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geek tragedy

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Sat May 31, 2014, 01:08 PM May 2014

Should DU allow rightwing propaganda to be promoted here? [View all]

Apparently there is a very pronounced divide in this community.

One segment takes the maximalist "freedom of expression" approach, that says it's wrong to hide content just because it is something people here would disagree with. One sees this in juror comments all the time "if you don't like it, don't read it" and things like that. The theory goes that silencing dissent is bad, and that the only cure for bad speech is opposing speech. Trying to silence viewpoints is bullying and authoritarian, especially where the rightwing material targets the President and thus is really just an attempt by sycophantic followers of the President to silence dissent.

On the other hand, there are those (including myself) that believe that if you allow wingnut propaganda to get mainstreamed and promoted, then there really is no point to DU's existence. One can go to discussionist, or the Yahoo! comments , or anywhere else in the Internet universe to find wingnut propaganda being promoted. If the rule is that all viewpoints are considered prima facie equally valid, what the heck is this place then? Communities are defined by their rules, or lack thereof.

So, should teleprompter jokes, Ann Coulter columns, allegations of Benghazi cover-ups, sneering comments about President Obama bowing to foreign leaders, disparagement of 'socialists' in the Democratic party, repeated reference to the "Democrat party" etc be considered within community standards at DU?

So, which comes closest to your viewpoint?

48 votes, 4 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Freedom of speech should be the primary rule, only hide in extreme cases e.g. blatant racism
11 (23%)
Promotion of rightwing propaganda is a per se violation of community standards.
37 (77%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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New here, was surprised how little tolerance for the liars there was here randys1 May 2014 #1
We could allow truthful statements rock May 2014 #90
Exactly, on any issue of the past 40 yrs where left and right disagree, the right is wrong 100% of randys1 May 2014 #95
I usually say the left is right about 90% of the time. Laelth May 2014 #142
But can you name one thing , I cant randys1 Jun 2014 #211
+1000 !!!! orpupilofnature57 May 2014 #134
Additional note rock May 2014 #171
No ismnotwasm May 2014 #2
I agree. nt geek tragedy May 2014 #3
Exactly Bobbie Jo May 2014 #43
Yep, we're swimming in it. It pollutes the cultural air we breathe. Glad others expose themselves to ancianita May 2014 #58
Yeah, it's not DU material... I think... freshwest Aug 2014 #257
+++ 1,000,000 +++ n/t RKP5637 Jun 2014 #227
if people here want to discuss rw crap they can goto discussionist. if there were no other leftyohiolib May 2014 #4
I agree. This is not the place for right wing crap. Louisiana1976 May 2014 #131
Everyone agreed to the TOS when they signed here so I say no RW bull. hrmjustin May 2014 #5
My neighbor is free to spew bullshit on the sidewalk, but I don't tolerate it in my home. . . Journeyman May 2014 #6
Well, to be fair... pipi_k May 2014 #7
I don't disagree. People should feel free to blast the President, or Democrats in Congress, geek tragedy May 2014 #9
Yeah, that's the problem. pipi_k May 2014 #152
Absolutely. justgamma May 2014 #166
Yep pipi_k May 2014 #182
I'd rather praise the president and Dems for doing something something left Skittles Jun 2014 #184
Nor should they allow Libertarian propaganda…But it is here and we pretty much know who espouses it. Tikki May 2014 #8
I'm with you... greatauntoftriplets May 2014 #11
Not even disguised anymore... freshwest Aug 2014 #258
I can't believe some of the garbage that gets posted here. greatauntoftriplets Aug 2014 #261
Some of it is just *inane.* It's like claiming territory the way a dog does on a tree. freshwest Aug 2014 #262
Okay, I'll bite: Who espouses Libertarian propaganda here? Comrade Grumpy May 2014 #25
when the same people attack the affordable care act incessantly, and somehow geek tragedy May 2014 #30
Rabid Paulites are one thing. But I don't see that many of them around here (for long). Comrade Grumpy May 2014 #53
Favoring Medicare For All, or being against the for-profit ACA, is not libertarian Doctor_J May 2014 #150
We are not allowed to call out names here. Tikki May 2014 #48
I must have missed some stuff, but... Comrade Grumpy May 2014 #77
Problem is with those here who continue to address real issues with their libertarian interjections. Tikki May 2014 #88
Maybe. If they're posting about drug policy, the NSA, or foreign wars, then I probably agree. Comrade Grumpy May 2014 #104
Not totally off topic JustAnotherGen May 2014 #132
Probably not. But if he was in the Senate and voted the right way, I think we'd take the vote. Comrade Grumpy Jun 2014 #189
I consider much of the 3rd way/DLC propaganda to be right wing PowerToThePeople May 2014 #10
the community does. Cerrtainly you would concede that if 3rd way,DLC stuff is rightwing geek tragedy May 2014 #12
Personally, I would trade banning teleprompter jokes for banning 3rd way on DU PowerToThePeople May 2014 #15
how do you define 3rd way? it's an awfully vague concept. geek tragedy May 2014 #33
Certainly not vague. PowerToThePeople May 2014 #47
so, you find everything on that page objectionable and a violation of community standards? geek tragedy May 2014 #55
Obviously PowerToThePeople May 2014 #69
So, you're against the 3rd Way - except when you're not. baldguy May 2014 #91
Maybe there is a decent post or idea PowerToThePeople May 2014 #97
Everyone who declines to label themselves overtly as a Democrat is the enemy? baldguy May 2014 #100
You are a funny-guy PowerToThePeople May 2014 #112
Bill Clinton & John Kerry are fascists now? baldguy May 2014 #143
Baiting yet again? HangOnKids Jun 2014 #191
The poster expressed disaproval for 3rd Way Democrats, implying they were fascists. baldguy Jun 2014 #193
they are fascists. n/t PowerToThePeople Jun 2014 #196
Post removed Post removed Jun 2014 #231
That would include Hillary treestar Jun 2014 #205
OK. Should this article from thirdway.org not be allowed on DU? Nye Bevan May 2014 #67
Should all comics from WA Post be banned from DU PowerToThePeople May 2014 #71
You argued that "Third way should be banned from DU" and when asked to define exactly what you meant Nye Bevan May 2014 #75
it is my opinion PowerToThePeople May 2014 #83
Markos never banned 3rd way Democrats from Dkos. MohRokTah May 2014 #89
Right? Bobbie Jo May 2014 #52
Yes, it does treestar Jun 2014 #204
who gets to judge? dunno Leme May 2014 #23
+100 nt Mojorabbit May 2014 #87
Yes. LWolf May 2014 #145
I had never heard of Third Way until about two years ago and only on DU Number23 May 2014 #177
I became familiar with the "Third Way" at Democrats.com Algernon Moncrieff Jun 2014 #185
welcome to DU PowerToThePeople Jun 2014 #187
Thank you. Good to meet you. Algernon Moncrieff Jun 2014 #209
I agree 100% Number23 Jun 2014 #241
Your 2nd paragraph says it all... Thanks. freshwest Aug 2014 #259
My viewpoint is that there are a lot of DUers who want to live in an echo chamber Algernon Moncrieff May 2014 #13
Do you think such material should be promoted here, though? geek tragedy May 2014 #20
"With due respect" means you have no respect whatsoever Algernon Moncrieff May 2014 #50
Your slip is beginning to show. "his talent for being able to read from a teleprompter." geek tragedy May 2014 #54
That's right. A vast army of paid wingnuts posts their propaganda here every day Algernon Moncrieff May 2014 #61
not paid, volunteers. and they are legion. nt geek tragedy May 2014 #65
So a vast legion of agent provacateurs is posting cartoons you don't find funny Algernon Moncrieff May 2014 #81
willy made an innocent mistake. the problem is not that it was unfunny, it was that it was geek tragedy May 2014 #116
OK, first, go post in Cal Peggy's WC Green thread Algernon Moncrieff May 2014 #179
Willy has earned the benefit of the doubt. geek tragedy May 2014 #180
That slip has been showing for a while now. Squinch May 2014 #120
+1...nt SidDithers May 2014 #144
Really? How so? Algernon Moncrieff May 2014 #181
Some of us didn't know it was a right wing attack though. Jamastiene Jun 2014 #207
OT PowerToThePeople Jun 2014 #210
It is actually against the law. Jamastiene Jun 2014 #217
Not illegal, I think it falls under civil law. PowerToThePeople Jun 2014 #218
If nothing else, this has been an interesting geek tragedy Jun 2014 #213
Do we all agree as to what "rightwing propaganda" is? brooklynite May 2014 #14
no two definitions of rightwing will exactly match, but some material no doubt geek tragedy May 2014 #16
See #15 above... brooklynite May 2014 #32
Absolutely, why because being a bigot is an indicator of being a piece of shit not political polarit TheKentuckian May 2014 #147
On what basis do you say Buckley was an atheist? Jim Lane Jun 2014 #206
Apparently from some faulty memory, I'll delete that. TheKentuckian Jun 2014 #234
If Rush says it, it is. WinkyDink Jun 2014 #216
I come here to escape right wing nut jobs etherealtruth May 2014 #17
there really has never been any danger of non-rightwing criticism of the geek tragedy May 2014 #26
I didn't think you did etherealtruth May 2014 #37
i think that's roughly the same issue-the idea that all kinds of material geek tragedy May 2014 #39
I come here to escape the idiots etherealtruth May 2014 #41
But someone opened a back door for them! bettyellen May 2014 #168
That door has been a port of entry since I came here etherealtruth May 2014 #169
The problem is that with the jury system, we have valid Democratic posts hidden regularly JJChambers May 2014 #18
I'm in the jury all the time and I never judge based on the alerter/poster, but how their words pro- ancianita May 2014 #76
LOL. nt Logical May 2014 #149
Who decides? n2doc May 2014 #19
juries. A jury hid the teleprompter cartoon, for example. Many people found that geek tragedy May 2014 #24
I am fine with the Jury system. n2doc May 2014 #27
what struck me was the absolute refusal to attempt to understand geek tragedy May 2014 #28
I don't know n2doc May 2014 #51
certainly the system seemed to work, I would agree geek tragedy May 2014 #56
And there were just as many vile insults hurled the other direction. bluesbassman May 2014 #45
so, in your view it was okay for people to trash the jurors and those geek tragedy May 2014 #46
That was my first post on the issue, so I'm not "still" trying to do anything. bluesbassman May 2014 #59
no, I am noting the obvious disagreement in values/vision for the site geek tragedy May 2014 #63
No, you are trying to frame site consensus to your POV. bluesbassman May 2014 #86
"as if you have some kind of omniscient ability to understand each and every poster's intent" geek tragedy May 2014 #101
LOL! Thanks for that geek! bluesbassman May 2014 #110
whatever you say impacts upon me and is redirected in the opposite vector geek tragedy May 2014 #113
See there? That's the kind of stuff that I enjoy reading from you. bluesbassman May 2014 #118
I think I like you. nt grasswire May 2014 #115
You mean the hacker cartoon? You want more WillyT blood? Why keep on with this? madfloridian May 2014 #78
because there were lots of words thrown around by geek tragedy May 2014 #111
When you accuse him of RW propaganda, that is actually an attack on him personally. madfloridian May 2014 #119
i am not 'accusing him of rw propaganda' geek tragedy May 2014 #124
Like the Warren Commission Report saying a lone nut killed JFK? Octafish May 2014 #21
You just keep being you, Octafish! nt msanthrope May 2014 #79
You understand my point, then. Octafish May 2014 #92
Lol! zappaman Jun 2014 #192
Dude, it was totally the BFEE... SidDithers Jun 2014 #197
Why do you denigrate me for pointing out the BFEE? Octafish Jun 2014 #199
Nothing funny about the assassination of President Kennedy. Octafish Jun 2014 #198
If it involves sharing content from octoberlib May 2014 #22
No, the community shouldn't allow it. It should be hidden, every time... SidDithers May 2014 #29
You know what? There's been so much shit come down the pipe Lars39 May 2014 #31
no, not at all. i think it would be horrible for a long-timer who's a good guy at heart geek tragedy May 2014 #35
Seems your the one ascribing nefarious motives. Lars39 May 2014 #40
no, you are simply wrong on that. I don't think willy's intent was bad at all. geek tragedy May 2014 #44
You sure have got all het up over an innocent mistake. Lars39 May 2014 #66
it wasn't the mistake, it was the absurd display put on by those geek tragedy May 2014 #108
You want to talk absurd displays? This thread is exhibit A. You are obsessed with WillyT. nt Electric Monk May 2014 #117
i am not the one who keeps bringing his name up geek tragedy May 2014 #121
Your denials are fooling only a very few. Obvious is obvious. Electric Monk May 2014 #125
did you just try to compare Scott Stantis and Tom Tomorrow? geek tragedy May 2014 #128
No, WillyT and Tom Tomorrow. Nice try, though. nt Electric Monk May 2014 #130
the cartoon was rightwing junk when it was published 15 months ago, and remains so. geek tragedy May 2014 #133
well, the person who started the thread protesting willy's hidden post geek tragedy Jun 2014 #239
Bingo (nt) malokvale77 May 2014 #151
what is a "rec list diary"? grasswire May 2014 #122
They're keeping a list of who recced which threads, sounds like. Electric Monk May 2014 #127
sorry, greatest page post, geek tragedy May 2014 #140
Bingo. Oakenshield May 2014 #155
I can judge for myself yallerdawg May 2014 #34
I chose the latter option. RW crap shouldn't be tolerated here. AverageJoe90 May 2014 #36
Still going after WillyT? Blue_In_AK May 2014 #38
Sigh, no. This is about commmunity standards, not personalities. geek tragedy May 2014 #42
I call BS. This is clearly about you not liking WillyT and wanting to drag this episode out more. nt Electric Monk May 2014 #85
you are the ones who keep making it about one DUer. you are projecting geek tragedy May 2014 #107
"I may be lying, but let me finish" in other words? ROFL. You started these threads. nt Electric Monk May 2014 #109
i posted the rebuttal to you and yours, sir, apparently it offends to have both points of view geek tragedy May 2014 #114
Yes, that is what is happening. This is the 2nd post doing so. madfloridian May 2014 #84
I'm not going to respond to the poll Blue_In_AK May 2014 #96
Ha. Me neither. madfloridian May 2014 #98
Permoted, NO. Exposed yes................... wandy May 2014 #49
certainly. nt geek tragedy May 2014 #57
No, rightwing propaganda shouldn't be allowed per Community Standards. Shandris May 2014 #60
Everyone has a different definition of "wingnut propaganda". Nye Bevan May 2014 #62
RW claptrap is effusive knownow May 2014 #64
No save with some exceptions PFunk May 2014 #68
Third Way is corporatist and right wing. woo me with science May 2014 #70
What a pantload. MADem May 2014 #80
"Pantload." An excellent description of Third Way propaganda. woo me with science May 2014 #82
An excellent description of that shovelful you just flung. MADem May 2014 #93
Bwah! woo me with science May 2014 #172
If you want a website full of people that ONLY think like YOU, start one. MADem May 2014 #173
"It'll be a real humdinger of a discussion" Number23 May 2014 #178
LOL Bobbie Jo Jun 2014 #214
This isn't even a topic for debate. There's only one "right" answer. MADem May 2014 #72
Meta! Iggo May 2014 #73
I didn't get a harumph outta that guy... bluesbassman May 2014 #106
Yes it is (nt) malokvale77 May 2014 #153
Here's the problem I see ConservativeDemocrat May 2014 #74
I'm not talking about mainstream Dems or stuff like this. geek tragedy Jun 2014 #240
That's egregiously foul, I agree... ConservativeDemocrat Jun 2014 #246
Correct. freshwest Aug 2014 #260
Good grief Aerows May 2014 #94
There is a difference betweem discussing and promoting. Mz Pip May 2014 #99
If you want to see what they are saying turn on FAUX news TBF May 2014 #105
It's already prohibited although TBF May 2014 #102
Should constant rah, rah, rah, siss boom bah be required here? hobbit709 May 2014 #103
obviously not, it takes a very small mind to be incapable of distinguishing geek tragedy May 2014 #126
No, and while we're at it... Oilwellian May 2014 #123
define "promoted" as you use it here. nt grasswire May 2014 #129
presented in a favorable light, implying agreement or geek tragedy May 2014 #136
simply posting something is "promoting" it? grasswire May 2014 #137
posting rightwing mockery of the president with a "lol" counts geek tragedy May 2014 #138
Well don't get angry at Elizabeth Warren Aerows May 2014 #174
Why would I be angry at her? I'm not. nt geek tragedy May 2014 #175
Good, I'd hope not Aerows May 2014 #176
I don't on te site anda it's not my job rrneck May 2014 #135
Freedom of speech applies to government censorship and punishment. NuclearDem May 2014 #139
No! They already mylye2222 May 2014 #141
This OP is witch hunt filth, and it makes DU suck really, really bad. DisgustipatedinCA May 2014 #146
I think this exercise has been very useful geek tragedy May 2014 #161
Oh the drama Bobbie Jo May 2014 #165
Should we allow call-outs, especially after called-out post and poster have served the punishment? Doctor_J May 2014 #148
Can I vote for this post as thread winner? Very good point! (n/t) Jim Lane Jun 2014 #208
Fly Paper bahrbearian May 2014 #154
And the jury results are in.....and it was close.... aikoaiko May 2014 #156
some people just can't handle their opinions being challenged I guess. nt geek tragedy May 2014 #158
especially when they are in cartoon form (nt) The Straight Story May 2014 #167
You mean like when people promote religious right homophobes who also happen to be anti-porn? Warren DeMontague May 2014 #157
that's another poo-flinging contest. not interested nt geek tragedy May 2014 #159
Oh, okay. So under SOME circumstances it's okay for rightwing sources to be posted on DU Warren DeMontague May 2014 #162
bored with the porn debate. last word is yours nt geek tragedy May 2014 #163
Way to try to change the subject. But you brought up rightwing sources on DU. Warren DeMontague May 2014 #164
The 2nd term, as Cenk would say: "OF COUUUUURSE" alp227 May 2014 #160
Sorry but it t is not a question up for debate... The fact is DU does allow it... Ohio Joe May 2014 #170
Which right wing propaganda? JoeyT May 2014 #183
Comes down to how we define it. davidthegnome Jun 2014 #186
Basically if it doesn't violate SOP it's a jury issue ucrdem Jun 2014 #188
Why not? Spider Jerusalem Jun 2014 #190
I have to wonder Savannahmann Jun 2014 #194
It isn't promoted here. pecwae Jun 2014 #195
I don't vote in push polls. Waiting For Everyman Jun 2014 #200
people using rightwing sources to attack the president is an ongoing problem here. nt geek tragedy Jun 2014 #238
never have fear of the other side..... beachbum bob Jun 2014 #201
Sure, in the same way frogmarch Jun 2014 #202
If they don't like limits to freedom of speech/expression, they should opt out of the Jury system. Jamastiene Jun 2014 #203
Why I chose the Pass option Jim Lane Jun 2014 #212
Just to be clear, the teleprompter thing geek tragedy Jun 2014 #221
Thank you, I was aware of all those facts when I came to the conclusion that differed from yours. Jim Lane Jun 2014 #230
Let me get this straight: geek tragedy Jun 2014 #232
No, let ME get something straight Jim Lane Jun 2014 #235
HELL, NO. By that I mean the obvious: Obama is trying to deny us our Bill of Rights, e.g. WinkyDink Jun 2014 #215
Poor WillyT. Bet he never posts cartoons about Chinese hackers again. lol madfloridian Jun 2014 #219
I bet no one posts teleprompter stuff again geek tragedy Jun 2014 #220
Just for the record, liberals have brought it up Algernon Moncrieff Jun 2014 #222
Maher is not a liberal, and it is simply false geek tragedy Jun 2014 #223
You can apply any label you want to Maher. He joked about the teleprompter, and he's not a winger Algernon Moncrieff Jun 2014 #224
...... madfloridian Jun 2014 #225
Back at ya! Algernon Moncrieff Jun 2014 #229
no, I treat people pushing nonsense and falsehoods with some extra spice geek tragedy Jun 2014 #233
No "honest" person thinks this issue is worth the outrage you seem to be manifesting. Algernon Moncrieff Jun 2014 #242
There are overwhelming sources for RW propaganda, why introduce it on DU. n/t RKP5637 Jun 2014 #226
NO, we come here from sanctuary from it lostincalifornia Jun 2014 #228
Kick... SidDithers Jun 2014 #236
LMAO. Saw the thread, and who posted it. geek tragedy Jun 2014 #237
Do you spend your time monitoring everyone else's sources??? Ever look for good stuff posted? madfloridian Jun 2014 #243
I could ask the same of you. geek tragedy Jun 2014 #244
That is baloney, and you know it. I jumped into this fray because a friend was hassled badly. madfloridian Jun 2014 #245
How many posts have you had hidden for geek tragedy Jun 2014 #247
I never had a post hidden. But this is the 2rd post since WillyT got timeout. It's overkill. madfloridian Jun 2014 #248
mad, yes....that is chilling speech on DU grasswire Jun 2014 #251
If not, then we shouldn't allow anything from Greenwald to be posted. berni_mccoy Jun 2014 #249
back in 2005, he was a borderline white nationalist in the tradition of Pat Buchanan. geek tragedy Jun 2014 #250
I think there 's a difference between supporting right-libertarian views... LeftishBrit Jun 2014 #255
The right wingers have plenty of outlets to spew their garbage. SheilaT Jun 2014 #252
LOL - and now you have a third thread about Willy T Capt. Obvious Jun 2014 #253
I voted that RW propaganda should be against community standards... LeftishBrit Jun 2014 #254
Kick, to keep this out front of the "everything should be allowed" crowd...nt SidDithers Jun 2014 #256
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