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12. WellI recall the statistic that Americans as %5 of the population were using 30% of the world's reso
Wed Dec 21, 2011, 11:04 AM
Dec 2011

resources. Environmentalists thought that a bad thing - something Americans should feel guilty about. So it is not that simply as issue. Maybe as a nation we should lower our standards so the third world can do better - what is it about third world people that they must live in squalor so we can live in relative luxury (people are often desperate to migrate here, remember that).

Of course a specific person will say "my job is lost for it" but the Chinese guy could say "why should I remain in third world poverty so that some American can keep a nice job?"

Maybe some of it should come at our expense. We are like the 1% in world terms.

Welcome to the real dark ages. Zalatix Dec 2011 #1
I'll just pull up a chair now. Burgman Dec 2011 #2
When the Plutocrats are done Zalatix Dec 2011 #3
Alas there is a reaction to all this right now nadinbrzezinski Dec 2011 #4
The police state is responding Zalatix Dec 2011 #5
It feels like the rich people are squatting on me. phasma ex machina Dec 2011 #6
The Return of Indentured Servitude DeathToTheOil Dec 2011 #9
Return? dogknob Dec 2011 #35
The heat is on high, but we ain't dead yet...OWS is working on changing the dynamic. AnOhioan Dec 2011 #7
No what'll happen is that the Chinese will want more stuff as they make more money treestar Dec 2011 #8
The problem is that we have to be brought down Zalatix Dec 2011 #10
It's called competition badtoworse Dec 2011 #11
Competition? You mean we should live in dirt poverty Zalatix Dec 2011 #14
That is unfair competition and we should retaliate. badtoworse Dec 2011 #19
Low wages means poverty. Is that what we're supposed to accept? Zalatix Dec 2011 #21
Reject it? How? badtoworse Dec 2011 #22
We can stop the tide with 1) Tariffs; or 2) By doing absolutely nothing. Zalatix Dec 2011 #23
Living with a greatly devalued dollar would hardly be an improvement badtoworse Dec 2011 #27
A greatly devalued dollar is like that "Tide coming in" that you mentioned. Zalatix Dec 2011 #29
I also said we need to deal with unfair competition of which China is clearly guilty badtoworse Dec 2011 #32
How do we become "more competitive"? Zalatix Dec 2011 #33
Nobody is letting China get away with anything. PETRUS Dec 2011 #37
What needs to be noted is that the playing field is defined by law and trade agreements. PETRUS Dec 2011 #26
You're right badtoworse Dec 2011 #28
Wait, you think the Government is more at fault in this? Really? Zalatix Dec 2011 #30
Absolutely badtoworse Dec 2011 #38
And you don't think the financial elites control the Government? Zalatix Dec 2011 #39
You could blame the government. PETRUS Dec 2011 #34
China is facing some major looming impediments to its "competitiveness" over the long term markpkessinger Dec 2011 #18
I do believe we need to do something about China badtoworse Dec 2011 #20
What will business do when all the sources of cheap labor run out? Zalatix Dec 2011 #31
You're buying into neoliberal framing markpkessinger Dec 2011 #47
Well said, this is a great idea! n/t Zalatix Dec 2011 #24
WellI recall the statistic that Americans as %5 of the population were using 30% of the world's reso treestar Dec 2011 #12
"Maybe as a nation we should lower our standards"? I should make a poster of that. Zalatix Dec 2011 #15
Why do we deserve to use a disproportionate amount of the world's resources? treestar Dec 2011 #40
Like I said, "Maybe as a nation we should lower our standards" should be a poster. Zalatix Dec 2011 #41
You seem to be for Americans only treestar Dec 2011 #42
Caring for your own country first doesn't mean saying others aren't human. Zalatix Dec 2011 #43
We use more resources than any other country treestar Dec 2011 #45
I gave you my answer already. Zalatix Dec 2011 #46
The "Democrat" party...really...? Is this your shibboleth? n/t xocet Dec 2011 #48
Damned right. Got a problem with that? Zalatix Dec 2011 #49
Clearly, you had no understanding of what I wrote. n/t xocet Jan 2012 #50
Or maybe you have no idea what you wrote? Zalatix Jan 2012 #51
RW terminology again? Keep it up... n/t xocet Jan 2012 #54
What RW terminology? Defending outsourcing is what the US Chamber of Commerce does. Zalatix Jan 2012 #59
OH I get it. There are going to be some here that will want to ban you. rhett o rick Jan 2012 #55
Only a Republican plutocrat minion defends outsourcing. Zalatix Jan 2012 #60
Here's a hint. If know one recognizes that you are being sarcistic then you fail. rhett o rick Jan 2012 #62
Yah gotta love it. You are trying sooo hard to sound like a Democrat but just rhett o rick Jan 2012 #56
This sounds like the post of a twenty-something ultra-liberal who still buys into the Big Meme MjolnirTime Dec 2011 #13
You are aware of the real estate bubble in China? redqueen Dec 2011 #16
"Well that's great, that's just fucking great, man! Now what the fuck are we supposed to do?!" Ikonoklast Dec 2011 #17
"Maybe we could build a fire, sing a couple of songs..." BeHereNow Jan 2012 #52
import taxes Motown_Johnny Dec 2011 #25
occupy Zorra Dec 2011 #36
I second that. nm rhett o rick Jan 2012 #57
Having everyone's wages and benefits patterned after non-union workers sucks doesn't it? NNN0LHI Dec 2011 #44
I thought the OWS movement was going to solve all? RBInMaine Jan 2012 #53
We should just stay home in 2012. JoePhilly Jan 2012 #58
Don't worry. As the US slumps toward 2nd class status, its busted economy Bonobo Jan 2012 #61
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