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Face it, DU: Manny *loves* Putin. [View all] MannyGoldstein Jul 2014 OP
Who said you love Putin? n/t JustAnotherGen Jul 2014 #1
Post removed Post removed Jul 2014 #2
A 'useful idiot?' leftstreet Jul 2014 #3
I had to mince words to respect this site's community standards. nt conservaphobe Jul 2014 #5
You think calling Manny an idiot... tkmorris Jul 2014 #28
A pattern is forming .... H2O Man Jul 2014 #30
This message was self-deleted by its author PowerToThePeople Jul 2014 #52
Indeed it is tkmorris Jul 2014 #65
How's that working out for you? 11 Bravo Jul 2014 #119
Of course, we were all accused of being Saddam Lovers and Useful Idiots by Bush sabrina 1 Jul 2014 #34
Well said malaise Jul 2014 #93
I'll sell you my Putin-Riding-Bear velvet blacklight poster. DisgustipatedinCA Jul 2014 #4
Did you sell your 'I love Saddam' memorabilia and if so, how much did you get for it? sabrina 1 Jul 2014 #36
...if you actually have one F4lconF16 Jul 2014 #87
I'll alert the media. Bobbie Jo Jul 2014 #6
I don't even know what to say Peacetrain Jul 2014 #7
fap fap fap PowerToThePeople Jul 2014 #8
Ludamussy! If that were my chest, I'd COVER IT UP!!! 1monster Jul 2014 #86
+1000 JustAnotherGen Jul 2014 #98
whyzat? Not a fatty or a flabby demwing Jul 2014 #113
Do you ever have a thought that isn't important sufrommich Jul 2014 #9
Looking at my last 100 posts, ... MannyGoldstein Jul 2014 #12
OK, Manny. Whatever you say. MineralMan Jul 2014 #10
Which is *exactly* what I suggested that you do in the OP MannyGoldstein Jul 2014 #13
Well said. Octafish Jul 2014 #11
Thanks Obama. L0oniX Jul 2014 #14
Manny, I'm not clear on what you are saying. grasswire Jul 2014 #15
Or friendly fire. n/t betterdemsonly Jul 2014 #17
No. MannyGoldstein Jul 2014 #22
In war, truth is the first casualty. Aeschylus Tierra_y_Libertad Jul 2014 #16
"After the first death, there is no other." -Dylan Thomas Chan790 Jul 2014 #70
Post removed Post removed Jul 2014 #18
Since I have zero recollection of making them, MannyGoldstein Jul 2014 #19
lol Whisp Jul 2014 #26
Is this what you are talking about? JustAnotherGen Jul 2014 #35
And Mel Brooks thinks gassing Jews is a riot! MannyGoldstein Jul 2014 #37
You are no Mel Brooks Manny JustAnotherGen Jul 2014 #44
Post removed Post removed Jul 2014 #48
Socrates? JustAnotherGen Jul 2014 #53
Schmuck? Again with the insults, Manny? MineralMan Jul 2014 #60
He deleted it out JustAnotherGen Jul 2014 #66
I won't get a hide for pointing out that an insult MineralMan Jul 2014 #69
Ahh I just read it and understood it JustAnotherGen Jul 2014 #73
A jury left it 4-3. MineralMan Jul 2014 #74
"we connect off the site and we make you own it" grasswire Jul 2014 #89
No JustAnotherGen Jul 2014 #94
sure seems like it nt grasswire Jul 2014 #95
Relax relax relax JustAnotherGen Jul 2014 #96
About the size of it. Five bucks says it's Autumn Oct 2014 #121
This message was self-deleted by its author 1000words Dec 2014 #122
Not the same at all. Coventina Jul 2014 #46
I agree JustAnotherGen Jul 2014 #50
Thanks, J. Yeh, I knew I wasn't imagining things. Whisp Jul 2014 #38
Well a lot of us did JustAnotherGen Jul 2014 #45
And your description of me is totally inaccurate. MannyGoldstein Jul 2014 #43
Yes, I believe it was what he was talking about. MineralMan Jul 2014 #67
Me too JustAnotherGen Jul 2014 #71
The Schmuck post was hidden. I had alerted on it, but MineralMan Jul 2014 #72
K&R!!! n/t RKP5637 Jul 2014 #77
A line from "Animal Farm" MineralMan Jul 2014 #78
. redqueen Jul 2014 #20
You win the thread... SidDithers Jul 2014 #31
Exactly! n/t Spazito Jul 2014 #41
No, ME! MineralMan Jul 2014 #55
only thing that comes to mind with these JI7 Jul 2014 #61
it's perfectly clear who shot it down to anyone who doesn't geek tragedy Jul 2014 #21
So is DW lying or stupid? MannyGoldstein Jul 2014 #24
Perhaps they are neither and just don't have all the facts yet since the investigation maddezmom Jul 2014 #32
That's what *I* think, but Geek Tragedy knows better. nt MannyGoldstein Jul 2014 #33
Geek knew right away who did it. sabrina 1 Jul 2014 #39
one can gather from the report geek tragedy Jul 2014 #47
There's evidence in the article that I linked to MannyGoldstein Jul 2014 #49
" it seems that things are not so clear with regard to who downed MH17" geek tragedy Jul 2014 #54
being rather over-cautious, they give everyone all the dots geek tragedy Jul 2014 #40
...and the correspondents quitting RT over their coverage are the secret CIA agents, right? brooklynite Jul 2014 #23
Now it all makes sense maddezmom Jul 2014 #25
@#$% you. MannyGoldstein Jul 2014 #27
Well, that should have been hidden as a personal attack, Manny. MineralMan Jul 2014 #76
I agree with you MineralMan JustAnotherGen Jul 2014 #81
Didn't bother me... brooklynite Jul 2014 #104
Well, OK, then. MineralMan Jul 2014 #109
@#$% you Manny XRubicon Jul 2014 #117
Manny said that? Link please! sabrina 1 Jul 2014 #42
Manny said "@#$% You" I noticed. MineralMan Jul 2014 #58
I'm sure Greenwald will have something nasty to say about the President Whisp Jul 2014 #29
How the flying fuck did this become about greenwald? Warren Stupidity Jul 2014 #112
You and Limbaugh have something in common. pnwmom Jul 2014 #51
it is some weird inverted form of American Exceptionalism, isn't it? renegade000 Jul 2014 #62
Nah, more like low risk betting. TheKentuckian Jul 2014 #120
Slap dick thread LordGlenconner Jul 2014 #56
MH17: Separatists block crash site access as evidence grows against them geek tragedy Jul 2014 #57
Ukraine's SBU security service has confiscated recordings ozone_man Jul 2014 #88
They have no reason to, since they didn't shoot down the plane. geek tragedy Jul 2014 #90
So is this tragedy about you? itsrobert Jul 2014 #59
Yes JI7 Jul 2014 #63
I think you've got it perfectly...nt SidDithers Jul 2014 #68
It has been reported the rebels captured 1 or more BUK missile launchers from Ukr govt forces. HooptieWagon Jul 2014 #64
Manny hates Obama, Manny loves talking about himself. I think that covers it. DanTex Jul 2014 #75
yup JI7 Jul 2014 #92
When you let your hate for our government countingbluecars Jul 2014 #79
MannyGoldstein won't be able to reply to you. MineralMan Jul 2014 #80
Trashcanning. Skidmore Jul 2014 #82
Sigh. Disappointment with Obama carried to the illogical extreme. riqster Jul 2014 #83
I agree with the assessment Fearless Jul 2014 #84
No shirtless picture with him on a horse? Spitfire of ATJ Jul 2014 #85
Hear hear. nt bemildred Jul 2014 #91
Manny loves Putin, Manny love Putin, Manny love Putin! Rex Jul 2014 #97
Do you remember Right Wingers using that against Liberals, 'you love Saddam', during the sabrina 1 Jul 2014 #100
Do you ever wonder if the similar rhetoric might be because they are the same people n/t betterdemsonly Jul 2014 #101
Yes, that thought has occurred to me. sabrina 1 Jul 2014 #103
Yes I knew once I saw people mocking the idea that the BFEE exists Rex Jul 2014 #105
True, attacking the Left on DU has become acceptable. Maybe who so many of the best of DU no longer sabrina 1 Jul 2014 #106
Yeah I remember the exodus from DU2. Rex Jul 2014 #107
They are merely reporting what social media figured out a day ago. joshcryer Jul 2014 #99
Good post, thanks Manny ... the very last thing the world needs is a war with Russia sabrina 1 Jul 2014 #102
You mean people can still post the word "Putin"? Corruption Inc Jul 2014 #108
What a worthless post. randome Jul 2014 #110
Could you be anymore obvious... trumad Jul 2014 #111
Translation: Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me.... FSogol Jul 2014 #114
Another Manny thead about...Manny! What a surprise! randome Jul 2014 #115
If only I had a bigger ego, I could create posts like that. FSogol Jul 2014 #116
You need more mirrors in your house. randome Jul 2014 #118
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