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Thu Jul 31, 2014, 09:01 PM Jul 2014

To Those On The Left Who Think Ruth Bader Ginsburg Should Retire... Go Fuck Yourselves. [View all]

Why don't you just raise the white flag of surrender?

Ageist, sexist, weak-kneed BULLSHIT.

And GOTV, my ass!

She's still got it...

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: 5 Male Justices Have A 'Blind Spot' On Women's Issues
Laura Bassett - HuffPo
Posted: 07/31/2014 8:00 am EDT Updated: 33 minutes ago

Link: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/07/31/ginsburg-hobby-lobby_n_5636254.html

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Yes, yes,yes gwheezie Jul 2014 #1
I'm not convinced BHO <<WANTS>> anybody as liberal as RBG on the Court. Might interfere with DEMS' blkmusclmachine Jul 2014 #28
Exactly. LeftyMom Jul 2014 #35
Besides, lsewpershad Aug 2014 #87
That's what I think, too. Blue_In_AK Aug 2014 #82
I agree BHO will burrowowl Aug 2014 #49
This +1,000,000 n/t Dr Hobbitstein Jul 2014 #2
I'd like to see one of the 4 write that dissenting opinion demwing Jul 2014 #3
Sharpest mind on the Court malokvale77 Jul 2014 #4
We still need to put a time limit on terms Politicalboi Jul 2014 #5
This is news to me--who "on the left" wants her to retire? I thought only the righties MADem Jul 2014 #6
Often comes up here on DU. elleng Jul 2014 #8
It has entirely escaped my notice. I can't imagine it. MADem Jul 2014 #14
Pisses me off every time. elleng Jul 2014 #15
The theory is jeff47 Jul 2014 #30
I agree with your take--and I say Leave Ruth Alone!!!!! nt MADem Aug 2014 #52
The view is that if she retires now Lurks Often Aug 2014 #62
It's not a simple majority. jeff47 Aug 2014 #65
I was referring to the fact Lurks Often Aug 2014 #66
Obama's veto stamp. jeff47 Aug 2014 #67
This thread is about SCOTUS Lurks Often Aug 2014 #70
So you are arguing that the Republicans would make it easier for Obama jeff47 Aug 2014 #71
And you apparently aren't reading things correctly Lurks Often Aug 2014 #73
You may need to reread your post 66. jeff47 Aug 2014 #81
If they eliminate the filibuster Lurks Often Aug 2014 #84
I've answered them on at least one occasion TBF Aug 2014 #63
Well, I wouldn't be at all surprised if your thesis was accurate. MADem Aug 2014 #88
It's been coming up at DU with some frequency. Some seem to think it's her "duty" to retire... Hekate Aug 2014 #46
Why not just let the next Democratic President do that--if she wants to leave, that is? MADem Aug 2014 #51
More pasta! Hekate Aug 2014 #53
Putta sticka buttah in the "gravy"--goes good wid' dose fatty meatballs!!! MADem Aug 2014 #54
Don't forget to fry the meatball in da lard, like Mema always did! nt msanthrope Aug 2014 #56
Mmmmmmm! Gooooood eatin'!!!!!!! Give old 'Tone' an extra helpin' or ten! nt MADem Aug 2014 #57
Give him a quart jar wid' tha bracciole and the neck to take home. He's got no msanthrope Aug 2014 #61
Yes, she certainly does. potone Jul 2014 #7
The Notorious RBG Capt. Obvious Jul 2014 #9
Agreed. I completely support her for as long as she wants to serve. nt BootinUp Jul 2014 #10
Wy are you thinking that way? napi21 Jul 2014 #11
Here Ya Go: WillyT Jul 2014 #13
NO, she stays as long as she wants to..I was worried due to her health she would retire but she Jefferson23 Jul 2014 #12
I like Ruth Bader Ginsburg. But since we are ALL mortal (last time I checked)... Sarah Ibarruri Jul 2014 #16
Hey Sarah... Elena Or Sonia... Or Even Stephen... Has The Exact Same Potential Problem!!! WillyT Jul 2014 #19
Well, if you believe in science and actuaral tables, you might not madinmaryland Jul 2014 #22
Exactly, which is why I'm SO SURPRISED that WillyT would say such a thing. Sarah Ibarruri Jul 2014 #25
If the next 2 elections get stolen we have bigger problems TBF Aug 2014 #64
Um... let me put it to you this way, I want someone FAR MORE LIBERAL than Ginsburg. Sarah Ibarruri Jul 2014 #23
They'd never get through the senate. jeff47 Jul 2014 #31
Who knows? But since she's very old, and I want someone very lib (as opposed to yet another pukable Sarah Ibarruri Jul 2014 #32
Everyone knows. Have you been in a coma for the last 6 years? (nt) jeff47 Jul 2014 #34
BINGO !!! - We'd Have To Put Up A Corporate Jurist That Meets Republican Dogma... WillyT Jul 2014 #33
Are you saying that the right wingers would put a stop to it? nt Sarah Ibarruri Aug 2014 #89
Yes. (nt) jeff47 Aug 2014 #91
Then we must get rid of the right wingers. nt Sarah Ibarruri Aug 2014 #92
She is the Most KICKASS Attorney, EVAH..... msanthrope Jul 2014 #17
That's Right, thrope !!! WillyT Jul 2014 #20
Gonna put my skates on....Satan has Hitler firing up the Zamboni....nt msanthrope Jul 2014 #39
LOL !!! WillyT Jul 2014 #40
All Skate!!!! nt msanthrope Jul 2014 #42
Ruth Bader Ginsburg: I'm Not Going Anywhere babylonsister Jul 2014 #18
Thurgood Marshall had it too... brooklynite Jul 2014 #21
Yup. I remember very, very well. amandabeech Jul 2014 #37
So... You're Giving Up On 2014/2016 ??? WillyT Jul 2014 #38
Not at all...just like I never gave up on 1988 brooklynite Jul 2014 #44
It's a fine sentiment to want her to say LordGlenconner Aug 2014 #85
amen preach it brother dembotoz Jul 2014 #24
sideways.... mike_c Jul 2014 #26
Don't worry, she's not going to retire BeyondGeography Jul 2014 #27
Retire Raygun's men, Scalia and Kennedy rickyhall Jul 2014 #29
People have been saying that for years. Hell, 5 years ago she had pancreatic cancer. morningfog Jul 2014 #36
Yo yo yo, ya'll who want the Notiorious R.B.G to step down can go fuck yoself! MohRokTah Jul 2014 #41
She's Down for Whatever. nt msanthrope Jul 2014 #43
I hadn't seen this disparagement, WillyT....... DeSwiss Aug 2014 #45
OMG. I love it Hassin Bin Sober Aug 2014 #47
While I am not one of the ones saying Ginsburg should retire davidpdx Aug 2014 #48
+1 pnwmom Aug 2014 #55
huh? who the fuck "on the Left" wants Ginsburg to retire? 2banon Aug 2014 #50
Demands that Ginsgerg retire are a perennial subject at DU Paladin Aug 2014 #68
Another absurd example of coloring that kind of thinking as coming from "The Left" 2banon Aug 2014 #72
It's not coming from the Corporate Right Wingers, at least not here at DU. Paladin Aug 2014 #74
I am way to the left of what passes as The Left here. Any call for resignation is beyond absurd. 2banon Aug 2014 #75
Agreed. (nt) Paladin Aug 2014 #86
Our most liberal justice? HELL NO! BuelahWitch Aug 2014 #58
Eh. I'd rather see a young liberal get nominated now than risk getting another Scalia. Dawgs Aug 2014 #59
I've had this fight with folks on DU - TBF Aug 2014 #60
Ain't broke The Time is Now Aug 2014 #69
Word!! onecaliberal Aug 2014 #76
A post after my own heart. WilliamPitt Aug 2014 #77
Really? Must you descend to this level of vulgarity and intolerance? cilla4progress Aug 2014 #78
Calm down...... Swede Atlanta Aug 2014 #79
The only reason for her to retire, is to assure that her replacement will be made by a Democratic... DrewFlorida Aug 2014 #80
Sigh gcomeau Aug 2014 #83
Notorious R.B.G. is The Bizzomb! Long may she run! ancianita Aug 2014 #90
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