to watch. bravenak Nov 2014 #262
I felt the same way. And initially they showed it over and over. Rhiannon12866 Nov 2014 #274
are you sure this is the same one? TorchTheWitch Nov 2014 #275
This is that case. bravenak Nov 2014 #283
ok, so what's this about some two stolen drinks? n/t TorchTheWitch Nov 2014 #293
He put then down on the ground in the beginning. bravenak Nov 2014 #309
tasers often don't work TorchTheWitch Nov 2014 #325
You must be white, middle class and in a town where the police resemble you. bravenak Nov 2014 #327
geez heaven05 Nov 2014 #413
It happened in St. Louis after Michael Brown was killed Rhiannon12866 Nov 2014 #257
I see it as that also, the buildup of a lot of things coming to a head there. It rarely is about uppityperson Nov 2014 #134
Because many see a world where a white cop can shoot a black teenager without repricussion Agnosticsherbet Nov 2014 #37
Pretty damned insightful, imho. Hat tip! - nt KingCharlemagne Nov 2014 #132
+2 nomorenomore08 Nov 2014 #241
Because the street mobs have been violent? Wella Nov 2014 #40
You mean the 'street mobs of cops' have been violent, right? - nt KingCharlemagne Nov 2014 #136
One doesn't excuse the other. GGJohn Nov 2014 #145
Nope. Wella Nov 2014 #202
My, aren't you precious? No links or nothin', just bald-faced KingCharlemagne Nov 2014 #215
Nothing unsupported. All out there in the media. But if you want links: Wella Nov 2014 #289
You are so predictable it's almost laughable with your rt.com and dailymail links. You KingCharlemagne Nov 2014 #292
There are no conservative websites in my links at all. All mainstream sources Wella Nov 2014 #331
I'm just glad that al-jazeera heaven05 Nov 2014 #417
That's what they want, and have armed up for and been training for all these years. Hoyt Nov 2014 #43
RAHOWA. Some people have been waiting for this for decades. SolutionisSolidarity Nov 2014 #47
If he's innocent he'll be found guilty in a trial The Blue Flower Nov 2014 #45
There will be NO trial if the GJ doesnt indict, what we want is a TRIAL randys1 Nov 2014 #60
Yes The Blue Flower Nov 2014 #69
Yes, and think of how bad we have racism in america if 99% of all republicans are racist and randys1 Nov 2014 #70
I think it's something else... BklnDem75 Nov 2014 #303
Let me see if I can lay this out for you. NaturalHigh Nov 2014 #51
OH gee, thanks so much for educating me... LOL randys1 Nov 2014 #53
You're welcome Randy. I do what I can. NaturalHigh Nov 2014 #56
Will you and the rest of the preppers apologize when nothing happens? Hoyt Nov 2014 #80
Prepper? NaturalHigh Nov 2014 #86
If the masses of East St. Louis (Illinois) decide to engage in solidarity with KingCharlemagne Nov 2014 #139
YOU cannot educate anyone heaven05 Nov 2014 #414
Just my opinion but I think a lot of people upaloopa Nov 2014 #54
Well said. I agree. nomorenomore08 Nov 2014 #242
What are you going on about? Oktober Nov 2014 #83
The hell to pay is a LONG LONG LONG LONG time coming, I said IF HE IS SO INNOCENT randys1 Nov 2014 #87
You are making zero sense. nt B2G Nov 2014 #94
You betc,i just imagined the VAST VAST racism IN THIS country and one could say even in this thread randys1 Nov 2014 #95
Now your just lying about racism in this thread. GGJohn Nov 2014 #112
Show me the lie randys1 Nov 2014 #119
You made the accusation, GGJohn Nov 2014 #131
Dear god...you have GOT to be kidding me...First of all, ALL white americans are racists even randys1 Nov 2014 #135
Calling something racist is worse that being racist to some folks. bravenak Nov 2014 #140
You would think I'd have learned my lesson by now LOL randys1 Nov 2014 #141
I want a pm if you win the lottery and get him here. bravenak Nov 2014 #146
I have the Godfather show on my DVR and when I get depressed I watch that or some Carlin randys1 Nov 2014 #148
I do that with Bernie Mac. bravenak Nov 2014 #159
Broad City, got it...making a note now randys1 Nov 2014 #165
I missed Jesus is Black!! bravenak Nov 2014 #178
you guys or gals aint paying me enough to write these truthful threads about all the white randys1 Nov 2014 #180
You said truthful thread? GGJohn Nov 2014 #181
LOL!!! bravenak Nov 2014 #183
Oh my god! JustAnotherGen Nov 2014 #221
I am not kidding either, I would do it. Then I would go to FXX and pitch a sitcom randys1 Nov 2014 #222
Oh that would be brilliant! JustAnotherGen Nov 2014 #228
Maybe but you have to admit that Wayne Brady on Chappelle was some of the funniest shit ever. TheKentuckian Nov 2014 #300
Oh I looooved that! N/t JustAnotherGen Nov 2014 #312
I'll contribute to the fund, seriously! That would be epic. nomorenomore08 Nov 2014 #244
The only racism I see in this thread making racist comments is you. GGJohn Nov 2014 #143
Yeah, accusations of racism are *so* much worse than teenagers being gunned down in the street... nomorenomore08 Nov 2014 #245
And I never said it wasn't, but that doesn't change the fact of my post. GGJohn Nov 2014 #249
Just asking for a little perspective and sense of proportion here, that's all. nomorenomore08 Nov 2014 #251
Any kid gunned down and left on the street all day is a tragedy, no matter who is responsible. GGJohn Nov 2014 #253
It's not that everyone is bigoted, individually. I'm pretty sure that isn't what he was saying. nomorenomore08 Nov 2014 #261
Well, that's not the way he came across, GGJohn Nov 2014 #276
Post removed Post removed Nov 2014 #152
Good job, when you cant refute my statement of fact about white people promoting violence and randys1 Nov 2014 #154
I see at least a dozen.. Oktober Nov 2014 #157
So the white community and institutions of MO arent promoting violence and preparing for same randys1 Nov 2014 #162
Do you have the links proving that the "white community" is promoting violence? GGJohn Nov 2014 #167
You mean like the Gov going on TV talking about why he thinks he needs the National Guard? randys1 Nov 2014 #173
That's not promoting violence, that's preparing for the unlikely event that some extremist GGJohn Nov 2014 #175
Do you read what you write ? Oktober Nov 2014 #168
Why would we need to rufute such a ridiculous thread? GGJohn Nov 2014 #161
Randy, there is so much utterly wrong with this post....... AverageJoe90 Nov 2014 #332
Still waiting to see where I lied about racism randys1 Nov 2014 #121
"All white Americans are racists", for one. AverageJoe90 Nov 2014 #333
Drinking and posting... Rarely a satisfying combination... Oktober Nov 2014 #118
The reason you are getting a reaction is because it makes no sense... Oktober Nov 2014 #105
I assume he means fellow white people. And I would be happy to play my part in that. n/t nomorenomore08 Nov 2014 #246
uh... k2qb3 Nov 2014 #142
How many protesters set fires? How many stores got set on fire? raging moderate Nov 2014 #93
Oh, well we know the ones who caused damage were very limited in number and mostly from randys1 Nov 2014 #128
Because the reported news makes it sound they should ctaylors6 Nov 2014 #123
your OP does not really hold up to a logical inspection. eom yawnmaster Nov 2014 #144
looking for logic ProdigalJunkMail Nov 2014 #147
yet logic will be waiting when one is ready. eom yawnmaster Nov 2014 #150
if you were a true liberal Enrique Nov 2014 #179
a strong foundation is powered by logical and rational thought. emotional foundations are shaky. eo yawnmaster Nov 2014 #193
you are right heaven05 Nov 2014 #415
Conservative whites fear the reaction of an enraged black populace if the Grand Jury fails to indict Algernon Moncrieff Nov 2014 #153
Yep... randys1 Nov 2014 #158
+100 nomorenomore08 Nov 2014 #247
This is the kind of thread that gets a screenshot and gets played on the news as a sure sign... Oktober Nov 2014 #155
If this was happening to white people gwheezie Nov 2014 #156
Thank you, I am informed and a better person for your post... randys1 Nov 2014 #190
OP of the FREAKING year Number23 Nov 2014 #182
I knew you would like it randys1 Nov 2014 #188
I'm hoping they indict the cop. HappyMe Nov 2014 #187
boy do I hope I am wrong, I sure hope they indict the punk...fingers crossed randys1 Nov 2014 #199
Looking at the replies, I think you are spot on. Rex Nov 2014 #223
Thanks, and like I said the funny thing is I wasnt looking for that response HERE randys1 Nov 2014 #225
I am glad you made this thread, somebody needed to say it. Rex Nov 2014 #227
I dunno, lemme ask Reginald Denny.... Fla_Democrat Nov 2014 #224
The one who was saved by a Black man? The one who did NOT blame the Black community? randys1 Nov 2014 #226
Yep, that one. nomorenomore08 Nov 2014 #248
Saved from........... Fla_Democrat Nov 2014 #254
I'll have to rec your thread gollygee Nov 2014 #232
Well, he ain't pissing me off, and I seriously doubt he's pissing anyone else her off, GGJohn Nov 2014 #239
How do 'they' know what happened? maced666 Nov 2014 #238
They always seem to make snap decisions based on their own fears and stereotypes, in these cases. nomorenomore08 Nov 2014 #250
Gun shops in the area swamped with new purchasers Erich Bloodaxe BSN Nov 2014 #259
Um, have you watched the movies made in the thirties? raging moderate Nov 2014 #268
Well, I suppose this ... 1StrongBlackMan Nov 2014 #301
What a provocative post badtoworse Nov 2014 #273
I would try to protect 840high Nov 2014 #285
If I thought that my family NOLALady Nov 2014 #359
I heard that on the RW media a lot after Katrina. rudolph the red Nov 2014 #363
It seems to me that NOLALady Nov 2014 #366
kick Blue_Tires Nov 2014 #286
I agree that this OP is racist flamebait. Quantess Nov 2014 #295
Ditto. cwydro Nov 2014 #299
Seem to be lots of outside agitators ctaylors6 Nov 2014 #302
This message was self-deleted by its author Corruption Inc Nov 2014 #307
I suppose you missed history class. bravenak Nov 2014 #310
My (white) parents cwydro Nov 2014 #338
Who said ALL? bravenak Nov 2014 #340
You pretty much said ALL white people. (no text) Quantess Nov 2014 #365
I don't 'pretty much' say anything. bravenak Nov 2014 #367
You mean ALL white people, then? Quantess Nov 2014 #368
No. I do not mean that. If I did I would have said so straight out. bravenak Nov 2014 #369
I repeat, this OP is racist flamebait. Quantess Nov 2014 #370
Ok. bravenak Nov 2014 #371
no it isn't heaven05 Nov 2014 #386
I might add: These certain kinds of generalizations aren't *just* tiresome..... AverageJoe90 Nov 2014 #341
White people, in general, are racist, you say. Quantess Nov 2014 #344
Where did I say that. bravenak Nov 2014 #346
I don't think Wilson's guilt or innocence is more than an excuse. PDJane Nov 2014 #328
Some particularly awful white folks just want an excuse to beat on, or worse, "them culluds". AverageJoe90 Nov 2014 #329
Once we know the answer to this, we'll know everything... Blue_Tires Nov 2014 #335
They all know Wilson is guilty. They just want him DECLARED not guilty. nt kelliekat44 Nov 2014 #362
easy question Droning Predator Nov 2014 #364
I see the situation as a fear of black people, ZombieHorde Nov 2014 #372
Non sequitur. Orsino Nov 2014 #374
they know that grand jury will not indict noiretextatique Nov 2014 #380
how did I miss this one? heaven05 Nov 2014 #385
'White people' ask not to be lumped together. maced666 Nov 2014 #405
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