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Fred Sanders

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Thu Jul 31, 2014, 10:06 AM Jul 2014

This is not a "war", it is a pogrom in a ghetto, the Gaza ghetto is like the Warsaw ghetto. [View all]

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We are not alone:

"A Pew Research Center poll released Monday showed that a plurality of Democrats across the country, 35 percent, and liberals, 44 percent, said that Israel had “gone too far” in its response to its conflict with Hamas. Meanwhile 47 percent of Democrats told Gallup that Israel’s actions during the current conflict were “unjustified,” compared to just 31 percent who thought the opposite."

To be ignored and sent to jury.......ignored in the media, ignored by our own progressive heroes.....


Israelis want a "final solution", having apparently forgotten their own history.

War is between relatively equal sides, no war ends up with 1300 civilians killed on one side and 2 on the other, anyone care to weigh in on the math?

Meanwhile cowardly American politicians hide behind chest beating symbolic votes and ship more ammo to Israel as a gift, hoping to keep their fundraising intact and not be attacked by the compliant media...as hundreds of children are torn part limb by limb in their sleep as they
lay in "protected" UN shelters.

As evil as the slaughter is the evil of the American media advancing evil lies and war crimes by the dozens. The human shield argument is so lame as to be a war crime itself, but criminals always have their own sick mind justifications, do they not?

Did you get the part where Israel gets to or has to, I have not figured that out yet, to buy more ammo and weapons.....directly from the American manufacturers? Because the hereto before secret stash of a billion dollars already in Israel, provided by you as a taxpayer, is not enough. Not enough to continue the killing at the pace Bibi wants. How sick is that!

America and Israel belong on the same psych ward, and in the same courtroom.

And yes, I am directly attacking Israel. Israel is wrong and the dead children are dead right, so take me to the jury for my whipping, I am man enough to defend myself and the dead at the same time.

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That way of seeing it hadn't occurred to me get the red out Jul 2014 #1
Bullshit. Archae Jul 2014 #2
How many Israeli children dead? Math is not propaganda, never is, oh heartless one!? Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #3
Anyone who claims either side is free of the blood of children is an exploiter of dead children. Bluenorthwest Jul 2014 #10
Israel is free of the blood of children, even as it flows like wine in the Gaza Ghetto. Any evidence Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #12
Anyone who claims either side is free of the blood of children is an exploiter of dead children. Bluenorthwest Jul 2014 #17
a simple question was posed to you frylock Jul 2014 #27
so, Hamas' inability to achieve their goal of Israeli civilian casualties ProdigalJunkMail Jul 2014 #37
never said that.. frylock Jul 2014 #145
The Palestinians aren't nearly as proficient sulphurdunn Jul 2014 #165
so, again, because they suck at killing Israelis ProdigalJunkMail Jul 2014 #170
If the Israelis lift the blockade sulphurdunn Jul 2014 #178
if you believe that the attacks would stop ProdigalJunkMail Jul 2014 #197
Why wouldn't they? sulphurdunn Jul 2014 #204
yes... Hamas hates them that much n/t ProdigalJunkMail Jul 2014 #205
Considering what's been going on sulphurdunn Jul 2014 #207
The West Bank is mostly peaceful nadinbrzezinski Jul 2014 #213
the rockets stopped for nearly 2 years frylock Jul 2014 #253
so what have gay folk done to the likes of Hamas dsc Jul 2014 #221
Hell, I have neighbors sulphurdunn Jul 2014 #234
you say that if Israel just did what Hamas wants then Hamas wouldn't want to kill them dsc Jul 2014 #239
Hamas can want to kill all the Jews sulphurdunn Jul 2014 #246
Some questions are too hard to answer. Thankfully no Israeli children have died, yet. However sabrina 1 Jul 2014 #142
yes, i agree that is something we can all be thankful for frylock Jul 2014 #254
how many Israel children Billy Budd Jul 2014 #91
A quick google will tell you... stevenleser Jul 2014 #93
Still zero in the latest slaughter.....is all I said. Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #94
I was referring to current Gaza slaughter Billy Budd Jul 2014 #101
Kind of obvious, right? Straw men are a dime a dozen these dark days. Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #111
The above poster is heavily obfuscating superpatriotman Jul 2014 #117
Question asked was answered with verifiable facts. Zero opinion, spin or obfuscation nt stevenleser Jul 2014 #124
Re read. Agreed. superpatriotman Jul 2014 #128
The question asked was clearly about the current slaughter of Palestinian children in Gaza. And sabrina 1 Jul 2014 #144
No spin? Caretha Jul 2014 #225
28 people killed sulphurdunn Jul 2014 #168
How many Israeli children sulphurdunn Jul 2014 #162
And the Palestinians are the victims. I do not understand - are Hamas and Palestinian the same? No, jwirr Jul 2014 #22
Well, let's see now... Archae Jul 2014 #24
Why does the argument "Israel has a right to defend itself" work for Isreal, FourScore Jul 2014 #38
The argument does not work, it is just repeated ad nauseam. Old propaganda trick that the Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #47
Because Israel is using the old Bush/Cheney Reich-Wing playbook.... Galraedia Aug 2014 #307
Are you telling me that there were not people who cheered the US going into Afghanistan and 1monster Jul 2014 #81
yep, same reason conservapuke Christian Extremists here cheered the ginned up war BlancheSplanchnik Jul 2014 #177
And.... jberryhill Jul 2014 #90
ABC also Enthusiast Jul 2014 #120
Thank you. So many blinded by the blatant propaganda, the American media is a crime scene. Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #121
+1 uponit7771 Jul 2014 #126
What was "faked up" about it? Common Sense Party Aug 2014 #286
The celebration was not for 911. Enthusiast Aug 2014 #290
Wrong. Common Sense Party Aug 2014 #292
Sorry. Enthusiast Aug 2014 #293
Hamas is about 1,100 men intaglio Jul 2014 #26
Just like the Native Americans were at war with the US, especially circa 1880s and beyond... 1monster Jul 2014 #75
BS lark Jul 2014 #86
You appear to be a great practitioner of the Ethics of Convenience. LanternWaste Jul 2014 #102
I just made that comment in the HOA thread Capt. Obvious Jul 2014 #105
So you are blaming other Palestinians for the actions of Hamas? treestar Jul 2014 #136
... BlindTiresias Jul 2014 #156
He's talking about half of Gaza. sulphurdunn Jul 2014 #186
Even if true, how does that justify killing civilians by the hundreds? nomorenomore08 Aug 2014 #272
I'm impressed. Man enought to defend behing a computer screen. Ooh baby I'm impressed. HERVEPA Jul 2014 #4
Truth is gonna get you hurt, propaganda makes it go away, not thinking of the children brings sleep. Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #7
"We" are not amused Caretha Jul 2014 #244
You have multiple personalities? HERVEPA Aug 2014 #294
Israeli military strength in part: Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #5
That is the stupidest OP I saw all day. Bonobo Jul 2014 #6
Stupid enough for you to point it out, guess others may have an opinion also. Take it to the jury, Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #8
It doesn't surprise me you would post that. n/t FourScore Jul 2014 #41
Whoa. arikara Jul 2014 #152
To some people, evidently, facts are stupid. BillZBubb Jul 2014 #248
Jury Result Liberal_Dog Jul 2014 #9
Every post that does not lick the boots of Israeli propaganda is referred to the jury, it is a given Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #11
I've been on here since they instituted that mikeysnot Jul 2014 #31
Post removed Post removed Jul 2014 #70
Israel-->Nazi hyperbolic comparisons deserve hides. nt stevenleser Jul 2014 #82
Why? sulphurdunn Jul 2014 #206
Cavers make the same argument regarding why they should be allowed to participate here. stevenleser Aug 2014 #289
Then you are suggesting sulphurdunn Aug 2014 #291
The Jury System is being used Billy Budd Jul 2014 #103
+1 uponit7771 Jul 2014 #127
Agreed BillZBubb Jul 2014 #250
The Tactic of Calling People Anti-Semitic Galraedia Aug 2014 #308
The abused become the abusers vssmith Jul 2014 #13
Yes...it is sadly true Bettie Jul 2014 #14
The right wing reactionary government of Israel is not the Isrseli people, I get and accept that. Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #16
I'm right with you there Bettie Jul 2014 #21
This is an incredibly important point hifiguy Jul 2014 #25
I'm sorry, but it appears the Israeli people are fully behind their murderous government. Comrade Grumpy Jul 2014 #51
Thank you for pointing that out mazzarro Aug 2014 #260
Don't they have elections there? BobbyBoring Aug 2014 #266
And I'm likewise sickened by our Canadian government arikara Jul 2014 #154
Same here laundry_queen Aug 2014 #295
Nuanced positions. Exactly that. arikara Aug 2014 #296
K & R AzDar Jul 2014 #15
It is about the government RobertEarl Jul 2014 #18
Eric Hoffer described this phenomenon in one of his books. pocoloco Jul 2014 #19
The True Believer? BillZBubb Jul 2014 #252
I think Bibi (sic) PatrynXX Jul 2014 #20
Israel did support Hamas against Fatah. alfredo Jul 2014 #29
There are a number of Israeli politicians hifiguy Jul 2014 #23
Why doesn't Israel set up refugee camps in the exclusion zone if they are alfredo Jul 2014 #28
80% civilian deaths is not collateral damage! Dustlawyer Jul 2014 #30
80% according to who exactly? Mosby Jul 2014 #35
Do you wish to dispute that figure? Of course you do. Comrade Grumpy Jul 2014 #52
ABC News, The Telegraph, just Google it! Dustlawyer Jul 2014 #135
the numbers come from hamas Mosby Jul 2014 #167
20% children by this articles admission. It assumes every male of a certain age is a Hamas soldier, Dustlawyer Jul 2014 #195
Just do the math. sulphurdunn Jul 2014 #202
1,000 combatants? Add a zero or two.. EX500rider Jul 2014 #256
I could be wrong about the number sulphurdunn Jul 2014 #258
So if it were, say, half that (40%) would it really make things so much better? nomorenomore08 Aug 2014 #273
You claim you're just talking about Israel Mosby Jul 2014 #32
+1 YoungDemCA Jul 2014 #67
Wish we had the unrec feature on DU3. nomorenomore08 Aug 2014 #274
This message was self-deleted by its author lostincalifornia Jul 2014 #131
perhaps the NYT can re-do this Warsaw ghetto satire for today. Sunlei Jul 2014 #33
Excellent! nt COLGATE4 Jul 2014 #53
Wow. Fascinating. Even back then there was the false equivalency. n/t FourScore Jul 2014 #56
that is horrific frylock Jul 2014 #149
This should be an OP on its on n/t malaise Aug 2014 #263
Hey Fred... Did You Catch THIS: WillyT Jul 2014 #34
I dunno. Israel has its share of Palins, Cruz's and Bachmanns also, it draws them toomuch attention. Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #39
Quick question JustAnotherGen Jul 2014 #36
The are just "mowing the grass", flowers and weeds together, when it grows too tall, they want Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #40
I don't see the post by WillyT above JustAnotherGen Jul 2014 #57
The 'mowing the grass' thing JustAnotherGen Jul 2014 #58
Or perhaps this time it's the endgame. They may flatten it, expel the survivors and take it. CrawlingChaos Aug 2014 #277
Check Here: WillyT Jul 2014 #46
It's at least what some in the Knesset are advocating. stranger81 Jul 2014 #87
I read his article JustAnotherGen Jul 2014 #104
I have a feeling sulphurdunn Jul 2014 #210
UN human rights official, 2009: Gaza evokes memories of Warsaw Ghetto muriel_volestrangler Jul 2014 #42
Agree Completely - The Oppressed Have Become The Oppressors cantbeserious Jul 2014 #43
agreed. just last night I was questioning the use of the word "war" magical thyme Jul 2014 #44
I agree. truebluegreen Jul 2014 #45
Bibi enid602 Jul 2014 #48
No coincidence that the slaughter began just after the chaos of the Malaysian jet shot down..... Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #50
Where is the outrage from the Arab world? Cary Jul 2014 #71
Same amount of outrage from the Western world GOVERNMENTS, correction added. The Arab people Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #72
I don't think you understand. Cary Jul 2014 #78
Israel's government is anything but "decent." [n/t] Maedhros Jul 2014 #83
Israel's government is a true democracy Cary Jul 2014 #88
By "government" I'm referring specifically to the right-wing Netanyahu regime, Maedhros Jul 2014 #114
It's not a democracy when some citizens are treated better than others. alarimer Jul 2014 #161
You shouldn't put sulphurdunn Jul 2014 #243
NO it is not democratic malaise Aug 2014 #264
backfire. enid602 Jul 2014 #96
"there are 1 million Arab Israeli citizens living in relative prosperity and peace" Capt. Obvious Jul 2014 #97
Yeah, living under an apartheid system, or else off to Gaza they go.....prosperity? Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #100
I started a similar thread a few days back and it was locked vssmith Jul 2014 #49
"Not news or information pertaining to this conflict"', that was the reason? Precious. Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #55
I dunno, it's really bad but Nazi comparisons ? come on nt steve2470 Jul 2014 #54
It is a ghetto comparison, many more in history, you think the Nazis were a one off? Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #60
I object to direct comparisons with the Nazis... steve2470 Jul 2014 #61
Straw man arguments followed by self induced rage and victim hood, also well known in history. Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #63
I don't think 'bad vs worse' precludes Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2014 #74
A quibble (ok, more than a quibble) on the disparity issue. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2014 #59
Also zero American children killed in both Iraq and Afghanistan, which is why both America and Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #62
Yup. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2014 #64
And Nutty Yahoo as.....the Bibi Roy Serohz Jul 2014 #65
"Israelis want a 'final solution,' having apparently forgotten their own history." Cary Jul 2014 #66
Finally someone who wants objectivity! Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #69
So according to your "math"... Cary Jul 2014 #73
Another straw man argument, it is so very boring. Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #76
Straw man argument? Cary Jul 2014 #84
That was a straw man fallacy you used. U4ikLefty Jul 2014 #110
I think that's a fair question JustAnotherGen Jul 2014 #130
Given the reaction to the cafe and bus nadinbrzezinski Jul 2014 #180
What nonsense, once again the ad hominem fallacy at play. Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #184
Nope, it is what it is nadinbrzezinski Jul 2014 #189
Followed by the slippery slope argument, and I thought some were better than that...... Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #192
Well that slippery slope is a fact nadinbrzezinski Jul 2014 #194
Your blase denial of the horror of my families past.. SQUEE Aug 2014 #300
Your blasť ability to put words in other people's mouths and then play the victim is surely the true Fred Sanders Aug 2014 #301
duly noted SQUEE Aug 2014 #309
I would be outraged Marrah_G Aug 2014 #306
I don't think so either JustAnotherGen Aug 2014 #310
Same teacher who taught you logic but not logical fallacies, I would wager. Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #146
And I might ask why you're so untroubled by the killing of children and other noncombatants? nomorenomore08 Aug 2014 #275
No it isn't objective. sulphurdunn Jul 2014 #208
Ah yes, comparing Israel to the goddamn Nazis... YoungDemCA Jul 2014 #68
The straw man brigade has chosen its favorite straw man....be outraged now, it is all you got..... Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #77
You made the comparison to the Warsaw Ghetto YoungDemCA Jul 2014 #79
You do understand the difference between ghettos & gas chambers U4ikLefty Jul 2014 #113
You understand that the Nazis first starved the people for years and then liquidated them, right? stevenleser Jul 2014 #119
+1 JustAnotherGen Aug 2014 #265
+2 nomorenomore08 Aug 2014 #276
I read another thread here - I think it was nadin's (?) about the "Samson Option." calimary Jul 2014 #80
MAD is the ballgame with nuclear weapons for everyone that has them. TheKentuckian Jul 2014 #92
Yeah. No kidding. calimary Aug 2014 #267
I don't think anyone who has thoroughly researched ghettos under the Nazis would agree. stevenleser Jul 2014 #85
Sorry to offend...no comparison was made, two truths are contrasted, the comparison is in your mind. Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #95
The comparison is in your OP title, not my mind. nt stevenleser Jul 2014 #108
"Comparison" and "contrast" are different words, the subtle difference may be lost, the corruption Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #109
If I start an OP with the title saying "DUer Fred Sanders is like George W Bush" stevenleser Jul 2014 #112
Your comments interested me enough to post this: Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #116
You should spend more time reading the text at the link you provided. stevenleser Jul 2014 #125
Your responses in this and a few other threads on this topic... malokvale77 Jul 2014 #158
Good. And I mean that no matter which way you mean your comment. stevenleser Aug 2014 #285
Definitely not higher esteem... malokvale77 Aug 2014 #311
To compare means to highlight the similarities between two or more things Bluenorthwest Jul 2014 #151
stop it with comparison's to WW2. It is just wrong. You can disagree with Israel's foreign CTyankee Jul 2014 #89
There is another popular thread on the same thing, repost the same thing there..you are wrong. Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #99
It is still not a good argument,no matter how many people post it. CTyankee Jul 2014 #141
I don't have to imagine: Last of Warsaw Ghetto Survivors Calls for Rebellion Against Israeli TalkingDog Jul 2014 #259
what a beautiful statement! CTyankee Aug 2014 #262
Glad you enjoyed it, but you didn't ask about a Jewish person making a direct comparison. TalkingDog Aug 2014 #268
Sorry if I wasn't clear. I think she has a real problem with the occupation, based on her CTyankee Aug 2014 #269
That is fantastic. Thank you. nomorenomore08 Aug 2014 #278
Hamas is the reason Gaza is a ghetto Boom Sound 416 Jul 2014 #98
I love history, here is an account of the invasion of the Warsaw ghetto: Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #106
Apartheid South Africa is a better comparison than the Nazis LittleBlue Jul 2014 #107
With respect, both contrasts are applicable, the walled city of Gaza is a better contrast, but your Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #118
Not to go off topic, but.. westerebus Jul 2014 #132
The last thing Israel wants is a "final solution". This group currently in power want a never mulsh Jul 2014 #115
Hamas was democratically elected, as was the Israeli government, but only one is legit. Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #122
They won't blow Gaza to dust because they want the land. randome Jul 2014 #134
you know it, I know it, analysts know it, Israel itself knows it: Bibithink is designed only for MisterP Jul 2014 #123
This message was self-deleted by its author lostincalifornia Jul 2014 #129
Some "Ghetto".. EX500rider Jul 2014 #133
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2014 #137
Not a fan of Hamas, sorry...lots of places i don't want to live.. EX500rider Jul 2014 #139
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2014 #148
So, one ghetto is bigger than another, and one was 80 years ago? Point taken, such as it is. Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #138
No, the in the real Ghetto everybody starved, was shot or gassed. No positive pop. growth. EX500rider Jul 2014 #140
No... malokvale77 Jul 2014 #164
Maybe you missed the header of the OP "the Gaza ghetto is like the Warsaw ghetto." EX500rider Jul 2014 #169
I didn't miss anything malokvale77 Jul 2014 #174
Yes, the definition of the Warsaw Ghetto EX500rider Jul 2014 #176
So only Warsaw defines ghetto in your opinion... malokvale77 Jul 2014 #183
In the context of this OP we are only discussing whether Warsaw=Gaza, try to keep up EX500rider Jul 2014 #190
You keep up malokvale77 Jul 2014 #209
"The effect is what matters." EX500rider Jul 2014 #236
Israel is not done yet, are they? malokvale77 Jul 2014 #249
You may live in a ghetto. But your Ghetto doesn't resemble the Warsaw Ghetto onenote Aug 2014 #282
Bigger than Metropolitan Las Vegas. Some "ghetto". nt COLGATE4 Jul 2014 #153
War is not between equal sides AnalystInParadise Jul 2014 #143
You made me laugh, describing slaughter as a form of war....you really did. Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #147
What the hell AnalystInParadise Jul 2014 #150
It is, but only on the sand table nadinbrzezinski Jul 2014 #182
Something for the deniers/apologists BlindTiresias Jul 2014 #155
You mean like this, although it is now the size of Las Vegas, some say, so can not be a ghetto.... Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #157
Could we see a map from 1957? oberliner Jul 2014 #185
Here you go: Maedhros Aug 2014 #302
In that map, Gaza is part of Egypt and the West Bank is part of Jordan oberliner Aug 2014 #303
Israel maintains effective control of Gaza and the West Bank Maedhros Aug 2014 #304
Not disputing that oberliner Aug 2014 #305
Rabid right wing sociopathy is a universal behavior felix_numinous Jul 2014 #159
Great opening statement emsimon33 Jul 2014 #160
Please forgive my naivete as a newcomer to DU cornball 24 Jul 2014 #163
we moderate posts via juries here, instead of moderators doing it steve2470 Jul 2014 #166
I think you got that right malokvale77 Jul 2014 #187
There is no comparison whatsoever and to say there is, is very disingenuous. William769 Jul 2014 #171
The Nazis were in a league all of their own, only Rwanda and Pol Pot come close steve2470 Jul 2014 #172
Agreed 100% William769 Jul 2014 #173
hey, did you see my lgbt thread in GD ? steve2470 Jul 2014 #179
No sorry I sisn't see it. William769 Jul 2014 #219
ok here ya go: steve2470 Jul 2014 #222
Thanks. William769 Jul 2014 #223
I agree. This kind of hyperbole doesn't help. n/t nomorenomore08 Aug 2014 #280
Yes, this is antisemitism and over the top nadinbrzezinski Jul 2014 #175
"Anti-semitic" has officially lost all meaning except as proxy for anyone not in lockstep. Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #188
No it has not Fred nadinbrzezinski Jul 2014 #191
You may wish that were true, but it isn't. nt Codeine Jul 2014 #199
I have been a defender of you here on DU... malokvale77 Jul 2014 #201
Read this nadinbrzezinski Jul 2014 #203
I'm sorry nadin... malokvale77 Jul 2014 #220
That is not propaganda nadinbrzezinski Jul 2014 #231
It is propaganda when... malokvale77 Jul 2014 #255
Please quote the text from the linked Newsweek article that you claim to be propaganda. LTX Aug 2014 #261
No... malokvale77 Aug 2014 #270
It's not "research." It's a linked article. LTX Aug 2014 #271
Hard to link to what I see on the air waves. malokvale77 Aug 2014 #279
One more time. This isn't really that difficult. LTX Aug 2014 #283
Has nothing to do with what I was responding to malokvale77 Aug 2014 #284
A week ago I said the same thing and was told it was an unfair comparison. McCamy Taylor Jul 2014 #181
Gish Gallop bluestateguy Jul 2014 #193
Ninety-eight per cent of Warsaw's Jews perished oberliner Jul 2014 #196
Most as you know where deported to camps and murdered, you are a bit early to the comparison. Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #198
Fred 50 of my family died at Treblybka nadinbrzezinski Jul 2014 #200
Yes, it is. How blind people can be. It is sad and very tragic... CTyankee Jul 2014 #211
Of course I am sorry for your loss and loss of all innocents, but labelling others who do not Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #214
Except that it is not just me pointing this comparison nadinbrzezinski Jul 2014 #216
Enlighten me, where is this charter, translated properly of course, you are exaggerating for affect, Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #227
Here, choice passage and link to full document at Yale Law School nadinbrzezinski Jul 2014 #229
The "kill every man woman and child part", where is that again, Nadine? Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #232
Post removed Post removed Jul 2014 #235
One fourth of the population died of disease and starvation - not deported to camps oberliner Jul 2014 #212
The Gaza siege is not over yet, disease and starvation are next without power and water. Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #215
In the years that the Gaza seige has been in place how many starvation deaths have there been? oberliner Jul 2014 #217
Well, there are around 2000 blown to bits deaths of children through the years, maybe they would Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #224
The number you are looking for is zero oberliner Jul 2014 #226
Interesting. Zero is also the number of Israeli children killed lately, not a one with a scratch. Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #228
Have you looked up as to the role of Egypt in this? nadinbrzezinski Jul 2014 #218
Egypt is gripped by a dictatorial army general that overthrew a democratically elected government. I Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #230
You mean the fact that the border with Sinai is tightly sealed nadinbrzezinski Jul 2014 #233
Danziger agrees malaise Jul 2014 #237
And he is still wrong, just like the OP nadinbrzezinski Jul 2014 #238
Sis we agree on a lot of things malaise Jul 2014 #242
And the comparison is still wrong nadinbrzezinski Jul 2014 #245
She claimed I want Israel obliterated in above post.....she is not thinking right. Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #240
No Fred, I said Hamas wants it obliterated. nadinbrzezinski Jul 2014 #247
Pretty clearly written by you, quote " In my mind, you will not be happy until Israel is indeed Fred Sanders Jul 2014 #251
here - 840high Jul 2014 #241
, blkmusclmachine Jul 2014 #257
Ways in which Gaza is not "like" Warsaw Ghetto onenote Aug 2014 #281
And that is just the beginning of the differences. Such comparisons are disruptive flamebait aimed stevenleser Aug 2014 #287
Don't respond to creationists oberliner Aug 2014 #288
You want math. Here's some math. onenote Aug 2014 #297
The false equivalency is the outrage....the lies about missing soldiers as justification....your Fred Sanders Aug 2014 #298
The false equivalency is all on your part, not mine. onenote Aug 2014 #299
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