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143. Vid of the President's statement, TM.. and the transcript.. thank you.
Thu Aug 7, 2014, 11:26 PM
Aug 2014

Good evening. Today I authorized two operations in Iraq — targeted airstrikes to protect our American personnel, and a humanitarian effort to help save thousands of Iraqi civilians who are trapped on a mountain without food and water and facing almost certain death. Let me explain the actions we’re taking and why.

First, I said in June — as the terrorist group ISIL began an advance across Iraq — that the United States would be prepared to take targeted military action in Iraq if and when we determined that the situation required it. In recent days, these terrorists have continued to move across Iraq, and have neared the city of Erbil, where American diplomats and civilians serve at our consulate and American military personnel advise Iraqi forces.

To stop the advance on Erbil, I’ve directed our military to take targeted strikes against ISIL terrorist convoys should they move toward the city. We intend to stay vigilant, and take action if these terrorist forces threaten our personnel or facilities anywhere in Iraq, including our consulate in Erbil and our embassy in Baghdad. We’re also providing urgent assistance to Iraqi government and Kurdish forces so they can more effectively wage the fight against ISIL.

Second, at the request of the Iraqi government — we’ve begun operations to help save Iraqi civilians stranded on the mountain. As ISIL has marched across Iraq, it has waged a ruthless campaign against innocent Iraqis. And these terrorists have been especially barbaric towards religious minorities, including Christian and Yezidis, a small and ancient religious sect. Countless Iraqis have been displaced. And chilling reports describe ISIL militants rounding up families, conducting mass executions, and enslaving Yezidi women.

In recent days, Yezidi women, men and children from the area of Sinjar have fled for their lives. And thousands — perhaps tens of thousands — are now hiding high up on the mountain, with little but the clothes on their backs. They’re without food, they’re without water. People are starving. And children are dying of thirst. Meanwhile, ISIL forces below have called for the systematic destruction of the entire Yezidi people, which would constitute genocide. So these innocent families are faced with a horrible choice: descend the mountain and be slaughtered, or stay and slowly die of thirst and hunger.

I’ve said before, the United States cannot and should not intervene every time there’s a crisis in the world. So let me be clear about why we must act, and act now. When we face a situation like we do on that mountain — with innocent people facing the prospect of violence on a horrific scale, when we have a mandate to help — in this case, a request from the Iraqi government — and when we have the unique capabilities to help avert a massacre, then I believe the United States of America cannot turn a blind eye. We can act, carefully and responsibly, to prevent a potential act of genocide. That’s what we’re doing on that mountain.

I’ve, therefore, authorized targeted airstrikes, if necessary, to help forces in Iraq as they fight to break the siege of Mount Sinjar and protect the civilians trapped there. Already, American aircraft have begun conducting humanitarian airdrops of food and water to help these desperate men, women and children survive. Earlier this week, one Iraqi in the area cried to the world, “There is no one coming to help.” Well today, America is coming to help. We’re also consulting with other countries — and the United Nations — who have called for action to address this humanitarian crisis.

I know that many of you are rightly concerned about any American military action in Iraq, even limited strikes like these. I understand that. I ran for this office in part to end our war in Iraq and welcome our troops home, and that’s what we’ve done. As Commander-in-Chief, I will not allow the United States to be dragged into fighting another war in Iraq. And so even as we support Iraqis as they take the fight to these terrorists, American combat troops will not be returning to fight in Iraq, because there’s no American military solution to the larger crisis in Iraq. The only lasting solution is reconciliation among Iraqi communities and stronger Iraqi security forces.

However, we can and should support moderate forces who can bring stability to Iraq. So even as we carry out these two missions, we will continue to pursue a broader strategy that empowers Iraqis to confront this crisis. Iraqi leaders need to come together and forge a new government that represents the legitimate interests of all Iraqis, and that can fight back against the threats like ISIL. Iraqis have named a new President, a new Speaker of Parliament, and are seeking consensus on a new Prime Minister. This is the progress that needs to continue in order to reverse the momentum of the terrorists who prey on Iraq’s divisions.

Once Iraq has a new government, the United States will work with it and other countries in the region to provide increased support to deal with this humanitarian crisis and counterterrorism challenge. None of Iraq’s neighbors have an interest in this terrible suffering or instability.

And so we’ll continue to work with our friends and allies to help refugees get the shelter and food and water they so desperately need, and to help Iraqis push back against ISIL. The several hundred American advisors that I ordered to Iraq will continue to assess what more we can do to help train, advise and support Iraqi forces going forward. And just as I consulted Congress on the decisions I made today, we will continue to do so going forward.

My fellow Americans, the world is confronted by many challenges. And while America has never been able to right every wrong, America has made the world a more secure and prosperous place. And our leadership is necessary to underwrite the global security and prosperity that our children and our grandchildren will depend upon. We do so by adhering to a set of core principles. We do whatever is necessary to protect our people. We support our allies when they’re in danger. We lead coalitions of countries to uphold international norms. And we strive to stay true to the fundamental values — the desire to live with basic freedom and dignity — that is common to human beings wherever they are. That’s why people all over the world look to the United States of America to lead. And that’s why we do it.

So let me close by assuring you that there is no decision that I take more seriously than the use of military force. Over the last several years, we have brought the vast majority of our troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan. And I’ve been careful to resist calls to turn time and again to our military, because America has other tools in our arsenal than our military. We can also lead with the power of our diplomacy, our economy, and our ideals.

But when the lives of American citizens are at risk, we will take action. That’s my responsibility as Commander-in-Chief. And when many thousands of innocent civilians are faced with the danger of being wiped out, and we have the capacity to do something about it, we will take action. That is our responsibility as Americans. That’s a hallmark of American leadership. That’s who we are.

So tonight, we give thanks to our men and women in uniform -— especially our brave pilots and crews over Iraq who are protecting our fellow Americans and saving the lives of so many men, women and children that they will never meet. They represent American leadership at its best. As a nation, we should be proud of them, and of our country’s enduring commitment to uphold our own security and the dignity of our fellow human beings.

God bless our Armed Forces, and God bless the United States of America.

yes, President Obama was just on live TV and I support these actions. Sunlei Aug 2014 #1
Can I get an explanation..... TheMick Aug 2014 #16
who is "attacking Iraq"? Sunlei Aug 2014 #18
?????????????????????? sheshe2 Aug 2014 #23
i'll try Fred Drum Aug 2014 #28
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Where are they getting their weapons? And does mean that we will completely give up sabrina 1 Aug 2014 #152
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Confirmation Bias, Sir, Is A Cruel Mistress The Magistrate Aug 2014 #241
The source of my information comes from the British Parliament. I do not freguent nor am I sabrina 1 Aug 2014 #329
You know someone in the British Parliament? I'm impressed! ... 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2014 #330
I read real news not right wingnut sites. The British Parliament voted against sabrina 1 Aug 2014 #340
Okay. eom. 1StrongBlackMan Aug 2014 #343
statements of "fact" without links Sheepshank Aug 2014 #247
This ^ ^ ^ Tarheel_Dem Aug 2014 #276
not even close to justifying it. bowens43 Aug 2014 #227
Why does the religion matter at all? lark Aug 2014 #262
Give me that old time religion..... NOT. n/t DocwillCuNow Aug 2014 #302
As a desert storm vet... No, not even close to being worth involved again. Katashi_itto Aug 2014 #349
Huh? Politicub Aug 2014 #38
We weren't attacking -- we were "liberating". nt gateley Aug 2014 #44
This may shock you but we were ASKED to help. Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2014 #100
yeah, especially since God told Bush to do it griloco Aug 2014 #101
Can I get an elaboration... JHB Aug 2014 #153
I do too. femmocrat Aug 2014 #2
Mr President ripcord Aug 2014 #145
I missed it- can you give the basics? Marrah_G Aug 2014 #3
Humanitarian aid, IronGate Aug 2014 #8
Thank you! Marrah_G Aug 2014 #15
civilians kardonb Aug 2014 #21
I am sure President Obama humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #36
LOL Marrah_G Aug 2014 #42
lol m-lekktor Aug 2014 #55
Since ISIS is practicing only humanitarian beheadings, his hand was forced. 11 Bravo Aug 2014 #274
If there are air strikes, there are ALREADY combat troops on the ground. NM_Birder Aug 2014 #221
Obama authorizes airstrikes in Iraq to stop genocide Nye Bevan Aug 2014 #12
Genocide OK in Gaza but not in Iraq? lark Aug 2014 #266
Targeted air strikes in Iraq - TBF Aug 2014 #13
Airstrikes on Isis should they make any hostile and overt moves towards Embassy Sheepshank Aug 2014 #252
Humanitarian aid. Targeted strikes if ISIS moves to commit genocide. msanthrope Aug 2014 #14
I do too. He is a class act and a smart man. I don't always agree with him but it is a joy to.... Logical Aug 2014 #4
agreed ! nt steve2470 Aug 2014 #5
I don't have a problem with it - TBF Aug 2014 #6
I agree Tom Rinaldo Aug 2014 #7
This message was self-deleted by its author TheNutcracker Aug 2014 #9
Without a doubt. This is why I voted for the man. nt msanthrope Aug 2014 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Aug 2014 #11
Some are genocide - some 840high Aug 2014 #41
"Genocide?" delphi72 Aug 2014 #213
you first. hopemountain Aug 2014 #296
Agree. moondust Aug 2014 #17
Next stop Gaza. WHEN CRABS ROAR Aug 2014 #19
That has never happened get the red out Aug 2014 #204
Yes, a bad situation but Pres. Obama is doing the right thing. The Bush legacy. nt Cognitive_Resonance Aug 2014 #20
Thank you Sir! sheshe2 Aug 2014 #22
Where is the source? Is there a video? I want to see that. Please. :) freshwest Aug 2014 #128
Hey freshwest... sheshe2 Aug 2014 #135
Thanks. See these pictures today: freshwest Aug 2014 #170
He does look tired, freshwest. sheshe2 Aug 2014 #210
I was remarking to my wife Inkfreak Aug 2014 #278
Agreed mcar Aug 2014 #24
Absolutely, I am sure we will use pinpoint humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #43
K&R eom MohRokTah Aug 2014 #25
Agree. nt sufrommich Aug 2014 #26
I hope the Yazidis have enough stones to kill their own women jberryhill Aug 2014 #27
You're not accusing all 40k humans there of that particular crime, are you? n/t Amonester Aug 2014 #30
Crime? jberryhill Aug 2014 #40
What? You don't think it was a crime? Amonester Aug 2014 #49
everyone but the Yazidis did jberryhill Aug 2014 #52
So they're all guilty before trial to you I see. n/t Amonester Aug 2014 #58
there was a trial jberryhill Aug 2014 #67
Well, maybe the relatively small 'group' (compared to 40,000...) who did it were killed later? Or no Amonester Aug 2014 #71
relatively small? jberryhill Aug 2014 #121
But there wasn't 40,000 people there, so you still insist to let them all starve so you will be Amonester Aug 2014 #132
Hunger kills 25,000 people every single day jberryhill Aug 2014 #138
Of course Rapillion Aug 2014 #73
the four? jberryhill Aug 2014 #80
No, I haven't Rapillion Aug 2014 #95
we did that in Rwanda, Sudan, lots of places jberryhill Aug 2014 #116
Yes, Rwanda, Sudan Rapillion Aug 2014 #130
I don't understand why you said this?! sheshe2 Aug 2014 #81
It seems to be an essential supply for their religion jberryhill Aug 2014 #86
Excuse me.... sheshe2 Aug 2014 #110
It's no joke jberryhill Aug 2014 #117
So they deserve to be slaughtered! Great! killbotfactory Aug 2014 #157
No. I would not suggest we do that jberryhill Aug 2014 #159
But It Would Be Fair To Suggest, Sir, You Think Someone Ought To.... The Magistrate Aug 2014 #163
yeah, this is pretty much the worst of what our side has to offer renegade000 Aug 2014 #168
This post is living proof that right wingers are not the only ones capable of sanctimony. bklyncowgirl Aug 2014 #209
Let's nuke New York City because some of their cops are thugs Hekate Aug 2014 #263
Hardly analogous jberryhill Aug 2014 #268
I'm with you on this one, indeed. eom Purveyor Aug 2014 #29
me too. nt kelliekat44 Aug 2014 #31
I'm not so sure I can agree, nor can I trust those representing me that have proven AuntPatsy Aug 2014 #32
^^^This. Squinch Aug 2014 #308
Sure IRAQ WAR III humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #33
The ones with food and water are humanitarian, yes Gore1FL Aug 2014 #51
+1 LordGlenconner Aug 2014 #57
Missed it. Did he do something brave, like send food/medical aid to injured and dying in Gaza? whereisjustice Aug 2014 #34
No nothing so sensible humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #39
Do we should leave 840high Aug 2014 #45
False choice.... humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #53
Maybe you should get a grip. Cha Aug 2014 #171
You are so full of it. IronGate Aug 2014 #50
Have you been asleep for the last 50 years? humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #56
Because I trust President Obama. IronGate Aug 2014 #61
Post removed Post removed Aug 2014 #62
Such an intelligent answer. IronGate Aug 2014 #66
He gave his opinion already, you missed it: freshwest Aug 2014 #131
I did miss it. IronGate Aug 2014 #136
Schmuck HERVEPA Aug 2014 #87
I don't cwydro Aug 2014 #208
I agree with you, IronGate.n/t Duval Aug 2014 #237
Thanks. From the praise, sounded like he was pulling children from the rubble with his own hands whereisjustice Aug 2014 #59
He sent Kerry creeksneakers2 Aug 2014 #125
Yes, we sent $47 million in humanitarian aid to Gaza two weeks ago frazzled Aug 2014 #139
And we sent this, too: Hissyspit Aug 2014 #195
I agree. n/t zappaman Aug 2014 #35
Glad he is in charge Politicub Aug 2014 #37
Was he clear on what kind of bombs humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #46
I guess genocide doesn't bother you Politicub Aug 2014 #54
False Choice.... humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #60
So you're ok with the genocide of these people? nt. IronGate Aug 2014 #65
I'm not ok with Genocide of any people humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #69
The military isn't bombing anyone. IronGate Aug 2014 #76
! humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #88
You're leaving out a very important part of his speech. IronGate Aug 2014 #93
The part where he authorized the use of force humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #107
The only pile of garbage is what's in your posts. IronGate Aug 2014 #113
+1 SunSeeker Aug 2014 #149
But if we just asked ISIS nicely they would surely stop mythology Aug 2014 #165
So what's the answer? What's your answer? Amonester Aug 2014 #77
That is a false choice humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #94
That's not what I asked: I only asked for your idea of a solution. Amonester Aug 2014 #105
The Iraqi Air Force doesn't have the capability to air drop supplies to those trapped people, IronGate Aug 2014 #109
We have already dropped the supplies. The Iraq gov.& the people trapped asked for the help. Sunlei Aug 2014 #114
More Popcorn BKH70041 Aug 2014 #47
The Iraq government asked for help gwheezie Aug 2014 #48
Because they're incompetent and scared shitless LordGlenconner Aug 2014 #79
As do I -- gateley Aug 2014 #63
Indeed. Fozzledick Aug 2014 #64
It may be legitimate but... kentuck Aug 2014 #68
Seems like some people have paid attention humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #72
Yeah, kentuck, it is good to be wary of these things. BillZBubb Aug 2014 #84
Or....since tomorrow is Friday... kentuck Aug 2014 #103
You give the public too much credit LordGlenconner Aug 2014 #92
It never ends...we are in a permanent state of war. zeemike Aug 2014 #309
For the first time in my adult life, I support alcibiades_mystery Aug 2014 #70
Obvisoulsy you have missed humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #75
Really? What good people will die because of targeted air strikes against ISIS? nt. IronGate Aug 2014 #91
Really? humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #98
The air strikes would only commence if ISIS were showing signs of moving against those people IronGate Aug 2014 #104
And you think there will not be even one civilian casualty? Only ISIS fighters? Really? nt kelly1mm Aug 2014 #156
So we just let ISIS slaughter those people? nt. IronGate Aug 2014 #158
Not our problem IMO. nt kelly1mm Aug 2014 #160
So you wouldn't care if these people are slaughtered by this terrorist army? IronGate Aug 2014 #161
Nope, not our problem any more. They did not want a SOFA agreement and thus no more kelly1mm Aug 2014 #162
And the jury results are in... aikoaiko Aug 2014 #97
Yeah, you said that already LordGlenconner Aug 2014 #99
I'll sleep fine alcibiades_mystery Aug 2014 #123
Well, Hissyspit Aug 2014 #140
@BreakingNews: Iraqi official says hundreds of Yazidi women taken captive by Islamic State militants Hissyspit Aug 2014 #280
From good ol' STRATFOR leaked emails via Wikileaks: Hissyspit Aug 2014 #300
@wikileaks: US let ISIS grow: In 2010 Syria offered to partner with US to fight groups like ISIS but Hissyspit Aug 2014 #301
Again, Ma'am, The Entire Document Does Not Seem To Bear Out That Claim The Magistrate Aug 2014 #307
@wikileaks: Stratfor leak shows US created ISIS (ISI) leadership structure and thirst for revenge af Hissyspit Aug 2014 #304
Here Is The Whole Article, Ma'am The Magistrate Aug 2014 #306
How the US helped arm ISIS: Hissyspit Aug 2014 #311
Not A Word Of That Article Validates Your Headline, Ma'am The Magistrate Aug 2014 #312
only the bad guys die m-lekktor Aug 2014 #85
I do sincerely alcibiades_mystery Aug 2014 #124
agreed. K & R rollin74 Aug 2014 #74
I am always skeptical of this sort of thing and would like to see Maliki replaced, BillZBubb Aug 2014 #78
so do i. DesertFlower Aug 2014 #82
One might ask though Rapillion Aug 2014 #83
That, sadly, is an "inconvenient" question. nt. BillZBubb Aug 2014 #90
And "one might" think it's a stupid analogy. Tarheel_Dem Aug 2014 #290
When did Hamas ask for our help? nt msanthrope Aug 2014 #341
They didn't Rapillion Aug 2014 #348
We never learn LittleBlue Aug 2014 #89
+ +++ Kick you hit the nail on the head..... N/T humbled_opinion Aug 2014 #96
Yeah. No bombs. ancianita Aug 2014 #108
Too bad the Neocon's actions have instilled such cynicism into the public dgauss Aug 2014 #102
It's not cynicism as much as it is willful ignorance LordGlenconner Aug 2014 #232
I wholeheartedly agree! Sissyk Aug 2014 #106
Thank you, Magistrate Hekate Aug 2014 #111
I was wondering what he was going to do betsuni Aug 2014 #112
K & R davidpdx Aug 2014 #115
I would be very suspicious of those who didn't. Drunken Irishman Aug 2014 #118
me too! TRAITORS!!!1 m-lekktor Aug 2014 #207
One might think we've been completely overrun by a bunch of self centered Libertarians, who sit.... Tarheel_Dem Aug 2014 #292
I think something had to be done. davidthegnome Aug 2014 #119
I concur, as well. Old and In the Way Aug 2014 #120
I'm With You... As Long As It Is Limited... WillyT Aug 2014 #126
Let's see how it develops over the next few days. kentuck Aug 2014 #127
I Here Ya... I Want To Help Those Starving In The Mountains... WillyT Aug 2014 #129
How about we throw that Trillion $/year weight of our M/I complex into a massive humanitarian effort Warren DeMontague Aug 2014 #133
I do think it was the proper decision, but... ReRe Aug 2014 #134
How do you know they are right and proper? I'm just asking because I Zorra Aug 2014 #137
questions bigtree Aug 2014 #141
They Do Not Seem Up To The Work, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #144
thanks for the answer, Magistrate bigtree Aug 2014 #154
Humanitarian aid is always good. Targeted air strikes is code for killing people. Of course rhett o rick Aug 2014 #142
I guess by US standards, this is fairly benign. Orsino Aug 2014 #272
If I may, "We're only going to be bombing a few [folks] this week." nm rhett o rick Aug 2014 #273
Vid of the President's statement, TM.. and the transcript.. thank you. Cha Aug 2014 #143
Thank You, Sir: Glad To Have That In The Thread The Magistrate Aug 2014 #146
You're welcome but you can call Ms. :) Cha Aug 2014 #148
An entire minority group gets completely shut out of representative government Ash_F Aug 2014 #254
by now it's obvious he's a Situationist performance artist MisterP Aug 2014 #147
Bullcrap. Cha Aug 2014 #150
You invalidated your whole post when you compared our President to Kimg Jong-il. nt conservaphobe Aug 2014 #155
What a load! sheshe2 Aug 2014 #303
K&R SunSeeker Aug 2014 #151
That's nice whatchamacallit Aug 2014 #164
many here act like the U.S is so moral that it needs to intervene when.. politicman Aug 2014 #166
So we shouldn't try to prevent the genocide of these people by the terrorist army ISIS? IronGate Aug 2014 #169
do you think that airstrikes cannot escalate into troops on the ground?? politicman Aug 2014 #175
Got it, IronGate Aug 2014 #177
stop trying to put words in my mouth politicman Aug 2014 #179
And Would You Be Any Better A Person If You Let Her Die, Sir? The Magistrate Aug 2014 #180
try it this way instead... politicman Aug 2014 #181
You Set The Terms, Sir, And Cannot Complain Of The Result The Magistrate Aug 2014 #183
ill try to articulate my point better. politicman Aug 2014 #187
That Does Not Improve Your Case, Sir, Though It Does Clear Up A Point The Magistrate Aug 2014 #188
are you not capable of understand a simple argument. politicman Aug 2014 #189
You Cannot Make A Coherent Argument, Sir; That I Understand Clearly The Magistrate Aug 2014 #193
You have shown your true face, you care for everyone but the Palestinians. politicman Aug 2014 #196
Now That, Sir, Is Some Seriously Rum Fun To Read The Magistrate Aug 2014 #198
its pointlesss debating an israeli apologist politicman Aug 2014 #199
I Could Have Sworn You Just Said Good-Bye, Sir.... The Magistrate Aug 2014 #200
when you do it so poorly... quaker bill Aug 2014 #201
Best To Stick To Words You Understand, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #172
heres some questions for you? politicman Aug 2014 #174
Had You Opened On The Line Of Your Second Attempt, Sir, Matters Would Have Gone Differently The Magistrate Aug 2014 #178
Thanks, I always learn from your posts.. freshwest Aug 2014 #176
Right on bahrbearian Aug 2014 #314
Or 'Left Off!' Sir, Depending Which Side Of The Mirror One Faces.... The Magistrate Aug 2014 #315
Wrong again Missy bahrbearian Aug 2014 #317
Your Meaning Is Unclear, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #320
So many crises, so little time. Jamaal510 Aug 2014 #167
Am I the only one not liking the outcome minivan2 Aug 2014 #173
Yeah right.. the corporatemediawhore$ don't know the difference either.. Cha Aug 2014 #182
Yessir minivan2 Aug 2014 #184
really, minivan? I stopped in 2002.. and, I'm not a sir. :) Cha Aug 2014 #186
Pardon me, ma'am. ;) minivan2 Aug 2014 #191
So, I'm hearing.. via sites like these. I thought they were out of control in 2002.. and, Cha Aug 2014 #192
I do, as well. Major Hogwash Aug 2014 #185
Just listening to the president now, sir, and I totally agree Rhiannon12866 Aug 2014 #190
I agree with a caveat he should be arming the Kurds too azurnoir Aug 2014 #194
Brilliant OP Cali_Democrat Aug 2014 #197
I agree get the red out Aug 2014 #202
I suppose it is probably the right thing to do given the current realities. Unfortunately we do not Douglas Carpenter Aug 2014 #203
I Appreciate That, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #234
So do I. NutmegYankee Aug 2014 #205
Me too... sendero Aug 2014 #206
Et moi aussie, mes ami. riqster Aug 2014 #211
Agreed Gothmog Aug 2014 #212
yes it is, sir. mopinko Aug 2014 #214
I agree Hubert Flottz Aug 2014 #215
With great reluctance so do I. bklyncowgirl Aug 2014 #216
I Appreciate That, Ma'am The Magistrate Aug 2014 #224
How are these airstrikes different than... justaddh2o Aug 2014 #217
If you are going to use a criminal justice metaphor, its more like police shooting a criminal who is stevenleser Aug 2014 #236
Okay, however justaddh2o Aug 2014 #269
It Is A Point Of Some Bemusement, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #286
Excellent point justaddh2o Aug 2014 #326
Because There Are Occasions, Sir, When Violence Is Both Appropriate And Necessary The Magistrate Aug 2014 #328
Choosing peace can lead to harm? justaddh2o Aug 2014 #344
Gandhi May Have Done So, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #345
What's the endgame? Akira Watts Aug 2014 #218
Make a lot of money for the war profiteers. JEB Aug 2014 #219
That, sir, is just cynical. nt Akira Watts Aug 2014 #223
It has taken me a good long while, but JEB Aug 2014 #318
Then enlist and go fight over there... Fix The Stupid Aug 2014 #222
Nothing More Amusing Than Ritual Chants, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #225
Ok. Fix The Stupid Aug 2014 #229
A Rote Noise, Sir, Without The Slightest Point Or Content The Magistrate Aug 2014 #231
So you are going to enlist and help in Iraq? n/t Fix The Stupid Aug 2014 #267
When You Actually Have A Point, Sir, By All Means Try Make It The Magistrate Aug 2014 #270
I'll repeat... Are you going to Iraq to help? Fix The Stupid Aug 2014 #271
Perhaps You Do Not Know What A Point Is, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #277
Really? 'Cuz I think there's nothing more amusing than self-righteous pomposity & condescension TheSarcastinator Aug 2014 #233
Guess I Will Just Have To Bear Up Under It, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #235
You're Nothing but a Sycophant TheSarcastinator Aug 2014 #334
Who gives a shit if his opinion means less than nothing to you? IronGate Aug 2014 #245
Yes, by all means, march to that drum! TheSarcastinator Aug 2014 #332
Well, you're right about that. IronGate Aug 2014 #333
carry on, brave internet warrior TheSarcastinator Aug 2014 #335
Brave internet warrior? IronGate Aug 2014 #337
Also, this is not President Obama trying to settle some petty personal score. Aristus Aug 2014 #230
Yes, I do too. potone Aug 2014 #238
They are all bad options now. I just dont want more troops sent at this point. stevenleser Aug 2014 #239
I Agree, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #240
What is amusing is the pathetic arguments of those criticizing you. As if they have a better option. stevenleser Aug 2014 #242
I Suppose One Could Ask, Sir, If Such Are Willing To Stand Themselves Among The Potential Victims The Magistrate Aug 2014 #243
Which option then? Akira Watts Aug 2014 #249
Which is exactly my point. A bad option among worse options stevenleser Aug 2014 #250
Carpet bombing would probably be most effective.... Historic NY Aug 2014 #299
The last good option was not to invade back in 1991. Dems to Win Aug 2014 #251
I disagree. 1991 had full support of the UN, international community and stevenleser Aug 2014 #253
True, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #255
We still made a bad decision in 1991. But it was the post-war, not pre-war, decision. ieoeja Aug 2014 #288
I strongly disagree. Saddam taking babies from incubators! Yeah, right..... Dems to Win Aug 2014 #256
Your focusing on the most ridiculous in a long line of reasons doesn't help your cause. stevenleser Aug 2014 #261
It Is Part Of The Service, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #282
How about Iraq's 1980 invasion of Iran? In which the US supported the invader. Dems to Win Aug 2014 #298
What question do you think you are answering with this post? stevenleser Aug 2014 #313
How about Jimmy Carter's response to the USSRs invasion of Afghanistan Dems to Win Aug 2014 #319
Affirmed sir. nilesobek Aug 2014 #244
These adventures tend to start from a justifiable case and grow into shit. Often being shit from TheKentuckian Aug 2014 #246
That Can Happen, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #248
We are aiding affiliate factions inarguably, Sir. I believe the distinction is without much TheKentuckian Aug 2014 #331
Saying 'We Are Aiding Affiliate Factions', Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #342
The long path to selecting stupid and inept from root to leaf. TheKentuckian Aug 2014 #346
It's easy to support it when we aren't the ones dying. Iron Man Aug 2014 #257
Equally, Sir, Easy To Oppose It When You Are Not The One Designated For Massacre The Magistrate Aug 2014 #259
I was against bombing Iraq when Dubya did it and I'm against it now. Iron Man Aug 2014 #260
You Engaged In Ritual Chant, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #264
That's funny. Iron Man Aug 2014 #284
And What, Pray Tell, Sir, Do You Find So Interesting About It? The Magistrate Aug 2014 #285
Most of us knew regime change in 2003 would lead to exactly what we are seeing today. ieoeja Aug 2014 #291
+1 LordGlenconner Aug 2014 #283
I don't support it, this is just to protect corporate interests in Iraq. dilby Aug 2014 #258
can you give me some idea (links) Sheepshank Aug 2014 #265
That answer should be interesting, if one is forthcoming. nt stevenleser Aug 2014 #275
They don't need no stinkin' links, it's what RT told 'em. Tarheel_Dem Aug 2014 #279
Pretty much anyone who has money invested in Iraq. dilby Aug 2014 #294
It has everything to do with helping the people of Iraq. Cha Aug 2014 #305
So, which CEOs are going to make a killing off our newest muder spree in Iraq??? blkmusclmachine Aug 2014 #281
I see so much so much dissonance in response to recent world happenings kjones Aug 2014 #287
I Appreciate Your Thoughtful Reply, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #289
And I appreciate your regular application of logic sir kjones Aug 2014 #293
War Is Not The Answer Tace Aug 2014 #295
Depends On The Question, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #297
Nope, not even remotely... truebrit71 Aug 2014 #310
And I am Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs MyNameGoesHere Aug 2014 #316
Obama says we must, "stay vigilant." Skip Intro Aug 2014 #321
They Did Not Come Out Of Nowhere, Though, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #322
Let's say they quickly grew to prominence, then. n/t Skip Intro Aug 2014 #323
There Are Few Real Overnight Sensations, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #324
Too bad they didn't make plans. n/t Skip Intro Aug 2014 #325
Thank goodness you do. It makes it right around here. n/t flvegan Aug 2014 #327
self-righteous, war mongering sycophantism is always in style! TheSarcastinator Aug 2014 #336
I Suspect You Fell Into A Sarchasm There, Sir.... The Magistrate Aug 2014 #347
I heard ISIS throws babies from incubators & just bought yellow cake from Niger TheSarcastinator Aug 2014 #338
Again, The Ritual Chants Of The True Believer, Sir The Magistrate Aug 2014 #339
It seems pretty clearly the right thing to do. Unvanguard Aug 2014 #350
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