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Tue Jul 8, 2014, 07:52 PM Jul 2014

If Dennis Kucinich had won the Democratic nomination in 2008, would he have beaten John McCain? [View all]

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33 (94%)
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is this an attempt to smear President Obama? VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #1
Looks like an attack on lefties to me. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2014 #4
so who gets to decide WHO is a Liberal? You? VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #5
Gosh, no, it must be YOU. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2014 #7
Well I don't try to decide who among those who commit to voting for the winner of the Democratic VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #12
I was speaking of politicians, not voters. nt Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2014 #18
well then that is just silly of you.... VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #23
Overall performance is how I judge them too. nt Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2014 #24
really now....then you accept the "on the issues" website? VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #28
Never been to that website. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2014 #32
no its all there for you to see... VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #38
Is it? Many of the categories seem to have stopped updating in 2008. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2014 #45
and are there things there since 2008? VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #47
'Overall scores' aren't exactly 'overall' if they exclude high profile issues. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2014 #52
How much do you think your Pet Issue will move the peg on all THAT evidence... VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #98
Trade policy and military intervention are "pet issues"? Ken Burch Jul 2014 #121
and those are there VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #135
And on both, she's a Republican Ken Burch Jul 2014 #139
Voting for the IWR, and refusing to apologize for that for over a decade Ken Burch Jul 2014 #115
Kucinich supporters DID vote for the winners of the Democratic primaries in 2004 and 2008 Ken Burch Jul 2014 #114
those polls don't count though treestar Jul 2014 #20
Actually, he does get to choose who is 'Liberal' Trajan Jul 2014 #40
Oh now snark is against the rules? VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #41
I've got my 'big boy pants on'. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2014 #49
Gonna have to agree with you there. Separation Jul 2014 #95
Don't you think DK would have lost? treestar Jul 2014 #15
In 2008? Sure. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2014 #21
You are not a very good judge of the American voting public it seems... VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #25
I'm not sure you read all that carefully. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2014 #27
okay....I get it now... VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #42
Or on future Fox News correspondents Freddie Stubbs Jul 2014 #137
Absolutely no Republican was going to win in 2008 yeoman6987 Jul 2014 #103
You cannot be serious......You think Joe Lieberman was electable? VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #104
Oh Brother....not sure what election you were watching but yeoman6987 Jul 2014 #105
Not talking about "electoral votes" are we? VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #107
Well Romney running again in 2016 yeoman6987 Jul 2014 #109
Nobody was attacking Obama in this thread...the OP is a case of "pro-Obama" baiting of left-Dems. Ken Burch Jul 2014 #141
There was Republican fatigue in 1988 too but Dukakis still managed to blow a 20 point lead Hippo_Tron Jul 2014 #145
No...it's another "Dennis Kucinich and progressives are silly" thread. Ken Burch Jul 2014 #120
In 2008? No. In 2048, maybe. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jul 2014 #2
Kucinich will look like a right wing radical come 2048 MohRokTah Jul 2014 #100
Dennis will be 102 in'48. Ken Burch Jul 2014 #117
Armchair psychics with hindsight LWolf Jul 2014 #3
And risk having Sara Palin for President? VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #6
No, LWolf Jul 2014 #9
You seem to forget that McCain didn't lose in a complete landslide my friend... VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #11
I haven't forgotten anything, LWolf Jul 2014 #13
apparently you have....if you think Kucinich could have beat John McCain.... VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #14
You apparently have a serious LWolf Jul 2014 #17
Maybe along with political judgement.....communication is also not a strong suit... VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #29
Oh, I think the communication is fine. LWolf Jul 2014 #31
and that is what most bad communicators think... VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #39
McGovern would have been a great President too treestar Jul 2014 #16
If I'd been old enough LWolf Jul 2014 #22
this is the point "to you" ...... VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #33
I'm a citizen and a voter, LWolf Jul 2014 #34
and you are only ONE citizen and voter.....Since EW IS a Democrat and a potential candidate herself. VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #36
Yes, I'm only one, LWolf Jul 2014 #37
and MOST Americans are not Like us on DU! VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #44
This must be really frustrating for you. LWolf Jul 2014 #54
frustrating for me????? You are the one that just penned ^^^^ that trope.... VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #56
Nope. LWolf Jul 2014 #62
No actually I am uncovering WHO the Democrats are..... VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #71
Which has nothing to do with Dennis Kucinich being the '04 nominee, does it? LWolf Jul 2014 #92
IF VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #93
Again... LWolf Jul 2014 #131
One of the silliest threads I have seen recently. Thanks for the laugh!! madinmaryland Jul 2014 #8
When I read some of Kucinich's proposals in early 2003 BootinUp Jul 2014 #10
I think Lee Mercer Jr could have beaten Grandpa "Get off my lawn" McCain. HooptieWagon Jul 2014 #19
So Obama won by attrition? VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #48
No. GOP had a weak field of candidates, in which McCain won the nom. HooptieWagon Jul 2014 #94
you cannot seriously believe this and call yourself a Democrat.......for shame VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #97
Didn't I say Obama ran the best primary campaign by far? HooptieWagon Jul 2014 #102
I wish to modify my answer BootinUp Jul 2014 #26
In a fair match up with no voter suppression and not a bit of cheating by the GOP MohRokTah Jul 2014 #101
Depends on the influence of his outside help... conservaphobe Jul 2014 #30
Moot. There's no way in 2008 he would have won. nt babylonsister Jul 2014 #35
no, and McCain would have picked Lindsey Graham to be VP JI7 Jul 2014 #43
If my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle NightWatcher Jul 2014 #46
apparently its anti Obama....saying just any Democrat could have beaten McCain VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #50
It's a pro-Hillary thread. I think. LWolf Jul 2014 #63
Kucinich would have been steamrolled. Ikonoklast Jul 2014 #51
Exactly, he got 4 bills passed in his career... Historic NY Jul 2014 #53
I'm talking about his support for redlining for his ward when he was a city councilman. Ikonoklast Jul 2014 #65
Please, be quiet. Kuchnuts don't WANT to know about all that. MohRokTah Jul 2014 #106
His Fox News gig basically confirmed everything I already suspected Hippo_Tron Jul 2014 #152
what's Hillary's record in the Senate? frylock Jul 2014 #88
Hard to say. If Grampy had made the blunder of picking Sarah Palin Warpy Jul 2014 #55
Yes. Next question? flvegan Jul 2014 #57
I don't know. But, it would be nice to have found out. Perhaps we'll get a chance with Bernie. Tierra_y_Libertad Jul 2014 #58
Barney the Purple dinosaur could have beaten McCain/Palin. nt bemildred Jul 2014 #59
so you ARE saying Obama won by attrition? VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #64
This is personal for you, isn't it? nt bemildred Jul 2014 #67
and that makes a difference how? VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #68
It's not for me. bemildred Jul 2014 #70
I wasn't polling people....I was convincing them to vote for the Democrat...and asking if they VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #72
No, I think not. nt bemildred Jul 2014 #74
and yet here you still are.... VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #75
The collapse of Lehman Brothers pretty much handed Obama the election in 2008 Hippo_Tron Jul 2014 #143
You people are sincerely delusional! VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #146
Where did I dispute that his ground game was seriously impressive? Hippo_Tron Jul 2014 #147
When you insinuated that ANYONE could have beaten the Republicans.... VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #149
Where did I insinuate that anyone could've beaten the Republicans? Hippo_Tron Jul 2014 #151
Whoever got the nomination would have beaten McCain. rug Jul 2014 #60
Oh Obama just walked in? VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #66
Did I say that? Why don't you stick to what I typed: whoever got the nomination would have won. rug Jul 2014 #76
then how pray tell....did McCain/Palin get so many votes....by your description VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #78
Obama won by ten million vote. And? rug Jul 2014 #80
and that's what percentage? VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #81
That's 7+%. rug Jul 2014 #82
still not a cakewalk so....yeah still deluded. VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #83
Obviously, your understanding of electoral politics is limited to Obama's facebook page. rug Jul 2014 #84
a healthy margin "your words" is not the same as "any Democrat could win" is it? VanillaRhapsody Jul 2014 #85
The margin was your inane question. My post was that anyone with the nomination would win after Bush rug Jul 2014 #86
Whoever? Reter Jul 2014 #113
Could Kucinich have ever gotten the nomination, then? hughee99 Jul 2014 #73
No. He was marginalized from the get-go. rug Jul 2014 #77
He certainly could've tried harder Hippo_Tron Jul 2014 #148
I can agree to a point treestar Jul 2014 #89
Yeah, it was a bad choice that turned out to be worse. rug Jul 2014 #90
that one never fails to get me treestar Jul 2014 #134
The collapse of Lehman Brothers was the main factor Hippo_Tron Jul 2014 #150
Don't know, don't care. n/t winter is coming Jul 2014 #61
LOL True Blue Door Jul 2014 #69
Ass handed to him is not a choice Generic Brad Jul 2014 #79
He would have won in 2008. He would have likely lost in 2012. JVS Jul 2014 #87
Hell no. If there was no excitement for Kooch in his own party.... Tarheel_Dem Jul 2014 #91
but he won a DU poll he also couldn't even win the congressional seat JI7 Jul 2014 #119
Thank you. His approval in his own home state was somewhere in the 20's. Tarheel_Dem Jul 2014 #123
I love Dennis, but no way he wins the presidency, IMO. NT Adrahil Jul 2014 #96
Hell to the fuck NO! MohRokTah Jul 2014 #99
In 2001-2002 - Congressman Kucinich was a beacon of hope for many of us myrna minx Jul 2014 #108
In 2001, though, he was solidly anti-abortion frazzled Jul 2014 #111
Yes - and I wholly disagreed with him about that, just as I disagreed myrna minx Jul 2014 #116
How soon... is right G_j Jul 2014 #124
Well, I guess my response has to be frazzled Jul 2014 #133
As I noted below, Paul Wellstone ran serious campaigns, Kucinich not so much... Hippo_Tron Jul 2014 #144
I suppose there would have been no drone attacks, perhaps a push for single payer health care, G_j Jul 2014 #110
I voted yes, just because you think the idea was silly. Ken Burch Jul 2014 #112
Thank you. +1. Me too. Enthusiast Jul 2014 #138
No, only anointed protectors of the status quo are allowed to win whatchamacallit Jul 2014 #118
I don't know. ZombieHorde Jul 2014 #122
All the "NO" votes, REALLY? I think DK could have made some POWERFUL arguments. WinkyDink Jul 2014 #125
He made powerful arguments during the primaries. Renew Deal Jul 2014 #126
So very true. And so very indicative of how not-Left we Democratic voters really are. WinkyDink Jul 2014 #153
Unfortunately, arguments don't usually win the day in national politics. Adrahil Jul 2014 #128
...'tis true 'tis pity, And pity 'tis 'tis true.... WinkyDink Jul 2014 #154
Was he working for Fox yet? Renew Deal Jul 2014 #127
Yep. Iggo Jul 2014 #129
No I don't think he would of won. hrmjustin Jul 2014 #130
We're 12-18 years away from being able to elect someone with those policy positions. stevenleser Jul 2014 #132
We can't get to "being able to elect someone with those policy positions" Ken Burch Jul 2014 #140
nope afraid not nt steve2470 Jul 2014 #136
Depends, would he have taken his own candidacy seriously? Hippo_Tron Jul 2014 #142
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