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2. Proof they do not care about the troops
Sun Jun 1, 2014, 08:53 PM
Jun 2014

They care about the war. They use the troops as a way to argue with people against the war.

Fuck the GOP [View all] 47of74 Jun 2014 OP
yep chrisstopher Jun 2014 #1
Proof they do not care about the troops treestar Jun 2014 #2
K&R - nt Ohio Joe Jun 2014 #3
Rethugs hate the troops. That is fact. kairos12 Jun 2014 #4
Need more traffic. How about HWY 101 in the fog? L0oniX Jun 2014 #5
Yep 47of74 Jun 2014 #19
I couldn't agree more. onecaliberal Jun 2014 #6
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Jun 2014 #7
No Thanks. quakerboy Jun 2014 #8
imo this is their most offensive fauxrage yet. Union Scribe Jun 2014 #9
But the media is playing the all arguments are equal game in order to keep their talking heads Fred Sanders Jun 2014 #24
GOP: "Only ignoramuses believe what we say!" blkmusclmachine Jun 2014 #10
Twice on Sunday. Blue Owl Jun 2014 #11
K Cha Jun 2014 #12
Put a trail of cheetos or whiskey shots along the dividing line... alittlelark Jun 2014 #13
...and the syphilis-infected horse they rode in on! I'm with ya! lastlib Jun 2014 #14
I don't think this issue is going to be a winner for them, but I am sorry to have them Zipgun Jun 2014 #15
I say it at least 5 times a day. mountain grammy Jun 2014 #16
K & R davidthegnome Jun 2014 #17
A-yup. Iggo Jun 2014 #18
Only if I can use a broken glass and barbed wire dildo. 11 Bravo Jun 2014 #20
Lol 47of74 Jun 2014 #23
K&R truebrit71 Jun 2014 #21
A unifying thread if ever there was one! randome Jun 2014 #22
Glad to be of service. 47of74 Jun 2014 #36
Yup fuck the GOP! Initech Jun 2014 #25
Maybe they are trying to exterminate the human race prior to the "rapture". nt ladjf Jun 2014 #27
They are bad people. Why, I don't know. Why anyone would vote for them ladjf Jun 2014 #26
Troops aren't fetuses so they don't care SummerSnow Jun 2014 #28
Fuck this, fuck that billh58 Jun 2014 #29
K & R SunSeeker Jun 2014 #30
I wish Obama would just stand up and say 'GOP leaders are whining that wiggs Jun 2014 #31
Me too. 47of74 Jun 2014 #34
With 60 grit sandpaper! nt JeffHead Jun 2014 #32
This does not look good for Obama 951-Riverside Jun 2014 #33
K & R Scurrilous Jun 2014 #35
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