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41. After you old guys are gone the rest of us will make up the new majority.
Fri Jun 6, 2014, 10:29 PM
Jun 2014

I think it will take much less time than the estimates project. I have two children, he has four, i expect to have two more and that will still mean i will have the least amount of children for a Lady in my family. My grandmother had ten. Most of my friends have several already and are continuing to procreate. Many of my white friends are in mixed marriages and have several children who identify as asian or black or hispanic not white. Minorities are not cozy with wall street for the most part, and women especially single one are less likely to vote Republican. So in twenty years we will not have 2 Parties run by Old white Dudes who service the rich. We will be voting ourselves a right good part of their money, praise R'hllor.

You got to realize that power is shifting towards a more liberal society and that it is the old white men who are standing in the way of progress, passing shit laws and fighting against womens rights. The kids growing up see their congressmen screeching about illegals, urban youths, thugs, wetbacks and more. They will not be voting for Republicans. And Democrats better get our shit together and start bringing in the next generation quickly before Republicans decide to get smart, steal our platform, and out voters. Because sorry to tell you, the youth is not interested in the NSA all day everyday, they post every private thought they have on Tumblr, facebook, etc.

They will kill wall street when they get their time. I'll be right here helping them find the means. And we need their help to do it because the old party bosses still control the legislature, for now.
The only way to get the votes is to get the voters engaged. And horror stories about how much you hate Obama is not a good lure when you are fishing in a pond of Obama supporters, and the youth , women, lgbt's, and minorities are supporters of this President. You are driving them away and losing us votes.

this just doesn't read well and it comes off as whining. cali Jun 2014 #1
Irony alert KittyWampus Jun 2014 #21
really? how so? cali Jun 2014 #56
... sheshe2 Jun 2014 #78
I kinda definitely think the poster was referring a moi. My name is not Willy. cali Jun 2014 #167
Thought the same thing as I skimmed it DrDan Jun 2014 #233
Good post. Andy823 Jun 2014 #2
This ^ ^ ^ Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jun 2014 #3
I thank you Andy! sheshe2 Jun 2014 #4
Um, when you're in the BOG. theaocp Jun 2014 #5
That's you answer for a Democratic board. sheshe2 Jun 2014 #16
If you want to call someone racist, have the courage to make the accusation directly. Gravitycollapse Jun 2014 #48
Oh please Hekate Jun 2014 #81
I only visited dis twice... sheshe2 Jun 2014 #101
That's it, she.. the Beautiful BOG that drive a few people insane.. Cha Jun 2014 #347
What a beautiful link! sheshe2 Jun 2014 #348
Yeah, The Barack Obama Group.. Cha Jun 2014 #349
There is indeed! sheshe2 Jun 2014 #351
Nice, I love that gif! The Week Ahead(More to Come..) Cha Jun 2014 #354
Oh no! sheshe2 Jun 2014 #355
Serious? They do that? VanillaRhapsody Jun 2014 #102
I read it more than once, and it was let to stand Hekate Jun 2014 #127
"It is what is IS"- What does that even mean? Gravitycollapse Jun 2014 #104
the Ta-nehisi Coates article really exposed a lot, i'm sure the biggest racist zimmerman supporters JI7 Jun 2014 #124
What is Dis? theaocp Jun 2014 #232
It's "The Discussionist", the new site that DU admin have set up muriel_volestrangler Jun 2014 #243
It's the go-to comeback Doctor_J Jun 2014 #332
Did I miss something? theaocp Jun 2014 #231
We need to enter the BOG Dragonfli Jun 2014 #352
This message was self-deleted by its author struggle4progress Jun 2014 #6
Easy Peasy... When One Agrees... One Promotes... When One Disagrees... One Denotes... WillyT Jun 2014 #7
it's short and it rhymes! Puzzledtraveller Jun 2014 #117
Waste Of Time billhicks76 Jun 2014 #326
it should always be ok , it's a Democratic Board JI7 Jun 2014 #8
problem (with your expectation) is bigtree Jun 2014 #9
I will agree Andy823 Jun 2014 #15
I'd say there's definitely some over-zealousness on all sides bigtree Jun 2014 #24
Its Democratic Underground....its ABOUT the Democratic Party....AND the Democratic Party VanillaRhapsody Jun 2014 #107
heh . . . it's about what we make it about bigtree Jun 2014 #140
Here....we are SUPPOSED to be zealous! But to come here....its like stepping through the looking VanillaRhapsody Jun 2014 #144
I'm sorry that's been your experience bigtree Jun 2014 #149
I lurked here for years...came to be informed....and then suddenly it started reading like FR VanillaRhapsody Jun 2014 #152
I know it's hard to wade through the BS bigtree Jun 2014 #154
That 'bogscum' comment was (is?) used on The Discussionist, not DU muriel_volestrangler Jun 2014 #193
And was it regulars to DU that used the term? VanillaRhapsody Jun 2014 #250
You don't have to be from DU to know of the Barack Obama Group muriel_volestrangler Jun 2014 #261
Apparently you just contradicted yourself. As the 2 that used the term are or were former VanillaRhapsody Jun 2014 #264
I couldn't see that you had a point - you didn't know who was using it muriel_volestrangler Jun 2014 #266
Interesting perspective. So it's about the Democratic Party, not Democratic policies? Scuba Jun 2014 #201
+1 a whole fucking bunch. Enthusiast Jun 2014 #300
Well said, Scuba MissDeeds Jun 2014 #304
well said NRaleighLiberal Jun 2014 #308
Thanks for the affirmation Fairgo Jun 2014 #342
Excellent post, Scuba! nt City Lights Jun 2014 #365
From the DU "About Us" page: "...we have no affiliation with the Democratic Party." scarletwoman Jun 2014 #213
It's about "politically liberal" people who VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS, though. MADem Jun 2014 #278
But Obama is not a candidate. grasswire Jun 2014 #290
I can't believe you said this: MADem Jun 2014 #292
go read the thread... grasswire Jun 2014 #294
What Joan of Arc reference? MADem Jun 2014 #373
Makes perfect sense to me. Defending right-wing policies and appointments is harmful .... Scuba Jun 2014 #360
No, that's crap. MADem Jun 2014 #374
So you think right-wing policies can only come from Republicans? Scuba Jun 2014 #375
"So you think" the POTUS is a right winger? MADem Jun 2014 #377
Wow, I'm amazed that a longtime DU member would defend that stuff. Scuba Jun 2014 #378
That line of attack is getting stale, too. MADem Jun 2014 #379
Excellent subthread, MADem. sheshe2 Jun 2014 #387
Well, I gotta say.... MADem Jun 2014 #388
A refreshingly even-handed comment Armstead Jun 2014 #24
Bigtree, I have no problem with people speaking out their concerns. sheshe2 Jun 2014 #47
I know some folks just like to aggravate bigtree Jun 2014 #55
I give Obama good grades on drug policy, although that will elicit some howls. Comrade Grumpy Jun 2014 #10
You were referring to this babylonsister Jun 2014 #11
Yes it was what I was referring to, bsis. sheshe2 Jun 2014 #18
Never would I have expected Jamaal510 Jun 2014 #34
I believe i read last night that the reason some can't give him any credit is because....... bravenak Jun 2014 #12
I agree with the part about older people dominating DU. This is anecdotal but I totodeinhere Jun 2014 #26
"where is a forum for young people?" Jamaal510 Jun 2014 #37
We do need a forum for the under 35's. bravenak Jun 2014 #42
Well would you allow me to post there once in awhile if we get one? sheshe2 Jun 2014 #51
Of course anyone should be allowed to post regardless of age but the totodeinhere Jun 2014 #64
Well thanks, totodeinhere sheshe2 Jun 2014 #73
And the alternative is that you never get there. madfloridian Jun 2014 #82
Hopefully our spirit and outlook will remain young and optimistic. totodeinhere Jun 2014 #247
It's what I was referring to also. madfloridian Jun 2014 #248
I never exclude anyone. And you in particular can go anywhere with me. bravenak Jun 2014 #70
Well I know you would not exclude me... sheshe2 Jun 2014 #115
I saw that ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2014 #239
I'd like to see a group for college students as well davidpdx Jun 2014 #206
Why you young whippersnapper Hekate Jun 2014 #76
"most posters are older and many are really old." madfloridian Jun 2014 #108
age is just a number icarusxat Jun 2014 #121
I understand what you are saying, but in our society we are often categorized by our age totodeinhere Jun 2014 #249
True and older people are more critical of everything treestar Jun 2014 #215
Oh my Godz Hissyspit Jun 2014 #361
Thank you! scarletwoman Jun 2014 #363
It was damaged already treestar Jun 2014 #372
I am pissed off at the Democratic Partyv because it has become too cozy with... Armstead Jun 2014 #32
After you old guys are gone the rest of us will make up the new majority. bravenak Jun 2014 #41
Ha! Armstead Jun 2014 #52
Immature high horse. You sound so old. bravenak Jun 2014 #60
I believe your insults toward older people here are something quite new. madfloridian Jun 2014 #113
They are not insults. bravenak Jun 2014 #125
You think the issues are mostly with the elderly? madfloridian Jun 2014 #131
Mostly men and mostly older. bravenak Jun 2014 #132
The jury agrees with you. Which carries bad connotations even for us white women. madfloridian Jun 2014 #135
I am sorry for that truly. bravenak Jun 2014 #139
Didn't you just note to another poster that there are "alternatives" to getting old? Number23 Jun 2014 #179
Worth looking at actual voting figures before using your broad brush muriel_volestrangler Jun 2014 #194
I was really speaking of the proportion of demographic to how they voted. bravenak Jun 2014 #195
This is the first time you've mentioned percentages or proportions muriel_volestrangler Jun 2014 #202
If you add women to minorities and younger voters you get a majority of dems. bravenak Jun 2014 #203
This JustAnotherGen Jun 2014 #358
I am getting old...but I wouldn't have said that to all young people Armstead Jun 2014 #238
You are missing the point I'm afraid Dragonfli Jun 2014 #321
Excellent post! Well said! scarletwoman Jun 2014 #346
Great post, Dragonfli. historylovr Jun 2014 #364
Great post! Those ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it, and those ignorant of present reality Zorra Jun 2014 #366
.... 840high Jun 2014 #85
" After you old guys are gone the rest of us will make up the new majority." madfloridian Jun 2014 #80
You should read the whole thing. bravenak Jun 2014 #94
You are saying we all sound alike? Like Republicans? Well You won the jury poll.... madfloridian Jun 2014 #95
I can see that this upsets you. bravenak Jun 2014 #105
Oh, yes it does upset me. I never use the n word, never have. madfloridian Jun 2014 #114
It's been an issue since before i joined. bravenak Jun 2014 #134
Please continue. madfloridian Jun 2014 #137
Okay. bravenak Jun 2014 #141
sad state of things here. PowerToThePeople Jun 2014 #245
I think every older DUer should read what you just posted. Every word of it. madfloridian Jun 2014 #98
I agree. bravenak Jun 2014 #116
Who here trashes the black community? Name the older people here at DU who do that? madfloridian Jun 2014 #119
I just told you. bravenak Jun 2014 #130
What is AA? madfloridian Jun 2014 #133
African American. bravenak Jun 2014 #136
Regarding this exchange, I want to draw your attention to something.... msanthrope Jun 2014 #197
Thank you. bravenak Jun 2014 #199
Want clearer? msanthrope Jun 2014 #200
That was pretty bad. bravenak Jun 2014 #219
Probably true davidpdx Jun 2014 #207
Feel free to visit us when we have a thread going. bravenak Jun 2014 #209
There are many here that trash the black community here madfloridian sheshe2 Jun 2014 #145
The only groups I use are Computer Help, Education, and What's for Dinner. madfloridian Jun 2014 #146
I never thought it was racism that you did not know about the group. sheshe2 Jun 2014 #153
They don't have to put down the elderly to "take up the mantle". madfloridian Jun 2014 #157
I don't know where you are getting all that. sheshe2 Jun 2014 #170
I think you are not reading some of the posts carefully. madfloridian Jun 2014 #189
I agree with you Andy823 Jun 2014 #316
Like you, I'm over 60. greatauntoftriplets Jun 2014 #253
what dominates politics in the US is talk radio certainot Jun 2014 #150
We know what they are doing and the people who listen to that talk radio are.... bravenak Jun 2014 #160
we don't have time to wait for it to die out certainot Jun 2014 #166
LOL!! bravenak Jun 2014 #171
i hope you're right, but it needs to happen really soon. they're getting ready to divide up certainot Jun 2014 #285
PS, the OJ trial was maddening. it was a great eg of how effective rw radio was for certainot Jun 2014 #288
I can tell you the problem isn't exclusive to the US davidpdx Jun 2014 #208
I figured the problem was widespread. bravenak Jun 2014 #212
In terms of both voting and issue positions, older white men are a strongly GOP constituency overall YoungDemCA Jun 2014 #280
The younger generation in this thread just denigrated the "old people" here at DU. madfloridian Jun 2014 #284
I'm with you, madfloridian. Enthusiast Jun 2014 #301
Agreed MissDeeds Jun 2014 #305
Well well, one juror agreed that "Yes, old white men in the way of progress. Exactly that." madfloridian Jun 2014 #84
Did you really alert my post? :( bravenak Jun 2014 #96
I think you get a copy. madfloridian Jun 2014 #99
Not if the alert fails i don't. bravenak Jun 2014 #109
Well, you seem to be quite prejudiced against old people. The jury agrees with you. madfloridian Jun 2014 #111
Really, that is your take away that she is prejudiced against OLD people? randys1 Jun 2014 #277
So now the battle is against "privileged white people"? Not just old people at DU? madfloridian Jun 2014 #281
Jury results pintobean Jun 2014 #362
For your inquiring mind: chervilant Jun 2014 #338
Well, good luck with that. Blue_In_AK Jun 2014 #147
In 45 years from now...... bravenak Jun 2014 #151
Well, as I said, good luck with that. Blue_In_AK Jun 2014 #176
I'm a discontent idealist. bravenak Jun 2014 #180
I love your optimism and fierceness lovemydog Jun 2014 #260
Without whining and moaning, the wealthy and powerful and the politicians who are their puppets.... Armstead Jun 2014 #268
The wealthy and powerful and politicians who are their puppets lovemydog Jun 2014 #273
Many people I know..... Armstead Jun 2014 #296
Thanks for your thoughtful reply. lovemydog Jun 2014 #337
and furthermore, your ideal doesn't match reality Armstead Jun 2014 #270
"Liberal on "social issues" if one is apathetic/supportive of the status quo of concentrated... scarletwoman Jun 2014 #53
Perfectly well said. Enthusiast Jun 2014 #302
You are correct of course, unfortunately, many think that only social issues should be liberal Dragonfli Jun 2014 #325
The people who control the wealth and power are happy to throw us the occasional bone totodeinhere Jun 2014 #69
Please don't take this wrong; but ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2014 #246
I can't speak for everyone but... Armstead Jun 2014 #267
"I don't know many people who have basically progressive leanings who support the status quo" YoungDemCA Jun 2014 #282
yes, and I point to ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2014 #287
Oh you did indeed read about it last night... sheshe2 Jun 2014 #36
Many disrupters. bravenak Jun 2014 #44
I'm old and white (though not male) and I totally agree with you frazzled Jun 2014 #148
This was such a good post. bravenak Jun 2014 #155
You make a very important point about the focus only on class disparity frazzled Jun 2014 #241
Fabulous post. In the AA forum we bust guts laughing at the "warriors" for legalizing marijuana Number23 Jun 2014 #184
I agree lovemydog Jun 2014 #263
Yeah ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2014 #252
Great post! greatauntoftriplets Jun 2014 #256
Excellent post YoungDemCA Jun 2014 #283
Excellent post. redqueen Jun 2014 #318
Got it. freshwest Jun 2014 #368
Wait.. what? Someone actually POSTED for everyone to see that he is critical of the Pres just to Number23 Jun 2014 #177
Oh, did you miss that one? bravenak Jun 2014 #181
Good Lord... Number23 Jun 2014 #185
He has a way with words. bravenak Jun 2014 #186
Well, folks are apparently revealing themselves all over the place lately Number23 Jun 2014 #187
You said it!! bravenak Jun 2014 #190
No, nothing you've said is controversial. NOTHING you've said is new Number23 Jun 2014 #329
Blame the victim. You are a piece of work. PowerToThePeople Jun 2014 #220
Post removed Post removed Jun 2014 #225
Post removed Post removed Jun 2014 #226
BS PowerToThePeople Jun 2014 #227
Bullshit. Our society caters to the older white male. bravenak Jun 2014 #228
That's funny PowerToThePeople Jun 2014 #229
So this is the not all men thing? bravenak Jun 2014 #234
I do not PowerToThePeople Jun 2014 #236
It's a reference to ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2014 #259
Well that true ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2014 #257
Read and understand ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2014 #255
I certainly do not agree with his/her statement PowerToThePeople Jun 2014 #291
Perhaps it's noteworthy to point out ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2014 #311
please explain PowerToThePeople Jun 2014 #313
re - read her post and your response. eom. 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2014 #315
Still don't see it PowerToThePeople Jun 2014 #317
Okay. eom. 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2014 #319
That is some ugly fucking shit you just wrote. Le Taz Hot Jun 2014 #320
Oh, bullshit. Hissyspit Jun 2014 #323
DU is not representative of the Democratic Party Cali_Democrat Jun 2014 #328
And you are not representative of the Democratic Party. Hissyspit Jun 2014 #356
Classic example of what bravenak is talking about: Cali_Democrat Jun 2014 #357
I never said it wasn't a bubble. Hissyspit Jun 2014 #359
Please link to a post at a republican board that complains the president is too conservative Doctor_J Jun 2014 #333
I've got your back... Earth_First Jun 2014 #13
LOL~ Thank you Earth_First! nt sheshe2 Jun 2014 #172
I don't understand your question. scarletwoman Jun 2014 #14
I agree that's the way it babylonsister Jun 2014 #43
Right after at least 7 OPs slamming him, but before the next 12 OPs slamming him LadyHawkAZ Jun 2014 #17
Good start, but we can do better. Savannahmann Jun 2014 #19
+1 bigtree Jun 2014 #27
He is an elected official. Not your prom date. And not all things are the GOPs fault. Gravitycollapse Jun 2014 #20
"prom date". Damn, that's insulting. And in the Reality Based Community- KittyWampus Jun 2014 #23
Criticize all you wish. That is not the issue. sheshe2 Jun 2014 #61
When you preface the apology for a political leader with the idea that he is just a man, imperfect Gravitycollapse Jun 2014 #110
"prom date": insulting...and accurate. Shemp Howard Jun 2014 #68
You are indeed a dreamer! sheshe2 Jun 2014 #163
I've been pondering your accusation of sexism... Gravitycollapse Jun 2014 #343
Yep, you are a dreamer ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2014 #262
One thing that will be better when HRC is president Doctor_J Jun 2014 #334
There is not a single doubt in my mind that the creepy adoration will continue. Gravitycollapse Jun 2014 #344
No. totodeinhere Jun 2014 #22
when Obama does something that I agree with, praise. Warren Stupidity Jun 2014 #28
K&R! n/t RKP5637 Jun 2014 #49
It's on him to do more things that deserve praise, Maedhros Jun 2014 #50
Not a comparison but I even praised George W. Bush once think Jun 2014 #29
I did once too. Erich Bloodaxe BSN Jun 2014 #79
... Gman Jun 2014 #30
When Obama does something praise worthy, I'll let ya know quinnox Jun 2014 #31
Way back madamesilverspurs Jun 2014 #33
Absolutely. nt okaawhatever Jun 2014 #57
When he deserves it. AgingAmerican Jun 2014 #35
If his supporters didn't smear his critics so much it would be easier to priase him. Vattel Jun 2014 #38
+1000 navarth Jun 2014 #122
+1 nt laundry_queen Jun 2014 #126
yes grasswire Jun 2014 #159
And that is the point that this group completely misses. Puglover Jun 2014 #237
You are free to praise him whenever you want. City Lights Jun 2014 #39
+100 840high Jun 2014 #58
the poor thangs Skittles Jun 2014 #128
I know...some here jump all over when I mention their idols talk more like Libertarians. Tikki Jun 2014 #188
guess what? even Libertarians are right sometimes Skittles Jun 2014 #191
You just caused a huge amount of cognitive dissonance among the black or white mindsets quinnox Jun 2014 #272
That's pretty much the entire gist of it right there. Doctor_J Jun 2014 #336
I'll praise Obama but I don't see his performane very rosily on the big things Armstead Jun 2014 #40
Obama never ran on a public option. Obama never once in the entire time he was campaigning for okaawhatever Jun 2014 #62
He did not run on what he ultimately supported Armstead Jun 2014 #244
Either you are lying, or this guy in the video is lying, because he said Obama did! Dragonfli Jun 2014 #330
And apparently Jamaal510 Jun 2014 #45
+100 nt okaawhatever Jun 2014 #65
+2000 bravenak Jun 2014 #77
Well said, Jamaal! sheshe2 Jun 2014 #275
Praise him all you want. But people who are less impressed get to say how they feel too. LeftyMom Jun 2014 #46
R#18 & K for, haha and thanks!1 n/t UTUSN Jun 2014 #54
Do what is necessary Android3.14 Jun 2014 #59
K&R baldguy Jun 2014 #63
I agree! NancyDL Jun 2014 #66
Big time K & R SheShe. nt okaawhatever Jun 2014 #67
K & R Very good post sheshe2 Thinkingabout Jun 2014 #71
Good post, she, good post. Hope you've got your baking soda handy for the acid replies. Hekate Jun 2014 #72
Baking soda. Check! sheshe2 Jun 2014 #74
Ha! Now some of you guys are going after the old folks here? We are in the way? madfloridian Jun 2014 #75
No, its how they roll Iliyah Jun 2014 #90
Well, this thread was hijacked from Sheshe by those being insulting to seniors. madfloridian Jun 2014 #93
Who's stopping you from praising? 840high Jun 2014 #83
What do you call prejudice against old people as shown in this forum... madfloridian Jun 2014 #86
ageism m-lekktor Jun 2014 #87
sure I can help you: Obama Hates Old People! Whisp Jun 2014 #91
Obama played the age card early on when speaking of SS ... slipslidingaway Jun 2014 #162
When he stands up and does what is right just as in the instances your post describes. JDPriestly Jun 2014 #88
K&R and thankyou sheshe. Whisp Jun 2014 #89
When they do something right because it is the right thing to do on point Jun 2014 #92
Like bringing home Bowe B Iliyah Jun 2014 #103
First of all, I didn't expect much from him, so I am not disappointed. Hoppy Jun 2014 #97
When he sends Dubya and Cheney to the Hague. Spitfire of ATJ Jun 2014 #100
D does not equal Obama underground. that's what the BOG is for nt msongs Jun 2014 #106
K & R Iliyah Jun 2014 #112
bit of a double standard there shaayecanaan Jun 2014 #118
If pragmatism is ones thing then President Obama is hands down the best POTUS ever. Puzzledtraveller Jun 2014 #120
Posting while elderly. Should we continue? madfloridian Jun 2014 #123
I do believe you are serious crim son Jun 2014 #129
I was one of those smallcat88 Jun 2014 #138
When he does something that I think is good for the country. Rex Jun 2014 #142
how can anyone evaluate obama or any rep if they have no clue? certainot Jun 2014 #143
The color of one's skin Never Ever entered my mind ... slipslidingaway Jun 2014 #158
bullshit. the entire left spectrum had no fucking clue and as long as certainot Jun 2014 #164
Sorry but that is just BS, many of us were not buying into to BS from the right ... slipslidingaway Jun 2014 #169
there's an example right in front of us. friday night PBS political pundits repeating certainot Jun 2014 #269
You nailed it. The American subconscious tells all that hating Obama is natural. freshwest Jun 2014 #174
actually re reptilian, i think there's a behavioral reason for much of the irrationality certainot Jun 2014 #265
I'm fairly new here gwheezie Jun 2014 #156
When he does something good, of course MannyGoldstein Jun 2014 #161
Not a good time to piss off the "old" folks. madfloridian Jun 2014 #165
Unfortunately Obama began the old vs younger crowd war a long time ago ... slipslidingaway Jun 2014 #182
For what it's worth, Blue_In_AK Jun 2014 #183
k&r... spanone Jun 2014 #168
When he leads instead of follows. He is the weakest president since Gerald Ford. Luminous Animal Jun 2014 #173
+1000. Obama has been way too accomodating to right wing ideas and his reaching out quinnox Jun 2014 #175
And we are left with a pittance instead of a pound. Luminous Animal Jun 2014 #178
I praise (or criticize) policies, not people n/t eridani Jun 2014 #192
When he does something praiseworthy. hobbit709 Jun 2014 #196
I lulz'd. KG Jun 2014 #198
DU rec... SidDithers Jun 2014 #204
When he does something good/right/consistent with traditional democratic values and issues. vi5 Jun 2014 #205
It is never OK, we have to hold his feet to the fire at all times treestar Jun 2014 #210
Shit, by this time his feet should be black! randome Jun 2014 #217
You can say what you like in praise of the President here. bemildred Jun 2014 #211
He's the President 99% of us voted for. He deserves the benefit of a doubt. randome Jun 2014 #214
When he creates utopia for everybody. tabasco Jun 2014 #216
Plus a million to that. And it is happening here. freshwest Jun 2014 #369
A very revealing thread. madfloridian Jun 2014 #218
Some of it derives simply from the usual 'anonymous Internet' aspect. randome Jun 2014 #223
She never implyed that you were racist, that is not true at all. bravenak Jun 2014 #224
You have NEVER seen me post stuff like that. madfloridian Jun 2014 #230
Not all men! bravenak Jun 2014 #235
I'll let Teddy Roosevelt answer your question Martin Eden Jun 2014 #221
Thank you. This should be posted daily. 840high Jun 2014 #279
Great Quote Thanks! raindaddy Jun 2014 #297
It is impossible to speak about the President without praising him AngryAmish Jun 2014 #222
Okay. woo me with science Jun 2014 #298
Very true! Also all liberals agree! Dragonfli Jun 2014 #335
Puts on my Jack Benny pose whistler162 Jun 2014 #240
I have a lot of Jack Benny old time radio shows on my iPod. randome Jun 2014 #242
Under any circumstances you choose. MineralMan Jun 2014 #251
That's an easy one. Whenever he acts like a member of the Democratic Party instead of a member of Zorra Jun 2014 #254
Whenever you want to, LWolf Jun 2014 #258
Never. He's not a pet dog looking for a treat. He's a politician. rug Jun 2014 #271
The Shell Game colsohlibgal Jun 2014 #274
Under any instance you want. NCTraveler Jun 2014 #276
I dont mind at all if praise is given to the president for the things he has accomplished, and rhett o rick Jun 2014 #286
Unfortunately, this is not as much of a Democratic board as thought YoungDemCA Jun 2014 #289
You're not listening then Armstead Jun 2014 #295
"Never once, never once do you praise his successes." A bullshit exaggeration. corkhead Jun 2014 #293
You should change your name from corkhead to poophead with an attitude like that. Enthusiast Jun 2014 #303
When the President says, Enthusiast Jun 2014 #299
Apparently, it's never "okay" here at the New Green Libertarian Underground. Tarheel_Dem Jun 2014 #306
President Obama has Best 4 Months JOB CREATION since BILL CLINTON Bernardo de La Paz Jun 2014 #307
On the rare occasion that he does something a Democrat would be proud of...... bowens43 Jun 2014 #309
Bologna quakerboy Jun 2014 #310
When deserved just as always Fearless Jun 2014 #312
Who would have thought... albino65 Jun 2014 #314
I gotta agree with you on this. AverageJoe90 Jun 2014 #322
Huh? Iggo Jun 2014 #324
Apparently, those who want to attack him... liberalmuse Jun 2014 #327
Excellent post. Andy823 Jun 2014 #331
Well said Bobbie Jo Jun 2014 #353
Great idea but will never happen Jake2413 Jun 2014 #339
hail to the chief barbtries Jun 2014 #340
I don't know how to loooooovvvvve himmmmm... WorseBeforeBetter Jun 2014 #341
Not through works, but by grace alone shall we be saved Dragonfli Jun 2014 #350
Evidently so. WorseBeforeBetter Jun 2014 #367
The entire site is now vanity threads, call-outs, misplaced BOG posts, and feminists posts Doctor_J Jun 2014 #370
True. WorseBeforeBetter Jun 2014 #371
"anyone not supporting Puckett is a GOP infiltrator and Eastasian spy who hates Elizabeth Warren!" MisterP Jun 2014 #389
This question is really silly. Jim Lane Jun 2014 #345
I've seen posters singled out and mocked because their posts were "too favorable" to Obama. MADem Jun 2014 #376
You're illustrating the point I made. Jim Lane Jun 2014 #380
No, you're deliberately misconstruing what I am saying to try to prove your "point." MADem Jun 2014 #381
Are you implying that there is never any rational basis for progressive criticism of Obama? Jim Lane Jun 2014 #382
I'm not "implying" anything. I am coming straight out and saying what I just said. MADem Jun 2014 #383
Do you see ANY fault at all from pro-Obama posters? Jim Lane Jun 2014 #384
I don't see "fault" in opinions. They're just points of view. MADem Jun 2014 #385
OK, we're no longer communicating usefully. Jim Lane Jun 2014 #390
Says the guy who calls arguments he doesn't like 'silly.' MADem Jun 2014 #391
It's best to just complain about everything all the time IronLionZion Jun 2014 #386
K&R. It's sad that your OP is necessary... but it is. nt stevenleser Jun 2014 #392
Thanks Steven! sheshe2 Jun 2014 #393
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