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Dreamer Tatum

(10,926 posts)
Mon Sep 22, 2014, 02:12 PM Sep 2014

Did you take Al Qaeda / bin Laden seriously before 9/11? [View all]

8 votes, 4 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Yes. I took the threats very seriously, well before 9/11.
5 (63%)
No. I typed "TERRA! TERRA! TERRA!" so many times I lost count, then clammed up after 9/11.
2 (25%)
I only take threats seriously ex post, and only if doing so suits my political interests.
0 (0%)
Doesn't matter; all wrongdoing in the world is the CIA's doing, even now. Go rent X movie, you'll see.
1 (13%)
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What does it say in the full 9/11 report about warnings? CJCRANE Sep 2014 #1
Neither before nor after n/t reorg Sep 2014 #2
It started with USS Cole Boom Sound 416 Sep 2014 #3
And the embassy bombing in Tanzania Throd Sep 2014 #7
+1 BKH70041 Sep 2014 #4
Neither the Bush administration or the media CJCRANE Sep 2014 #5
And if the media, etc... had said they were a threat.... BKH70041 Sep 2014 #13
In fact they could have stopped it CJCRANE Sep 2014 #16
This message was self-deleted by its author BKH70041 Sep 2014 #25
You have the audacity to question the age of other posters? OilemFirchen Sep 2014 #40
AFAIK Alex Jones was talking about Bin Laden in the summer of 2001. CJCRANE Sep 2014 #41
Were you sentient in 1998? OilemFirchen Sep 2014 #42
I'm aware of the history of Al Qaeda, CJCRANE Sep 2014 #44
The Bush Administration? OilemFirchen Sep 2014 #46
How did you rate the threat of Al Qaeda CJCRANE Sep 2014 #49
This has gone far afield. OilemFirchen Sep 2014 #50
My point is that one can be aware of CJCRANE Sep 2014 #54
What makes you think there was "almost no mention" in the media? OilemFirchen Sep 2014 #55
2004 was after 9/11. Where are the examples from the summer of 2001? CJCRANE Sep 2014 #60
Bill Cohen, testifying in 2004, OilemFirchen Sep 2014 #63
This message was self-deleted by its author CJCRANE Sep 2014 #64
that you cannot be more specific is quite telling reorg Sep 2014 #66
You're ignoring an obvious factor in your presumption. OilemFirchen Sep 2014 #67
following recent discussions and reports, the turn of phrase reorg Sep 2014 #69
If it's important for you to presume intent, go right ahead. OilemFirchen Sep 2014 #72
I'd never heard of them before. Hatchling Sep 2014 #6
I'd never heard of them either. Louisiana1976 Sep 2014 #27
I don't think I'd heard of them treestar Sep 2014 #37
Yes I did, So did the Clinton administration and President Gore. Autumn Sep 2014 #8
So, I did not know much about Al Qaeda before 9/11. Xyzse Sep 2014 #9
I thought they were the Crimson Jihad ileus Sep 2014 #10
After 9/11 why take the 17+ Intel agencie$ seriously? leftstreet Sep 2014 #11
+10000000 PeteSelman Sep 2014 #74
Had anyone heard the names Al Qaeda and Osama Hari Seldon Sep 2014 #12
Yes. I had. Throd Sep 2014 #14
Not Time Magazine Hari Seldon Sep 2014 #15
PBS did jakeXT Sep 2014 #17
Your question prompted me to look for it reorg Sep 2014 #23
I had read about him in the July 1998 readers digest. NutmegYankee Sep 2014 #22
It was a fairly common discussion right here on DU before 9/11. ieoeja Sep 2014 #24
Interesting choice of username. You're aware that Al Quaeda translates as "The Foundation"? Electric Monk Sep 2014 #31
Yes. They were both out there Renew Deal Sep 2014 #52
The embassy bombings were a huge deal and in turn geek tragedy Sep 2014 #18
Yup....I was in high school at the time and even I remember those bombings Cali_Democrat Sep 2014 #21
I remember the bombings but don't remember hearing Al Quaeda or Osama Bin Laden mentioned Louisiana1976 Sep 2014 #29
They claimed 'credit' right away IIRC nt geek tragedy Sep 2014 #32
Did you find CJCRANE Sep 2014 #19
I had not been paying attention. jwirr Sep 2014 #20
How about those from this site? BKH70041 Sep 2014 #26
Why would some terrorists reorg Sep 2014 #34
Because of what it would indicate. BKH70041 Sep 2014 #36
Did you take the color-coded terror alerts CJCRANE Sep 2014 #39
Those who have the ability to look into the archives at this site could check back and see BKH70041 Sep 2014 #45
I mention the color-coded terror alerts because they were a running joke on DU CJCRANE Sep 2014 #47
No i didn't take them seriously but after they attacked NYC I take them and the fact hrmjustin Sep 2014 #28
Not my job. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Sep 2014 #30
It's interesting that "did not wish to select any of the options provided." is currently winning. nt Electric Monk Sep 2014 #33
No movie required Man from Pickens Sep 2014 #35
Oh yeah right after I saw the classified documents, the daily briefings and SomethingFishy Sep 2014 #38
Yes, thanks to the Cole and embassy bombings in the 90s cemaphonic Sep 2014 #43
I took them as a threat in the 90s beginning with the embassy bombings, and then the Cole Uncle Joe Sep 2014 #48
Now that you mention it... OilemFirchen Sep 2014 #56
Yes, "Wag the Dog" came out in 97 and the Republicans accused Clinton Uncle Joe Sep 2014 #58
Yes. They claimed to want to finish the job at WTC and I believed them. Renew Deal Sep 2014 #51
Yes Go Vols Sep 2014 #53
you mean the 19 Saudis with boxcutters? NightWatcher Sep 2014 #57
Don't remember exactly when I was first aware of Al Qaeda dhol82 Sep 2014 #59
I agree with this. DanTex Sep 2014 #82
No. LWolf Sep 2014 #61
Yes, and I knew that Bush was ignoring the threat. Posting on a right wing dominated sabrina 1 Sep 2014 #62
First two words out of my mouth that fateful day was Bin Laden madokie Sep 2014 #65
I know where you're trying to go with this whatchamacallit Sep 2014 #68
Some of us read the "Terror 2000" report and just knew Bush was gonna fuck it up. nt msanthrope Sep 2014 #70
The Terror 2000 report published in 1994? reorg Sep 2014 #73
No...the update. nt msanthrope Sep 2014 #79
Where is the poll answer" Who the hell is Who?" librechik Sep 2014 #71
I wasn't old enough to Jamaal510 Sep 2014 #75
Until "September the Eleventh" 2001, Osama bin Missing was rustydog Sep 2014 #76
JFK was going to end the CIA, Why? Harry Truman regretted the NSA, Why? orpupilofnature57 Sep 2014 #77
Yep, and he was first on my mind when the towers were hit. RandySF Sep 2014 #78
1972. Munich Olympics attack on the Israeli Olympic team. FrodosPet Sep 2014 #80
You forgot customerserviceguy Sep 2014 #81
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