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Have to admit to being leftynyc Nov 2014 #1
Me too. Enthusiast Nov 2014 #4
I bet folks would be more surprised if they did a google image search snooper2 Nov 2014 #6
WOW! New Deal Dave Nov 2014 #48
It was a black woman, Ms. Toad Nov 2014 #8
Perfect sense. hifiguy Nov 2014 #13
Yep, and she deserved to lose her job n/t SickOfTheOnePct Nov 2014 #15
I just suspect that the response would not have been Ms. Toad Nov 2014 #16
I disagree SickOfTheOnePct Nov 2014 #18
Any particular reason you believe that? Ms. Toad Nov 2014 #45
I believe the school board SickOfTheOnePct Nov 2014 #46
Good lord AnalystInParadise Nov 2014 #53
Let's see. Ms. Toad Nov 2014 #67
I agree Toad. I'm kinda surprised folks think a white teacher posting about "Thugs" would be fired. Hoyt Nov 2014 #76
Thugs does not necessarily refer to African Americans... Oktober Nov 2014 #77
It does when right wingers use it to apply to Ferguson protesters and the murdered kid. Hoyt Nov 2014 #78
Subjective.... Oktober Nov 2014 #79
Go to Discussionist.com and see who uses term "thug" and what they mean by it in reference Ferguson. Hoyt Nov 2014 #80
Racist is racist... Oktober Nov 2014 #84
Generally speaking, most people like the perception of consistancy. ZombieHorde Nov 2014 #87
I noticed ZombieHorde Nov 2014 #86
In the sense... Oktober Nov 2014 #89
I'm sure you're one to also point out that... Cooley Hurd Nov 2014 #100
No... because I understand the concept of context... Oktober Nov 2014 #101
That's a subjective observation on your part... Cooley Hurd Nov 2014 #102
If you are inclined to throw common sense and your powers of observation out the window... Oktober Nov 2014 #103
Common sense is rarely... Cooley Hurd Nov 2014 #104
In a completely different state SickOfTheOnePct Nov 2014 #81
Is it "racism" to call out the Governor, police force, right wingers threatening protesters, etc. Hoyt Nov 2014 #83
You're making two points here. ZombieHorde Nov 2014 #88
I hear you, but I don't have a problem calling white racists, "crackers" Hoyt Nov 2014 #94
Yes very standard behavior AnalystInParadise Nov 2014 #90
here is a lovely teacher from Houston. mercuryblues Nov 2014 #92
Not when it comes to racism. simak Nov 2014 #95
Wrong. A white teacher would not have been canned for that. Plus, I think what lady said is true. Hoyt Nov 2014 #96
Right. Ms. Toad Nov 2014 #97
It would have been the same. 840high Nov 2014 #36
oh, absolutely not d_b Nov 2014 #52
It would have been faster... Oktober Nov 2014 #61
Really? Ms. Toad Nov 2014 #65
Apples to apples is the only real way to compare this... Oktober Nov 2014 #66
You would be wrong about that. Ms. Toad Nov 2014 #68
It's closer but the evidence is much clearer for the twitter feed... Written word and all... Oktober Nov 2014 #69
Excuses, excuses, excuses. Ms. Toad Nov 2014 #72
You think it's an excuse to conduct an investigation to see if it really happened? Oktober Nov 2014 #73
I think when people insist there are no differences between how whites and blacks are treated Ms. Toad Nov 2014 #74
Find the example and we can chat... Oktober Nov 2014 #75
Even if mercuryblues Nov 2014 #85
She forgot her place, just for a minute randys1 Nov 2014 #26
I really hope you're being sarcastic n/t SickOfTheOnePct Nov 2014 #29
I am pointing out that Black people cant do what white people do all the time and randys1 Nov 2014 #30
You're assuming that a white teacher SickOfTheOnePct Nov 2014 #31
Like what? NaturalHigh Nov 2014 #42
Forgetting ones place and going on racist screeds for the whole world to see are oceans apart... Oktober Nov 2014 #70
Duncanville isn't a little whites only hick town. tammywammy Nov 2014 #24
For an area with such a huge minority presence the school board has 6 of 7 seats filled by whites Lee-Lee Nov 2014 #33
If thats who the voters elected then I dont see a problem Travis_0004 Nov 2014 #43
Travis, you're kidding us, right? New Deal Dave Nov 2014 #49
no Travis_0004 Nov 2014 #60
Sounds a lot like Ferguson. Hoyt Nov 2014 #93
Apparently she is black, and her tweets were aimed at whites, whom she tblue37 Nov 2014 #56
What does "racially charged" mean? Donald Ian Rankin Nov 2014 #59
Now does Vinita give a squat? Racist words do have consequences. Dont call me Shirley Nov 2014 #2
Yes they do. 840high Nov 2014 #37
Good n/t SickOfTheOnePct Nov 2014 #3
And they need to stop saying "allegedly" SickOfTheOnePct Nov 2014 #5
How many souls will Ferguson consume before the fires of KingCharlemagne Nov 2014 #7
Wow, I will have to check out more... awoke_in_2003 Nov 2014 #34
Reading his work may get you put on an NSA watch list. (He was a KingCharlemagne Nov 2014 #39
I am probably on it already... awoke_in_2003 Nov 2014 #40
Old school commies are the best kind. We need a new Popular Front New Deal Dave Nov 2014 #50
It's difficult to judge whether this was a good thing or not. Not knowing what the Fla Dem Nov 2014 #9
It wasn't the case. Ms. Toad Nov 2014 #12
Yeah, but the "cracker" comment ... New Deal Dave Nov 2014 #51
Twitter is a public space AnalystInParadise Nov 2014 #54
Are you suggesting that there are some circumstances where this is acceptable... Oktober Nov 2014 #62
I was agreeing with the prior poster Ms. Toad Nov 2014 #64
That "quote" twists the tweet beyond recognition - Ms. Toad Nov 2014 #10
In the tweet it says "dumb duck ass..." logosoco Nov 2014 #20
You're right - I missed a couple of words - Ms. Toad Nov 2014 #47
This message was self-deleted by its author jwirr Nov 2014 #11
This message was self-deleted by its author Ykcutnek Nov 2014 #14
I bet she's pro union now Boom Sound 416 Nov 2014 #17
I doubt the union could have saved her in this case n/t SickOfTheOnePct Nov 2014 #19
I know. Just a cultural joke Boom Sound 416 Nov 2014 #22
I wonder if the trustees would have been so outraged had....you know the rest. WinkyDink Nov 2014 #21
Dont wonder, NO they wouldnt have randys1 Nov 2014 #28
I hope they would have fired any racist teacher Travis_0004 Nov 2014 #32
I don't get it SickOfTheOnePct Nov 2014 #35
Are people rushing to her defense? - nt KingCharlemagne Nov 2014 #41
Reading for comprehension is key AnalystInParadise Nov 2014 #55
I was not defending her. I think what others have said in this thread, logosoco Nov 2014 #63
Did she admit to it? AnalystInParadise Nov 2014 #91
Her anger (not the statements) is justified given what has happened... Cooley Hurd Nov 2014 #23
If the worst the AA Community does while being murdered in the streets is send a tweet that randys1 Nov 2014 #27
Anger doesn't justify racism... Oktober Nov 2014 #98
As I said... Cooley Hurd Nov 2014 #99
Let's face it, most people shouldn't use twitter... joeybee12 Nov 2014 #25
No kidding. NaturalHigh Nov 2014 #38
Yup...and there's a record of that unfiltered stuff...nt joeybee12 Nov 2014 #58
I use it for my Charity Miles Fla_Democrat Nov 2014 #44
It's useful if you can do what you do... joeybee12 Nov 2014 #57
Agreed, I have a Twit account but don't use it. I also locked it down from the beginning, MH1 Nov 2014 #71
You would make money with that invention. NaturalHigh Nov 2014 #82
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