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Prophet 451

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25. My partner is a former sex worker
Tue Sep 30, 2014, 11:51 PM
Sep 2014

She used to be a PSO. You know those phone lines you can call where some woman talks dirty to you for a buck a minute? She was one of the people at the end of the phone line. She did this for several years and I had zero problem with it (although I had to stop being in the same room as I'd often have to fight laughter). The only reason she doesn't do it anymore is because my mental health issues make me paranoid of phones (I can't explain it so please, don't ask).

I find that at least some of the stigma to sex work comes from women who consider themselves feminist. They say they wish to empower women but if a woman chooses to express their sexuality in a particular way or chooses to make money off it, that's suddenly not allowed and/or should be banned. They don't want to empower sex workers, just get rid of sex work entirely. It's like there's only a small box marked "empowered woman" and if a woman doesn't fit into that, she gets shamed to hell. In a way, they've internalised one significant part of patriarchy: The shame nature of female sexuality. A woman who chooses to commodify their sexuality or gets off on being watched are shamed as disempowering to women. It's one of the few times blaming the victim is considered acceptable, even by liberals. A stripper gets called names? Well, it's their fault for being a stripper.

Insightful. Feral Child Sep 2014 #1
It covers a lot of angles here Blue_Adept Sep 2014 #3
Yes, it's quite well written. Feral Child Sep 2014 #11
That's a very interesting perspective, thanks for sharing IronLionZion Sep 2014 #2
Yup. Android3.14 Sep 2014 #4
Valid and helpful. Brickbat Sep 2014 #5
Pretty good for the issue of covers. aikoaiko Sep 2014 #6
No one topic can be covered in its entirety of course Blue_Adept Sep 2014 #21
I agree. aikoaiko Sep 2014 #22
If you live near a strip club, elderly Jewish men will knock on your door? Bad Thoughts Sep 2014 #7
Do you assign religions to all characters in a comic strip? FSogol Sep 2014 #9
No, I examine messaging for ethnic stereotypes Bad Thoughts Sep 2014 #12
Balding equals Jewish? FSogol Sep 2014 #14
I think it's the way the character is speaking sir pball Sep 2014 #15
it would be better if we could ban it... shaayecanaan Sep 2014 #8
It is interesting kcr Sep 2014 #10
Capitalism makes a commodity out of everything... shaayecanaan Sep 2014 #16
You are doing the same thing the author is doing. kcr Sep 2014 #17
I don't think what would happen is predictable if the stigma for sex work was to vanish. seaglass Sep 2014 #19
You're dead right... shaayecanaan Oct 2014 #26
Nice insinuations. Starry Messenger Sep 2014 #23
So what about us, and I do mean us, (now ex-) male sex workers? genwah Sep 2014 #20
It goes back to basic human rights titaniumsalute Sep 2014 #13
i stopped reading about 40%. saw intresting dichotomy. seabeyond Sep 2014 #18
great stuff- most women get this bullshit from men at some point- even here bettyellen Sep 2014 #24
My partner is a former sex worker Prophet 451 Sep 2014 #25
A friend of mine did that for a while. She also did phone psychic work for a while. LeftyMom Oct 2014 #27
Same here Prophet 451 Oct 2014 #28
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