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The Magistrate

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43. When You Are 'Agin Everything', Ma'am, Some People Will Always Find You Right, Some Of the Time
Fri Sep 5, 2014, 11:40 AM
Sep 2014

His commentary against Bush was as clownish and hyperbolic as his commentaries today. A number of creatures of this type, like Alex Jones and Lyndon LaRouche, switched without missing a beat from vociferous criticism of Bush and Co. to vociferous criticism of President Obama and his administration and its policies. They were no more 'right' then than they are 'right' now. When one begins with faulty premises, builds on false to fact statements, and joins them with fallacious logic, it is not possible for the edifice so constructed to be correct, even if one manages somehow to end up saying something that could be considered more or less true.

NATO attacks! [View all] JEB Sep 2014 OP
Ridiculous nonsense. FSogol Sep 2014 #1
. Rex Sep 2014 #2
Not fit for fishwrap. Chan790 Sep 2014 #3
Not familiar with this journalist apparently. Pepe Excobar never talks nonsense. He's another one of sabrina 1 Sep 2014 #10
That's because most Americans probably think NATO stands for North American Treaty Org. Rex Sep 2014 #17
I'm familiar with him... Chan790 Sep 2014 #23
Credibility with whom?..... socialist_n_TN Sep 2014 #30
He means credibility like this no doubt: Threedifferentones Sep 2014 #74
I Suspect He Means Credibility Like This, Sir.... The Magistrate Sep 2014 #75
Credibility rests on honesty and clarity reorg Sep 2014 #87
Anti-American?? Prove that vile personal attack or apologize for it. sabrina 1 Sep 2014 #37
Ooh, he called you a pacifist twice! Take that, you dirty un-American! Comrade Grumpy Sep 2014 #55
A informative and entertaining summary JEB Sep 2014 #4
Pretty thin gruel there, Pepe. BillZBubb Sep 2014 #5
Some textbook projection from yet another Pootlicker. nt geek tragedy Sep 2014 #6
Pepe Escobar is a Putin lover too now? Omfg! sabrina 1 Sep 2014 #11
Lots of attacking the messenger, Pepe Escobar, but JEB Sep 2014 #13
+1,000 malaise Sep 2014 #26
Pepe is used to that. Remember when Bush/Cheney were around and Pepe Escobar was exposing their lies sabrina 1 Sep 2014 #80
Laugh out load made me laugh out loud. OilemFirchen Sep 2014 #15
!!! Tarheel_Dem Sep 2014 #16
He does seem to be a fan muriel_volestrangler Sep 2014 #69
So we WERE fans of Saddam Hussein when we pointed out that removing him would totally destabilize sabrina 1 Sep 2014 #79
I don't remember people talking about 'legendary speeches' of Saddam, or credited him muriel_volestrangler Sep 2014 #84
You don't think Putin's speech 2007 in Munich was great? reorg Sep 2014 #88
From the man responsible for so much death in Chechnya, and who invaded Georgia a year later, muriel_volestrangler Sep 2014 #90
I asked about the speech reorg Sep 2014 #93
South Ossetia being in Georgia, not in Russia, when Putin sent in armed forces it was an invasion muriel_volestrangler Sep 2014 #94
The speech was held in 2007 reorg Sep 2014 #96
Pepe makes a good point. JEB Sep 2014 #7
"if Kiev gave up Crimea" Recursion Sep 2014 #21
I don't get it. ieoeja Sep 2014 #71
A Russian annexation is not a "dispute" Recursion Sep 2014 #89
So, how would you characterize reorg Sep 2014 #98
Pepe Escobar Cali_Democrat Sep 2014 #8
Well, he ain't no Luke Russert. JEB Sep 2014 #9
I didn't know he was from Brazil. Mighty interesting. Tarheel_Dem Sep 2014 #14
Remember when he was writing about Bush/Cheney's lies about Iraq? He was crazy then sabrina 1 Sep 2014 #38
The answer to "why is NATO involved" is very obvious Spider Jerusalem Sep 2014 #86
Silly writing from a silly person alcibiades_mystery Sep 2014 #12
Could you expand on that, what do you consider 'silly' in the article? Are you familiar with this sabrina 1 Sep 2014 #39
True, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2014 #76
This article makes more sense than all the jingoism JEB Sep 2014 #18
Why in the world would a small country want to join an organization to protect against pampango Sep 2014 #19
Germany, Sweden, France have all participated reorg Sep 2014 #20
Which neighbouring countries have they bombed...nt SidDithers Sep 2014 #27
The Reference, Sir, Is Probably To Serbia The Magistrate Sep 2014 #29
Germany has 9 neighbors - Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, pampango Sep 2014 #31
well, as a German citizen I take the liberty reorg Sep 2014 #32
And as to the self-interest of Germany in these attacks? Any territorial gains for Deutchland? pampango Sep 2014 #33
I know, it's as silly as saying that any ME or African or East European nation needs to worry about sabrina 1 Sep 2014 #40
If there are countries that are so afraid of possible NATO intervention that they want to band pampango Sep 2014 #50
I have noticed that most of our 'enemies' other than the Soviet Union, have been Brown people. The sabrina 1 Sep 2014 #81
"Our enemies" have also included Germany (twice), Spain, the UK and Serbia, not pampango Sep 2014 #85
Kick.. elias49 Sep 2014 #22
Been smoking old tennis shoes i see. Katashi_itto Sep 2014 #24
... SidDithers Sep 2014 #25
That It Is, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2014 #28
Journalistic Integrity, Pepe could use some. NCTraveler Sep 2014 #34
People who know their end game and then start writing their stories are not journalists. JEB Sep 2014 #35
Indeed, Sir: Not a Journalist, Just An Op-Ed Type The Magistrate Sep 2014 #36
Crystal and Newsmax were on a par with Escobar regarding the FP of George Bush? sabrina 1 Sep 2014 #41
When You Are 'Agin Everything', Ma'am, Some People Will Always Find You Right, Some Of the Time The Magistrate Sep 2014 #43
Could you provide some examples of his 'clownish reporting' on Bush/Cheney's policies? sabrina 1 Sep 2014 #44
Mere Noise, Ma'am, The Ritual Of The Professionally Poutraged The Magistrate Sep 2014 #45
My question was serious. I see lots of 's/he's not credible' claims, but whenever I ask for guidance sabrina 1 Sep 2014 #51
Poke Around Near-By, Ma'am The Magistrate Sep 2014 #52
It's entirely possible, Your Honor... OilemFirchen Sep 2014 #58
Then With Your Permission, Sir, I Will Repeat Your Post: The Magistrate Sep 2014 #62
No it is not at all possible. I have not and never have had anyone on ignore.. sabrina 1 Sep 2014 #83
I have poked around. Is there any reason why you think I might not have? I asked you for your sabrina 1 Sep 2014 #82
That is exactly what I've been trying to ask. JEB Sep 2014 #53
Bilderberg!!! OilemFirchen Sep 2014 #47
Falsifying the black box(es): OilemFirchen Sep 2014 #42
Or original cockpit conversation... whistler162 Sep 2014 #92
And Here, Sir, Is The View Of 'The Saker Blogger' He Cites as Authoritative.... The Magistrate Sep 2014 #48
Saker really seems to just out himself with that, sir. NuclearDem Sep 2014 #63
He Certainly Did, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2014 #65
Journalistic Integrity, Pepe (Dan Rather) could use some. JEB Sep 2014 #49
"Kill the messenger!" NCTraveler Sep 2014 #56
Who has a track record to meet your standards that does reliable reporting on Ukraine? JEB Sep 2014 #59
We can start with someone who doesn't cite antisemitic hate sites. NuclearDem Sep 2014 #61
Less than helpful. JEB Sep 2014 #64
Hey, Escobar's the one who cited that Holocaust denier Saker, not me. NuclearDem Sep 2014 #66
And Then There Is This, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2014 #72
I don't think Escobar cited a Holocaust denier reorg Sep 2014 #91
Saker is a Holocaust denier and dog whistle antisemite. NuclearDem Sep 2014 #95
You feel comfortable making such a claim reorg Sep 2014 #97
Only a fellow Jew-hating bigot would defend that language. geek tragedy Sep 2014 #99
Are you calling me a "fascist bigot"? reorg Sep 2014 #100
They share a common ideology with the website you are so eager to promote geek tragedy Sep 2014 #102
so you don't have any comments reorg Sep 2014 #103
Neo-Nazis exist in many countries. geek tragedy Sep 2014 #104
You show remarkable restraint reorg Sep 2014 #105
Almost as impressive as Der sturmer's reporting on the geek tragedy Sep 2014 #107
So much for our "pivot to Asia". Bet the Chinese are laughing themselves silly LittleBlue Sep 2014 #46
All you need to do from this oped is that he cites vineyard saker. NuclearDem Sep 2014 #54
Escobar is exactly correct. cheapdate Sep 2014 #57
Those were Soviet tanks. JEB Sep 2014 #60
Yes, those were Soviet tanks, but cheapdate Sep 2014 #68
What a Lot Of People Do Not Seem To Get, Sir, Is That These People Are Entertainers The Magistrate Sep 2014 #73
I doubt if this will meet the standards for some here, but JEB Sep 2014 #67
To Be Blunt, Sir The Magistrate Sep 2014 #70
Nah those are just soldiers on holiday... whistler162 Sep 2014 #77
Sad, Sir, The Things Some People Will Try And Believe The Magistrate Sep 2014 #78
Uh huh Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Sep 2014 #101
Goofy propaganda chrisa Sep 2014 #106
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