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32. Since I got injured at 26
Sat Oct 18, 2014, 08:34 AM
Oct 2014

and I thought I would be able return to work I did not apply for SSDI (yeah young and stupid) and my credits ran out.
Tried to get retrained but after weeks of testing which I scored above average on every test they said my back problems were too great and once again I fell through another crack.
My girlfriend now wife stuck by side and now since I'm married I can not collect any benefits because of household income which is incredibly low. Just my story, thought I would just throw this out there.

it depends on what you mean by the "least worst" level of poverty JI7 Oct 2014 #1
Who is qualified to judge what that is? People who've never been within a million miles of poor? Ken Burch Oct 2014 #2
i'm asking you what you consider to be the "least worst" level of poverty JI7 Oct 2014 #3
"least worst" would be, if nothing else, Ken Burch Oct 2014 #4
the reason you can't put them all together is there are people who struggle yet they view JI7 Oct 2014 #5
Obviously people with a little(even a very little) view people with nothing at all as the enemy. Ken Burch Oct 2014 #6
We can at the very least house everyone and have medical care and three meals of course Kalidurga Oct 2014 #7
But then, there'd be no incentive to NOT be poor Prophet 451 Oct 2014 #9
IT's like this: :sarcasm: Ken Burch Oct 2014 #14
Ah, thank you Prophet 451 Oct 2014 #15
Click on smilies. SamKnause Oct 2014 #23
It does, thankies Prophet 451 Oct 2014 #24
You are most welcome. SamKnause Oct 2014 #25
We could also help organize as many co-ops as possible Ken Burch Oct 2014 #10
Great idea Prophet 451 Oct 2014 #26
the PtB don't WANT to eliminate poverty Prophet 451 Oct 2014 #8
Well put. And I'm sorry for all the pain this system has put you through. Ken Burch Oct 2014 #12
Thanks man Prophet 451 Oct 2014 #21
It was actually closer than you might think . . . back in 1972 when McGovern made it a centerpiece KingCharlemagne Oct 2014 #16
I had no idea about that Prophet 451 Oct 2014 #22
Great post. woo me with science Oct 2014 #18
That I could rec posts. F4lconF16 Oct 2014 #29
Welcome, dude Prophet 451 Oct 2014 #31
But there are different degrees Marrah_G Oct 2014 #11
It's not about any particular place. Ken Burch Oct 2014 #13
K&R Another great OP from you tonight. woo me with science Oct 2014 #17
we are not going to end anything except our own individual lives, let's just realize that. LawDeeDah Oct 2014 #19
If they want to fight all levels of poverty, it has to start Warpy Oct 2014 #20
This is happening in Berkeley daredtowork Oct 2014 #27
In India, they lowered the calorie count for people to be declared in poverty whereisjustice Oct 2014 #28
Thank you. nt woo me with science Oct 2014 #30
Since I got injured at 26 UglyGreed Oct 2014 #32
"If we're gonna talk about poverty, let's talk about ending ALL poverty." Nice. pampango Oct 2014 #33
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