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Sun Nov 9, 2014, 09:47 PM Nov 2014

If you want to lose the Millennial vote completely, nominate Hillary Clinton. [View all]

I'm 28 and all most all of my peers DESPISE Hillary. Many of them say that of Hillary is the nominee they will either vote Republican, Green, Independent, or just not vote. The only people I see crowing for Hillary are middle-aged women, Boomers and older Gen-Xers, who want her president because of the symbolism of the first woman president more than anything substantial.

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what do your peers say about E. Warren or B. Sanders? alp227 Nov 2014 #1
I agree with you. Warren speaks to left and right, young and old, the middle and working classes. NYC_SKP Nov 2014 #2
Good thing Warren can wrap her head around Clinton... brooklynite Nov 2014 #19
And Howard Dean, who is advising her. cheapdate Nov 2014 #34
+100 for Howard Dean advising Hillary Clinton flamingdem Nov 2014 #105
That's odd hootinholler Nov 2014 #256
I happened to see Howard Dean on Meet the Press last Sunday. He said he would working with HRC. cheapdate Nov 2014 #351
+1 for Democrats who like to WIN flamingdem Nov 2014 #103
Been winning their asses off lately, eh? LondonReign2 Nov 2014 #397
Yep. It's all about getting the "W". Kermitt Gribble Nov 2014 #527
I love it when Republicans are envious that Dems have a winner with Hillary flamingdem Nov 2014 #533
And I love it Kermitt Gribble Nov 2014 #540
Policy like the ACA, Dreamers, LGBT, Net Neutrality? flamingdem Nov 2014 #567
Nice try. Pretend that you don't know politics. You have no idea how Sen Warren feels about rhett o rick Nov 2014 #315
"Elizabeth Warren: I hope Hillary Clinton runs for president" brooklynite Nov 2014 #348
That was 297-Dimensional Chess FrodosPet Nov 2014 #388
Elizabeth hits all the right notes; Hillary is completely out of tune. InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2014 #58
Nice musical metaphor mike dub Nov 2014 #200
This is a great analogy! Odin2005 Nov 2014 #204
They LOVE Liz and Bernie. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #4
Warren is really concerned about student loan debt Wella Nov 2014 #173
The Bankster-owned establishment won't touch loan reform with a 10-foot pole. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #180
So was the President and he actually did something...congress not so much Historic NY Nov 2014 #270
Stay on script, man. cheapdate Nov 2014 #389
lol DeadEyeDyck Nov 2014 #576
Great... 40degreesflaps Nov 2014 #288
Ah yes, the Very Serious People have spoken, no real progressive can EVER win! Odin2005 Nov 2014 #293
Yeah... 40degreesflaps Nov 2014 #295
The Nation IS Progressive Hari Seldon Nov 2014 #330
++++ marions ghost Nov 2014 #354
The US oligarchs/plutocrats have never been US liberals. The people, however, always have been. merrily Nov 2014 #360
+1 an entire shit load. Enthusiast Nov 2014 #537
Not a progressive nation you say? Kingofalldems Nov 2014 #394
Blah, blah, blah. Defeatist nonsense. Maedhros Nov 2014 #430
Bet you liked recess and nap time too, probably needed the rest from all that politic learnin'. n/t A Simple Game Nov 2014 #513
You only need the money when you need people to believe your bullshit jeff47 Nov 2014 #402
If That's True... 40degreesflaps Nov 2014 #577
Who's your governor? jeff47 Nov 2014 #578
"They could never get the financial backing." Scootaloo Nov 2014 #478
I'm not millennial. I'm old and I don't want hillary. No energy, no new ideas and roguevalley Nov 2014 #138
Boy, you got that right. I'm waiting for them to put a moat around the ballyhoo Nov 2014 #287
You're Not Alone... 40degreesflaps Nov 2014 #292
+1000! Javaman Nov 2014 #369
With you on that! If enough people would get behind Bernie to allow his message to get out, Dustlawyer Nov 2014 #376
I thought Earl Warren died years ago? George II Nov 2014 #290
Wrong Warren. They are talking about Warren Sapp. FSogol Nov 2014 #456
I would vote for Warren Sapp before I'd vote for HRC. Enthusiast Nov 2014 #538
Warren supports Hillary for Pres. baldguy Nov 2014 #355
This is what Primaries are for liberal N proud Nov 2014 #3
Who said anything about NOT voting in the primaries? Odin2005 Nov 2014 #6
OP sounded third person liberal N proud Nov 2014 #10
Where is it that independents can't vote in primaries? we can do it Nov 2014 #12
The primaries focus on who's running in each major party. CaliforniaPeggy Nov 2014 #26
You choose a party for the primaries in Ohio, I can't imagine that doesn'r happen anywhere else. we can do it Nov 2014 #42
Sure. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Nov 2014 #133
Well, you have a problem, don't you? Skidmore Nov 2014 #345
That's one thing to do, yup. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Nov 2014 #347
Some states force you to register with the party whose primary you're voting in. Drunken Irishman Nov 2014 #186
You can always change it, it's not permenant. we can do it Nov 2014 #475
Depends on the state, and on open or closed primary status hatrack Nov 2014 #349
In VA, anyone can vote in any primary; you don't have to vote only in the primary Nay Nov 2014 #222
"You have to be registered in a party to vote." Le Taz Hot Nov 2014 #352
OK, I stand corrected, and I thank you for that. CaliforniaPeggy Nov 2014 #379
. . . Le Taz Hot Nov 2014 #381
In VA anybody can vote in any ohheckyeah Nov 2014 #452
19 states have open primaries where independents, or anyone else, can vote. cheapdate Nov 2014 #43
Don't most people pick a party for the sake of voting in primaries? we can do it Nov 2014 #47
They should. We have Republicans here who are registered as Democrats. I try to explain to people Chathamization Nov 2014 #79
Yes but not independents. Alittleliberal Nov 2014 #81
Yes I thought that was the whole point lunasun Nov 2014 #148
Twentynine states have closed presidential primaries, twenty have open primaries. NYC_SKP Nov 2014 #142
20 states +D.C. have a CLOSED PRIMARY SYSTEM. Divernan Nov 2014 #341
Illinois is *not* a closed primary. ieoeja Nov 2014 #410
Then they change their affiliation. kiva Nov 2014 #37
+1 we can do it Nov 2014 #44
Good news for you and your Millennial friends!! Capt. Obvious Nov 2014 #497
They didn't come out to vote when Hillary wasn't on the ticket this month... Spazito Nov 2014 #5
Give my generation something to vote FOR. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #11
A sad fact of life is that voters, more often than not, hold their noses... Spazito Nov 2014 #28
Third-Way BS risks driving low-info Millennials into the hands of libertarians. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #49
Libertarian corporate whore wackos or not voting- that'll help. we can do it Nov 2014 #59
Insulting us won't get us to the polls, either Odin2005 Nov 2014 #60
Complaining a democrat is corporatist and then going libertarian-corporate-whore makes no sense. we can do it Nov 2014 #70
Call the WAAAAAHmbluance, the DLC fuckers are NOT entitled to out votes. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #80
Honey, I'm not the one whining. I get out and know doors every election. we can do it Nov 2014 #91
"honey" is condescending marions ghost Nov 2014 #356
So is the assumption that women and older people are all exactly alike. we can do it Nov 2014 #400
So address it marions ghost Nov 2014 #459
Not as much as " Call the WAAAAAHmbluance" deurbano Nov 2014 #427
It makes sense marions ghost Nov 2014 #457
The person who started the whiny post is acusing others of whining and offers nothing to help. we can do it Nov 2014 #490
I tend to agree with the OP that marions ghost Nov 2014 #539
When presented with a republican and somone pretending to be a democrat who's actually a republican Veilex Nov 2014 #112
God Bless Harry Truman! Odin2005 Nov 2014 #219
+1 Veilex Nov 2014 #221
Libertarians are GOPers Iliyah Nov 2014 #199
I'm coming up on 34, so not middle-aged. I'm so excited by Hillary. Heather Kube Nov 2014 #215
I don't agree... LP2K12 Nov 2014 #431
It makes exactly the same kind of sense as farmers going Republican Lydia Leftcoast Nov 2014 #296
IMO it isn't the Democrats that will whither away. jeff47 Nov 2014 #403
I'm not sure yet whether I think the Dem. or Rep. Party will wither first. F4lconF16 Nov 2014 #522
If Millennials choose to go to the Libertarians, they know what they are doing... Spazito Nov 2014 #64
Except the problem here is that Erich Bloodaxe BSN Nov 2014 #156
The Millennials won't get what they want unless they actually work for it... Spazito Nov 2014 #170
We ARE working for it, just not through the party mandarins Odin2005 Nov 2014 #223
That looks great! I'm betting the active members of your organization... Spazito Nov 2014 #234
Seen it - Hillary has ZERO chance of capturing that vote to any significant degree. My kids and all their friends think she's an absolute joke. InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2014 #71
Yep, my generation sees in HRC everything we don't like about Boomers. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #77
Just asked my son; said same thing; commented how Hillary gamed the system, sat on Walmart board, etc, then pretends she didn't grow up privileged & now lookin out 4 the little guy... InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2014 #93
Two words: "Goldwater Girl". Odin2005 Nov 2014 #102
Elizabeth Warren was once a republican, she is now a Democrat... Spazito Nov 2014 #114
Her change was genuine. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #126
Ahhh, so it really isn't the "Goldwater Girl" thing at all... Spazito Nov 2014 #145
I don't care about that at all. I care about what she stands for now eridani Nov 2014 #461
I don't know about this - And I'm not ready to coronate Hilllary JustAnotherGen Nov 2014 #363
She'll have to answer to LGBT people as well, particularly those of us old enough to remember Reagan Bluenorthwest Nov 2014 #383
You are correct JustAnotherGen Nov 2014 #384
Hold her to her word, Warren would expect that. LawDeeDah Nov 2014 #391
I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton, never have been... Spazito Nov 2014 #398
She did a *terrible* job as Secretary of State. ieoeja Nov 2014 #414
wow. Very damning... LawDeeDah Nov 2014 #417
I think she did a good job... Spazito Nov 2014 #418
What gives you the right to infer something Legalequilibrium78 Nov 2014 #174
Think you summed it up nicely. InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2014 #232
Warren was a long term Republican, a Ronald Reagan loyalist, she voted for anti gay, anti choice Bluenorthwest Nov 2014 #382
And Clinton didn't even vote for Goldwater... deurbano Nov 2014 #469
There are many real reasons to criticize Hillary Clinton; you don't need to make things up. deurbano Nov 2014 #434
Yes, there is but being a former republican isn't if, by the same token. Spazito Nov 2014 #463
Warren is not being called inevitable. bravenak Nov 2014 #464
I have said in another post, I am no fan of Hillary Clinton, never have been... Spazito Nov 2014 #466
I think it's time to stop seeing things in that way. bravenak Nov 2014 #467
That works ONLY if republicans quit too, they won't... Spazito Nov 2014 #470
I agree with you... and besides, Clinton's first presidential vote was for a Democrat. deurbano Nov 2014 #471
Oops, will recheck who it was I meant to reply to... Spazito Nov 2014 #472
No problem. deurbano Nov 2014 #473
+1 lunasun Nov 2014 #151
Didn't take much did it? we can do it Nov 2014 #46
Even fewer people showed up to vote for single-payer advocates in the primaries. So no, it doesn't Chathamization Nov 2014 #82
go to vote anyway. there is no excuse ever. write in someone else if you can't roguevalley Nov 2014 #144
You are speaking to the choir, here. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #167
its a vicious thing not voting because it makes it inevitable. I expect revolution and will roguevalley Nov 2014 #184
You're making Millennials out to be a bunch of wimps. WorseBeforeBetter Nov 2014 #251
OWS was full of wimps? Odin2005 Nov 2014 #254
Well, I was part of Occupy here in NC, and don't consider myself a wimp. WorseBeforeBetter Nov 2014 #271
Why are you so entitled? treestar Nov 2014 #340
Hey, 'something to vote for'? Ironic. I would have loved it if the worst thing on my early ballots Bluenorthwest Nov 2014 #380
Every election is about choices and compromise gmb92 Nov 2014 #485
I agree with you malokvale77 Nov 2014 #486
Who needs 'em ... GeorgeGist Nov 2014 #13
They are non-voters so their vote isn't lost, it wasn't given... Spazito Nov 2014 #41
"They are non-voters so their vote isn't lost" - not quite accurate Veilex Nov 2014 #118
The repubs were speaking more to their issues than the Dems in November? Spazito Nov 2014 #134
Honestly? "trying to pass student loan reforms" was too little too late. Veilex Nov 2014 #152
Ahhh, then they also missed the jobs program the Dems tried to get passed... Spazito Nov 2014 #162
If I looked at it purely as you put it, no, not smart at all... however... Veilex Nov 2014 #217
One can have a valid gripe but it goes nowhere if all you do is gripe... Spazito Nov 2014 #253
"it goes nowhere if all you do is gripe" - But clearly they did more than just gripe. Veilex Nov 2014 #332
That's bloody stupid mythology Nov 2014 #191
I respect your opinion, however, I disagree. Veilex Nov 2014 #203
And Democrats lost big, too. Marr Nov 2014 #190
Young voters get it, it's the young non-voters who need to grow up... Spazito Nov 2014 #208
You need *NEW VOTERS*. Marr Nov 2014 #213
Moderates tend to vote, the young non-voters don't... Spazito Nov 2014 #262
So we need to cater to "moderates", but every other group should vote Democratic just Marr Nov 2014 #266
No, you used the moderates as an example so I continued by using your example... Spazito Nov 2014 #282
We got them out in 2008, and then DNC fucked them over, used them, treated whereisjustice Nov 2014 #209
That's what I see, too, a lot of disillusioned young people Lydia Leftcoast Nov 2014 #284
Meanwhile, DNC hacks and the party apparatus think they are winning at 3rd chess. eom whereisjustice Nov 2014 #313
Well, if they think they were "fucked over" by the DNC, they haven't seen anything yet... Spazito Nov 2014 #299
the strategy of "oh yeah, a Democratic fucking over is better than a Republican fucking over" whereisjustice Nov 2014 #311
And that's why those who choose to vote will continue to whine while ... Spazito Nov 2014 #413
The Democrats have been trying "We're less bad" for some time now LondonReign2 Nov 2014 #407
Yeah, it's time to stop mollycuddling the whiny, non-voting Millennials... Spazito Nov 2014 #412
How, exactly, have the Democrats been mollycuddling them? LondonReign2 Nov 2014 #415
Again, if you don't like what's happening, get off Facebook and Twitter, work for change... Spazito Nov 2014 #416
If they see posts like this and the anti millenial attitude takes over the party. bravenak Nov 2014 #422
If a post on a relative small forum will make them go out and vote against their own... Spazito Nov 2014 #424
"And the anti Millennial attitude takes over the Party" bravenak Nov 2014 #426
You think I have influence over the party? Spazito Nov 2014 #432
Not you. If the attitude takes over the party. bravenak Nov 2014 #442
I voted when I was 20 something, 30 something, etc, etc, etc, Spazito Nov 2014 #443
What generation are you? bravenak Nov 2014 #444
I was born in 1953, I'm one of those baby boomers... Spazito Nov 2014 #446
How did you vote? bravenak Nov 2014 #447
I always vote left... Spazito Nov 2014 #451
I think that when our generation is fully adult.. bravenak Nov 2014 #454
Okay, bravenak, lets you and I, a baby boomer and a Millennial put aside our differences and... Spazito Nov 2014 #462
Millenials are not all grown up yet. bravenak Nov 2014 #474
Sadly, there isn't a lot of time to give for them to grow up... Spazito Nov 2014 #482
And we will just have to wait our turn and get rid of conservatism. bravenak Nov 2014 #488
Choosing not to vote puts your needs at the end of the line, not the front or even... Spazito Nov 2014 #495
So you had a reason to vote when you were 20-30. Kermitt Gribble Nov 2014 #535
No, I held my nose more times than not... Spazito Nov 2014 #541
"often there was little that was going to directly benefit me but the other party... WorseBeforeBetter Nov 2014 #546
I don't know, I've tried every which way to get that point across... Spazito Nov 2014 #552
Thank you for this bravenak malokvale77 Nov 2014 #503
Me too. bravenak Nov 2014 #504
I cast my vote for Carter... malokvale77 Nov 2014 #509
My mom voted for Carter too. bravenak Nov 2014 #510
Good for her malokvale77 Nov 2014 #514
Late 70's he and his first wife bought a place in racist Canyon Country. bravenak Nov 2014 #516
My ownership theory holds up a large percentage of the time. malokvale77 Nov 2014 #520
I see that in my generation too. bravenak Nov 2014 #521
I see this has become a rather long thread. Haha malokvale77 Nov 2014 #524
It is pretty long. bravenak Nov 2014 #526
I read it. I liked it. malokvale77 Nov 2014 #528
I will tell you as soon as I finish. bravenak Nov 2014 #529
Thank you (nt) malokvale77 Nov 2014 #532
My what tender young souls. What would they have done facing the 60s discrimination? we can do it Nov 2014 #479
I still face discrimination today. It ain't over by a long shot. bravenak Nov 2014 #484
Yes. Both now and then. we can do it Nov 2014 #494
I always vote. bravenak Nov 2014 #564
I like Elizabeth's positive message; strikes a chord with me. InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2014 #571
+1 million LondonReign2 Nov 2014 #401
I actually started believing in 2008. bvar22 Nov 2014 #499
+1 Enthusiast Nov 2014 #549
That's true! nt DawgHouse Nov 2014 #319
So, you don't want them to vote??? grahamhgreen Nov 2014 #419
Quite the opposite, I want them to grow up, take their civic responsibility seriously... Spazito Nov 2014 #421
All we have to do is give them something ot vote for. Say, raising taxes on wealth! grahamhgreen Nov 2014 #425
See, that is exactly the problem, spoon-feeding them is not the answer... Spazito Nov 2014 #428
They did. bravenak Nov 2014 #429
Those that worked to get ballot measures passed did vote... Spazito Nov 2014 #440
This boomer didn't vote for Hillary before and don't want to in the future. newfie11 Nov 2014 #7
+1 for the statment and +1 for never missing a vote! :) Veilex Nov 2014 #124
Your welcome newfie11 Nov 2014 #177
How about the Millenials show up and nominate someone progressive? we can do it Nov 2014 #8
We did in 2008, but our FDR turned out to be an Al Smith. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #18
2008 was a long time ago. How about someone young stepping up? we can do it Nov 2014 #39
You can't. There are minimum age requirements for national offices. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Nov 2014 #168
I will listen to legit bitching all day long but if you don't vote, no. Shut your face and go roguevalley Nov 2014 #176
the "grown up" argument is lame marions ghost Nov 2014 #361
so your dad acted badly. are you going to do the same roguevalley Nov 2014 #404
Your approach is NO way to change anything marions ghost Nov 2014 #455
Good advice. I would add just one meme: SILENCE=CONSENT=DEATH nt Bohunk68 Nov 2014 #373
+ a zillion roguevalley Nov 2014 #405
Yeah it has to be done right away treestar Nov 2014 #339
"I tried voting in the primaries once, but ended up voting for the wrong person, so I quit." Chathamization Nov 2014 #372
We failed to turn up in the consequent elections RedCappedBandit Nov 2014 #396
kudos for the John Mayer lyric reference KMOD Nov 2014 #29
(Thanks) That song drives my insane! we can do it Nov 2014 #51
So you are now spokesperson for the millinials. Impressive. I thought the millinials were a still_one Nov 2014 #9
You care enough to be nasty about it. bravenak Nov 2014 #15
Older folks apparently can't keep themselves from yelling at clouds. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #20
Not ALL older folks!!! bravenak Nov 2014 #27
Thanks! Odin2005 Nov 2014 #40
They forget WE are having children in this economy. bravenak Nov 2014 #61
Admitting that we are adults means admitting that they are now old. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #69
I am surprised that more don't want our input. bravenak Nov 2014 #128
Our generation is on a rondezvous with destiny, to paraphrase FDR... Odin2005 Nov 2014 #146
It's happening on a local level here. bravenak Nov 2014 #160
Folks in Seattle got a COMMUNIST elected to their city council. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #172
I truely think we need more of that to free liberals up to be liberals. bravenak Nov 2014 #192
You seem to be complaining of boomers stereotyping your generation... MoonchildCA Nov 2014 #132
Nice stereotyping. Just what you were railing against. WorseBeforeBetter Nov 2014 #243
Not to quibble, but 71 is not boomer. Bohunk68 Nov 2014 #374
Demographically, no, but 1943 births were the oldest who could be drafted... Odin2005 Nov 2014 #572
Never heard of either of them. Bohunk68 Nov 2014 #575
This message was self-deleted by its author still_one Nov 2014 #107
I am not pissed, but there is sure a lot of animosity that is coming from you still_one Nov 2014 #85
You said you don't give a shit. bravenak Nov 2014 #97
NO that ISN't what I meant. I meant the millennial were a diverse group comprised still_one Nov 2014 #164
!!! Odin2005 Nov 2014 #175
I just re-read my post, "I" was a typo. You probably don't believe me, but that is the truth. I am still_one Nov 2014 #185
No. I get it. bravenak Nov 2014 #189
My problem is I did a stupid typo which completely ruined the point I was trying to make. So I am still_one Nov 2014 #195
I rarely stay mad for more than 30 seconds. bravenak Nov 2014 #198
Thanks still_one Nov 2014 #202
I'm much older than you. I'd like to show you a line from the first general election ballot I voted Bluenorthwest Nov 2014 #385
I never DO skip voting. bravenak Nov 2014 #393
Not me. I know you guys have it tough Lydia Leftcoast Nov 2014 #305
Actually I am stating exactly what they are, a diverse segment. I had a typo in the original still_one Nov 2014 #25
We are pretty diverse and super jaded. bravenak Nov 2014 #32
She will make up for loosing some of those voters with huge gains.. DCBob Nov 2014 #14
Who says minorities like Clinton so much? bravenak Nov 2014 #21
By the time we get to the general election in 2016... DCBob Nov 2014 #62
Oh, I see. She'll start caring during the general. bravenak Nov 2014 #83
not what I said. DCBob Nov 2014 #90
Seems like it. bravenak Nov 2014 #101
That's puttin it mildly! InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2014 #78
Old. White. Establishment. Hawkish; She's awesome! Sign me up! n/t cherokeeprogressive Nov 2014 #267
LOL!!! They forgot what she said about Obama. bravenak Nov 2014 #269
Did they like Bill? ucrdem Nov 2014 #273
Yeah. bravenak Nov 2014 #277
Ouch Not good. ucrdem Nov 2014 #280
No problem. bravenak Nov 2014 #289
Many black voters have not forgiven the Clintons AtomicKitten Nov 2014 #22
True but I think she can recover many of those voters.. DCBob Nov 2014 #68
Well she can give it a shot but voters aren't stupid. AtomicKitten Nov 2014 #75
We aren't dumb JustAnotherGen Nov 2014 #370
Right, just like Psycho Sarah would cause women to vote for McCain. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #35
Bullshit. She lost the nom in 08 and is even less relevant now peacebird Nov 2014 #48
Bull, what huge numbers of "moderate women" are there to draw on that don't vote Democratic now? TheKentuckian Nov 2014 #120
I've got to agree with bravenak on this sub thread JustAnotherGen Nov 2014 #364
Not crowing for HIllary, signed Middle-aged Woman ~nt RiverLover Nov 2014 #16
Same here. I'm 32 and none of the Democratic-voting people I know LittleBlue Nov 2014 #17
And all these shrill people screaming insults at us... Odin2005 Nov 2014 #24
Agreed. When I see progressives putting on their capes for corporatism LittleBlue Nov 2014 #38
I have noticed that many Boomer women seem to live vicariously through powerful women. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #57
Through which powerful women are these many Latte Liberal Boomer women vicariously living? deurbano Nov 2014 #163
I just don't know how they can blame us for for losing faith in this so called labor party. Alittleliberal Nov 2014 #109
I think they're just Hillary fans. Marr Nov 2014 #201
Touche! K&R, Marr Carolina Nov 2014 #481
Why are you and others so susceptible to what others say to, or about, you? WorseBeforeBetter Nov 2014 #227
Very well said! RiverLover Nov 2014 #36
Me too. peacebird Nov 2014 #54
Please don't abstain from voting entirely Lydia Leftcoast Nov 2014 #298
of course she can win, Howard Dean is supporting her and according to some Dean knows how to win JI7 Nov 2014 #23
She won't win if my generation refuses to vote for her. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #30
many candidates have won that your generation refused to vote for JI7 Nov 2014 #45
I'd kinda like them to vote in the primaries too n/t arcane1 Nov 2014 #31
The Third Way would prefer to lose the Millennial vote, it appears. (nt) w4rma Nov 2014 #33
It's a vicious reaction to Occupy, IMO. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #65
That would appear so. (nt) w4rma Nov 2014 #321
It's as simple as this: Millennials aren't voting the way they are told to. Maedhros Nov 2014 #433
I'm 71 and agree with you wholeheartedly....about Hillary. jaysunb Nov 2014 #50
You 'War babies" said never to trust someone over 30... Odin2005 Nov 2014 #73
What has changed? n/t jtuck004 Nov 2014 #98
But I'm turning 30 in a year and a half. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #106
That's ok. If one was there to hear the original, the next line "You can't trust anyone under 30 jtuck004 Nov 2014 #143
LOL, thanks! Odin2005 Nov 2014 #153
Don't get carried away, youngster jaysunb Nov 2014 #239
I'm 58 and most of my peers want Elizabeth. It's not just an age thing. jillan Nov 2014 #52
Hoping she runs, she really connects with all people. we can do it Nov 2014 #55
I adore Liz, she's like everyone's favorite mom! Odin2005 Nov 2014 #84
She's nothing like mine JustAnotherGen Nov 2014 #368
My Mom was never, ever a Republican like Warren. My Mom cast votes for equality and never for Bluenorthwest Nov 2014 #386
yes, we'll certainly base the nominee on what your drinking buddies think. wyldwolf Nov 2014 #53
More insults is all you DLCers have, apparently. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #86
So calling your friends 'drinking buddies' is insulting? wyldwolf Nov 2014 #89
I could feel the sneering all the way through the inter-tubes. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #94
saying a presidential election will be won or lost based on what a few of your friends say... wyldwolf Nov 2014 #99
My acquaintances are a good cross section of my generation. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #111
So? It's anecdotal and a VERY small sample size. wyldwolf Nov 2014 #113
Ignore voters born between 1980 - 1996 at your own peril. We (those old enough) helped get Obama chrisa Nov 2014 #117
No one is ignoring them. Hillary is winning them by a mile. wyldwolf Nov 2014 #344
Being a professional asshole to people that WANT to vote Democratic LondonReign2 Nov 2014 #408
I'm older and would love a woman elected president but LiberalElite Nov 2014 #56
Me too! Her name is Elizabeth. InAbLuEsTaTe Nov 2014 #100
"Young wolves, show us your teeth." John Steinbeck K&R Tierra_y_Libertad Nov 2014 #63
Winner! we can do it Nov 2014 #74
I think Romney showed how electable self-appointed "birthright" candidates are Sen. Walter Sobchak Nov 2014 #66
My generation is very sensitive to the entitlement thing. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #88
It's ok you guys don't show up to vote anyways. dilby Nov 2014 #67
it makes zero sense SHRED Nov 2014 #76
Hopefully we won't have their moms showing up telling us how dilby Nov 2014 #96
Keep on insulting us, bro. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #228
I get it, you think you are special and that your vote makes more of a difference dilby Nov 2014 #249
Your posts are very annoying and lack substance. Maedhros Nov 2014 #435
Too bad the Helicopter Moms don't haul their asses to the polls. WorseBeforeBetter Nov 2014 #268
Yeah but do the Millennials even vote? SHRED Nov 2014 #72
Post removed Post removed Nov 2014 #87
way to go DonCoquixote Nov 2014 #325
Thank you very much!! bravenak Nov 2014 #326
The following ballot question was on my second ever ballot as a young person. It explains why I vote Bluenorthwest Nov 2014 #387
I remember that. bravenak Nov 2014 #392
would you consider making this reply an op? DonCoquixote Nov 2014 #493
Sure. bravenak Nov 2014 #498
This message was self-deleted by its author bravenak Nov 2014 #326
I will vote for whoever is the nominee and I'm younger than you. minivan2 Nov 2014 #92
+1 Spazito Nov 2014 #104
Oh, I will vote, too, don't get me wrong. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #115
+one million and a few shiny pennies chrisa Nov 2014 #95
There is nothing wrong with demanding that one's vote be EARNED rather than EXPECTED. Maedhros Nov 2014 #437
I'm over twice your age and in very poor health so your generation will suffer the consequences Rowdyboy Nov 2014 #108
All that and I'm still waiting for the revolution to begin. Bohunk68 Nov 2014 #378
What have Millenials done for us lately that we'd cater leadership towards them? flamingdem Nov 2014 #110
We Millennials are very active in the campaign finance reform WolfPAC movement. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #121
That looks great. My suggestion to you is flamingdem Nov 2014 #147
Don't you know they are the generation of special. dilby Nov 2014 #123
You need to get out more, because you obviously don't knowe enough Millennials. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #230
We are adults that grew up under Reagan thanks to y'all. bravenak Nov 2014 #140
You're carrying on in the same way as the poster did flamingdem Nov 2014 #161
The point of activism is to upset the status quo. bravenak Nov 2014 #178
A win is a win and it sounds like you do work within the system flamingdem Nov 2014 #210
Got rid of the repug governor too. bravenak Nov 2014 #265
I totally agree flamingdem Nov 2014 #322
Oh please!!! stop making your damn self so damn important Legalequilibrium78 Nov 2014 #205
I AM fucking important. bravenak Nov 2014 #226
Here in lies the problem of the kind of mentality you and Legalequilibrium78 Nov 2014 #263
We work hard every fucking day. bravenak Nov 2014 #274
Speak your mind and have at it Legalequilibrium78 Nov 2014 #294
Where did I ever claim to represent everybody? bravenak Nov 2014 #297
Yeah, boomers changed the world all right... Niko Nov 2014 #149
It's not all black and white unless your brain can only handle a couple of ideas flamingdem Nov 2014 #165
And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, Maedhros Nov 2014 #441
We already paid for that retirement income several times over. Enthusiast Nov 2014 #551
It's not the Millennials job to do anything for candidates! Maedhros Nov 2014 #438
Odin2005, you are right on! Shemp Howard Nov 2014 #116
The Libertarian idiots are doing a good job catering to Millennial issues. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #136
War, Banks, Marijuana Shemp Howard Nov 2014 #244
You got it, Shemp! Odin2005 Nov 2014 #248
I am 36 and all my friends younger and older support Hillary. hrmjustin Nov 2014 #119
LOL, statistically I would say that's almost impossible. Exaggerating much? Nt Logical Nov 2014 #300
that was kind of the point but yes most support Hillary hrmjustin Nov 2014 #302
I agree that here in New York she has a great deal of support Rhiannon12866 Nov 2014 #323
Hillary is a horrible, horrible choice. There is a class war being waged and she is whereisjustice Nov 2014 #122
I guess I'm one of those middle-aged women you speak of who happens to have a son who's a Millennial politicaljunkie41910 Nov 2014 #125
Excuse me but how do uou know Le Taz Hot Nov 2014 #353
So you're suggesting that he's been around here since he was 14 years old? He was the one who said politicaljunkie41910 Nov 2014 #536
You seem to have some kind of axe to grind Le Taz Hot Nov 2014 #548
I don't like the idea of gimme or I don't vote, but I'd be up for another candidate... C Moon Nov 2014 #127
What do you think of Corey Booker? ucrdem Nov 2014 #129
Centrist empty suit. Same with O'Malley. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #150
Not gonna ask about Biden and Holder . . . ucrdem Nov 2014 #158
O'Malley is a centrist empty suit?? BlueEye Nov 2014 #179
plus, y'know, she supports policies that would cause rioting in the streets if a Pub passed them MisterP Nov 2014 #130
Not according to recent polling. deurbano Nov 2014 #131
1200 telephone interviews with "likely" millenials abelenkpe Nov 2014 #159
I think it means millennials "likely to vote," not likely to be millennials. deurbano Nov 2014 #225
Just like the same pulling that showed Hillery 25 points ahead of Obama? LOL! nt Logical Nov 2014 #301
Take it up with Fusion. deurbano Nov 2014 #316
It's silly to think a poll of 1200 done by a polling firm accurately reflects the views of Chathamization Nov 2014 #375
I'm quite a bit older than you and I feel the same! raindaddy Nov 2014 #135
Gen X abelenkpe Nov 2014 #137
I'm like you JustAnotherGen Nov 2014 #367
as a kid, it was the Kennedys who got me interested in politics, otherwise I probably would LiberalArkie Nov 2014 #139
She wins 2-1 with young people 18-29 bhikkhu Nov 2014 #141
That was right after she retired from the State Department, over 2 years ago. Calista241 Nov 2014 #166
Your polling is dated December 2012. AtomicKitten Nov 2014 #171
here's one from July 2014 onenote Nov 2014 #317
With regret, ...... I concur. meti57b Nov 2014 #154
Your peers need to campaign and get out the vote in your state primaries or caucuses. LiberalFighter Nov 2014 #155
Yeah okay there, don't try and speak for the entire group Legalequilibrium78 Nov 2014 #157
I am 21 and most of my peers (who are Dems) like Hillary Clinton a lot. BlueEye Nov 2014 #169
re Hillary NotHardly Nov 2014 #181
By the way isn't Hillary's daughter a millennial Wash. state Desk Jet Nov 2014 #182
Chelsea is near the end of Generation X. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #193
There are varying starts anywhere from 1980-1984. n/t tammywammy Nov 2014 #231
I follow the Strauss and Howe definition of 1982. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #238
Yes, I suppose you are correct ! Wash. state Desk Jet Nov 2014 #275
I am 63 and agree. JEB Nov 2014 #183
Energy jalan48 Nov 2014 #187
Anyone who goes to a party honoring that war criminal Kissinger The Green Manalishi Nov 2014 #188
Well, Warren is ready, but if she gets the nom, the Clintons aren't going to be happy. ucrdem Nov 2014 #194
33 here, and work with a lot of 20-somethings MirrorAshes Nov 2014 #196
I'll not Stryder Nov 2014 #197
Most of your peers have no awareness of politics at all. onehandle Nov 2014 #206
So you know my peers, huh? Odin2005 Nov 2014 #207
Those pesky mind readers. Rex Nov 2014 #216
LOL! Odin2005 Nov 2014 #235
Great message there, that will pull in the youth vote. Rex Nov 2014 #212
I think I saw your car the other day Union Scribe Nov 2014 #260
I'm a millenial (born 1980). Most of my friends are as well. Dr Hobbitstein Nov 2014 #211
Same here, also born in 1980. tammywammy Nov 2014 #229
I work with one. Dr Hobbitstein Nov 2014 #237
There are at least 15 right around me at work. tammywammy Nov 2014 #241
Well said...nt SidDithers Nov 2014 #276
Warren isn't running. Who do you want who can WIN? RBInMaine Nov 2014 #214
My daughter loves Hillary and she's your peer. You only speak for yourself pnwmom Nov 2014 #218
The problem I have with Hillary is it seems the SOS. This country is in dire need of a new RKP5637 Nov 2014 #220
The 3rd way and DNC believe they can fuck over liberals and still win elections. From DNC whereisjustice Nov 2014 #224
Yup. And she feels she DESERVES to be President. Spitfire of ATJ Nov 2014 #233
And yet it's MY generation that gets called "entitled". Odin2005 Nov 2014 #240
Hillary never said she was entitled to be president. hrmjustin Nov 2014 #242
No, she and her sychophants just act like she is. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #246
How does she act like it? be specific. hrmjustin Nov 2014 #247
They all assume that she is the "INEVITABLE" candidate... Odin2005 Nov 2014 #252
that is not anwering my question. hrmjustin Nov 2014 #255
Remember 2008? Odin2005 Nov 2014 #258
I mean now. Yes she acted confident but so did Obama. hrmjustin Nov 2014 #259
Which is kinda weird since everyone says things are tougher. Spitfire of ATJ Nov 2014 #264
Anyone that with vote a republican over a Democratic nominee of Hillary Clinton tammywammy Nov 2014 #236
It's the system. DeSwiss Nov 2014 #245
Great analogy! Odin2005 Nov 2014 #250
Man, this post is all over the planet. SoapBox Nov 2014 #257
Depends. If she pulls in red states, that's a plus. ucrdem Nov 2014 #261
I don't think any Democrat - not even Bill Clinton - would pull in red states today. Midwestern Democrat Nov 2014 #279
It's gonna be a very tough race for whoever gets it, no question there. ucrdem Nov 2014 #285
Having Bill's endorsement didn't help the black gubernatorial candidate from... MARYLAND. WorseBeforeBetter Nov 2014 #554
The Republicans used racism against Obama in the red states Lydia Leftcoast Nov 2014 #310
Well, she'd probably win Arkansas barring major blunders. ucrdem Nov 2014 #314
The pukes and baggers will pour bazillions no matter who is the nominee LeftInTX Nov 2014 #324
Interesting point Not a Fan Nov 2014 #272
I'm a Boomer, and I do not want Hillary Clinton as nominee Lydia Leftcoast Nov 2014 #278
Agreed billhicks76 Nov 2014 #281
I'm a Boomer, actually born on the first ballyhoo Nov 2014 #283
I a m a baby boomer MissDeeds Nov 2014 #286
I'm a boomer - born in 1949 - and I do not want Hillary Clinton to be the nominee, either. nt scarletwoman Nov 2014 #291
She pulled herself out of poverty. Doesn't that count for something? Nt Logical Nov 2014 #303
Hillary grew up in poverty? No way! Lydia Leftcoast Nov 2014 #307
It was a joke.......... Logical Nov 2014 #309
This message was self-deleted by its author Warren DeMontague Nov 2014 #304
Damn that's where my teeth went davidpdx Nov 2014 #333
This message was self-deleted by its author Warren DeMontague Nov 2014 #334
Well you better go in after them sunny davidpdx Nov 2014 #335
This message was self-deleted by its author Warren DeMontague Nov 2014 #343
Older Gen-X female here - TBF Nov 2014 #306
I'm voting for Al Franken in the primaries... Kalidurga Nov 2014 #308
It comes down to choice. Wash. state Desk Jet Nov 2014 #312
Nah, you don't speak for a whole generation. DawgHouse Nov 2014 #318
i think jeb bush will be a better president too nt GusBob Nov 2014 #320
Strive for perfection. moondust Nov 2014 #328
She'll speak to issues millennials care about. joshcryer Nov 2014 #329
Same, OP BlindTiresias Nov 2014 #331
Millennial vote? Hell, I'm 50, and if she's the nominee we will lose me. nt silvershadow Nov 2014 #336
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2014 #337
Me and my friends is not a good poll treestar Nov 2014 #338
Young people = "those fuckers" Union Scribe Nov 2014 #362
"the symbolism of the first woman president more than anything substantial" - YES sibelian Nov 2014 #342
The way the political deck is stacked now, we are supposed to only base djean111 Nov 2014 #346
And another shot across the bow to Boomers Le Taz Hot Nov 2014 #350
Republicans count on people voting againt their own interest. baldguy Nov 2014 #357
I'm not seeing lock step and goose step JustAnotherGen Nov 2014 #358
Thanks. I am not a millenial and am female. merrily Nov 2014 #359
My Millennial (1984) daughter's first vote was for Hillary HockeyMom Nov 2014 #365
Do the Millennials take the long view on things? justiceischeap Nov 2014 #366
Millennials vote? cwydro Nov 2014 #371
I would love to nominate Warren if she would run but Shankapotomus Nov 2014 #377
There LWolf Nov 2014 #390
I'm 27 and my experience is not the same. RedCappedBandit Nov 2014 #395
If you want a different candidate, it's time to pick one who is willing MineralMan Nov 2014 #399
I'm 44 and want no part of her candidacy. vi5 Nov 2014 #406
You and your friends are an echo chamber for each other. pnwmom Nov 2014 #409
The thing I find amusing is... Historic NY Nov 2014 #411
Not just Millennials. This pre-boomer is appalled by the thought of another Clinton. Tierra_y_Libertad Nov 2014 #420
I agree. Many realize her affiliations and see no sense in glinda Nov 2014 #423
"Most of your peers" may live in Berkeley and/or Greenwich Village ConservativeDemocrat Nov 2014 #436
I live in Fargo, a college town but still solidly purple. Odin2005 Nov 2014 #573
I am an older Gen-Xer, and TM99 Nov 2014 #439
truth Android3.14 Nov 2014 #445
I'm a millenial and I am Ready for Hillary! Seriously. And I think you do a great disservice to Metric System Nov 2014 #448
She is popular among Millennials in my area. Ykcutnek Nov 2014 #449
Millennials probably won't vote in substantial numbers Mr.Bill Nov 2014 #450
Jeb Bush is NOT a moderate. raging moderate Nov 2014 #453
Jeb Bush may not be a "moderate", bvar22 Nov 2014 #501
450+ posts later, one thing is clear: Hillary will not lose the Millennial vote "completely." onenote Nov 2014 #458
And McCain didn't 'completely' lose the black vote. bravenak Nov 2014 #460
He did lose most of it onenote Nov 2014 #465
She will lose some of the young vote and more of the black vote i think. bravenak Nov 2014 #480
I never claimed she would win it all onenote Nov 2014 #483
That could mean the difference between running and winning and running and losing. bravenak Nov 2014 #487
So which candidate would do better than her with those groups? onenote Nov 2014 #489
Rand Paul. Not a joke. bravenak Nov 2014 #492
Not a chance onenote Nov 2014 #505
How do you know Rand Paul won't peel off a good percentage of The black vote or the youth vote? bravenak Nov 2014 #506
Again, the issue was whether most African American and young voters would abandon Clinton onenote Nov 2014 #508
I think we should start looking, not just settle because people are comfortable. bravenak Nov 2014 #518
why have a career politician? onenote Nov 2014 #543
I understand your points and I am glad you can see that there are other options. bravenak Nov 2014 #550
Interesting points onenote Nov 2014 #569
It was nice to get along with somebody for a spell. bravenak Nov 2014 #570
Vote for whoever you want to vote for. Or don't vote. It's your choice. cheapdate Nov 2014 #468
lol. at least you are committed to the stereotype that millenials feel La Lioness Priyanka Nov 2014 #476
For real. cheapdate Nov 2014 #561
I'd work on your peers gmb92 Nov 2014 #477
Second that. cheapdate Nov 2014 #563
My peers who "DESPISE" Hillary are... Mike Nelson Nov 2014 #491
Clinton's Voting Record gmb92 Nov 2014 #496
Not a credible threat Fred Friendlier Nov 2014 #500
Your peers were lazy this mid term. Is it a trend? riversedge Nov 2014 #502
Maybe I should run: my credentials Elmer S. E. Dump Nov 2014 #507
Bad news (4u) is, DU does not nominate anyone. Amonester Nov 2014 #511
Better to go down a True Democrat than a Cryptoad Nov 2014 #512
I will vote for her if I have to, but my heart wouldn't be in it. The independents I know won't Sky Masterson Nov 2014 #515
I have three female teens at my house..just passed or about to become voters Sheepshank Nov 2014 #517
Hooray! My daughter is 16. cheapdate Nov 2014 #565
Totally agree . . . but who's going to stop her? nt Damansarajaya Nov 2014 #519
Too late. I already voted absentee. TheCowsCameHome Nov 2014 #523
NOBODY wants HRC, except HRC and her Third Way pals in DC. blkmusclmachine Nov 2014 #525
If millennials can prove. Notafraidtoo Nov 2014 #530
This is one boomer that will not vote for Hillary. Enthusiast Nov 2014 #531
Am too old to be one of your peers fadedrose Nov 2014 #534
Tell your friends to continue expressing their opinions. Baitball Blogger Nov 2014 #542
Any adult who would vote "R" because he "despises" HRC is a.......Republican. Don't kid a kidder. WinkyDink Nov 2014 #544
Polls say otherwise. Indyfan53 Nov 2014 #545
What percentage of millenials even bother to vote? They on a whole B Calm Nov 2014 #547
DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN TNNurse Nov 2014 #553
we need someone who understands how important samsingh Nov 2014 #555
A lot of us boomers want a progressive and not Hillary to be the Dem candidate. nt valerief Nov 2014 #556
I'm 48 and feel like you do ebbie15644 Nov 2014 #557
Patience Arthur_Frain Nov 2014 #558
I'm in my seventies blackcrowflies Nov 2014 #559
boomer's blackapron Nov 2014 #560
If millennials want to lose their planet randr Nov 2014 #562
Want to lose? BlindTiresias Nov 2014 #566
The party needs to start giving young people a reason... MirrorAshes Nov 2014 #568
The Dem party big tent is shrinking. L0oniX Nov 2014 #574
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