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Thu Nov 13, 2014, 12:42 AM Nov 2014

Are either of the Clintons Liberals? [View all]

(not neo-Liberal, that's completely different)

55 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
6 (11%)
Bill only
1 (2%)
Hillary only
0 (0%)
47 (85%)
Greenwald sux!
0 (0%)
Other (please 'splain below)
1 (2%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Are either of the Clintons Liberals? [View all] MannyGoldstein Nov 2014 OP
They're both pro-business, conservative Democrats Warpy Nov 2014 #1
Somehow, I don't think they'll care whether you'll be "happy" about it (eom) Seeking Serenity Nov 2014 #49
No, they don't care. Baitball Blogger Nov 2014 #74
Define "Liberals". nt uppityperson Nov 2014 #2
The OPs def of "liberal" dosn't include 90% of the population baldguy Nov 2014 #43
The definition that the OP didn't give? MannyGoldstein Nov 2014 #45
Please provide your definition, then. baldguy Nov 2014 #51
So you want me to bias the poll MannyGoldstein Nov 2014 #59
You're as "unbiased" as Fox News. baldguy Nov 2014 #71
Just so you know Alittleliberal Nov 2014 #85
Thr OPs purpose is to criticize Democrats, no matter what their ideological bent is. baldguy Nov 2014 #87
Where did you get that idea from? Alittleliberal Nov 2014 #89
The author of the OP is certainly free to clarify, as I & several other have requested. baldguy Nov 2014 #90
Are you trying to redbait Manny? Ken Burch Nov 2014 #92
"Redbait"? That's a meaningless term in this context. baldguy Nov 2014 #93
So you're claiming Manny is a closet right-winger? Ken Burch Nov 2014 #95
His objective is to play Democrats & liberals for fools for his own amusement. baldguy Nov 2014 #98
"he always seems to attack the liberal Democrats" Union Scribe Nov 2014 #144
Wait, is that a trick question? ozone_man Nov 2014 #155
Drop the mic, bald guy. Game, set, and match! 11 Bravo Nov 2014 #148
lol, no kidding. Marr Nov 2014 #83
I wouldn't hold my breath waiting Andy823 Nov 2014 #60
No definition makes the results mean only what each individual thinks it means, totally subjective. uppityperson Nov 2014 #63
Which is actually what I was curious to measure. MannyGoldstein Nov 2014 #70
uh...WHAT definition? I didn't see one in the OP. Ken Burch Nov 2014 #68
85%. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Nov 2014 #84
Yes, the OP is certainly concerned with *labels* baldguy Nov 2014 #88
Of course they are. joshcryer Nov 2014 #3
On what other policies have they been consistently MannyGoldstein Nov 2014 #5
Read the Democratic Party platform. joshcryer Nov 2014 #12
They were to the right of most Americans on LGBT civil rights, MannyGoldstein Nov 2014 #14
I don't think the Democratic Party platform represents most Americans. joshcryer Nov 2014 #18
Looking at it now... nothing jumps out as being to the left of most Americans MannyGoldstein Nov 2014 #21
Look up the socialism/capitalism perceptions poll. joshcryer Nov 2014 #30
Maddow: Conservatives Love Liberal Policies, Except When They Learn That Obama Supports Them JonLP24 Nov 2014 #34
Most Americans don't know what they are, but they don't like sudden change. n/t KMOD Nov 2014 #19
They hold right-of-center positions on foreign policy and economics. Ken Burch Nov 2014 #40
Thank you.. sendero Nov 2014 #57
yeah, LGBT rights, women's rights, civil rights, reproductive rights don't "truly matter" YoungDemCA Nov 2014 #146
If you cannot eat.. sendero Nov 2014 #147
I didn't mean they didn't matter. Of course they matter. Ken Burch Nov 2014 #152
Oh, yes, social policies are "bourgeois side issues." joshcryer Nov 2014 #100
Politics is mostly economics and foreign policy isn't small potatoes. Add in the support TheKentuckian Nov 2014 #44
But you have to admit that Hillary embraced gay marriage before MannyGoldstein Nov 2014 #46
Ok, moderate on orientation equality then. Check. TheKentuckian Nov 2014 #62
Social issues are inherently economic issues. joshcryer Nov 2014 #101
What the Clintons are "liberal" never leads to real change and never threaten the powers-that-be. Ken Burch Nov 2014 #106
That's crazy. joshcryer Nov 2014 #109
The Berlin Wall fell because East European states turned "socialism" into a code word for repression Ken Burch Nov 2014 #114
I posit that the biggest challenge to that is social. joshcryer Nov 2014 #116
I agree with you on THOSE issues Ken Burch Nov 2014 #120
The Clinton's don't agree on these issues? joshcryer Nov 2014 #123
We have their records in the offices they held. Ken Burch Nov 2014 #125
A vote? A quote? joshcryer Nov 2014 #127
We have their records in office. We know what they actually did. Ken Burch Nov 2014 #128
I don't know what you're talking about. joshcryer Nov 2014 #129
He fought for NAFTA and SIGNED the damn welfare persecution bill. Ken Burch Nov 2014 #133
Welfare passed on the third vote. joshcryer Nov 2014 #135
Maybe the welfare bill was going to pass anyway, but he didn't have to SIGN the damn thing. Ken Burch Nov 2014 #136
So he doesn't sign it. joshcryer Nov 2014 #137
He could have left the welfare bill become law without his signature. Ken Burch Nov 2014 #138
Hillary Clinton was more liberal than Elizabeth Warren. joshcryer Nov 2014 #140
The fall of the Berlin Wall had a lot to do with economics Art_from_Ark Nov 2014 #121
Cultural influence eroded the Eastern Bloc. joshcryer Nov 2014 #122
I had a couple of professors who were very knowledgeable about the USSR Art_from_Ark Nov 2014 #126
So, by your previous logic that Clinton is only conservative on economics and foreign policy TheKentuckian Nov 2014 #141
Two baby boomer culture warriors who went to Yale Dawson Leery Nov 2014 #4
Or their response to the era. polichick Nov 2014 #7
Precisely. Read Hillary's thesis. joshcryer Nov 2014 #16
Don't ask, don't tell, KMOD Nov 2014 #17
It's a nice feature of our democracy. joshcryer Nov 2014 #20
Things went fast during FDR's tenure as President MannyGoldstein Nov 2014 #22
Not quite the same as now though. KMOD Nov 2014 #26
That's a plot of bad mistakes tularetom Nov 2014 #91
And those "mistakes" are bigger than any small bits of good they may have done or ever could do. Ken Burch Nov 2014 #94
Yes, people are fallible. joshcryer Nov 2014 #97
Krugman made one mistake. They made right-wing choice after right-wing choice. Ken Burch Nov 2014 #103
What choices? joshcryer Nov 2014 #107
No sigificant number of progressive politicians agreed with the Clintons on the bulk of those issues Ken Burch Nov 2014 #112
Was signing off on Gramm-Leach-Bliley a liberal thing to do? valerief Nov 2014 #6
Both are Liberal Republicans. Zen Democrat Nov 2014 #8
Yes, they are both liberals. n/t KMOD Nov 2014 #9
I would say they are both moderates. Rex Nov 2014 #10
At least they weren't Republicans till age 46 frazzled Nov 2014 #11
Go for it. MannyGoldstein Nov 2014 #15
Manny is a little myopic when it comes to ID'ing Republicans. baldguy Nov 2014 #73
You better believe it! zappaman Nov 2014 #82
Of course not. darkangel218 Nov 2014 #13
They might not be liberal, but they've done more to advance and preserve liberal causes Ykcutnek Nov 2014 #23
What would you consider to be their greatest Liberal successes? Nt MannyGoldstein Nov 2014 #24
I'm gonna throw that question back at you, KMOD Nov 2014 #31
Signing that evil freaking welfare bill. Ken Burch Nov 2014 #67
Don't forget 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' and DOMA. nt Erich Bloodaxe BSN Nov 2014 #86
They're cynical self-promoters whose political ideologies center around advancing their own careers Azathoth Nov 2014 #25
Him, mostly not. Jeff Rosenzweig Nov 2014 #27
Me? I'm a Glenn-Greenwald Libertarian. nt MannyGoldstein Nov 2014 #32
Ah. Jeff Rosenzweig Nov 2014 #35
Thanks, it all make sense now. KMOD Nov 2014 #37
You are new-ish so I'll help you out. Manny was joking. Luminous Animal Nov 2014 #81
ahhh, thanks. KMOD Nov 2014 #99
Bwahahaha! I love it when you Colbert someone, I really do! n/t djean111 Nov 2014 #41
Yeah, but from now until I'm banned, MannyGoldstein Nov 2014 #47
Burn the Witch! SolutionisSolidarity Nov 2014 #77
Who the truth comes out. nt Andy823 Nov 2014 #76
So, Greenwald's running for President? Old and In the Way Nov 2014 #108
Personally, I don't think so Prophet 451 Nov 2014 #28
They belong to the Clinton Party. Half-Century Man Nov 2014 #29
There seems to be radical lefts along with radical rights, too far is not good. Thinkingabout Nov 2014 #33
Yup, and people despise both. KMOD Nov 2014 #36
Is media consolidation liberal? OnyxCollie Nov 2014 #38
Neo. GeorgeGist Nov 2014 #39
Liberal on social issues, conservative on economic issues n/t eridani Nov 2014 #42
Exactly. It's how 3rd was is described here and internationally HereSince1628 Nov 2014 #58
I voted "other" Seeking Serenity Nov 2014 #48
Rising wages, declining unemployment, advancing social causes. Bill made mistakes so he is not a pampango Nov 2014 #50
Hillary Clinton was 13th most liberal Senator. joshcryer Nov 2014 #104
They're not going to let facts get in the way of a good hate-on. baldguy Nov 2014 #111
on social issues like abortion and gay rights - yes Douglas Carpenter Nov 2014 #52
neo-liberals both. nt LWolf Nov 2014 #53
They are neo-lib. nt TBF Nov 2014 #54
They are good Democrats. They maybe more centrist than Warren or Sanders but they are hrmjustin Nov 2014 #55
Burn the heretics!!!! JoePhilly Nov 2014 #56
The masses don't WANT our party to be to the right of where it is now. Ken Burch Nov 2014 #134
Actually, the GOP put forward the most right wing candidates possible. JoePhilly Nov 2014 #142
This thread isn't about purging anyone. It's asking a legitimate question. Ken Burch Nov 2014 #149
Yes, the GOP put forward right-wing crazyheads and they won. Ken Burch Nov 2014 #150
Other RobinA Nov 2014 #61
They're "liberal" in the same sense that anyone who wears cowboy boots is a cowboy. Tierra_y_Libertad Nov 2014 #64
How liberal is liberal? Orsino Nov 2014 #65
Not by my measure, but few people are. hunter Nov 2014 #66
to say they are not, you have to be in a liberal bubble treestar Nov 2014 #69
Liberal in their personal lives, but conservative in execution of their public work. Baitball Blogger Nov 2014 #72
I think they are mostly conservatives. mylye2222 Nov 2014 #75
To me, liberal means centrist, so yes. Starry Messenger Nov 2014 #78
Not as liberal as Nixon!!! zappaman Nov 2014 #79
They don't even self identify as liberals. SolutionisSolidarity Nov 2014 #80
Just looking at this poll.... fadedrose Nov 2014 #96
Good thing DU represents about 0.0 percent of Democrats, eh? leftofcool Nov 2014 #119
Depends on your outlook. fadedrose Nov 2014 #132
This message was self-deleted by its author Old and In the Way Nov 2014 #102
United we stand, divided we fall. baldguy Nov 2014 #105
Because this guy is slicket and smarter than most GOP operatives. Old and In the Way Nov 2014 #110
Corrosive ... that's a very good description. baldguy Nov 2014 #113
He'll be flagging t his post soon. Old and In the Way Nov 2014 #115
That's today's DU for you: The Democrats get TS'd and the Democrat haters get kudos. baldguy Nov 2014 #117
Just edit or self-delete. joshcryer Nov 2014 #118
Why? Old and In the Way Nov 2014 #130
+a million and another million after that. But I agree with Josh, you should self delete or edit Number23 Nov 2014 #131
Hahahaha! No. PeteSelman Nov 2014 #124
Nope. Neoliberals and corrupt to the core. woo me with science Nov 2014 #139
yes, in the same way as Justo Rufino Barrios or the guys who destroyed Canudos MisterP Nov 2014 #143
Of course. YoungDemCA Nov 2014 #145
159-31 say no. what does that tell you? JeffHead Nov 2014 #151
It tells me on DU this poll attracted VERY LIBERAL voters! BillZBubb Nov 2014 #154
Well this is kind of a VERY LIBERAL website, So what did you expect? JeffHead Nov 2014 #158
I think it says that DU is more savvy then the general public. n/t ozone_man Nov 2014 #156
I don't agree YoungDemCA Nov 2014 #157
They are both liberals to an extent. BillZBubb Nov 2014 #153
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