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4. Writing in a candidate in the Presidential election is complete fail.
Sun Nov 9, 2014, 12:52 PM
Nov 2014

The write in candidate has no chance of winning.

The worst Democrat is always better than the best republican

Fuck republicans, they either ignorant, evil, or both, respectively.

WRITE-IN WARREN! [View all] R. P. McMurphy Nov 2014 OP
That's basically my plan, except I expect that there will be better candidates named on the ballots. NYC_SKP Nov 2014 #1
Welcome President Walker! yeoman6987 Nov 2014 #29
I don't care. I won't vote for Hillary Clinton. nt NYC_SKP Nov 2014 #32
Who said you have to? yeoman6987 Nov 2014 #33
Hillary is the best thing that could happen for the INdemo Nov 2014 #30
I love Warren, but DFW Nov 2014 #2
Great plan! rock Nov 2014 #3
lol! Indeed. nt Zorra Nov 2014 #5
Writing in a candidate in the Presidential election is complete fail. Zorra Nov 2014 #4
I am no longer willing to vote for the lesser of two evils. I know there are many others peacebird Nov 2014 #6
Bull. Shit. Rosco T. Nov 2014 #8
Nope. Just saying I will no longer give my vote to the lesser of two evils peacebird Nov 2014 #11
But you will help the 'thug win by lessening the Dem's vote count... Rosco T. Nov 2014 #19
+1 Historic NY Nov 2014 #31
So essentially, you're saying that ... frazzled Nov 2014 #15
No it's cause they don't get a pony... Rosco T. Nov 2014 #20
In states that are sure to go Blue, it's not. NYC_SKP Nov 2014 #7
did we learn nothing from this disaster election? backwoodsbob Nov 2014 #14
Bingo! peacebird Nov 2014 #16
The only solution is world revolution. Not voting for a Democrat is not going to change the system. Zorra Nov 2014 #17
I understand what you are saying backwoodsbob Nov 2014 #18
Yes, I realize that. But they know, and we know, that they have us by the short hairs. Zorra Nov 2014 #26
I 100% agree with that backwoodsbob Nov 2014 #27
I figured you would. Zorra Nov 2014 #28
true enough backwoodsbob Nov 2014 #34
There are no write-in votes in my state. NaturalHigh Nov 2014 #9
Translation: Hi guys, I'm useless. nt Ykcutnek Nov 2014 #10
Well now, that sounds like something a crazy person would suggest. The_Commonist Nov 2014 #12
Kind of early Andy823 Nov 2014 #13
The GOP would just love that.. DCBob Nov 2014 #21
Yeah, that's a winning strategy! n/t beaglelover Nov 2014 #22
How about waiting to see who runs before deciding what to do? MineralMan Nov 2014 #23
Why don't you just write in Ralph Nader? You'll get the same results. eom Cleita Nov 2014 #24
To be honest, if she was the nominee I'm not sure I would be able to vote for her. Bluenorthwest Nov 2014 #25
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