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183. Nearly 200 posts, and not a word about ...
Mon May 26, 2014, 05:47 AM
May 2014

... men.

Nearly all of our mass shootings are by angry or disturbed white males. None of them are committed by the majority gender, women. Hmmm, why is that?

Moore asks the right question, but then drops it like a hot potato, preferring, instead, to focus on the guns. I see this whole mess as a gender issue. Not like I have any answers, but I think it's tragic that we ignore the number of men who are quite clearly (and sometimes violently) expressing anger and frustration. I think this situation will continue to get worse until it's addressed.


100% accurate and deeply profound malaise May 2014 #1
heartbroken G_j May 2014 #3
He sure sounds fed up malaise May 2014 #60
California has the strictest gun control laws and it still happens here. Kablooie May 2014 #116
"..that tells young men that killing people (add "with guns") is the answer to their problems." AlinPA May 2014 #143
Yes, Mike . . . Brigid May 2014 #2
Will this be the big story a week from now? I doubt it. lamp_shade May 2014 #4
It can't be because as Michael Moore is pointing out malaise May 2014 #5
Nope newfie11 May 2014 #8
Americans are great for bemoaning tragedies, a nations of mourners and then RKP5637 May 2014 #15
+1 newfie11 May 2014 #31
^^^ this^^^ BlancheSplanchnik May 2014 #49
Too busy looking for "closure" and "healing", I guess . . . hatrack May 2014 #106
Yep, basically collective wishful thinking across the nation. It seems is just gets worse and worse, RKP5637 May 2014 #118
Yep awoke_in_2003 May 2014 #59
I know. When that happened in Ct, I thought maybe we had finally reached a tipping point. Chemisse May 2014 #164
No, it is already being pushed out by the Kardashian wedding classykaren May 2014 #34
Of course not - there's the Kardashian wedding this weekend! LiberalElite May 2014 #78
He started his rampage by stabbing three men to death. SevenSixtyTwo May 2014 #6
Yep Chris Martinez who was shot in the back could have responded if he had a gun malaise May 2014 #7
See my post below. AngryOldDem May 2014 #22
Not in the least malaise May 2014 #28
It would never have gotten to that point JJChambers May 2014 #30
Then the first victim not having a gun treestar May 2014 #156
I think of it as a missed opportunity. AtheistCrusader May 2014 #171
+1 gazillion!!!! valerief May 2014 #84
FFS, indeed…. MrMickeysMom May 2014 #92
We know malaise May 2014 #97
Pepper spray can stop someone with a knife. thesquanderer May 2014 #10
And the gungeoners show up Le Taz Hot May 2014 #13
Yep, they appear, SOS, defending the tragedy, no solution. n/t RKP5637 May 2014 #16
SO fucking SICK of that argument. AngryOldDem May 2014 #27
Their gun lust is as obsessive as our murderer du jour's hatred of women valerief May 2014 #85
Whenever they hear about an horrid trajedy like this, their first thought is... tofuandbeer May 2014 #100
The first words out of George Bush's mouth..... lastlib May 2014 #165
:O I didn't know that. What a screwup of a President he was. tofuandbeer May 2014 #172
You are suggesting that everyone walk around with a loaded gun? pangaia May 2014 #32
More---He's suggesting we all walk around our HOMES while armed! These men were roommates! WinkyDink May 2014 #50
I think he'd like us to have guns implanted in our foreheads, so we'd valerief May 2014 #86
How did he kill three of them treestar May 2014 #157
They were his roommates. A knife in the back is pretty silent. Anyway, Google: "Richard Speck." WinkyDink May 2014 #190
I've since found out two were roommates and one was a visitor treestar May 2014 #193
Not only do we need to carry a loaded gun but... bearssoapbox May 2014 #175
Stealing this one. bravenak May 2014 #177
How stupid. AS IF his stabbing victims had time to reach into their, what? Pockets? for a gun, aim, WinkyDink May 2014 #48
normally handmade34 May 2014 #51
Do we know if he had his gun at that time? Hoyt May 2014 #54
I have faced a crazy drug addicted ex-husband who put a sawwed off between my eyes.... VanillaRhapsody May 2014 #56
Vanilla Lefta Dissenter May 2014 #71
VanillaRhapsody you make a good point. 53tammy May 2014 #88
Yes, we should alsame May 2014 #64
Sadly, there are plenty of gunners who prepare themselves for just that. Hoyt May 2014 #119
Ironically, those are the sort of guys who...... llmart May 2014 #141
People like that guy buy guns and get their concealed carry permits Maedhros May 2014 #162
I know it's a Catch-22, but I think if one is attracted to that kind of stuff, they should be Hoyt May 2014 #167
That seems yuiyoshida May 2014 #136
It's the victims fault - as usual. AAO May 2014 #99
"Had his victims been armed..." Scootaloo May 2014 #112
If you take that POV to its logical conclusion AAO May 2014 #198
I have zero respect for fearful men or their guns. hunter May 2014 #117
LOL, most people do not want or need a gun 100% of the time. nt Logical May 2014 #120
What steaming pile of shit and lies. ALL of it. Get lost. morningfog May 2014 #123
What a sad, pathetic way to live, in constant fear and terror. arcane1 May 2014 #128
Apparently, SevenSixtyTwo May 2014 #130
How many people got stabbed? SomethingFishy May 2014 #149
In other words, the solution to gun violence is more guns Fortinbras Armstrong May 2014 #134
Sitting here at the computer, SevenSixtyTwo May 2014 #144
In other words, you are telling us to be afraid Fortinbras Armstrong May 2014 #176
Not afraid. Prepared. SevenSixtyTwo May 2014 #184
So you'd require every college student to go around armed? treestar May 2014 #155
Well, that was a repugnant post. Maedhros May 2014 #161
In one simple sentence: 99Forever May 2014 #9
Stats on Canada vs USA? joching May 2014 #11
It is still possible that a higher % of Canadians could have a gun in their home. dawg May 2014 #23
eeeeeeeiiiiii pangaia May 2014 #35
I'm sorry. dawg May 2014 #36
Apology accepted. pangaia May 2014 #40
Just for clarification's sake ... dawg May 2014 #41
Sure you were.. pangaia May 2014 #42
Well ... dawg May 2014 #43
Stop Stop pangaia May 2014 #44
You're Beautiful snort May 2014 #69
Thank you. dawg May 2014 #70
Do you still have the strat? Looks like an Albert Lee Doctor_J May 2014 #151
You find the attractive patriot repulsive? Enthusiast May 2014 #101
There it is Sex,Guns & RocknRoll lol classykaren May 2014 #38
Hmmm... holding his gun next to his dick (or where his dick should be?)... calimary May 2014 #80
Well, at least he can find his gun...... llmart May 2014 #142
K & R cantbeserious May 2014 #12
Sadly he's right. nt TBF May 2014 #14
michael moore is a national treasure. redruddyred May 2014 #17
I was about to say that and see you already did. I also call him Mira May 2014 #66
Moore is, so sadly, right. ananda May 2014 #18
We have to face that we ourselves want the 2nd Amendment. But we must change it. We must. ancianita May 2014 #19
Does MM still have his own Armed bodyguard? nt Eleanors38 May 2014 #20
He should also hire an editor. Nuclear Unicorn May 2014 #45
You mean someone actually employed to protect and defend? WinkyDink May 2014 #52
Whatever. If he deems it necessary, he should... Eleanors38 May 2014 #63
Michael Moore received literally hundreds of death threats thucythucy May 2014 #79
Re-read. If he needs armed protection, he has a right to it. Eleanors38 May 2014 #105
I have family and friends who live in Section 8 housing thucythucy May 2014 #135
"weird comment:" Are you driving at something Thucy? Eleanors38 May 2014 #139
Sociopaths sleep well at night, too. llmart May 2014 #145
Well, I wouldn't know. Eleanors38 May 2014 #148
Sorry, but famous people are different from you and me. WinkyDink May 2014 #192
Yes, I must remind myself of that. Eleanors38 May 2014 #196
You mean he has to have bodyguards to protect himself? BrotherIvan May 2014 #131
Moore is absolutely right. AngryOldDem May 2014 #21
Because what we're doing now isn't working gratuitous May 2014 #29
So what should we do differently? drm604 May 2014 #37
You know, if the gun control side (led by Mayor Bloomberg) would just STFU for awhile and quit... LAGC May 2014 #68
are you kidding? G_j May 2014 #83
And why do so many gun owners listen to the NRA? LAGC May 2014 #94
most anyone who has dared say anything, has called for very reasonable, common sense gun regulations G_j May 2014 #125
If only that were the case... LAGC May 2014 #127
I believe she is talking about assault weapons. G_j May 2014 #129
No, you're right, she was in that clip. LAGC May 2014 #133
In one single post you managed to say that: SomethingFishy May 2014 #152
Disagree. We might be better off in the wild west quakerboy May 2014 #174
Because they're easily-led, fear-driven dumbfucks. DisgustipatedinCA May 2014 #188
It's a gravy train. Enthusiast May 2014 #102
^^This^^ AngryOldDem May 2014 #104
I would imagine that manufacturing guns is Enthusiast May 2014 #107
Sadly, I think you're right. n/t AngryOldDem May 2014 #110
I seriously don't know if there is any answer anymore. AngryOldDem May 2014 #108
Well said. "--what the f--- do we expect in this country?" Indeed. In this gun culture, people seem AlinPA May 2014 #153
they are insane treestar May 2014 #158
It's quite telling for a country where 20 first-graders are wantonly slaughtered... KansDem May 2014 #24
Are we lemmings? (NT) The Wizard May 2014 #25
Well, look at the rote, defend-guns-at-all-costs lemming posts in this very thread villager May 2014 #76
"it can't happen to your child until it does" is what Chris Martinez's father said. mountain grammy May 2014 #26
K&r... spanone May 2014 #33
Kick. Warren Stupidity May 2014 #39
sort of mirrors G_j May 2014 #57
Minor correction-- a rare exception to his claim 'none are committed by women' Gidney N Cloyd May 2014 #46
Rare indeed Orrex May 2014 #58
So rare as to be statistically non-existent. nt valerief May 2014 #89
No offense intended. Gidney N Cloyd May 2014 #114
And maybe that is the beginning of the solution...... llmart May 2014 #146
I don't care if they're male, female, or intersex. I just want progressives representing us. nt valerief May 2014 #199
bravo heaven05 May 2014 #47
He's almost got that right. flvegan May 2014 #53
My comment usually is - "guns don't kill people? People kill people?" Well, yes. People kill people. calimary May 2014 #95
For not having anything to say about, this is perhaps his most eloquent description of it lostincalifornia May 2014 #55
Michael is so right! asiliveandbreathe May 2014 #61
agreed, and renate May 2014 #124
Welcome to DU, asiliveandbreath! SunSeeker May 2014 #181
Our spiritual leaders have to step up to the plate, en masse. toby jo May 2014 #62
What nation wasn't founded on violence? treestar May 2014 #65
This message was self-deleted by its author G_j May 2014 #74
As soon as we put this useless boomer congress in the dustbin of history. /nt Ash_F May 2014 #111
what do you mean 'boomer' congress? nt navarth May 2014 #137
50-70 year olds. /nt Ash_F May 2014 #150
why smear boomers? Skittles May 2014 #159
The sooner that generation is gone from power, the better. Ash_F May 2014 #160
I don't agree with smearing boomers, no, not at ALL Skittles May 2014 #163
You dodged. /nt Ash_F May 2014 #168
done here Skittles May 2014 #169
You sure are. /nt Ash_F May 2014 #170
ah. navarth May 2014 #180
I'd be curious to know how he/she thinks the younger generation will be better. AngryOldDem May 2014 #186
Fair point, but generations are different Ash_F May 2014 #189
Not at all Ash_F May 2014 #187
pfft. navarth May 2014 #195
You injected yourself into this subthread Ash_F May 2014 #197
It's a valid question... HOWEVER justiceischeap May 2014 #138
So fucking accurate it hurts...knr joeybee12 May 2014 #67
Well said. EEO May 2014 #72
The loudest so called spiritual "Christian" leaders Iliyah May 2014 #73
cannot K and R this enough… dhill926 May 2014 #75
'Nearly all of our mass shootings are by angry or disturbed white males' maced666 May 2014 #77
Welcome to DU. LAGC May 2014 #82
Gun lust makes men crazy. Stop gun lust. nt valerief May 2014 #91
That source seems to badly under-report mass shootings. Ash_F May 2014 #113
He couldn't be more right! michaz May 2014 #81
Another mass shooting smallcat88 May 2014 #87
"Nearly all of our mass shootings are by angry or disturbed white males."- whaaat? LittleBlue May 2014 #90
Some of us are so sick of the "it's mental health" gungeoneer gun lusters. nt valerief May 2014 #93
I'm not a gungeoneer LittleBlue May 2014 #96
Expect a bunch of White Male denial. Spitfire of ATJ May 2014 #98
yeah, i was waiting for it too shanti May 2014 #103
One aspect of mass killings that is never discussed... Gumboot May 2014 #109
+1 Unfortunately, lots of gun fanciers are on those and other meds that can cause aggression. Hoyt May 2014 #122
You do get the whole "correlation doesn't equal causation" thing, right? DeadLetterOffice May 2014 #126
Umm.... uriel1972 May 2014 #173
The gun issue is part of American culture goldent May 2014 #115
Killing with guns is part of American culture. That's what America excels in. AlinPA May 2014 #147
That sounds like a surrender to me. aikoaiko May 2014 #121
K&R! TeamPooka May 2014 #132
"Enjoy the rest of your day and rest assured this will all happen again very soon." Boomerproud May 2014 #140
Until the country wakes up it will happen again and again Rosa Luxemburg May 2014 #154
Thank you Michael Moore underthematrix May 2014 #166
I'm not the biggest MM fan... fujiyama May 2014 #178
I've been heartsick about this for days. Moore is right. nt Hekate May 2014 #179
The NRA\white teabagger militia is a terrorist front workinclasszero May 2014 #182
Nearly 200 posts, and not a word about ... Laelth May 2014 #183
Women SevenSixtyTwo May 2014 #185
I think we all are aware of the prison stats. WinkyDink May 2014 #191
Prison stats ... Laelth May 2014 #194
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