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Omaha Steve

(101,218 posts)
Thu Sep 4, 2014, 09:23 AM Sep 2014

Do you think the Federal minimum wage should be $15 per hour? [View all]

58 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Time expired
YES Get these workers out of the poverty level and off public assistance!!!
45 (78%)
8 (14%)
NO because my $1 menu item might go up a nickle
0 (0%)
NO because that just ain't right
0 (0%)
Other please explain
0 (0%)
0 (0%)
4 (7%)
YES because I would get a raise
1 (2%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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If that happens, the economy will go boom! (In a good way.) randome Sep 2014 #1
Try Telling That RadicalGeek Sep 2014 #2
It would certainly be a boost for the housing market delete_bush Sep 2014 #41
Where is that house located? In Miami, with the size of the land it appears to have, that would be Ghost in the Machine Sep 2014 #88
For whatever reason, I choose delete_bush Sep 2014 #94
Thank you, and my bad... I thought the post said that house was only $60,000 when in actuality Ghost in the Machine Sep 2014 #98
I am confused as to your point marym625 Sep 2014 #101
Not to get too technical, because delete_bush Sep 2014 #110
The reality is marym625 Sep 2014 #112
The figure DOES include taxes and insurance delete_bush Sep 2014 #120
I was in the mortgage marym625 Sep 2014 #123
It must have been awhile since you were in delete_bush Sep 2014 #127
Not that long marym625 Sep 2014 #128
The "national memo" link delete_bush Sep 2014 #130
You realize you just did exactly what the GOP did? marym625 Sep 2014 #132
I did nothing of the sort. delete_bush Sep 2014 #134
I did read your post marym625 Sep 2014 #136
I must not be explaining this properly... delete_bush Sep 2014 #137
I voted yes. merrily Sep 2014 #3
How much of the cost is worker wages? gratuitous Sep 2014 #19
Not the point I was making. merrily Sep 2014 #21
No, not the point you were making, no. Laelth Sep 2014 #37
Why do you think I would I want to hear it? Nothing in any of my posts suggests merrily Sep 2014 #43
Cool. Sorry. n/t Laelth Sep 2014 #45
No need to apologize. Misreading intent on a message board is easy. merrily Sep 2014 #46
Government could give businesses tax breaks Politicalboi Sep 2014 #27
No thanks. They get enough tax breaks as it is. merrily Sep 2014 #29
If you give workers more money they will spend it. upaloopa Sep 2014 #34
I agree there is no need, yet it happens all the time. merrily Sep 2014 #36
Businesses compete for customers using upaloopa Sep 2014 #38
Also true, yet many employers don't pay enough to make employees loyal and happy. merrily Sep 2014 #40
That's because they control the supply of needed upaloopa Sep 2014 #44
What do you think I am saying that was said to Ford? merrily Sep 2014 #47
All the other car makers said they would have upaloopa Sep 2014 #50
Thanks for the info, but you did not answer my question. merrily Sep 2014 #51
Ok I got it upaloopa Sep 2014 #52
Great. merrily Sep 2014 #54
Do you have a link for your assertion delete_bush Sep 2014 #61
It is from a biography that is on Netflix upaloopa Sep 2014 #63
So this is from your memory. delete_bush Sep 2014 #69
I heard it or read it. If that is a bad thing too bad upaloopa Sep 2014 #77
I come here to hopefully learn something. delete_bush Sep 2014 #95
The number cited is also refered to in 'Fordlandia: The Rise and Fall of Henry Ford's Forgotten Jung LanternWaste Sep 2014 #117
The "passed on to consumers" view misses several key concepts Taitertots Sep 2014 #59
Please see my reply 51 to upaloopa and my reply 43 to Laelth. merrily Sep 2014 #62
I disagree delete_bush Sep 2014 #67
But do you agree that minimum wage increases wouldn't be directly passed to consumers? Taitertots Sep 2014 #68
I will say that for some enterprises this will delete_bush Sep 2014 #71
What sandwich franchise has 6 employees working over 40 hours a week? Hippo_Tron Sep 2014 #73
In my example, delete_bush Sep 2014 #75
By your own admission, you're not sure of the average wage and just set it at $10 Hippo_Tron Sep 2014 #81
His example is extremely conservative taught_me_patience Sep 2014 #83
I set the average wage at what I consider to be delete_bush Sep 2014 #97
Add up the hours taught_me_patience Sep 2014 #82
Lunch lasts for 7 hours? Hippo_Tron Sep 2014 #85
Wages at 23% of sales? taught_me_patience Sep 2014 #80
I was being conservative with the numbers... delete_bush Sep 2014 #92
Exactly, you gave a great realistic and conservative example taught_me_patience Sep 2014 #109
It's good to hear from someone who delete_bush Sep 2014 #115
"Pass increase," or just maybe compete with pricing. Eleanors38 Sep 2014 #141
From productivity gains alone... MANative Sep 2014 #4
I ws just about to post no for this very reason. Beat me to it. Lochloosa Sep 2014 #5
Great minds... MANative Sep 2014 #6
+1 Go Vols Sep 2014 #23
$15 now gives people the ability to lobby for $22. As it is, their lives are chaotic and they can't. freshwest Sep 2014 #65
maximum wage permissable is what's needed fadedrose Sep 2014 #7
Actually I like $15.50 Half-Century Man Sep 2014 #8
I feel the same Iwillnevergiveup Sep 2014 #9
Other: _At least_ $15 per hour. (nt) Heidi Sep 2014 #10
I went with hell yes JustAnotherGen Sep 2014 #11
Not only that, but the reductionists who oppose the raise because they make more will get one, too. freshwest Sep 2014 #66
+1 leftstreet Sep 2014 #14
^^ this nt TBF Sep 2014 #64
If minimum wage were to raise to $15/hour, would other wages also rise accordingly? uppityperson Sep 2014 #12
K&R jamzrockz Sep 2014 #13
In a few years. KamaAina Sep 2014 #15
Perhaps $15/hr in city $12/hr suburban? JaneyVee Sep 2014 #16
If they are going to talk about a living wage then it should definitely be that much. jwirr Sep 2014 #17
Voted yes, but it should be higher than $15. n/t FSogol Sep 2014 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author NightWatcher Sep 2014 #20
A rising tide.... Omaha Steve Sep 2014 #22
I'm in favor of a rising tide, just not a tsunami NightWatcher Sep 2014 #24
If you can find a mecahnism ... Laelth Sep 2014 #32
We need to make sure that COLA is adjusted properly for SS and get rid of H-1B too... cascadiance Sep 2014 #33
Teachers have a union. 'Burger flippers' don't n/t leftstreet Sep 2014 #39
Some states forbid teachers being in a union Omaha Steve Sep 2014 #58
The thing to do is raise teachers' salaries not keep the min. wage merrily Sep 2014 #48
that's what I said, slowly raise everyone, just don't double overnight NightWatcher Sep 2014 #55
I never said slowly. merrily Sep 2014 #57
Adjuncts make about as much as fast-food workers. Starry Messenger Sep 2014 #70
A "burger flipper's" time and labor should be keyed by some other profession's pay? Scootaloo Sep 2014 #78
I worked at Burger King, McD's, Blimpie, Ruby Tuesday... NightWatcher Sep 2014 #84
I know exactly what I'm talking about. Scootaloo Sep 2014 #87
Wow, so much wrong. NightWatcher Sep 2014 #102
It's not the "burger flippers" fault justiceischeap Sep 2014 #100
Where is the idea that I have distain for minimum wage employees coming from? NightWatcher Sep 2014 #103
It was in your comment you've since deleted justiceischeap Sep 2014 #108
That's the most common argument against raising minimum wage, and it's misguided Orrex Sep 2014 #105
I said work up to it and not just double overnight. NightWatcher Sep 2014 #106
Delete if you like, but I don't think you're shitting on anyone Orrex Sep 2014 #107
I had to vote no Go Vols Sep 2014 #25
Agreed! It should be higher. Lars39 Sep 2014 #28
$25/hour? Now you're talking! delete_bush Sep 2014 #60
Like anyone is going to jamzrockz Sep 2014 #79
Bingo! delete_bush Sep 2014 #96
Yep Go Vols Sep 2014 #91
It should be much higher than that Nite Owl Sep 2014 #26
doesn't really matter Adam051188 Sep 2014 #30
k&r for labor. n/t Laelth Sep 2014 #31
Not only do I think it should be $15 an hour, I think it should be a goddamned litmus test. nt conservaphobe Sep 2014 #35
+1 merrily Sep 2014 #49
Minimum Wage Would Be $21.72 If It Kept Pace With Increases In Productivity baldguy Sep 2014 #42
This is why i voted no. temporary311 Sep 2014 #53
No. PeteSelman Sep 2014 #56
If nothing else, I'd like sub minimum for restaurant servers raised to 5.50 Algernon Moncrieff Sep 2014 #72
ALL workers should be subject to the same delete_bush Sep 2014 #74
Realistically, it would take years to change the culture in America -- if it could be done. Algernon Moncrieff Sep 2014 #76
They are in San Francisco. All wait staff are paid at least minimum wage which is $10.74 an hour. Luminous Animal Sep 2014 #119
I know, I live in CA, delete_bush Sep 2014 #122
Just think what that would do for the middle class in this country. It might save us. YOHABLO Sep 2014 #86
No 4b5f940728b232b034e4 Sep 2014 #89
But your boat will rise Bonx Sep 2014 #90
But everybody jamzrockz Sep 2014 #93
This turned into a great thread Omaha Steve Sep 2014 #99
There would be heavy inflation... Orsino Sep 2014 #104
Post removed Post removed Sep 2014 #111
What do you mean "sorry...". You aren't sorry. Workers deserve a living wage, period. CreekDog Sep 2014 #113
Well, the poster did discuss anchor stores Aerows Sep 2014 #116
Post has been hidden. alp227 Sep 2014 #118
Poster seems to have posted almost exclusively on Israel from the start CreekDog Sep 2014 #124
his sentiment sounds a lot like this: CreekDog Sep 2014 #125
Anchors have dwindled in most places Aerows Sep 2014 #114
Yep, and yesterday Omaha Steve. K&R Jefferson23 Sep 2014 #121
Yes, and middle class wages need to rise as well. tridim Sep 2014 #126
No because if we do that we get this....... AnalystInParadise Sep 2014 #129
Eventually, increasing the minimum wage causes unemployment. Unvanguard Sep 2014 #131
Great post marym625 Sep 2014 #133
Higher panader0 Sep 2014 #135
We need more Federal infrastructure daredtowork Sep 2014 #138
Nope. Iggo Sep 2014 #139
Sounds like you've done a lot of delete_bush Sep 2014 #140
Nope. Iggo Sep 2014 #142
My apologies, I took your delete_bush Sep 2014 #143
I don't disagree at all, but gradualism will probably be necessary here. nomorenomore08 Sep 2014 #144
Yes it should, and it should be phased in over several years Gormy Cuss Sep 2014 #145
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