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Wed Aug 27, 2014, 01:07 PM Aug 2014

How many here have cut the cord on tv? [View all]

I keep reading different stats on the # of folks who have cut the cord and use no mainstream tv.
Mainstream tv meaning cable/satellite/antenna to get tv channels from stations, not Hulu or streaming.

A 2013 study from GfK estimated that 19 percent of U.S. TV households had broadcast-only reception, up from 14 percent in 2010. Those figures include people who have dropped cable and those who never had it, something common for younger adults.

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I cut the cord more than 3 years ago.
28 (53%)
I cut the cord less than 3 years ago.
14 (26%)
Seriously planning on cutting the cord within the next 12 months.
3 (6%)
Robb is a dingbat.
1 (2%)
7 (13%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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cut the cord with one caveat... NRaleighLiberal Aug 2014 #1
What kind of emergency do you foresee that needs pictures, rather than just sound? muriel_volestrangler Aug 2014 #20
HIT'm ! .... HIT'm ! Trajan Aug 2014 #39
It's not snark - I've really never heard of someone having TV for emergencies muriel_volestrangler Aug 2014 #41
Tornado alerts dixiegrrrrl Aug 2014 #43
Fair enough - I can see the pictures matter for tornados muriel_volestrangler Aug 2014 #45
Definitely for tornadoes avebury Aug 2014 #102
That's the main reason I have a tv -- weather news. LuvNewcastle Aug 2014 #130
tornadoes, hurricanes, severe thunderstorms - very common here. NRaleighLiberal Aug 2014 #99
All I have is my indoor antenna. MadrasT Aug 2014 #96
cable was the first thing to go when i lost my job in 08 fizzgig Aug 2014 #2
Gotta have football.......... raven mad Aug 2014 #26
Nope staying with what I got satellite with ALL the movie channels Exposethefrauds Aug 2014 #3
We do as well. Boudica the Lyoness Aug 2014 #57
I would not go that far but it is less hassle then downloading Exposethefrauds Aug 2014 #66
The poll results will prove that people who don't watch TV tend to ridicule people who do. tridim Aug 2014 #4
Well, now there is a list, so the every stupid "morning joe" thread...we can do a diff via Excel snooper2 Aug 2014 #10
Not to speak for anybody else mythology Aug 2014 #12
Agreed. Where I am it is just too expensive. There is no economy option. GoneFishin Aug 2014 #106
i don't claim to not watch tv fizzgig Aug 2014 #22
We got rid of cable in 2001. I'd only ridicule someone for spending $120 a month on cable bhikkhu Aug 2014 #90
We got rid of cable in 1996 KansDem Aug 2014 #126
you guess there is proof GusBob Aug 2014 #103
I don't have a tv.. but, I certainly don't "ridicule" those who watch what they want to on theirs.. Cha Aug 2014 #116
... mainly use roku.com n/t RKP5637 Aug 2014 #5
I haven't owned a television in 7 years. moriah Aug 2014 #6
Roku for streaming, digital antenna for local stations. tammywammy Aug 2014 #7
Other. Brickbat Aug 2014 #8
"Hell On Wheels" is another great I would really miss...n/t monmouth3 Aug 2014 #13
Netflix has first 3 seasons exboyfil Aug 2014 #31
I put that on my Netflix list, but dixiegrrrrl Aug 2014 #73
It is available immediately exboyfil Aug 2014 #88
ahh...I see now. dixiegrrrrl Aug 2014 #105
I thought Edith was the dingbat snooper2 Aug 2014 #9
Havent watched since the first night of "shock and awe" GusBob Aug 2014 #11
Our television is a movie player. That's all it does. hunter Aug 2014 #14
I got rid of cable television some years ago, but keep a telly and a digital antenna... LanternWaste Aug 2014 #15
Been 12 years since I had cable Lurks Often Aug 2014 #16
I have YouTube, DU, and the Dewberry Jam Community Radio bookmarked FrodosPet Aug 2014 #17
About Dewberry Jam Community Radio FrodosPet Aug 2014 #19
I am going to check out that station. dixiegrrrrl Aug 2014 #46
I have become a huge fan FrodosPet Aug 2014 #80
Funny story Proud Public Servant Aug 2014 #18
Haha, Proud Public Servant, that almost exactly lovemydog Aug 2014 #49
lol jamzrockz Aug 2014 #85
THAT is funny! dixiegrrrrl Aug 2014 #122
I just signed up for the first time about two weeks ago. Love it. closeupready Aug 2014 #21
I watch exactly 4 shows: The Ed Schultz Show, Rachel Maddow, The Last Word and Chris Hayes. jwirr Aug 2014 #23
I'm with you. I tried cutting the cord a few months ago and missed MSNBC so much, especially Rachel Stardust Aug 2014 #113
I like to have different views and often they are covering something we are not. I think that TV and jwirr Aug 2014 #120
Those of you who have given up cable/satellite TV are missing some first-rate viewing. Paladin Aug 2014 #24
With terrabytes of downloaded movies, series and what-not... randome Aug 2014 #32
Actually, not. dixiegrrrrl Aug 2014 #124
Other: I miss Robb. Raine1967 Aug 2014 #25
Just got rid of Basic Plus exboyfil Aug 2014 #27
Have cable and internet from the same provider. Agschmid Aug 2014 #28
I cut cable when I got the Internet in 2008. It was a choice between cable and the Internet so Louisiana1976 Aug 2014 #29
Been about a decade now. i don't miss it Scootaloo Aug 2014 #30
Other. You can pry the remote from my cold dead fingers. rock Aug 2014 #33
"too dramatic?" dixiegrrrrl Aug 2014 #47
Nope. This probably the best time in history Codeine Aug 2014 #34
DVR deserves and award for how it broadens tv viewing. Inkfreak Aug 2014 #37
. Little Star Aug 2014 #40
Tv is an asset. Inkfreak Aug 2014 #35
Cut the cord on TV? Erich Bloodaxe BSN Aug 2014 #36
Why should I? brooklynite Aug 2014 #38
Because cable costs a fucking fortune BainsBane Aug 2014 #42
You are paying too much. Agschmid Aug 2014 #55
That was with the cut. At one point is was over $220. BainsBane Aug 2014 #71
Wow. More people need to YouTube it! Agschmid Aug 2014 #74
I pay $60/month for expanded basic Iris Aug 2014 #93
I have basic cable with Comcast - $29.00/mo 840high Aug 2014 #110
Argument number 3: lovemydog Aug 2014 #50
Agree totally. It wouldn't be bad if there was news outside cable. Laura PourMeADrink Aug 2014 #84
You can't be serious? BainsBane Aug 2014 #97
I miss HBO and AMC PasadenaTrudy Aug 2014 #44
Drfited away in the mid-70's. bikebloke Aug 2014 #48
TV Free Since 2001 cantbeserious Aug 2014 #51
I don't own a tv Sanity Claws Aug 2014 #52
That's definitely cutting the cord. dixiegrrrrl Aug 2014 #59
I admire your frugality! Sanity Claws Aug 2014 #60
Here... hunter Aug 2014 #111
I did go back last year, for a year, because they offered it to me for free... cbdo2007 Aug 2014 #53
We've never had cable, do have rabbit ears. Shrike47 Aug 2014 #54
I don't understand why anyone would want to do that these days Boudica the Lyoness Aug 2014 #56
Aljazeera docs are online also. dixiegrrrrl Aug 2014 #65
We got free cable for almost a decade XemaSab Aug 2014 #58
No cable or anything, but still get over-the-air local channels for PBS and a few good shows. pampango Aug 2014 #61
Me, too. GoCubsGo Aug 2014 #91
I like TV Blue_In_AK Aug 2014 #62
I cut the cord around 40 years ago. Kill Your Television. nt Zorra Aug 2014 #63
Considering it. moondust Aug 2014 #64
ahh..the teases...I had forgotten about them. dixiegrrrrl Aug 2014 #68
Shock and Awe was ugly. moondust Aug 2014 #69
And Blitzer walking around the props and screens on stage like a demented ringmaster. dixiegrrrrl Aug 2014 #72
Never had cable, satellite, etc. Ms. Toad Aug 2014 #67
Ionly cut my cable TV line jamzrockz Aug 2014 #70
Yes, you count. dixiegrrrrl Aug 2014 #79
Area Man Constantly Mentioning He Doesn't Own A Television kentauros Aug 2014 #75
What is his DU handle? FrodosPet Aug 2014 #82
Not sure. kentauros Aug 2014 #83
The 25 yr old Trinitron passed on; I cut the cable... Eleanors38 Aug 2014 #76
I like some of the stuff that runs through the cord and plan to keep it. BlueJazz Aug 2014 #77
Never had cable tv, always use an antenna, and have had broadcast TV. only..ever.... Stuart G Aug 2014 #78
I love TV. SamKnause Aug 2014 #81
Me, too! Iris Aug 2014 #92
Witness History - Love the Arts earthside Aug 2014 #129
I have dumped my satellite.. sendero Aug 2014 #86
I use mine more as a large computer monitor than as a TV. Initech Aug 2014 #87
You put your finger on another incentive I had to dump my tv dixiegrrrrl Aug 2014 #98
I just got a new computer monitor for like $170. Initech Aug 2014 #100
No tv since 2001 bhikkhu Aug 2014 #89
I cut the cord because I was flat broke at the time Budgies Revenge Aug 2014 #94
I don't cut the cord totally but don't watch much treestar Aug 2014 #95
No plans to cut the cord--there would be a mutiny in my household. MADem Aug 2014 #101
No WAY these percentages are correct maced666 Aug 2014 #104
I may bitch about the slow DSL dixiegrrrrl Aug 2014 #107
Gave up it in 1980... 2naSalit Aug 2014 #108
Cord cut in 1975. greendog Aug 2014 #109
After I started grad school I had no time for TV... Adsos Letter Aug 2014 #112
I'd cut it in a heartbeat if it weren't for other family members Live and Learn Aug 2014 #114
I hear that. dixiegrrrrl Aug 2014 #127
I have been TV free at three different times in my life, SheilaT Aug 2014 #115
No way, it's our entertainment. B Calm Aug 2014 #117
Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Al Jazeera tiredtoo Aug 2014 #118
Me. Ages ago, about 10 years ago, really. sibelian Aug 2014 #119
Area Man Constantly Mentioning He Doesn't Own a Television joeglow3 Aug 2014 #121
He never cheats on his diet, either. randome Aug 2014 #123
Other: I got back and forth depending on my ability to convince my SO to keep it cut. nt. Hosnon Aug 2014 #125
Cut the cable cord a month ago loyalsister Aug 2014 #128
I have Dish for the movie channels - the offerings get worse and worse aint_no_life_nowhere Aug 2014 #131
I love tv IcyPeas Aug 2014 #132
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