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Wed Jul 30, 2014, 09:18 PM Jul 2014

Chuck Todd is finally embarrassed [View all]

Oh...so I see that Chuck Todd is finally embarrassed by Washington because of all the impeachment talk. I have a few questions for Mr. Todd:

Were you embarrassed by the fact that our first African American President was required to produce a birth certificate?

Were you embarrassed when Rep. Joe Wilson shouted "You lie" to President Obama during a SOTU speech?


If none of those things embarrassed you as an American who happens to be a political journalist, then you're an idiot! Chuck Todd - you are an embarrassment to your profession.

Read the Rest: http://immasmartypants.blogspot.com/2014/07/chuck-todd-is-finally-embarrassed.html

F**K You Chuck Toady! You are an embarrassment to your profession and to this country.

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Chuck Todd is a used rubber to the GOP. He helped them stop any productiveness in DC. blm Jul 2014 #1
Tell us what you really think. conservaphobe Jul 2014 #2
This comment hotrod0808 Jul 2014 #52
Oughta be an OP. riqster Jul 2014 #56
You made iced tea come out of my nose, doggone you! ColesCountyDem Jul 2014 #67
Chuck Todd is nothing. Boomerproud Jul 2014 #3
Chuck would have to think or feel Plucketeer Jul 2014 #42
wow TNNurse Jul 2014 #4
Kick & recommended. William769 Jul 2014 #5
Thank you William! eom sheshe2 Jul 2014 #25
New job? tooeyeten Jul 2014 #6
He can't dance as well as Karl Atman Jul 2014 #36
I'm sure even his mother feels the same way as you madokie Jul 2014 #7
sign me up ! LOL n/t jaysunb Jul 2014 #13
Ah, but Mr. Todd has a sneaky way out of your accusations agaisnt him . . . Jack Rabbit Jul 2014 #8
Frog parking only... WheelWalker Jul 2014 #9
I still remember Obama's first SOTU address... awoke_in_2003 Jul 2014 #10
I know! sheshe2 Jul 2014 #12
The casual reception by the media giving the green light to disrespect of the office lunasun Jul 2014 #50
I turned him off... ReRe Jul 2014 #11
I think I remember him from CSpan...?? nt elias49 Jul 2014 #14
Correctamundo... ReRe Jul 2014 #16
Hack of the year! flamingdem Jul 2014 #15
Priceless! ReRe Jul 2014 #17
Eeeew! sheshe2 Jul 2014 #18
I found it by googling "Chuck Toad" flamingdem Jul 2014 #19
LOL! sheshe2 Jul 2014 #23
not dumbass. he is a partisan, which means he is not really a reporter, but a mole. a gremlin in the pansypoo53219 Jul 2014 #33
that dumbazwipe! Stellar Jul 2014 #60
eeewwwww...yuck!!!! Stellar Jul 2014 #59
Used rubber of the year. blm Jul 2014 #68
Upchuck Toad is a liar and a conservative hack onecaliberal Jul 2014 #20
Yes he is! sheshe2 Jul 2014 #24
Thank you, onecaliberal Jul 2014 #28
k&r one_voice Jul 2014 #21
k&r... spanone Jul 2014 #22
K&R! hrmjustin Jul 2014 #26
Watch him get promoted ChairmanAgnostic Jul 2014 #27
Todd can be CEO at Comcast Jack Rabbit Jul 2014 #30
The malapropism....... Stainless Jul 2014 #29
julia louis-dreyfus hopemountain Jul 2014 #31
! DeSwiss Jul 2014 #40
Thanks for this, hopemountain :) sheshe2 Jul 2014 #45
Damn, that was funny! joshdawg Jul 2014 #46
chuck todd is a werid duck.. so, of course, he's one of the main US corporatemediawhore$. Cha Jul 2014 #32
Hey Cha! PBO takes Chuck to the woodshed again... sheshe2 Jul 2014 #44
Love it!!! Stellar Jul 2014 #61
remember when Chuck Todd said it wasn't his job to ... napkinz Jul 2014 #34
Yeah, I heard that donkey story, too. Must be true! Dark n Stormy Knight Jul 2014 #55
He had to throw in a bs criticism of the WH BootinUp Jul 2014 #35
He Wasn't Embarrassed When He Was Doing Dirty Tricks For Atwater ProfessorGAC Jul 2014 #37
I never want to miss an opportunity to say, "Fuck you, Chuck Todd!" Enthusiast Jul 2014 #38
The dumbass Schmuck Toad BumRushDaShow Jul 2014 #39
Jeremy Scahill Fantastic Anarchist Jul 2014 #41
Which is why, if Todd gets the MTP gig, the ratings will still suck. Fawke Em Jul 2014 #47
Totally Agreed. Fantastic Anarchist Jul 2014 #63
You Rebl Jul 2014 #73
Did he open his mouth again? blackspade Jul 2014 #43
Chuck Toad did not say he was embarrassed by Washington, he said Washington was embarrassing. Fla Dem Jul 2014 #48
Is he embarrassed because there is impeachment talk rurallib Jul 2014 #49
You spelled his name wrong. It's Chuck Toad. nt valerief Jul 2014 #51
He finally FEELS it, does he? Roy Serohz Jul 2014 #53
OK, I'll get a real drubbing by saying this, and I'm not a Chuck Todd groupie, but I don't understan secondwind Jul 2014 #54
Hmmmm sheshe2 Jul 2014 #71
Um, Chuck Tood is a Democrat and his wife is a DNC fundraiser Boom Sound 416 Jul 2014 #57
kick napkinz Jul 2014 #58
Agreed.... supercats Jul 2014 #62
NBC's Three Stooges - Stainless Jul 2014 #64
Down on Chuck JeaneRaye Jul 2014 #65
Welcome to DU! Rozlee Jul 2014 #66
Thanks for explaining JeaneRaye Jul 2014 #72
He's a corporate shill BumRushDaShow Jul 2014 #69
Chuck the dumb fu-k 4 more years Jul 2014 #70
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